Wednesday, July 14, 2010

JJ exclusive: Video of Marcy ambushing Benny

That's right, we got it right here on Jackson Jambalaya: Bill Marcy's ambush of Bennie Thompson at his own town hall meeting.  Grab some popcorn and a beverage of choice and enjoy the fireworks.

Note: If you want more information on Bennie, read this earlier post on Bennie's record on national security.


Queenfish said...

9th Ward on CRACK. Ridiculous. Thompson said it himself generation after generation of welfare dependancy.

Anonymous said...

"The Second District sucks because in 1930 white people wouldn't put a military base here."

Well you're the Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, and you haven't put one here either.

So I guess the Second District sucks because of you.

Anonymous said...

For once I agree with he says, it's the white peoples falt !!! (thanks KF) doubt this will get shown any where else !!!

Anonymous said...

Depressing...Marcy comes across as a party crasher with those in the room and Benny blames " whitey" and gets to paint Marcy as an " outsider" and himself as " boy who made good thanks to Momma".

If you are going to defeat an incumbent, you have to win over a good number of those who voted for him in the past. Use the event to introduce yourself , share your ideas one on one, ask them about their concerns and ask them for a listen as the campaign moves forward.

Otherwise, you come up with some specific examples why the incumbent has failed or doesn't deserve to continue to serve.

I didn't hear ideas/plans for improving the problems in the district. Bennie wasn't challenged on a specific failure.

I'm sure the bases of both candidates loved seeing their guy go after the other guy...I think this is called " preaching to the choir" as the bases are self-energized through their parties.

The most interesting part to me is how Bennie's accent and grammar changes to fit the crowd.

Anonymous said...

Regardless of where the guy is from or his political motivation, Benny didn't answer the questions. I commend Benny for 'pulling himself up by his own boot straps'. But, that had nothing to do with the questions. Maybe if Benny promoted more people doing as he did we wouldn't be in the poorest district in the counrty.....

Anonymous said...

Any way you can see if Benny borrowed money to go to college? Not sure if there were any federal or state grants then or not.

And as always it's whitey's fault. Heck I was not even born in the 30's or 40's. So how is it my fault, just wondering.

Kingfish said...

Honky, pay up.

Anonymous said...

Must see web-site:

Take a look at Bennie's voting record.

Mary McLaurin said...

I would like to know the last time some of the people who made comments have gone into the depressed parts of the Delta. Some live in Third World conditions. No plumbing, electrical, some without water, roaches...I go into their homes and see the DEPLORABLE conditions. I was in Baptist Town in Greenwood last week. I go into the depressed area of the projects in Clarksdale, Tunica, Tallahatchie counties all the time. I serve the poorest of the poor. So is the Delta going to be stuck in the 30's for ever? That is such a lame excuse. Go to the Delta and see Cooper Tire in Clarksdale, Pillow Tek in Tunica and multitudes of other business closed down. These people want JOBS not welfare. They cannot afford to move out of the Delta. JOBS! JOBS! JOBS! NOT WELFARE!

NoPatienceForFools said...

Race race race race race race race race race race race race race race race race race race race race race race race race race race race race race race race race race race race race race race race race race race race race race race race race race race race race race race race race race race race race race race race race race race race race race race race race race race race race race race race. Grow UP!

Anonymous said...

I'm from the Delta originally (Clarksdale). I had parents that cared about me and really focused on my education. We were not rich planters. My family attended church regularly. My parents expected me to give my best effort in school and behave. There was no tolerance for misbehavior in school. I don't live there anymore, and my life is rocking along okay.

A lot of kids in the Delta don't have that parental support. The family unit is broken down. It makes running life's race difficult from the start. That's where I think the Delta's problems start - broken families.

Anonymous said...

You can see the created children of the government. What an applause for Social Security.

Mary McLaurin said...

Not sure what No Patience for Fools is trying to doesn't have anything to do with is about caring for your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ and putting words into action and giving a damn enough to try to make a change!

Anonymous said...

Yadda, yadda, yadda... This is the same old politics of poverty. Why are we poor, Guvment? Why not ask yourself that question and do something about it. It not like someone walked into your life and took away all your opportunity to make something of yourself. Why is it the governments responsibility to provide you a future?

Anonymous said...

this is where we're heading. i thought it was ridiculous at 1st. but its playing out now. we're the proverbial frog in the pot

Anonymous said...

Great ...the members of Bennie's and Marcy's "choirs" are both singing loud and the rest of us can't hear anything.

Has it every occurred to either group that you are both right AND wrong?

Yes, it is hard to overcome poverty and move up. That's just a fact. It's now been 40 years of trying to " right past wrongs" so it's time to stop using excuses.

Whether your poor black or poor white, it's time to figure out that a lack of education, having children out of wedlock and that you can't afford , engaging in violent behavior to problem solve, and abusing drugs and/or alcohol just isn't working for you!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and would you rich white guys stop impregnating the pretty bimbos? Too many of your kids are as dumb as their momma.
Screw 'em if you want, but please don't have children with them. The average IQ in this country( and yes, that includes the upper socio- economic groups) has dropped enough!

Anonymous said...

This is the year smart challengers will revive Reagan's question: "Ask yourself - are you better off than you were 4 years ago?"

Bennie's consituents will be too dumb to think their way through this one, but it should be effective in places that still have a chance of turning around. After all his years in D.C., they're still dead last in the entire country in every metric that matters. But they'll still send him back - YOU CAN'T FIX STUPID!

Anonymous said...

11:22 AM You are an idiot.

Anonymous said...

I used to live in the Delta. Now I live in southwest MS. Look at the numbers SW MS has more unemployment than the Delata, but you don't hear us blaming it on the Guvment. We are working hard to change, we are taking matters into our own hands and we will prevail.

Heck I remember when Yazoo City got the prison, it was going to be a great thing for jobs, only problem was most folks in the area could not pass drug test. That is something you can fix yourself, if you want to. The Delta still relies on Guvment to much, step up and take control of your own destiney.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone except my spouse and I get tired of working 12-16 hour days, taking care of our kids and parents, paying our taxes giving to charity working in the community, being the parent at school that always drives on field trips and sends snacks and money for this and that. We and so many others do the right thing only to hear that we have to give more or we are racist or uncaring or anything else that is in vogue at the moment. I have no problem with welfare but think that those that collect it should have to show up EVERY day at the unemployment office and if nothing else sit there for 8 hours, but only after they pass a drug test.
OK, rant over, have a great night.

Anonymous said...

I'm not thrilled either 6:32 but here's the inconvenient reality...
Most of these folks, particularly the druggies, are not employable. They are illiterate or mentally challenged or crazy.
The addicted need treatment but we don't want to pay for that either yet we pay a lot to incarcerate the addicted who commit crimes to support their habit. And we can't have a rational discussion about legalization even with a war on our border.
I'm far more interested in requiring birth control as a condition of welfare eligibility. One child you can't afford is a mistake but more than that while still on assistance is ridiculous! It's fine if you have more than one child BEFORE needing assistance but continuing to have children while on welfare is something we shouldn't have to tolerate.
I'd also like men who have fathered one child and have failed to financially support that child to be sterilized.
I think you should also resent the number of white children in foster care because they have been abandoned, neglected and or beaten by a parent. And, you should look up the racial percentages of those who receive welfare...38.8% are white,39.9% are black, 15% are hispanic. Asians are only 2.4& so I guess they win the superior race contest. And, you might be surprised that there are only 1.5 million families with dependent children on welfare.
It's a shame that one race doesn't have the corner on shiftless. And, while you can argue that as a percentage of racial totals,the racial composition shifts somewhat, the truth is we should all worry about cleaning up the problems in OUR own race whatever that happens to be.
Seems this blog spot has been pretty full of white folks who are privileged doing some pretty awful stuff. Most serial killers and pedophiles are white...want to be held responsible for those sorry SOBs?
RACISM BY ANY RACE IS STUPID...we've all got our sorry, no good bunch. Time we fessed up to that.
When it comes to prejudice, my folks were far more prejudiced against sorry white people than sorry blacks as the whites had a better shot at a good school and a good job for a long, long time.
I still feel I have more in common with people of good character of other races than I do with the sorry people of my own race...especially the ones who are an embarrassment to the HUMAN race! I'd rather, to this day, share any room in the house with a Christian black woman than with a white slut...including the bathroom! Nasty isn't about color!

A L said...

I am DEFINITELY not a fan of Mr. Thompson but he does have a point in the beginning of this video. Why IS Mr. Marcy running for this seat if he is not a resident or have any connections as far as I know to this district? Sounds like a modern carpetbagger IMO. As far as Mr. Thompson is concerned, which could also be applied to the other race "pot stirrers" such as the NAACP, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, etc., is what Hiram Revels ( ) wrote when referring to the original carpetbaggers in general and Governor Adelbert Ames ( ) in particular:

"Since reconstruction, the masses of my people have been, as it were, enslaved in mind by unprincipled adventurers, who, caring nothing for country, were willing to stoop to anything no matter how infamous, to secure power to themselves, and perpetuate it..... My people have been told by these schemers, when men have been placed on the ticket who were notoriously corrupt and dishonest, that they must vote for them; that the salvation of the party depended upon it; that the man who scratched a ticket was not a Republican. This is only one of the many means these unprincipled demagogues have devised to perpetuate the intellectual bondage of my people.... The bitterness and hate created by the late civil strife has, in my opinion, been obliterated in this state, except perhaps in some localities, and would have long since been entirely obliterated, were it not for some unprincipled men who would keep alive the bitterness of the past, and inculcate a hatred between the races, in order that they may aggrandize themselves by office, and its emoluments, to control my people, the effect of which is to degrade them."

The only thing that have changed are the race and political party of the perpetrators.

Anonymous said...

Yes..very few plantation owners prior to the Civil War still owned their plantation at the turn of the century. But, the carpetbaggers and former Union officers who bought those plantations for taxes had, by the early 1900's become "pretend Southerners" who couldn't pronounce " noblesse oblige" or " chivalry" much less understand it.

Anonymous said...

Bennie Thompson refused to answer the Tea Party survey and will not agree to debate Bill Marcy. He will not answer any hard questions. Someone needs to hold Bennie Thompson accountable for failing District 2.

He does not answer Bill Marcy's question after promising for a generation he would make things better. If you notice his answer was a long list of government programs that give money to people that traded their opportunity for a better life for a lifetime of government sponsored poverty. The country is broke and in debt at over $500,000.00 per household. What are the people in the delta going to do when the government checks stop? Instead of inspiring the good people in District 2 to take advantage of their opportunities he just tells them about how he will give them another governemnt program. District 2 is capable of doing so much better, but not when 10 of the worst schools in the nation are are in the district.

A L said...

This is to be expected from Bennie. Keeping his constituents poor, ignorant, semi-literate and on the government dime is the only way he can keep his power. That sorry fat ass sack of meat is worse than the KKK or White Citizens Council when it comes to keeping black folks at the bottom. The day Bennie gets up and tells his constituents about the importance of education or learning a skilled trade, staying out of prison, not having out of wedlock babies and to not be dependent on the government will be the same day Obama rejects socialism! I'll trust a grizzly bear, an alligator, and a rattlesnake before I'd trust Bennie!

Anonymous said...

I agree,

Let's throw out the Federal government and all of the "revenue sharing" dollars it brings into Mississippi each year.

By the way that would result in an immediate loss of 65% of the State governments funding as well as the additional loss of Social Security, Head Start and the many other funds the Feds send to the state residents, colleges, hospitals etc.,without going through state government.

Good bye MSU, USM, UM, Alcorn, Valley, JSU, UMC, etc.

For every dollar in taxes and fees Mississippi gives to the Federal Government , Mississippi gets $1.70 or so back.

The entire state of Mississippi is a welfare state, which includes blacks and whites.

Some say the solution is to expel all of the blacks from the state and Mississippi would rise from the bottom to around 14th economically among the states. Of course state policies, up to this very day have basically accomplished the same thing.

Create barriers to education, jobs, health care and social services. Allowing wealthy and agricultural interests from paying their fair share of taxes in the Delta for example

If it wasn't for the federal mandates Haley Barbour would probably divert all federal money earmarked for social, education and safety net programs to his wealthy business constituents, like he did when he diverted Federal Gulf Coast affordable housing funds to build a port.

Throw the Feds out and take Mississippi back to its' glory days...the 1930"s

Kingfish said...

The interesting part about Marcy's attack on Bennie is this: what exactly can Bennie do to make the second district better? If you subscribe, as I do, to a conservative philosophy, then you are for less government, less spending, and all that jazz.

SO what exactly could Marcy do if elected? Bring home the bacon? jobs-training programs? projects? federal money to schools in the region? Starting to see what I'm getting at?

Problem with the second district is what little industry they did have went off mainly to foreign countries. Second problem is it is rural and agricultural in nature and always will be.

One nice thing I do see is some of the educators have gotten smart and are hiring more teachers from the Teach for America program. That is one step in the right direction. Private enterprise and nonprofits working with poor regions such as the Delta to improve education. I'd love to see charter schools in the Delta but as long as you have fools like Willie Perkins in the legislature, forget it. But I digress. The point is, what exactly can Bennie do to improve the second district that squares with a conservative philosophy because a congressman's duties really are voting on national issues although with all the federal spending, such is usually not the case.

A L said...

I see what you're saying and I agree. Basically, no matter if Bennie stays or if Marcy is elected, you're still going to get the same thing, government. If the Delta is to succeed, it's got to start at the local level both with its citizens and local officials. The problem is, as I witnessed from the people I came in contact with when I worked in the Delta 10 years ago, is that there is a lot of apathy and no initiative among the residents. They, for the most part, take whatever government "trinket" is handed to them. Those who are not apathetic and have initiative usually get the hell out of there as soon as they get the chance and you're left with a continuous cycle of government dependents. I know I've painted a broad stroke but that's the way I see it. I pray that the quality of life in the Delta improves but until educated local officials are in place that actually give a damn about their citizenry and not themselves and their cronies, you're going to have what you have.

People like Willie Perkins, Ed Blackmon, and Democrats in general DON'T WANT EDUCATED AND SELF SUFFICIENT PEOPLE IN THEIR DISTRICT because this means that they'll begin to see through their BS and send them packing when the next election rolls around. They talk a good game about education and all that, but it's usually for the benefit of the teachers unions. Ask yourself this, for all the money that has spent on education, why are these kids today so damn stupid?

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