Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Sheldon Alston, Jr. Pleads Guilty to Aggravated Domestic Violence, Goes Home

- Alston will likely only serve 18 months in prison. 

Sheldon Alston, Jr. will go to prison for three years.  The young scion of the Alston family pleaded guilty yesterday to aggravated domestic violence in Union County Court.  However, Circuit Judge Kelly Luther allowed Alston to remain free on bond and ordered him to report to the Lafayette County jail in two weeks to begin serving his short sentence.

  Alston savagely beat his girlfriend and kidnapped her in September 2016.  They were both students at Ole Miss. A Lafayette County grand jury indicted Alston in June 2017 for aggravated assault domestic violence and kidnapping.

The case was repeatedly continued until a petition to enter a guilty plea was submitted to the court yesterday.  Assistant District Attorney Julie Howell recommended dropping the kidnapping charge and asked Judge Luther to sentence Alston to serve 15 years in prison but suspend 12 years of the sentence.  Under MDOC guidelines, Alston will probably be eligible for release after serving 50% of his sentence.  Alston faced a maximum sentence of 20 years for the domestic violence charge and life for the kidnapping charge. 

The 24 year old defendant appeared in court wearing a dark suit while sporting a tan and haircut, looking as someone who belonged in a 1960s beach movie instead a punk who channeled his inner Mike Tyson towards his girlfriend. His attractive attorney, Merrill Nordstrum, appeared with him in the courtroom.  The pair stood directly in front of Judge Luther instead of behind the podium.

The grandfatherly Judge Luther spoke to Alston in a gentle voice while he asked a battery of questions to make sure his young charge understood the consequences of pleading guilty.  The jurist asked the defendant if he caused "bodily injury" to the defendant and tried "to strangle her."  "Yes, sir," Alston replied.  No mention was made of the kidnapping charge.

Judge Luther accepted Howell's recommendation.  He said he looked at the victim's impact statement and the bloody pictures of her injuries.  "Mr. Alston pleaded guilty and this is obviously why," said the judge.  He provided no admonishments or lectures to the thug standing in front of him. 

Alston wasn't led away by the bailiffs nor were any tears shed in the courtroom by he or his family.   Judge Luther ordered young Alston to self-report to the Lafayette County jail at noon on June 24.  He told the convict "I would cram all the fun in a short amount of time if I knew I were going away.  Sometimes when you are young, you can be stupid. If you get in any trouble between now and June 24, 2019 at noon, I have the authority to sentence you up to twenty years in prison.  Don't act stupid and cause me to send you to prison for twenty years."  He adjourned the hearing.  Alston left the courtroom with his mother and father.

A civil suit is still pending against Alston in Hinds County Circuit Court.  The complaint provides more information about what took place that night as it closely parallels what was reported to the police.  JJ reported on February 28, 2018:

The couple began dating in January, 2016.  Alston allegedly hit and strangled the victim in August,  2016.  He apologized and promised to get help so they resumed their relationship.

The complaint states they went out with friends on The Square in Oxford on the night of September 7, 2016.   Alston allegedly became angry, demanded she leave with him, accused her of talking too much to her girlfriends, and yelled at her.  He pushed her down some brick stairs.  He took away her iPhone and destroyed it.  The victim claims that she suffered a scratch on her cheek.  Then all hell broke loose (allegedly and literally):

 15. As they turned south onto South 18th Street, a much less traveled road than University Avenue, Alston began to forcefully grope xxxx, sticking his hand up xxxx's skirt, while sliding his other hand over her mouth. Fearing for her safety, xxxx tried to push him away.

16. Infuriated by xxxx's rebuff, Alston willfully, wantonly, and maliciously threw her to the ground, pinning her under him, preventing her from escaping. At this point, he unleashed a torrent of blows, viciously and repeatedly striking her face with his hands. Alston's physical attack continued when he began strangling xxxx with both hands clasped around her neck.

17. Alston's attack left xxxx severely bruised. xxxx had cuts and aberrations on her legs,elbow, and back. Alston's actions further caused bruises and wounds around her neck and leaving her left eye swollen shut....

19. Once at Alston's house, Alston stated: "I am going to kill myself, and I am going to kill you, too." Apparently noticing the seriousness of his words coupled with the physical attacks he had already inflicted on xxxx, Alston quickly added: "Actually, I am not going to kill you." (How nice of him to say that.  What a relief- KF)

20. xxxx begged Alston to let her go home or to call her a ride. However, Alston refused. He even stood in front of the door preventing her from leaving.

21. Instead he asked xxxx can they '"do it one last time." Bruised from his vicious physical attacks on her, xxxx began to cry. Alston responded by spitting on her and calling her selfish for not having sex with him.

22. After a while, when things had calmed down, xxxx saw her opportunity to leave Alston's house, and attempted to do so.

23. When Alston figured out that xxxx had attempted to leave his house without his permission, he again became furious, resuming his brutal physical attack on xxxx. This fourth attack of the night was the most vicious and brutal.

24. Alston slammed her against the wall. In an attempt to get away xxxx sunk down against the wall to the floor. But Alston did not let her get away. He pinned her under him, preventing her from escaping and continued the attack, again willfully, wantonly, and maliciously strangling her and striking her with his hands.....

28. Instead, Alston drove xxxx to his grandfather's secluded cabin in the woods located at ____  in Oxford, Lafayette County, where the two were completely alone.

30. Upon returning to Alston's house at around 6:00 AM, Alston forbade xxxx from leaving, fearing someone would call the police on him if they saw her injuries he had caused.

31. xxxx finally convinced Alston to allow her to leave by telling him that she planned to drive to her home in xxxxx, Mississippi and stay there until she healed from the injuries he had inflicted on her.

She went to the emergency room where her injuries were treated and documented.  The hospital reported the injuries to the Oxford Police Department.  An Oxford police officer visited the victim at the hospital.  His report described her injuries, although it can't describe the suffering and horror she endured if the alleged events are indeed true.  The stomach turns as one reads the list:

a. Scratches and bruising on her right jaw
b. Scratches and bruising on the left jaw
c. Scratches on her left hairline
d. The area around her left eye was bruised, scratched and swollen
e. Both lips were bruised badly and the inside of her mouth was also bruised
f. Her back was scratched in several places
g. Her right elbow was scratched
h. Her right leg was bruised
1. Her neck was red, bruised, and scratched all the way around including the area around her hair line on the back of her neck. Some of the marks on her neck looked like scratch marks from finger nails scratching her neck...
 The lawsuit charges him with several counts of assault, battery, false imprisonment, conversion, (for stealing and destroying iPhone) and intentional infliction of emotional distress. The plaintiff asks the court to award actual and punitive damages.  Alston's answer denied most of the allegations but claimed the plaintiff bit Alston's finger as they walked to his house.  It also states a "physical fight" took place between the two and that they "hit" each other.  He also claims that he drove the plaintiff to the cabin with her consent.  

Alston is the grandson of attorney Flip Phillips and the recently deceased Alex Alston.  They are considered to be legal royalty in North Mississippi.

Kingfish note:  JJ submitted a camera coverage request that was denied.  This correspondent offered to turn off the camera if the victim testified.  The victim never spoke in court nor did the Judge ask her if she wanted to make a statement in the courtroom.  No notice of the hearing appeared in the court file.  The petition to enter a guilty plea was filed yesterday, the day of the hearing.  A subpoena for an Oxford Police detective to appear at the hearing was issued Thursday.  Oddly enough, the detective did not appear in court.

There is no mention in the public file of a hearing scheduled for today but for the subpoena.  

There is some confusion as to which Judge should have heard the case.  Previous orders in this case were signed by Judge Andrew Horwath of Lafayette County.  However, the case was apparently assigned to Judge Luther in Union County.

Just curious, was Judge Luther "flipped?"  The prosecutor didn't seem to be particularly aggressive in pursuing the case.  The sentence is a joke.  The pretty little thug will probably be home for Christmas next year.  Next year.  He strangled the young woman, beat her face to a bloody pulp, hit her until her body was covered with bruises, and held her against her will for a whole night.  Such is justice for women when they are treated as playthings for the rich and powerful in rural Mississippi.

Next question: Will Alston see the inside of a real MDOC prison or will he get some special treatment at the Lafayette County jail?

One last note: The media completely ignored this case.  Wonder why. 


Anonymous said...

If Alston had been a poor African American, he would be on his way to Parchman for 20 years. Disgraceful.

Anonymous said...

The Network is alive and well.

TheClintonscantsuicideusall said...

Agree completely. 3 years for Aggravated Domestic Violence, what a joke this Judge, using that term loosely, is. I also agree that he will be out on day 1 after 50% if not sooner to again cause havoc on women. Shame on all of them.

Anonymous said...

The worst part is that he will be unable to obtain a hunting license- at least until the conviction is expunged 18 months from now.

Anonymous said...

No doubt now where the head of the snake resides.

How Long Has This Been Going On? said...

White Democrats in Mississippi get special treatment not available to black Democrats.

Anonymous said...

8:13 am is right but it'd also be a worse outcome for any poor male of any race if he's not a star athlete.

Unfortunately, dumb males in North Mississippi will think if they get this judge, they will be " understood" as well.

But, the more likely result is that this defendant now thinks he can get by with most anything.

Kidnapping should be a federal crime always and should have nothing to do with knowing the victim or the victim's survival or how long they were kept. So, you can kidnap and abuse someone and rape someone as long as nobody realizes they are missing in time to put up posters, it's not really a kidnapping?
What a horrible message to all the online predators out there...just take him and quickly release them after you've gotten your "jollies".

The judge and all in law enforcement that are sitting still for this are scum.

Anonymous said...

I know discretion is the better part of valor, but if someone handled my daughter like that, I'd whip his ass. Plain and simple. I mean, if you are that violent and lack any self-control- you're just about as good as a dog with rabies. Throw him in GP and let the others hear he's there for making and Everlast out of his girlfriend.

Anonymous said...

this hearing was plainly moved to another county rather than lafayette so as to attempt to avoid any publicity. they succeeded in that aim with every journalist except KF. THANKS FISH. next step is to start making major campaign contributions to the sheriff of layfaette county so the sheriff can arrange to keep him there at the good ole boy county jail as a trustee , rather than going to MDOC prison system. and last but not least, pardon season by the governor will soon be upon us in jan 2020. expect the family to attempt to spring him that way. so far so good for this pretty boy.

Anonymous said...

Again, Judges and Lawyers protecting their own. Even the DA protected him by letting him make a "Deal".

Hopefully, the general population at the Lafayette County Jail will learn of what he did and give him exactly what he did to this young woman and beat the ever living shit out of him every day while he's incarcerated there.

Apples And Athletes.. said...

Meanwhile, you people celebrate a recently drafted MSU college kid who kicked a girl as she lay on the ground beneath him five or six times and still wanted some more of her. I realize the college girl in this court case was a bit more damaged in the assault, but still I see commonality. In the other case, the boy being a black super-athlete, he was immediately forgiven and is now heralded. I never wanted that athlete brought onto the field at my school, yet he was. Charges were never even filed.

Or is it simply about the comparative amount of blood and number of Bandaids?

Anonymous said...

The worst form of injustice is pretended justice. Plato.

How do we dare to look upon other countries telling them what to do? We are just another banana republic. But USA #1, USA #1...

Weeping for my children.

Anonymous said...

Sentence automatically starts with 15% reduced. So take away half of that if you get 30/30 time and that is your sentence. So, more like a year and three months to serve. Have to wonder if alcohol abuse by one or both parties involved contributed to the plea agreement.

Anonymous said...

Just remember, this young fellow learned the behavior from someone close.

Anonymous said...

He will serve 500 days for this? What a corrupt system. Does he have to report as a sexual predator? You can bet this is not the first time his parents have allowed him to avoid consequences. This judge is a joke. The roommate that did not intervene is a sorry excuse for a man. I know Sheldon sr very well and before this I never had a bad thought about him. Working the system over for his son is not what every parent would do, particularly those that ever want to look his daughter(s) in the eye again. This is a travesty.

Anonymous said...

A couple of points/questions:

1. If this had been some nobody, black or white, who beat up his girlfriend, would most folks really care about his sentence?

2. Is this sentence, esp. with the 12 years potentially hanging over not only his head but also that of the court if he does FU, that far out of line with similar guilty pleas? Moreover, if - IF - the victim agreed with the sentence for whatever reason, even if it was money, that almost certainly played a part in his overall sentence.

From a purely objective standpoint, what he did was inexcusable and certainly indicates he has some serious self-control and temperament/violence issues, but he was not charged with nor accused by the victim of a sex crime, there was no weapon involved and he was apparently a first-time offender. I'm not suggesting his sentence was (or was not) "fair" or even appropriate, but I just do not know how objectively (un)reasonable - when compared to similar pleas - Alston's sentence is or is not.

if his sentence is unusually lenient, little Sheldon is a spoiled little white punk and even just 18 months in county will not be pleasant for him.

Anonymous said...

Grisham's next book?

Anonymous said...

Miss. Code Ann. § 47-7-3.2 requires every offender convicted of crime of violence to serve "no less than 50% of a sentence." His actual sentence was 15 years with 12 suspended. My honest question is: does the 50% requirement come off of the full sentence or just the jail time? It seems to me that there is no legal way he is eligible for release before serving the full 3 years because of that code section. But this ain't really my wheelhouse. Honestly, the federal system, with its complex sentencing guidelines, is much more straightforward and uniform than Mississippi's. You will serve almost day for day the time you were sentenced in federal prison, even if it is convoluted getting to what that sentence should be.

Anonymous said...

in spring of 1986 douglas hodgkins, an ole miss student and son of a kentucky millionaire ,raped and murdered another ole miss student named jean gillies. its a murder that is still talked about in oxford. DA went after a death penalty. got a conviction but 1 juror refused to vote death so he got 'life' in prison. at that time 'life' meant 10 years before parole eligibility. despite overwhelming opposition he was paroled in 2009 after doing only 21 years. basically his family bought him out of prison under the barbour administration with help from that drunken bum butch brown, former MDOT commissioner , now major of natchez, and the 3 members of the parole board who voted to release him. warnock, and guise, from the coast, were the 2 parole board members who AGAINST his release. to the 3 who voted to release him.......damn your blood.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, you people celebrate a recently drafted MSU college kid who kicked a girl as she lay on the ground beneath him five or six times and still wanted some more of her.

Provide the JJ link. Put up.

Kingfish said...

I've seen the photos. Nothing justifies the beating AND strangling. Nothing.

Anonymous said...

9:43 No sex crime? Read closet. After brutalizing this woman, he “ asked” for sex “ one last time.” Was this last time a threat of murder or one time for the road? Was this asked under duress in your handbook? What kind of person could even have sex under these circumstances with a bloodied and terrorized recipient? This whole thing was about power and control- the hallmarks of rape. What if she consented thinking it would save her life? I actually hear people feel sorry for the parents when talking about this. Brunini has been fixing things like this for decades. Ed Peters and others currently running for office were the primary fixers and countless judges were the conduits. This guy’s attorney must feel dirty. What’s the name of the roommate mentioned in the complaint(s)? What a sick system. My daughter Just learned her safety is of little value. Pathetic

Anonymous said...

I wonder which of the following apply to young Shelly?

“King Baby Syndrome” Personality Traits

Become angry or afraid of authority figures
Seek approval and sometimes lose my identity in the process
Make good first impression have problems completing things
Have difficulty accepting criticism
Have difficulty sustaining healthy relationships
Have addictive personality and am driven to extremes
Have been immobilized by anger and frustration
Am rarely satisfied
Given to exaggerations and showing off
Feel lonely even when surrounded by people
Need people around me to feel ok
Say “I know” a lot
Complain and blame others for what is going wrong
Feel like I don’t fit in
See the world as a jungle full of selfish people
See things as a catastrophe, all or nothing thinking
Judge life in absolutes: black and white, right and wrong
Live too much in the past and fearful of the future
Have strong feeling of dependence with fears of abandonment
Have taken advantage of others for your own ends
Fear failure and rejection so don’t try new things
Are concerned with money and material things
Fantasise, dream big plans & schemes
Charming to bosses but like to boss around subordinates
Believe the normal rules do not apply to them
Attracted to excitement, life in the fast lane
Hold emotional pain within
Lose touch with own feelings

Asking for a friend.

Anonymous said...

9:43AM again. KF wrote: "Nothing justifies the beating AND strangling."

I know it is your site, but...

"Nothing EVER justifies such a beating OR strangling."

Fixed it for you.

Now, does anyone have any actual stats (or general numbers based upon reasonable experience in the regional criminal system) of sentences given/served in similar pleas? Is Alston's sentence unusually lenient? KF will decide about posts giving anecdotal stories and racial commentary but I'm asking about the numbers as to sentencing in substantively similar pleas. And please, I mean _pleas_ (pardon the pun), not alleged crimes - he is only legally guilty of and was sentenced based upon those charges to which he pleaded guilty.

Louis LeFleur said...

And they say money can't buy happiness...

Anonymous said...

Jeez, his attorney is a lefty loon! He deserves a goo defense, but she should lose her #metoo movement card or be banned from the next women's march.

Kingfish said...

Bryan Clark got 10.

Anonymous said...

KF please post this on your Facebook page where it can be seen by more people and stir up more outrage. It is infuriating that the media has been silent on this case.

Anonymous said...

Look up your own stats.

Kingfish said...

I don't rely on FB for traffic. Nothing stopping readers from doing so, however. ;-)

Anonymous said...

9:43 again/11:16. - please- you seem to miss part of the travesty when you start asking about his sentence in relation to what he admitted guilt - that’s a big part of the problem- the kidnapping was left out- he transported his victim under duress and after physical violence several times- kidnapping was a slam dunk- several other aggravating felonies were overlooked- one witness or accomplice did not get pressured with charges to aid in the prosecution of the rightful charges- the sexual component was left out- and on and on. That is how these type cases are massaged and fixed to get to the least amount of punishment possible. That’s how they help junior stay out of the clarion ledger. It has been going on for years. People like Dilbert and others have been working the system both in civil and criminal courts as long as I can remember. Driving offenses disappear, major crimes become minor, civil cases get massaged to the benefit for the good old boy networks. While it may be interesting to find out other punishments, it does not change that this sentence is insulting to all decent people. This should not be an outcome of a year and half and show up after cramming fun into your last free days. Transportation to parchman a few minutes after the gavel dropped. Professionals should have submitted reports to make sure this guy is not a threat while he is having fun before reporting. For all we know this kid could take it out on another victim today. I bet the treating physicians and nurses have a lot to say about the extent of the injuries and emotional trauma incurred. Are you so sure this guy is not a threat to the public while out? Is he allowed to drink? The outrage is not KF or the posters here. It is the good old boys fixing cases like these.

Anonymous said...

It’s over.

If you disagree vote the judge or da out.

Or run for office and change the laws.

Anonymous said...

"A bloody pulp"? The pictures show she has a black eye and a mark on her neck. The article is liable. The kidnapping charge was dropped because she wasn't kidnapped. This article isn't reporting; it's muck-raking and mean spirited.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 9:26: Your comment that he learned this behavior from “someone close” could not be more off base. I know his father quite well and he is a gentleman, as was his grandfather who passed away last week. Granted, the good old boy system is definitely at play here but I can guarantee you that he did not learn this behavior from either parent. They are both lovely people. It is a mystery to me how they raised someone who would commit these acts. They do not deserve to be vilified for his actions.

Anonymous said...

@12:52 PM - It's commendable that you are supporting your nephew.

Like I posted in the other thread: "Motion to fix, your honor."

You can take it to the bank that the civil suit will be quietly settled, along with very a rigid non-disclosure agreement signed by the plaintiff and family.

And as posted above, he learned this criminal behavior from someone, and that would likely be a male in his immediate family. (Has his mom had some "accidents?")

Kingfish said...

Heard nothing but good things about the family. Some families just happen to have a bad apple, parenting is done right and the kid is just a bad kid. Might be the case here.

"Just a mark" on her neck? Is that what you call it? Damn liar.

Anonymous said...

So, now that he's been "convicted" (GUFFAW) - is a civil case possible by the family in front of a jury?

Anonymous said...

To 12:52: You say the article is "mean spirited"?? If the victim was my sister, I don't know that he would have made it to a sentencing hearing, and I might be the one getting sentenced. Go fuck yourself. How's that for mean-spirited?

Anonymous said...

9:43/11:16am responding to 12:40pm:

Pleas are very common, including the dropping of various other charged offenses. I have seen no docs, reports, etc. from the case beyond what has been made public. I have only skimmed over rather than carefully studied those. I have not heard even allegations of any sex crime(s) and have no information at all as to the tertiary conduct, sobriety, etc. of either Alston or the girl. Simply put, the information publicly available strongly indicates he was (and now is) legally guilty of aggravated assault. There is not enough information for me to confidentially state I believe he was legally guilty of kidnapping. Fairness means that his sentence was within the range of the sentences received by a substantial number of defendants charged with and pleading to the same offense(s) and under generally similar fact sets. If he was so sentenced, one may well argue that the range of those sentences is too lenient, but one cannot reasonably argue that he was not treated "fairly" or received "special" treatment. And that brings me again to...

Does anyone have any stats or at least an educated, supportable opinion on that question? I did do some basic research, but what I was able to find simply didn't provide that level of information. I suspect there are at least some stats out there somewhere but I am not a criminal defense attorney, many of whom I would guess do have at least a general idea if this really was special treatment.

It doesn't seem like a complete walk since he will be subject to the full 15 if he lays his hands on anyone else during the period remaining on his post-custody suspended sentence (i.e., he could do the remaining 12-14 years if he violates the day before the suspended sentence is served). I would suggest that it will be harder to put any English on the situation if he should have any more similar charges, plus, Mommy and Daddy may well not be as supportive. Lastly, I would also suggest that little Sheldon's time in custody will be much more unpleasant on a variety of levels than that of some hood banger getting a reunion with the homies. Three months or three years will likely have the same, er, "rehabilitative effect" insofar as little Sheldon learning that he needs to conduct himself in such a way as to never, ever have to go back; if his mind doesn't get right in the first few months, 3 years will not do it either.

Anonymous said...

People are always telling me Mississippi is known far and wide for home cooking!

So if a person wants to visit where do yall recommend a person go to for the best home cooking that Mississippi has to offer? Sit down, takeout, take it to the bank...WHATEVER!

Anonymous said...

The victim should leak the photos now so there can be no option for the family to insist on non-disclosure of facts in the civil case.

Anonymous said...

One (maximum) 30 minute visit weekly for young Sheldon. He's going to have plenty of time to get to know his new pals.

Anonymous said...

10:12 - Look up your own link. It was widely publicized and available on the internet.

One boy was in college and the other was soon to be college bound. One victim was a college girl, the other was maybe a teenager. One lay on the ground while being kicked; the other was beaten up in some other type of setting.

One boy was a highly sought-after football recruit. The other is said to have been a wealthy playboy student. One got recruited and slid under the radar. The other finally got sentenced after his daddy got him hidden out for two years.

One boy is said to have proved himself worthy and has 'grown up' (No word on his victim or how long she will suffer mental anguish - but she's just a black kid). The other boy is said to be a mongrel-maniac who will repeat but we don't know that.

There are dots to be connected and some that will remain un-connected.

Anonymous said...

Haven't had any faith in the legal system for many years. We all know what walks when money talks.

Anonymous said...

I don't personally know Simmons or many details of the incident, but trying to compare it to the Alston case is apples and tennis shoes. The Simmons incident and all 10-15 seconds of his criminal role in it was entirely on video so there is no guessing, intimating, or "what if'ing" to be done. But more importantly, Simmons got caught up in an on-going multi-family feud that he did not start nor did he start the specific incident. Simmons also immediately took responsibility for his actions and to my knowledge, was a good kid before that incident, has not been involved in anything sketchy since losing his 17-year-old cool for about 10 seconds and he was a good student and community member both before and after those few seconds. None of that erases or even excuses the fact that someone his size should not hit someone the size of the girl, but it does certainly mitigate both the criminal and societal punishment he should serve. On the other hand, little Sheldon exhibited several signs of being a dangerous, out-of-control predator and to my knowledge has taken no responsibility or shown any remorse for several hours of extremely serious criminal behavior.

Simply put, if my daughter said she was going somewhere alone with Simmons, I see no reason to be concerned but if she said little Sheldon tried to talk to her in a crowded church, little Sheldon would have yet another set of pissed-off father problems. My unsolicited advice to little Sheldon's parents would be that he needs to do his time and upon his release, make himself a quiet, upstanding, and peaceful life....in another state.

Anonymous said...

They dropped the kidnapping charges??? For those that question if this was kidnapping...if she asked to be released to go home and was denied this while blocking her.....good god how much is needed to prove kidnapping? Guess that charge would have put this little twit into longer jail time. Amazing!

Anonymous said...

@3:14 PM nobody here at JJ "celebrated" Simmons. Take your BS elsewhere.

Kingfish said...

This post is not about Simmons.

Anonymous said...

I didn't say that there has been domestic violence in their household, but other parental factors can lead to this type of behavior.

Affluenza comes to mind = spoiled brat; parents always defend his mischief; it's always someone else's fault...

Get the picture?

Cutey face will be popular in jail. A little lipstick, eye liner...

Anonymous said...

St. Andrews produces some gems!

Anonymous said...

It took Kingfish and a Facebook page to get Brian Clark to justice. Butler Snow fought against the legal system to get the case continued 15 times. Rep. Jeff Smith even got involved and used his "legislative excuse of being in session" to have it continued one time. The people in Columbus need to wake up and see what they have - A representative running for reelection and his son running for Lowndes County Prosecutor. That will make for an interesting scene! Brian Clark will be eligible for parole in January of 2020. People - you need to call the Parole Board and request that it be denied. Butler Snow must be beat again!

Anonymous said...

Nobody claims this thread is about Simmons. But, it's fair to compare actions, consequences, ages, status', sentencing, outcomes. Every day on this blog many are comparing black outcomes with white outcomes. So, what's up with not wanting to compare these two situations?

Or would Kingfish prefer for this case to be a stand-alone situation unworthy of further comments other than those he hopes will come out of the woodwork demanding a public hanging.

Then there's this (above): "Go fuck yourself. How's that for mean-spirited?"

The all-knowing-Kingfish allows that while banning my comment three weeks ago telling somebody to kiss my ass. I guess sometimes vodka gets in the way of mediation.

Anonymous said...

If you consider how this incident has played out to this point what makes you think Alston will suffer while incarcerated?

Anonymous said...

This yute make a mistake and yall finna ride out an Joan of Arc on him and that bad enough!

But hell no don't stop there! Most errbody here now finna ride out an Joan of Arc on errbody in this poor yutes friends and family plan!

What you would not do to keep a misbehavin yute in your family off tha Farm in Parchman?

Anonymous said...

Not fooling anyone 9:06.

Anonymous said...


Making a joke out of domestic violence? Classy.

Equating what he did as “ misbehaving” is likely the attitude that got him in trouble.

He’s no Joan of Arc and I do not see one post suggesting burning him at the stake.

Does the punishment fit the crime? Should he be walking around free today? Should his kidnapping be overlooked?
What crimes should appear on his criminal record? Had he been poor with unconnected parents would the outcome be the same? If the victim was your daughter, wife or mother, what would you think the punishment should be?

Anonymous said...

So, the comparison of Simmons and this clown went in one of JJ's ears and right out the other. Typical.

Anonymous said...

Perp walk? Mug shot? Have I missed something or has no mention of Shelly and his crimes been mentioned in the Clarion Ledger?

Anonymous said...

8:57 PM: You don't have to villify a whole school. But go ahead. It says more about you than about those who attend.

Anonymous said...

The CL just tripped over this story-

Anonymous said...

Fowler and Sam R. Hall Decide to Mail It In

This story would never have been reported without the efforts of Kingfish. PERIOD.

Anonymous said...

@7:39 St. Andrews better hope the civil case settles before it comes out in court what they knew and looked past during Alston's days in that fine institution.

Anonymous said...

Not surprising how many of the damning
and prurient details were left out of
the story. Why doesn't the C-L want
its readership to know that Alston Jr.
was sticking his hand up her skirt and
seeking sex?

** "Instead he [Alston] asked [victim] can
they 'do it one last time.' Bruised from
his vicious physical attacks on her,
[victim] began to cry. Alston responded
by spitting on her and calling her selfish
for not having sex with him." **

Anonymous said...

If the lineage of this family was conservative and known in Mississippi as Republican this would have been front page news long before now.

Mississippi's black community should be outraged over this plea bargain.

BTW KF, Fathom bringing Godfather II back to bring screen this coming fall.

Anonymous said...

I'd be more concerned about why Millsaps let him in after Ole Miss kicked him out than about him having attended St. Andrews or Ole Miss.

He graduated from Millsaps.

Anonymous said...

I’d be interested to know if the victim was consulted about the plea bargain and the dropping of the kidnapping charges. Can he still be charged with kidnapping? What does dropped mean? Can it be.brought back up?

Anonymous said...

Welp, this is Sheldon's last weekend as a free man for awhile. Reckon he's shittin' green right about now? Or packing in all the fun he can?

GWH said...

Just now reading...Why has no one commented that this jerk was a spoiled brat who got off bad actions while growing up?

Anonymous said...

"Just now reading...Why has no one commented that this jerk was a spoiled brat who got off bad actions while growing up? "

Reading comprehension not your strong suit? Dozens of us have commented on his previous horrible behavior.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know who the roommate was?

Since he was in the apartment while Alston was threatening, beating and strangling his victim and apparently did nothing a) to intervene nor b) to report what was going on, would that not make him accessory to the crime?

Also, does the ADA nit have to have some kind of record justifying why she would drop the kidnapping charge. I’m no lawyer, but that would seem to have been a slam dunk conviction waiting to happen. Unless there are “other considerations” persuading her not to pursue it. Surely that information should be available as public information.

Anonymous said...

Judge Kelly Luther presided over the case of Bryan Grimes Creasy. Creasy was charged with raping an Ole Miss freshman. Creasy’s father is a prominent attorney in Virginia. Creasy pled guilty and Judge Luther sentenced him to 10 years. 10 years SUSPENDED. NOT ONE DAY IN JAIL.

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