Tuesday, October 1, 2019

What Do You Think? (Poll Edition)

 A Chism Strategies/Millsaps College poll says Mississippians favor background checks for firearms purchases while a slight majority approves of deporting illegal aliens when caught.  Some other key findings of the poll are:

* 39% said state was going in the right direction while 36% disagreed and said it was going in the wrong direction.

* 44% gave Governor Phil Bryant an A or B while 31% gave him a D or F.

* Over 90% supported requiring background checks for firearms purchases.  A third said they were more likely to shop in stores that ban open carry of firearms while only a quarter said they were less likely to shop in such stores. However, the poll was evenly split over patronizing stores such as Walmart that ban certain types of ammo.

* 55% favor an open "jungle" primary system while only 23% opposed such primaries.  However, only 22% approve of a "ranked choice" system while 45% oppose the idea.

*  Mississippians are almost evenly split on Trump's tariffs.  46% favor the tariffs while 41% oppose them.

48% of the respondents were Republican while 32% were Democrats. 33% of respondents were black while 65% were white.  Women comprised 54% of the sample while individuals identifying as men were 45%. 

Kingfish note: Immigration? This is going to fire them up.   Take a look at the illegal immigration questions and findings.  Biased?


Anonymous said...

What the people want or believe doesn't matter. Politicians will do what they want. It is our job to accept their decisions.

Anonymous said...

You said enough at the beginning - A Chism "poll", although you were kind enough not to put a " " around the word poll.

Nothing more than promoting the Jim Hood agenda, which of course on many of these same issues it is the national Democratic Party agenda.

A well run poll can provide worthwhile information, but pollsters that want to achieve particular results can (and do) easily twist the results by how they phrase the questions. This is something Chism has perfected over his years of sucking up to his Democratic constitutency and producing polls that produce the results that make them and/or their policies look good.

Anonymous said...

Firearms purchases require background checks now when you buy from a dealer with an FFL. What the left is attempting to conflate is citizen-to-citizen sales. That would also include a parent passing down a firearm to their adult offspring.

The real serious question is what are they doing about straw purchases? How many times have you been near a gun counter when a little woman is buying a Glock for a thugged out creep and not a thing the FFL can do unless the buyer exposes them self as a straw purchaser?

Most of these mass shootings invloved legally purchased weapons where the buyer passed a background check.

Next they are foing to attack our right to manufacture our own weapons. Thats right, we are allowed to legally make guns. Same laws apply to felons though.

Anonymous said...

I took that poll. The question on background purchases was flawed. It shouldn't be a felony for me to take my brother-in-law's revolver home to detail strip it and clean it.
It should be a requirement for background checks when you buy a gun from a store or dealer, but guess what, it already is.

Anonymous said...

Didn’t know “White Voters” was a race.

Anonymous said...

Why is Millsaps teaming with one of Jim Hood's paid advisors for polling?

Anonymous said...

Leftist generated bullshit.

Hopefully, they will go broke real soon.

Anonymous said...

I would propose a background check for all journalists. If a background check is constitutional under one constitutional amendment, it should be constitutional for all. I suspect a journalist can do as much & sometimes much more harm with a pen(etc.) than one can do with a firearm. Wake up people! There r many people in this country that hate this country & would love to see its demise. The number of America haters would be magnified around the world.
All journalists should be American citizens. All media outlets should be owned exclusively by Americans. Many Americans have given their lives for our country & the freedoms we enjoy. America better “circle the wagons” & not just give this country away.
FTR. The second amendment was written to protect America against a tyrannical government, not to kill Bambi. While no one or group could stand up to the American military, as evidenced in many countries around the world, an armed person is in better stead than an unarmed person.

Anonymous said...

Universal background checks are a sticky issue because they are so poorly understood by the general public. They make a great soundbite because what sane person wouldn't want crazy people to have to go through a background check to get a gun? What people are missing though and don't understand is that for universal background checks to work you have to define what is a legal "transfer" of a firearm. In most versions of UBC bills over the years, simply letting a friend borrow your shotgun or rifle for deer season was considered a transfer and subject to a background check. Handing down guns from a family member after death or even as a gift, required a background check. Giving a friend a gun to defend themselves, required a background check. The real ugly side of universal background checks is that in order for it to be enforceable a national gun registry is a must. Otherwise somebody can just sell a gun without a background check and the government is none the wiser as to who that gun originally belonged to unless they can trace it back to an origination at a dealer. With over 300 million+ firearms currently in circulation in the United States you are talking generations worth of time for enough guns to change hands under the UBC system that you have a good record, and that's ASSUMING you get a high level of compliance out of the citizenry. If the bump stock ban, and assault weapons bans in several states are any indication as to what level of compliance you will receive, then that number will be exceedingly low. So if people really think this is going to work, then you'll have to have a mandatory national registry, and the politicians know if you frame it that way you'll never get it passed. This issue is a typical boiling the frog approach and it gets traction because people are ignorant of what it actually entails. Don't let the soundbite lure you in. Politicians make their living talking about shit they aren't qualified to talk about, much less legislate on.

Anonymous said...

is Millsaps still open? How a methodist school can drop theology but keep supporting polls that are never seemingly right is beyond me...

Anonymous said...

You have to read far down into the news release to learn that the sample size is 606 - but it doesn't state if those are registered voters, likely voters or members of the general public with no voting record. Polls have one goal - to shape the news - & are constructed accordingly.

Anonymous said...

Page 14 says that nearly 70% of respondents had at least an associate's degree, and well over 50% were college grads.

If Mississippi actually looked like that, we'd be on the opposite end of every ranking. In terms of reflecting actual opinion, it means you can take this poll directly from the printer to the trash can.

Anonymous said...

Consider the following when evaluating the efficacy of universal background checks:

1. Most of the general public (and most politicians) believe that there is a seamless reporting mechanism for all crimes and mental health adjudications to a central repository, and this repository is searched when an FFL does a NICS check, this just isn't so. The background check is only as good as the information available to the system, and not all legally disabling crimes/judgments/adjudications are reported to the system. This article does a pretty good job describing the issues and failures with the current NICS https://www.apnews.com/b71d50adeb6e428d85b0955dbab45bc5

2. Creating a database of background checks is tantamount to creating a gun ownership database, which I consider a huge invasion of my privacy; how much do you trust government officials to protect and use your information appropriately?

3. Universal background checks will not prohibit criminals from obtaining firearms, they will continue to use the black market to purchase their guns.

I'm a retired LEO and have seen first hand how fractured and dysfunctional the current system is, I'll comply with reasonable firearms laws, but I refuse to submit to an ineffective policy which will result in the systematic invasion of gun owners' privacy.

Anonymous said...

The poll has to be off, there are more dumb asses here than the poll indicated.

Hermit King said...

The people that believe these polls are an honest representation of public opinion are the same type people who think facebook can influence an election.

Here are my opinions for anyone who cares:

1.) I have seen no visible reduction in the numbers of illegals and their children in public places. Crime commited by Hispanics is visibly on the rise in Mississippi.

2.) Gun sales have received a huge boost since gun control is back in the media crosshair. All gun control is unconstitutional. That's a fact.

3.) Ammo is overpriced at walmart compared to websites like ammoseek and wikiarms. I don't care what they stop selling. But they are ignorant to think one type of ammo is deadler than another.

3.) The State legislature needs to shrink and elections need an overhaul. However it is not in the interest of individual legislators to ever change the system.

Anonymous said...

@10:30, an FFL can refuse a sale for ANY reason, following a favorable NICS, there is no obligation for the FFL to transfer the firearm to you. My friend works the gun counter at Bass Pro and he refuses sales with some frequency. Not to say that some other FFL won't transfer the firearm, but if he feels the circumstances are suspicious he cancels the sale, and Bass Pro has stood behind him every time.

Anonymous said...

The mere mention of an association with Millsaps College should tell you all you need to know.

Anonymous said...

My poll is still showing Clinton in the lead.

Anonymous said...

Any sane citizen is in favor of background checks for all firearm purchases which would close the gun show loophole. Next, most sane Americans are in favor of a ban on AR 15 and AK 47s etc. Your average jackass has no legitimate need for an AR 15.

Anonymous said...

what do I think?
'polls are for strippers!'

Anonymous said...

You folks are so predictable. Second Amendment rights are not absolute. There can be restrictions. And there should be. There is no evidence that universal background checks will not reduce gun violence or infringe on your right to be an armed redneck, because we have never had universal background checks. Buy, hey, it doesn’t matter. No way in hell that Trump and the Republican controlled Senate will support.

Anonymous said...

Good point, KF, on the phrasing of the immigration question. Totally loaded.

Hermit King said...

To all of you ignorant-of-the-law liberals who keep throwing out leftist buzzwords like "universal background check" and "gunshow loophole" you need to know that it is ILLEGAL for a felon to buy a gun, period. If they are subverting the law then they are committing a crime, which is what criminals do. New laws won't stop a criminal from committing crime. It could create new criminals, however. Is that the real purpose?

As for the statement that no SANE person needs an AR15 or an AK47, please consider the fact that there has been a ban on importing battle rifles from abroad since the 1980s and that ban hasn't stopped crime. That ban is why the AR15 is so popular now. It is domestically produces in mass quantities.

The Columbine Massacre happened AFTER the Clinton Assault Weapons ban. Something else will fill the role for a mass murdering psycho. No law is going to stop a criminal.

Why punish the people who follow the current laws and will begrudgingly follow the new laws?

Anonymous said...

Two words:

Millsaps College

Anonymous said...

Next, most sane Americans are in favor of a ban on AR 15 and AK 47s etc. Your average jackass has no legitimate need for an AR 15.

You're right. I would rather have a Thompson Machine Carbine, a Browning Automatic Rifle, or an FN FAL. But they are all banned already. Not budging any further.

It would do well for anyone who fears guns to learn about the brilliant innovators like Eugene Stoner, Mikhail Kalashnikov, and John Moses Browning. Browning had more patents than Edison.

Anonymous said...

"shall not be infringed"

pretty dang clear. no other amendment is any clearer.

Anonymous said...

I'm with 3:16pm.

Anyone not in favor of background checks for all purchases, whether groceries, elections, etc is insane.

Also why would someone oppose closing a loophole that's nonexistent?

Lastly, there is, indeed, no legitimate need for 5hr energy drink, martinis, Porshe 911s, homes with more bedrooms than occupants, more than 5 reporters per state, laws that infringe on rights in the name of preventing crime by criminals who don't care about the laws but, instead, makes criminals out of the otherwise non-criminal and there is certainly no legitimate need for the average jackass to have an opinion anywhere in public or in their home.

More laws can, in no way, reduce crime. Creating more criminals through law has never worked to reduce crime.

Anonymous said...

@6:19 this is 3:16:

I respect innovation and genius in the art of weaponry and warfare. I served in armed conflict and understand that the weapons I reference are designed to kill combatants. I have no issue with killing combatants in large numbers nor do I have an issue with collateral damages incidental to achIeving military success. But civilians, especially civilians as disturbed as Americans have any legitimate need for such weaponry. Your selfish desire to play with weapons designed to kill combatants should be highly regulated.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 11:09 and several others. Background check for journalists. They are being taught, trained and paid to hate the United States. But once our freedoms are taken away, they won’t be easily regained. People don’t like Trump because he’s course, blunt and speaks the truth the NYC way. But he loves the US. Can’t say that about any of the half-wit money grabbers that are attacking him. As far as Millsaps is concerned...they’re no longer a Biblical based college.

Anonymous said...

To all of you buttheads demanding a ban on AR 15's.

They banned openbolt UZI's, Tec 9's, and MAC 10's and yet blood still flows in the inner city streets of America to this day without them.

You will never stop criminals from breaking the law with more new laws.

Anonymous said...

@6:55 pm people like you caused and will cause the next Sandy Hook. You've been totally brainwashed by right wing economists and propagandists that care nothing about you or your family. When historians chronicle the demise of our country it will be traced to unrestricted greed and stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Another crap sample. Millsaps is involved because the school is dying a rapid death and Shrader's desperate to appear relevant while knives are falling all around him. Chism's ONLY objective is to mislead in order to elect Democrats. PERIOD.

Anonymous said...

Every Communist must grasp that Political Power grows out of the barrel of a gun (Chinese: 枪杆子里面出政权) is a phrase which was coined by Chinese communist leader Mao Zedong.

Disarming citizens is the prelude to every dictatorship.
The right of the people to keep and bear arms must not be infringed.

Anonymous said...

So 46%in favor of Trump's tariffs and 41% opposed. I wonder what % believe that Trump believes tariffs are a long term solution and what % believe he's just using them temporarily? I have always said that tariffs don't work, but that was assuming they were to be used long term. If you use them as a cattle prod, they will work sometimes. For instance, Mexico's southern border is much shorter than ours. Get Mexico to patorol that border and stop illegals there. What if they don't want to? Threaten tariffs. It's much nicer than using the military to prod people. My guess is that a large % who say they are against tariffs believe Trump intends to leave them in place indefinitely. I don't think that at all.

Anonymous said...

11:51 AM questioned "is Millsaps still open"?

I was at Millsaps from 1959 to 1962 and it wasn't liberal until 'The Great Society' came along.

I noticed that tuition went from $10 per semester hour to $1900 per semester while the total students only doubled from 495 to about 950. The college is always building new buildings but not increasing the number of students. They just keep going up on the tuition. Note: My friends who went to Ole Miss and State paid $6.00 per semester hour.

Anonymous said...

"...shall not be infringed."

That's all you need to understand and accept, as it is the law of the land.

Anonymous said...

But civilians, especially civilians as disturbed as Americans have any legitimate need for such weaponry. Your selfish desire to play with weapons designed to kill combatants should be highly regulated.

Buddy you need to move to Europe or something because this is America and my right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Anonymous said...

My wife was a student at Millsaps in the mid 1960’s. During that time period it started leaning to the left with professors promoting a socialist agenda. It has gone so far left since then that they should change it’s name to Moscow University for leftist studies.
A poll which has anything to do with Millsaps has absolutely no credibility.

Anonymous said...

RE Page 14 @12:25 PM.
Poll taken at Millsaps and Belhaven campuses. Crock City.

Anonymous said...

I agree this poll is flawed. Most of Chism's have been better. Some of you just can't get over that he was once, as a very young man, in a Democratic administration. Now he works for whomever hires him.

That said, it's disturbing that some NRA supporters are so ill informed and closed minded on the subject of guns. It's also disturbing that those who want some better protections, are so closed minded and ill- informed on guns as well.

And, none of you seem to be Constitutional scholars who know what rulings on the Second Amendment have already been made.

Nor do you understand that "rights" can be lost. The right to vote is clearly stated as well in a sentence but you can lose the right to vote by your BEHAVIOR. You can't damage another citizen's rights by exercising yours!

That some of you clearly can't control your emotions and anger sends just as many to the other camp. We don't want those with a lack of self-discipline carrying a dangerous weapon.

Anonymous said...

Anyone against a background check prior to purchase of firearms, has something to hide. If you are a law abiding citizen, surely you would want your family and fellow citizens protected from those who are not!

Anonymous said...

Ive got some shocking news for you liberals. I can buy a plastic 80% lower from www.polymer80.com and take a Dremel tool and make a Glock pistol in 30 minutes or an AR15 in 1 hour without a single background check. These ghost guns will have no serial number and it is completely legal. Unless I'm a felon.

I can also make a slamfire shotgun from two lengths of steel pipe and a sturdy nail. Completely legal as well.

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