Sunday, October 6, 2019

Mark Baker Takes on Hood

At the national level, we are watching Democrats attempt to use impeachment as a political weapon against the President of the United States. It is a transparent political hit job by a party that has failed to gain the support of the people. Here in Mississippi, Democrat Jim Hood is pulling straight from the party playbook.

Hood spent the last year desperately working to turn a shaky story with thin sourcing about a proposed road near Tate Reeves' house into a political scandal. He launched a full-scale investigation into the man he knew he would face in this gubernatorial election. He threw every available resource of his office at Tate Reeves. He said he was working nights and weekends to dig up dirt.

After career investigators in the office failed to produce the results he wanted, by his own admission he took over the investigation personally, even claiming to have typed up the report himself—giving him the personal latitude to shape his report (which may better be referred to as a dossier at this point) into the most politically damaging document that he could possibly produce.

And what did he come up with? Nothing. The bulk of his evidence is related to a separate road project that was a priority for most of Mississippi's leadership—upgrading one of the busiest stretches of roadway in our state. And if he wanted to prove that Reeves was involved, he didn't have to dig deep into Mississippi's law enforcement budget to find some isolated emails. The Lieutenant Governor was proudly pictured in the local paper alongside other top officials at the groundbreaking for the project. Some scandal.

The remainder of Hood’s report rests on innuendo and an anonymous source with an axe to grind—along with the emails of a lobbyist who has actively opposed Tate Reeves since the beginning of the campaign. That Hood asked two former judges to evaluate his report and they found no evidence of impropriety appears to be less than footnote material by the media.

Having the vast resources of the state's top law enforcement officer, ultimately Hood’s personal inquisition amounted to nothing more than a political press release that was, by any meaningful measure, a total dud. And now, using what appears to be a fairly good adaptation of the Adam Schiff shuffle, he's running attack ads misconstruing as accurate these refuted claims.

However, as recent events in Washington have shown, the tables turn quickly. What was intended by the Democrats as the coup de grace of President Trump’s impeachment and removal from office appears to be the death knell for Joe Biden’s candidacy for President. Hood’s personal inquisition raises questions about this whole charade. Did Jim Hood discuss the timing or substance of his investigation with his political team? Did he strategize with political consultants about what to do? Abuse of office by coordinating with political personnel to influence an active investigation, now that’s something that should be investigated. I have no expectation that Hood will answer these questions and almost less that the media will ask them or in any reasonable respect attempt to hold him accountable.

This guest column was submitted by  State Representative and former Attorney General candidate Mark Baker.


TheClintonscantsuicideusall said...

Would this be considered an Impeachable offense?

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Baker,

You lost. Please go away.

-a voter

Anonymous said...

Is this a paid political advertisement?

* Baker spent 2,000,000.00 to come in Third folks

Anonymous said...

Wow the mental gymnastics involved in somehow connecting or comparing the High Crimes of the Democrat Deep State's baseless witch hunts against President Trump, to Tater Tot's private driveway to Chick fila are laughable.

A better comparison would be Tate Reeves' strongarm budget tactics against MDOT to Joe Biden's family pay-for-play scheme in Ukraine.

The USA actually has a legal mutual criminal investigation, prosecution, and extradition treaty with Ukraine.

Anonymous said...

Our laws concerning libel and slander are way too weak. Just because you are in a political race doesn't give you the right to spew bullshit.

Anon-E-Mouse said...

Last month , ICE raided chicken plants for hiring illegals. Yet, it is known that Mississippi has an e verify system. Whois supposed to enforce it? Why, our own AG. When you Point this out to Hood fans, they strain looking other ways.

Tate, if he were smart (and he isn’t), would remind the voters of his unwillingness to enforce state laws.

Anonymous said...

You don’t have to be a Democrat to know that Trump is sleazy and deserves whatever he gets. This is not about politics but the rule of law in our great democracy!!

Anonymous said...

Hood is a national democrat and they have only one play book. Tate is not a prize but still better than a socialist democratic.

Anonymous said...

2:46....Tate can't remind people of that because he hopes the same people look the other way in that he failed to provide for adequate care of the roads or teacher pay, or state employee pay. He has his own demons to keep hidden. Trying to tie Hood to Pelosi and national Dems is a cheap shot. Baker and the Republicans are scared to death and are spewing alot of BS trying to convince people to ignore the candidate and vote the party. Dear Baker and Republicans....that is what got you in this trouble to begin with. It's your own damn fault you got Tater Tot as your candidate. If you want to blame someone, look in the mirror. And national Republicans are to blame for Trump. Their policies and failures to hold Obama in check cost them control of their own electorate. In short, they are as stupid as the Dems.

I'm voting candidate and not party.

Anonymous said...

Transparent political hit job? Trump asked a foreign government for dirt on a political opponent in direct violation of the law. Then he lied about it. Then he was caught lying. Then he did both again. And he still spends every day lying about it in increasingly unhinged rants.

The Democrats have failed to gain the support of the people? THEY WON 40 SEATS IN THE HOUSE. THAT'S AN ASS-KICKING. And Republicans know it, which is why so many are quitting congress now.

Turn off the Fox News and sniff reality.

And Tate Reeves? LOL. Win or lose, he will be the single greatest moron to ever hold a statewide office in the history of this illiterate backwater state -- and that is a deeeeep bench, my Hannity-panty wearing friend.

Anonymous said...

“Hi, to show y’all what you missed out on as AG, I’m going to pretend that Dear Leader Trump isn’t a corrupt grifter.”

Thank you.

Stuff About ZeroBear PolyBear said...

Why have I begun to think everything I see a politician (both sides) do is a lie?

Perhaps because all of them are crooks and you know they are lying when you see their lips moving.

Anonymous said...

Anon-e-Mouse: MS doesn't have an e-verify system. The federal DHS does and none of it has even the slightest to do with any state AG. It's federal. Take it up with another sovereign.
Go away, Baker. You got third for a reason and it wasn't because you didn't suck up to Trump enough during your campaign. In fact, that's all you did and you came in third.

Anonymous said...

Hood is the enforcement, AFTER the local police bring him a case.

Same for a District Attorney. He waits for police or sheriff to bring him a case.

Anonymous said...

Baker is obviously looking for a Reeves job given that he is now an even more of a "nobody". And Melinda McGrath (MDOT Exec. Dir.) is the reputable whistleblower in Reevesgate.

Political Observer With MAGA Cap.. said...

I have no problem with Baker coming forward to express his opinion. Democrats have a problem with it. An honorable candidate who came in third, with no dirt on himself or his campaign has every right to voice his position.

The problem with democrats is they actually HAVE no honorable candidates who are respected, yet lost in their campaign. Who can they bring forward to speak in favor of Hood, or the candidacy of other democrats.

Who is out there to come to bat, publicly, for democrat candidates? The truck driver they ran for governor is on the road and isn't available. The previous mayor or Hattiesburg is not trustworthy. The ex-mayor of Clarksdale is a nobody. Their guy in red suspenders who ran for Ag Commissioner hasn't been heard from. I can't think of anybody in the 'Jackson Market'. That leaves Billy McCoy, Steve Holland, Cecil 'the frown' Brown and Mike Moore. And since Musgrove is not going to be chancellor, add his name to those available to speak for Hood.

Anonymous said...


Why don't you break ranks and instead of relentlessly attacking Trump, tell us how the Democrats intend to make the lives of of straight, christian,freedom loving, capitalistic people of ALL races better. If your answer is socialism, please tell us how you propose to make it work here when it has failed everywhere else.

Anonymous said...

@ 7:45 "Trump asked a foreign government for dirt on a political opponent in direct violation of the law." Please name cite that law.

Anonymous said...

Next month, Tate +5% (at a minimum). Tate may not be ideal, but at least he's not a Democrat.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Mr. Baker lost as clearly he believes in being an apologist for his party is more important than in the rule of law.
He also apparently doesn't rely on evidence if he hasn't bothered to read the evidence from the investigation of interference in our 2016 election and doesn't know it originated with the Russians.
Bizarrely, Mr. Baker is inconsistent in his loyalties as the evidence was provided by members of his party and those appointed by his party after the election as well as before.
Trying to pretend the investigations originated from a democratic conspiracy that came from the Ukraine when part of the Ukraine is still under Russian influence and Crimea was taken from Ukraine will never be more than pretending Russian control was Ukraine control.
So now, we want a democratically elected Ukraine President fighting Russian invasion to either collude with the President or not get help from us? And, then we ask another country who doesn't have US interests in mind to help him dig up dirt on one of his opponents? Yeah, that'd be reliable evidence.-(sarcasm for those who missed it).

Good Lord, Trump couldn't be helping Russia and China and North Korea more if he were a spy for them. But, y'all got a tax break that's erased ( unless you are very wealthy) by not getting to deduct State taxes and by increases in costs of nearly everything and loss of revenues from tariffs. And, the chasm between the very wealthy and the middle class is increasing. Way to go.

PS The U.S. is now an unstable democracy. For those who can read, search " characteristics of a stable democracy".

Anonymous said...

If spending millions of outside dollars just to come in third place didn't brighten you up to the fact that we don't care what you think then you're a special one. The election is over and you lost as you should have. Please stop listening to anyone who tells you that your input is still needed or wanted.

Anonymous said...

This rant is a great example of the problems facing the entire Republican Party. How someone like this who has lost touch with reality climbs his way to the top of any group is beyond me. There is a brain drain in the GOP and no relief in sight.

Anonymous said...

2:17 - Your rant is noted; however, you fail to realize (or pretend you don't) that Republicans took over this state leadership beginning with Fordice. With the exception of Mongrove- Musgoose, it's been an uphill, yet positive movement for that many years. Brain-Drain? Nope. We sent the questionable brains to the 'woodshed'.

Regardless of the fact that this man lost an election effort, what he says is true and you people know it.

Oh...Where are the democrats who might speak for Hood?

Anonymous said...

If you don't see the brain drain that has left Mississippi, that's all the proof that's needed.

This, from someone who would love to live in my home state if it wasn't so ridiculously backward.


Brain Drain Member
Class of '03

Anonymous said...

6:34 pm Be glad you aren't here to see Reeves' ads against Hood. They are ridiculous as to be laughable. Indeed, it should be insulting to all Mississippi that Reeves thinks his audience is so stupid as not to know what AG's can and cannot do or have or have not done.
More laughable still assuming no Mississippian knows the differences between federal and state government.
If all Reeves can find on Hood is that he belongs to the same party as Obama and Pelosi , Hood must be a saint.
God forbid anyone should fact check just go with the majority of your social group and jump right off the roof without looking to see if the first ones who jumped are alive or dead.

Anonymous said...

It is laughable to call Hood a national democrat. If he were a national democrat, he would publicly support all of the other democrats on the ticket. The fact that he has not done so speaks volumes. Hood is no better than the RINO's that posters here rail about. Hood is a DINO. All of MS traditional candidates are nothing more than old school Dixiecrats.

We, as a state, really need to start voting the candidate and not the party, especially in local elections. Demand more from the people we put in office. If they can't show improvement for the good of the entire state, then get them out of office.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who still supports Trump, the crook-in-chief, will NEVER get my vote! I’m voting for the person and not the party. Mark Baker, you are repulsive. Why don’t you do something to actually help people, like fund our mental health system and statewide pre-k! Do something for the people for a change!

Not Crazy 'Bout Tate, But... said...

10/17 @ 9:39 brings up the 'chasm between the wealthy and the middle class' increasing. So what? Isn't that the very definition by which we slide people into these perceived boxes (upper, lower, middle).

If everybody were equal (Hello, Bernie), what would you bitch about then? There would be no lower, middle, upper mythical boxes for you slide folks into (ends with preposition).

There always have been and hopefully always will be ways for people, without the assistance of government, to move themselves from one box to the other, but it usually requires gumption, will, goals, desire, strength, output and guts, not socialism.

PS: It's noted that the same clown feels obligated to post three or four times about President Trump.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me why Hood waited until after Reeves "released" his hit job on Reeves until right after the Primary knowing full well he had it before that. Hood knew full well he couldn't beat Judge Waller.

Side note, Hood needs to be walking up and down that road at his farm he touts in his commercial or that fat around his carotids might not let him serve his 4 years if he wins.

Anonymous said...

The unimpeachably retarded ideas in the first paragraph and dealing with the people who hold them are why we leave. Brain drain.

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