Thursday, June 2, 2011

Judge upholds Madison changes

A federal district court upheld the Madison county redistricting plans, and the moving of several candidates for supervisor to different districts other than the ones in which they qualified. The court ruled there was no constitutional right to run in a district and the voters were not harmed. The judge said the legislature was the appropriate remedy for this problem. More to follow later, and the lawyering by Garriga, Hamer, and Latino was quite good.


Anonymous said...

Maybe everyone will quit saying the law has been broken. Its is time to stop saying the sky is falling and move forward.

J. Kev said...

4:08 -- Move forward" is a favored rhetorical crutch of a certain piece of white trash RINO who's been voting with Democrats for 6 years, and has the unmitigated gall to run as a Republican against Dick Hall.

So, Tim: What's it like to sell out your party to benefit your scumbag Democrat buddies, Karl and Paul?

Still taking kickbacks from Rudy and Hamer? You're a scumbag, Supervisor Johnson, and you look like a fucktard in your stupid Elvis costume. Rudy gonna put you on his payroll after Dick Hall stomps your guts in the primary?

Anonymous said...

Whatever you say, Hamer!

Disgusted Madison Co. Voter said...

Mark Garriga has to represent his client, but I can't believe he didn't back away from this disgusting display of Mississippi politics after the County's unsuccessful bid to extend the qualifying deadline. Poor taste Mr. Garriga.

Eric Hamer, bless his heart, summed up his integrity with a recent major contribution to the campaign of Karl Banks. It's hard to tell if Mr. Hamer is completely naive, selfish, or as corrupt as the people who appointed him in the place of Ed Brunini. (How in the world do you replace Ed Brunini with the likes of Eric Hamer??) Mr. Hamer, tying your future to the success of scoundrels (or becoming one yourself) is no less disgusting.

I would like to believe that the voters of Madison County would vote Banks, Griffin, and Crosby out of their seats in November, but I don't know that enough people care. That's what corrupt scoundrels count on; the apathy of the people that put them in the job. I hope and pray the chief architect of this corrupt board, Tim Johnson, is unable to secure another public job as Transportation Commissioner. After all, it was Johnson's ego that drove this process from beginning to end. He said the board had to spend county tax dollars to bring suit to move the qualification deadline to be fair to all voters and potential candidates. When he was told no, he crossed his arms and said, "Fine, I'll do what I want anyway."

What he wanted was to prevent Billy Redd from winning his District 2 seat, and keep Karl Banks in office. The same Karl Banks who essentially said in open hearing that a white candidate cannot adequately represent minority voters. I'm curious Mr. Banks, do you try to represent your white constituents, or are you purely focused on "maximizing black voters in your district" to save your job? Johnson got his way by drawing both opposition candidates (who were poised to win in Districts 2 and 4) out of their districts under these new lines that Garriga, Hamer, and crew have spent so much of our money defending. Disgusting. At some point the hypocrisy has to end.

And last but not least, Judge Guirola punted. What a terrible display of "please don't make me make a decision." He had the opportunity to say no to corrupt politics in Mississippi, and instead he passed the buck to the Mississippi legislature. Now there's a sure-fire way to stop corruption....not. The federal courts have been counted on to push back against corrupt Mississippi politics for half a century. It is a sad day when the federal courts refuse to act on injustice out of fear and apathy. If not disgusting, Mr. Guirola, certainly disappointing.

Micah Gober said...

Well, I'm not going to vote, because we have two idiots running in district 2. I have no confidence in Madison County Gov't. Madison County Gov't is like Canton, and Jackson now...idiots running the show. I feel sorry for Mr. Smith who has to deal with these clowns. Like Frank Melton would say "That my friends is the bottom line."

J. Kev said...

Disgusted Voter:

The answer is, Hamer is just as corrupt as the guy who appointed him, Tim Johnson.

LeBeau0605 said...

Okay, I've just had two candidates knock on my door, here in Madison; One for Sheriff and the other for Constable. And I asked them if they had been drawn out of their districts - the Constable had, and he told me that he was hearing from several people today about how bad the Supervisors were and how angry they are. The Sheriff candidate had heard some remarks, too.

I live in Tim's district, and he said the other day, that a few voters don't matter. In his district, according to these two candidates - many of them are mad as hell!

So my advice to Tim, when running for your Transportation office, don't expect District 2 in Madison county to support you. Your name taste like bad water here!

Anonymous said...

This one is simple; If you do not like the State law setting the dates to qualify for county elections blame does who make the laws for the State. This is the 3rd time a federal judge has said this is a State matter.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, 7:48, state lasw does establish the dates to qualify. For Supervisor, (and constable and JCJ) the date was March 1. State law does establish that. The federal judge did not say that was a state matter.

What the federal judge did say was that - as distasteful as it may be (my words, not his) - that the incumbent majority of the BOS (Johnson, Banks, Griffin) could change the district lines AFTER the date and take anybody they didn't like out of their districts. Get rid of the opponent for Banks. Move the two candidates for good government (Smith, Redd) to where they run against each other.

The Federal Judge punted to the legislature the job of saying that common sense should prevail and that corruption in county government is ok as long as the people of the county let it be.

Here it is Madison County. You claim to be crime free - deal with the white collar crime in your government - then throw whatever stones you want to south.

Anonymous said...

My point 8:20 is the legislature changed the date to quality to June 1 for themselves but left the county in a mess. If they had change the county at the same time the field would be more level..

Anonymous said...

Like it or not, the Judge's decision was to refrain from legislating from the bench. I agree with this principle. The fact is, these exact election qualifying problems, in the context of redistricting, occur every 20 years in this State. If the Legislature has chosen to not address it, then that's their decision to make.

Anonymous said...

What an absolutely disappointing, disqusting mess!!!Is there just no justice at all??? Folks, do you remember a couple of terms back when Madison County decided to "clean house" and get things "straightened out" as far as the Board of Supervisors was concerned??? Well, look at what we have now!!! This is pitiful!! If we do not go to the polls this election and put a stop to this mess once and for all, we deserve what we get!!!! And, am I angry, you damn right I am livid!!! I have been moved from Crosby's district (I was going to vote against him) to Paul Griffin's district and you had better believe that I will vote against him as well!!! What we have is a BOS who are crooks and theives (the wishes of the people be damned) and judges who do not have the balls to make a decision. I have always been proud to call Madison County my home; right now I feel as if I had gone to sleep and woke up south of County Line Road!!!

LeBeau0605 said...

The simple matter is 4 Supervisor's in Madison County do not stand for the voters on more issues than just redistricting.

They voted 4-1 (D.I. Smith being the one)to add a 3rd landfill in Madison County, and they did the vote without even talking to the people around the landfill about their concerns. Smith and Mary McLauren went door to door, and got those people to come to a meeting a Potter House Church with State Officials to hear what those people had to say about their neighborhoods.

Unfortunately, Karl is now those people's Supervisor, and they need to know that he voted against them on that issue!

Also, the vote was 3-2 for the Solid Waste Managenment Authority. (Crosby only voted against, when he saw the amount of people in the room filled to capacity with citizens voicing disapproval for that issue) Now, that Waste Authority board can issue debt and has rights to eminent domain and is looking to buy that piece of property by the little Dixie. They'll say they are not, but please...we all see right through these idiots! Wait and watch on that one!

Vote out! Banks, Crosby and Griffin - and ask them to take Warnock and Hamer with them!

Anonymous said...

I assume Rudy and Mary kissed and made up since he has been appointed County Engineer once again.

bill said...

Yes, there's a steaming pile of leadership in Canton that needs to be cleaned up, but as much as I wanted Judge Guirola to find for the plaintiffs I wasn't surprised when he didn't. It really is a legislative matter that should have been addressed before now, but it was handled 20 years ago by having two elections in two years. To be fair, I doubt that the legislature ever contemplated that supervisors would take advantage of the citizens in this manner. It won't happen again - I can't imagine any state legislator who would be against closing this loophole - and the corrupt supervisors still have to win in August and November. Regardless of where the lines are, I'm confident that we can send these jokers packing in August and November if we can convince the rest of the voters in Madison County to dislike corrupt government as much as we do. Bill Billingsley

Anonymous said...

sombody mentioned candidates walking the streets. supervisor candidate with last name Lott (don't know first name), when asked about his thoughts on the Nissan lawsuit, said he supports what Blackmon is doing.

Anonymous said...

10:19, please understand that the two remaining candidates are in the race only to make things more difficult and expense for Redd, one of them was put up to run by Tim Johnson. This is the way these guys play, they do it in Municipal elections too! Unfortuantely, the people of District 2 are FUBAR in this election now that they have drawn out Redd.

An earlier post mentions Tim Johnson not having a job after he looses his bid for Tansportation Commissioner, this is not necessarily the case! Their back-up plan all along has been for Tim to come back (after making Commissioner Hall's bid for re-election difficult and more expensive) and be appointed by his fellow goons still on the board to the position of County Comptroller! (FROM; The County Comptroller, pursuant to the discretion granted the Board of Supervisors in Section 19-3-61 of the Mississippi Code, is responsible for funds received, expended or handled by the Board. The Comptroller's Department consists of four employees, including Comptroller, Loretta Phillips, Myrtis Sims, and Christy Gleason.) WHY DO YOU THINK THAT SAID THAT THEY WOULD NOT FILL THE POSITION UNTIL AFTER THE ELECTIONS?!!! These F#&%#&$ are going to break us!

Madison County will see another tax increase, or a great reduction in services. This is because a previous board, with Tim Johnson leading the charge, put the county tax payers on the hook for the monies borrowed for the East Parkway debacle. Well guess what, the economy tanked in the fall of 2008 and those land owners who gambled, their land, on this deal didn't see the development that they had been pitched, so now they are unable to make the debt service payments on these borrowed monies (and so graciously backed and secured by the county tax payers, thanks to Tim Johnson's leadership - THANKS A LOT ASS HAT, SMART BUSINESS DIPSHIT!) and the county doesn't have the money to make the debt service payments either! Well that leaves us a couple of choices, raise taxes to be able to make the debt service payments, or cut services greatly (not likely to fly with the public at large), or default on the debt and commit fiscal suicide for the county. I don't know about you, but I am not happy about my choices! We have to make sure that everyone who is of age to vote, that is anyone who WILL be 18yoa on or before the General Election in November gets registered and gets to the polls in August! We have got to squash this B.S.!! If the voters don't come out, and the people can't keep Mr. Smith and pick up at least 2 more seats then we will see Tim Johnson as the new County Comptroller!

bill said...

I think it's a fair question to ask any candidate: Will you vote against any motion that gives employment to Tim Johnson in any position? We need to find out which candidates are truly not in the pocket of the current BOS. BB

Frugal Gal said...

I don't live in Madison Co. but spend a fair amount of time up there w/ friends. Here's my question -- how do y'all tell the candidates apart? They ALL say the same thing, their materials ALL make the same promises.

I enjoy reading all the inside baseball here on JJ, but if the rest of the county doesn't know it, how will they know if they are making bad votes?

There are thousands of people who will make a voting decision NEVER having heard the kinds of things y'all talk about. How can you get those messages out? I know if I was voting up there, I'd want to know.

I get that the traditional media won't touch a lot of this, but isn't there a way to make these issues more widely-known, so that the same morons don't get another four years?

bill said...

FG, you have hit on the $64,000 question, but not just for Madison County. Uninformed voters show up for every election at every level. Getting the message to them isn't the problem - everyone who votes probably has a television or at least drives a car with a radio. Most have some sort of internet access through their computers or cell phones, and lots still read the paper. They all have mail service and notice billboards as they're driving by them. The challenge is to get them interested enough to pay attention to the information that is bombarding them on every level. They have to want to be engaged in the process. Then they become educated voters and the crooks get sent packing. BB

Micah said...

June 3, 2011 10:19 AM

The guy is named Ronnie Lott.

Anonymous said...

Tim "Elvis" Johnson can not come to work for Madison County for atleast a year after his term as supervisor up.

Anonymous said...

I keep reading and hearing from some saying how great D I Smith is and yet I have not seen one thing he has done as Supervisor over the last three and one half years. What has he done????????? The other thing that I need to point out is that D I was never elected. He and Andy Taggart cut a deal and robbed the voters of their right to vote. So D I says he is always open and honest. We where was the openness when he and Andy were cutting the deal?

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