Monday, June 27, 2011

Must be 1979

Either it must be 1979 and legislators are still serving on boards and commissions or someone parked where he was not supposed to at the Beau Rivage. Sorry Billy, I like ya, may vote for ya, but this one was just too good to pass up. Besides, if I pick on a black liberal like Ed Blackmon for parking in handicapped parking spots I have to pick on white conservatives too. ;-)

I'm having some fun with the Hewes campaign but here is what happened. Mr. Hewes was at an event, had an aide bring the truck up to that spot after they got permission from the casino.


Anonymous said...

Certainly not nearly as bad a parking in a handicap space which really makes me mad but it still shows arrogance.

Frugal Gal said...

OK, based on the last sentence, I was expecting to see a picture of Billy Hewes stepping out of a vehicle parked in a space reserved for disabled drivers. The actual image doesn't upset me as much.

Note to candidates -- if you won't observe parking restrictions because it's what you ought to do, then observe them simply because SOMEONE with a camera phone will always be nearby.

Anonymous said...

20 years in the legislature has its perks apparently

Anonymous said...

Agree with 8:22 and 8:34. I'd have been really disappointed if it was a handicapped spot. This wasn't a good decision, but being inconsiderate to the Gaming Commission doesn't rate as poorly with me as being inconsiderate to the disabled. I'll still vote tlfor him.

Anonymous said...

Are gaming commissioners not allowed to endorse candidates?

Anonymous said...

wish the capital street gang would spend more time debating the issues in public than snapping silly photos - note headlights are on and car still running. wonder where tate will be parked wedn am - it sure won't be on the Gallo show debating the issues! When candidates run from public debates they never get my vote.

Anonymous said...

Candidates (AND office holders) must realize they are under more scrutiny, which is a good thing, and must avoid the appearance of impropriety. Good for you KF, for posting this. I like him also, but if he parked here to avoid a few steps, well .....


Anonymous said...

10:04, that space is not for a "Commissioner", it is for Gaming Commission "Staff". Those state employees who's job it is to ensure that the casinos operate properly. I'm sure they could 'support' a candidate, but they couldn't be having a sign on their state vehicle!

And to 10:43, if I were Tate Reeves, I wouldn't take a debate on the Gallo show either. Supertalk has been overboard in their support for Phil and Billy - which is their right - but if I were a candidate, I'd want a 'fair and balanced' moderator on any debate format. Gallo clearly has a personal preference in this race, and it aint for Tate.

If a candidate ducks most any and every debate, I'm with you, I'm not going to be for him. But not accepting a debate that is rigged from the beginning might show good campaign sense.

Boarzombie said...

KF, why don't you go on Gallo sometime and straighten him out? I'd almost rather listen to NPR than Gallo -- there, I said it.

If Gallo were a Roman his name would be "Gallus Interupticus."

Anonymous said...

It this vehicle had a Tate Reeves sign on it, would you have still published it since he is a paid advertiser? Just curious.

Kingfish said...

Of course. without question. We apply jackassery to everyone on this site. Didn't hear anyone griping when my post a while back set off Barbara Blackmon, did I?

Anonymous said...

That would have made it 11 times Tate and Billy shared center stage. Can you say "overkill?" I guess that means Phil runs from debates too. Oh well, the next Lt. and Gov. are debate hiders.

"Capital Street gang?" They were around when Billy's campaign manager (Morgan Shands) was ED of the state Democratic Party. Thats right...him and Mike Moore are big buds. This was before he made the switch, or did he. Once a Dem always Dem. Should have stuck with Roger Shands.

Anonymous said...

you folks need to know your facts. First, would that be the same democratic party that Musgrove was part of when he ran for Lieut Governor, and THE DEMOCRAT Justin Braswell ran his campaign? IE - the SAME Justin Braswell running Tates. Tate supporters are no more well versed on the facts then he is. As to debates, there have been zero public debates. Forum and debate are not the same thing, especially when Tate refuses to stay around and take questions. Tate will not publicly debate Senator Hewes. He did attend the Ms Press Assn debate but it is not open to the public. A very credible debate forum - Overby Center, Tate canceled according to the NE Daily Journal. When i checked with the Center to see if rescheduled, they told me Tate would not participate and would not reschedule. Tater the Debate Hater needs to get that yellow stripe off his back - otherwise he will be that dead possum Mounger talked about this am on Gallo.

Anonymous said...

Justin Braswell??? I think you are mistaken. Tater the Debate Hater wins in August debates or not.

This might help you:

Press Release: Desperate Hewes Goes Negative, Attacks Himself
Posted: Monday, June 13th Filed in: Press Releases
Friends of Tate Reeves
Monday, June 13, 2011
Contact: Justin Brasell
(601) 317-0644 /

All about informing the uninformed here.

Anonymous said...

um, didn't morgan shands work for democrats before working for billy hewes? a LOT more recently than 16 years ago? and, didn't I see in the Clarion Ledger that Mike Moore donated to billy hewes and endorsed him? not smart in a republican primary if you ask me

Anonymous said...

OOOOOOOOOOOO......those Baptist north of I-10 are not going to be happy about this. Hey, this could help Billy's name ID. Headline..."Hewes Parks in Gaming Commissioner Space at Beau;infuriates Protestants North of I-10."

I'm calling Gallo right now.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but speaking of not knowing your facts, Tate's campaign manager is Justin Brasell, and the noteworthy campaign he ran would be the successful campaign of Senate REPUBLICAN Mitch McConnell. Regardless, we are not electing one of these men based on their campaign manager.
I would also be concerned if Tate were hiding from a debate, but these two men are facing each other almost once a week in public forums. If the point of having a debate is to know where they stand on the issues then a forum does just that. Clearly Tate doesn’t have a problem standing face to face with Hewes every week and talking about the issues.
I also have been a faithful Gallo listener for years, but have been extremely disappointed in his clear bias this election year. I can't blame Tate if he doesn't consent to being ganged up on by Paul. There's nothing fair about that. I wish someone would call Paul out on it!

Anonymous said...

Someone please show Tate how to hold a pencil/pen. He looks silly in his commercial.

Anonymous said...

Would someone teach Hewes how to throw a ball? Better yet....stay positive on TV?

Anonymous said...

we all know the truth - Tate can't debate Hewes? Hewes has way too much experience and knowledge of the issues. Ive seen several events where Tate was just plain rude - left early, refused to take questions and allows no follow-up. Surely all you politicos know there is a HUGE difference between a debate and a public forum. In Tylertown, Tate was the ONLY politician who walked off the stage, and the ONLY politician who refused to buy any butter at the butter churning charity event and was even called out on it by the emcee. Oh yeah, and I love that political spin on a typo of Brasell's/Braswell name - better to call that out then acknowledge true fact that he did run a democrats campaign. Are you saying no democrats are on his donor list - get real - uhhh Rudy Warnock! Billy Hewes works across party lines, spends money in this state on his campaign (per CL article), and wants to involve the public in a debate with Tate? Tate - he spends half his campaign money out of state (same CL article) and refuses public debate. Do we really want No Debate Spend Money out of State Tate?

Anonymous said...

As long as we are talking about campaign managers here rather than the campaigns or the candidates, lets throw out the Morgan Shands issue in the Treasurer race. His old Dem buddy called him and tried to talk him into running Lynn Fitch's Treasurer race. Wouldn't be bad, but why is Moore recruiting staff for suppossedly "conservative" Fitch, other than her prior associations in state government and the private sector.

Anonymous said...

I wish Justin Brasell would run for office. He's a good guy. Smart. A professional.

He managed G. Davis's campaign in Kentucky and they beat George Clooney's father.

Anonymous said...

Interesting how so many close to politics get caught up in the game and how most of us just shake our heads wearily.

Admirers of Gallo may well let him make their decisions for them. Tate appearing will not change their vote. Others listen to Gallo to feel smart as they think him an idiot. They wouldn't be influenced even if Gallo was successful in baiting Tate.

As for the parking spot, I just see an inflated sense of self-importance when I see such signs for this or that state employee or elected official or those parking illegally in reserved spaces ( unless of course they PAY themselves for the space). How ever did we let the people whose salaries we pay get so full of themselves?

Frugal Gal said...

8:05, that's not a public official or elected official problem, it's a PEOPLE problem. If you think those folks are the only ones who park where they aren't supposed to, you clearly haven't been through a Walgreen's parking lot recently.

In case no one is aware of this, people suck. People are selfish. People do dumbass stuff. And since people are the only ones who can run for office, then we are going to see typical sucky, selfish, dumbass behavior from ALL our candidates at some point.

The only difference between dumbasses in the public sector and those in the private sector is that no one looks at the ones in private business.

The driver of the vehicle parked in a place he/she wasn't supposed to (I say "driver" instead of Hewes because I doubt he drives himself to everything). I am sure someone working for Reeves has parked someplace inappropriate, too. Both of them have "former Democrats" on their campaign staffs. Big freakin' deal -- if life-long ideological purity will now be required of all state Republicans, the MS GOP will be in a WORLD of trouble. The whole damned state was Democratic until the '80's (except for the Moungers and, I am sure, 7 or 8 JJ commentors who will now feel the need to prove their superior Republican pedigrees in follow-up comments).

People who would base their voting decisions on the picture above or these questions of campaign staff are not the kind of people I want voting, honestly -- methinks thoughtful analysis of complex issues are not their strengths.

Anonymous said...

Mississippi is an evolving state regarding party loyalty. Morgan Shands' work for Democrats in the past should not be an issue. Plenty of good Republicans started out as Dems, including former GOP Chmn Jim Herring.

That being said, let me say a few words about Justin Brasell. Brasell is a Lee Atwater type -- a hard-hitting, street-fighting GOP operative. He is highly intellegent and a great tactician. He has been an asset to every campaign he has ever been involved with. He got his start with GOP candidate for MS-01 Congress Bob Whitwell, and his first management job with State Rep Ken Stribling's MS-04 Congress campaign, and in both campaigns, Brasell was their only asset and did well. He later worked for Delbert Hosemann's GOP congressional camapign and again did well. He left the state and became a national talent, managing Congressman Geoff Davis' campaigns and working for GOP Senator John Thune of South Dakota. If he was involved in anythong to do with Musgove, it was because he is from Batesville, as is Musgrove.

Morgan Shands is a smart operative and a real talent. However, the reason Tate Reeves is doing so well and is likely to win this race in August is Justin Brasell. Tate Reeves has shown that whatever his shortcomings, he certainly knows how to hire good people. Because of Brasell, Hewes hasnt laid a glove on Reeves yet and is unlikely to in the coming weeks.

Avery Wiseman said...

Neither campaign inspires me. Tate looks like he's wearing his dad's suit in his commercials. I imagine that if he stood up, his shoes would be too big for his feet and the cuffs of his pants would be bunched up on the floor. It looks like he's trying to play grown-up. When you talk to him face-to-face, he doesn't appear nearly as young as he does on TV.

Billy's commercials try too hard to be casual. It looks forced and it doesn't work. I've talked to him plenty of times over the years, but his personality just doesn't come through in his commercials. (I'm speaking here of the ones where he's not mudslinging.) I've always found him to be very personable, but in the commercials he looks like a guy with nothing to offer who is trying to be personable for the camera. It's weird.

I'll end up voting for Billy because I'm convinced that 20 years in the Senate is better preparation for being Lt. Governor than 8 years as State Treasurer. Take that with a shaker of salt, though. I'm also voting for Dave Dennis because I'm convinced that running a business is better preparation for being Governor than working the rubber chicken circuit for a decade and simply biding one's time.

Anonymous said...

Reeves was invited to second debate at 10:30 Sunday. Can't find time.

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