Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Christie: "its none of your business"

Teacher asks Governor Christie where he sends his kids to school. See Christie's response below.


Anonymous said...

Christie for President!

Curt Crowley said...

I'm a Republican, but personally I'm sick of this fat motherfucker. Nothing but a schoolyard bully. Rude and utterly contemptuous of anyone who disagrees with him.

He needs to get his ass on the eliptical every now and then and maybe he can get that anger under control. He's a poor reflexion on the Party.

Anonymous said...

He is good thinker and would benefit our country in the high office.

D said...

What a dick. He could've answered the question without calling the woman out. Jesus.

Anonymous said...

How is telling her it's none of her business "calling her out"? Good Lord, she set herself up for that by going in front of a camera and asking the question. It just so happened it was not a good question and he shot her straight. It's refreshing to me to hear someone holding political office shooting it straight...I'm so tired of politicians sitting the fence and pandering for votes. Take a position on a issue and live with it...and Christie does it well. If the people don't like it, send him home by not re-electing him. This country was never intended to be governed by career politicians...I wouldn't dare hire a career politician for my business, why the hell do we elect them to run our country?

Ticked_off_in_MS said...

I'm glad Christie shoots from the hip and tells it like he sees it... DAMN POLITICAL CORRECTNESS and POLITENESS. Look at the shape and mess everything is in around this country and world. I was highly dissappointed in the whole state helicopter mess, but for the most part, Christie is the breath of fresh air that this country needs.

Damn all career politicians to hell, they are breaking and ruining all of us that aren't millionaires, billionaries, or gov ment employees.

Anonymous said...

9:59 is Quentin Whitwell. Welcome, Councilman. Glad you have strong opinions about pandering for votes. Too bad you don't act in accordance with them.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 10:46 completely. I am so sick and tired of politicians tip-toeing around the "feelings" of people who ask what they think are "gotcha" questions. Christie makes an excellent point in saying that ALL the children of his state are his concern, not just his own children. He and Mrs. Christie have every right to send their children to school as they please, and what of it?

His candidness is refreshing and appreciated as far as I'm concerned. Keep it coming, Christie! Man, a Christie/Barbour ticket would be incredible!

reximus said...

Gov. Sandwiches is a panderer of the first order. Did you see where he took the Hwy Patrol helicopter to his kid's baseball game? That fat bastard is a joke.

Anonymous said...

I love this guy.. Christie is a boss. And *second* on what 10:46 said.

Anonymous said...

It is time for people to stand up to the liberals.

Anonymous said...

reximus: Yeah, and he reimbursed the state for the tab. Kudos to him for being a good parent and making it in a pinch, you are in no position to criticize a parent when you have no idea how important that game might or might not have been to his kids. Corzine's family hated him so much they campaigned AGAINST him in the last election. And "Gov. Sandwiches"? If you're going to criticize the man for being fat, you 1) criticize a third of the county, and 2) could have at least come up with something better than "Gov. Sandwiches"

Anonymous said...

There shouldn't be a such thing as a " gotcha" question. Those who suggest they can LEAD us shouldn't be able to be " got".

ANY elected official is a PUBLIC SERVANT. He works for US! We pay his salary and so have the RIGHT to ask questions, even dumb ones.

He COULD have also been well mannered ( as well as mentally agile) and later actually WAS! He ANSWERED the question . IF he was going to do that, why not just do the sentence he used which was " polite" to start?..." My children go to parochial school because a religious education is important to us".

This was NOT a dumb question to a man who is targeting public education without having ever been a parent who HAD to send his child to public school.

Yeah, let me elect someone who doesn't think before they speak and isn't mentally sharp enough to answer ANY question without losing it. GEEZ

Anonymous said...

A politician with a BACK BONE! What a concept!

I'm with 10:46 - political correctness has done nothing but make it easier for the politicians to side step issues even more.

And there is a difference between rudeness and a direct and forthcoming answer....

Anonymous said...

"This was NOT a dumb question to a man who is targeting public education without having ever been a parent who HAD to send his child to public school." - Uh, he HAS to pay the property taxes to support the schools he doesn't use. He pays $38,000 private tuition on top of the highest property taxes in the US.

Would any reporter have the cajones to ask Barack Obama why he killed the D.C. school voucher program for poor kids while he sends his own kids to a private school? Would they? No - "gotcha" questions are only targeted at conservatives.

Finally, do you fools have any idea how much he would disrupt the turnpike or the parkway to get from Drumthwacket to his kid's game and back (with the required State Police escort) at rush hour, and how much he would inconvenience the working stiffs just trying to get home from work? If the words "parkway", "turnpike" or "Drumthwacket" don't ring a bell you really shouldn't be talking about things you don't understand.

Kingfish said...

Oops. I accidentally zapped this one:

There is a difference between " rudeness" and a " direct" answer.

I'm shocked the difference between " none of your business!" and " I feel that's personal and private" is so hard to understand. "None of your business ( or beeswax when in kindergarten) USE to be understood as rude.

And, I wouldn't consider it " gotcha" if Obama were asked that question unless he was " got" with his answer. Can't FOX news people ask questions? Have the FOX guys no cojones?

GEEZ...PEOPLE, politicians should be able to not only answer what they liked best on vacation and what they read without screwing it up, but serious questions on policy. Do you REALLY want someone negotiating the public's business with others who can't DO better than this???? Anonymous

KaptKangaroo said...

I would be interested what funding she is talking about in her question. It is too short a sound bite if you ask me.

If I remember correctly the Teacher's unions were railing against Christie because of the austerity measures he imposed in a sinking school system. If I were him, I too would be tired of answering questions regarding the Teacher's Union that have been asked ad nauseum for the past 18 months.

I think he is spot on with paying property taxes (anyone but me think they were high) and sending his kids to where ever he wants to.

Other than that, yeah, he was pissy, maybe he was having a bad day.

Rebekah said...

He did seem just a tad bit defensive...And she was trying to "get at him" a little (you can tell by her tone) but he doesn't need to get so defensive. He should be prepared to answer questions like that- surely that woman wasn't the only one to ask that question.

And I am all for private school. Public schools are a joke in this state...and this is coming from a Madison Central alumni...Christie wants to do what is best for his children- can't knock him down for that. But I do agree he could have handled the question with a little bit more...tact

reximus said...

@8:39- I did not come up with "Governor Sandwiches".That moniker was bestowed upon him by some of his constituents and I have seen it in print countless times.And I always made it to my kids' games without use of aircraft.

Lisa said...

I agree - Christie for president! We are raising our children to be a bunch of politically correct sissies! I for one am tired of turning on the news and in between the Casey Anthony circus and Anthony Weiner's weiner someone is bitching that they got their feelings hurt.

Anonymous said...

He is like a breath of fresh air.
Go listen to some early Reagan speeches, same thing. Good stuff.

Anonymous said...

What an insult to Reagan who was unfailingly a gentleman and most of his " zingers" were humorous!

There's a difference between silly " political correctness" and avoiding being a total jerk. Just like there's a difference between the guests on Jerry Springer and Maury and the guests on ...oh ANY other TV show!

What a horrible role model for our children! Don't aspire to be ladies and gentlemen. Don't use your brain or develop self discipline. Let it ALL hang out and don't keep any trashy thought to yourself.

And, do look at Christie's proposed budget cuts for education. It's not ALL about unions! And , NJ schools are Mississippi.


Anonymous said...

4:38PM By way our your grasp of grammar, I am assuming you are a Mississippi graduate?

Curt Crowley said...

Any comparison of Christie to President Reagan is blasphemous, in my opinion.

Christie does, however, remind me of another former Republican President: William Howard Taft.

Anonymous said...

@4:55 If you are going to call someone out for grammar like a pretentious asshole, don't you think you should proofread your post first to ensure no grammatical errors appear in it? Just what does "by way our your grasp of grammar" mean? Dickhead.

Anonymous said...

4:55, I wasn't educated in Mississippi or in the Deep South.
I am willing to assume your grammatical error was from changing your remarks in mid-sentence . I will also assume that, you are in a hurry and haven't time to edit yourself. I have done the same, but since I live in a glass house, I don't throw stones.
Also, it could be argued that conversational language is common in blogs.
Try to think of Joyce and Wolfe when reading conversation or thought.

Anonymous said...

Curt, your 9:01 post was why I read blogs. I read them for such gems. Imagine me applauding.

reximus said...

The Good Governor Sandwiches strikes me as a guy who was picked on/bullied as a child (maybe for being a pantload) and now that he is in a position of power, likes to strike back and show what a tough guy he is.

Anonymous said...

None of your business? Is this guy an 8 yr old?

And yes, it is your constituents' business how you run your family and where you send your kids to school when you make decisions that impact public school education in your state. This is very different from, say, asking about the sexual orientation of a governor's child, etc., when the governor has no impact on gay rights.

Also, it's not about political correctness --- it's about having respectful and honest discourse. "None of your business" does nothing but shuts that down.

And for him to say that he doesn't need to be told how his decisions affect his constituents is the epitomy of arrogance. How can any one person --- I don't care how powerful a political position a person is in --- truly believe he fully understands the impact that his decisions have. Yes, you try to understand, but you must have the humility to appreciate that you need your constituents to understand it from their ground level, human perspective.

Shocking how many people love this guy because he "keeps it real." Is that really the main thing you're looking for in a political leader?

Anonymous said...

KF- do you pay people to proof read comments. For all of you low self esteem, have-nothing-better-to-do-than-correct-peoples-grammer-on-a-blog. Get a fucking life or stick to the topic. you really do yourself no justice by chiming in on a blog about grammer. go get laid for god's sake.

Anonymous said...

very Reaganish indeed

Anonymous said...

Someone please give me an example of Reagan being rude.
He was firm. He used humor and wit. But he wasn't rude or mean spirited and was unflailing well mannered.

He also raised taxes because it was necessary, granted amnesty to all illegal aliens,and went into Lebanon and there was Grenada.

I think he was a good President but it is absurd that those who wish to justify their positions use popularity to try to give credibility to the incredulous.

Christie is no Ronald Reagan. ( For those who like to attack grammar,that is a line from a Presidential debate ).

Anonymous said...

" we are raising our children to be politically correct sissies"

There's a difference between being strong and being a loudmouth with a bad temper.

On one end we have the whiny and overly sensitive and the other end we have the angry and insulting.

How much common sense does it make to model either wimp or bully for our children?

I raised my children to play well with others. I taught them manners. I taught them to think before they speak and to listen so they might learn. I told them not to opine unless they had become knowledgeable and that involved study. I taught them to think for themselves rather than to follow others blindly. I taught them to control their emotions and to use their brain.

It seemed to work just fine as after excelling school ( both socially and academically) they are incredibly successful financially,very happily married and have a wide circle of friends with whom they have a lot of fun times. They also do good works in their community and are raising kids who are following in their footsteps.They are comfortable and confident in any setting without being either arrogant or defensive.

Physically, mentally and emotionally strong people have no need to either whine or bully or feel threatened by others. They know they can take care of themselves whatever life throws at them.

I hope your children do/have done as well , Lisa.

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