Friday, June 14, 2019

DPS Issues Alert for LEO Threat

The Mississippi Department of Public Safety issued the following statement.

On Thursday, June 13, 2019, Commissioner of Public Safety Marshall Fisher responded to questions about a threat made to law enforcement officials concerning an incident that occurred in Memphis, Tennessee this week. A bulletin was issued by the Mississippi Department of Public Safety to law enforcement officials advising them to use extra caution and be on high alert when they are in public. "We received credible intelligence that a threat had been issued on law enforcement pursuant to the events that occurred in the city of Memphis on Wednesday evening," said DPS Commissioner Marshall Fisher. "I felt it was necessary to get that information out to law enforcement."

The Mississippi Department of Public Safety is responsible for dissemination of information to law enforcement officers and agencies through bulletins released by the Mississippi Analysis and Information Center (MSAIC) also known as the Fusion Center. These bulletins are intended to support local, state, tribal, and federal government agencies in developing/prioritizing protective and support measures relating to existing or emerging threats to the Mississippi Law Enforcement Community. MHP Colonel Chris Gillard stated, “The safety of our law enforcement officers in this state is of utmost priority. The thin blue line protects our citizens everyday and their safety must not be compromised”. Commissioner Fisher added, “We currently have an environment nationwide where it seems that law enforcement officers are increasingly under threats of violence. It's incumbent upon us to get information out as soon as possible."


Messick said...

“We currently have an environment nationwide where it seems that law enforcement officers are increasingly under threats of violence."

Thanks you, Valerie, Barry, and Eric.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fake news. Probably some wannabe gangster posted some random crap on twitter and now the cops need some publicity so they make a big deal out of nothing.

Anonymous said...

It is too bad the intelligence gathering operations of the "Mississippi Analysis and Information Center (MSAIC) also known as the Fusion Center" has been unable to detect the threats to the public from the corruption within law enforcement departments around the state. Multiple county Sheriffs have been indicted on drug and felony charges in the past year and multiple police officers have been arrested on felony charges. Who works at this agency, who has been hired by Phil for these high paying "intelligence" jobs?

Anonymous said...

Law enforcement officers, firemen and assorted other first responders have long been targets for nut cases. This reality increased dramatically when the previous president slung Coleman Fuel on the campfire and suggested LEOs around the country were racist, bigoted thugs. He opened the gate to various angry groups like BLM and Antifa and emboldened the racism of multiple mayors (like Baltimore) and other democrat elected officials. No telling where this will wind up but it ain't gonna end.

I have a relative in a high profile LEO job and we pray he can get to retirement age with time in the trenches.

Anonymous said...

Where is Judge Dredd when you need him?

Anonymous said...

7:16 PM Obama was correct many are racist, bigoted thugs. Some law enforcement agencies identify and get rid of those types of people but many just help cover up their crimes.

Rod Knox said...

If only the internet could be censored to keep hidden the videos of law enforcement officers brutalizing and murdering people. We don't need all these easily excited people watching such videos. Now when someone is shot in a seemingly justified situation all hell breaks loose due to all the Rodney King and Tamir Rice and Eric Garner killings seen on the www. We need to keep all that police violence covered up.

Anonymous said...

There is way too much anti- law enforcement media coverage. While so many good deeds go unreported by our law men and women, the media will put countless stories out over a few bad cops. That fuels the flames for more hate for the men and women who serve and protect. And it's a tough job already without that. If you don't think so, try it.

Anonymous said...

It’s quite easy to see the disparity between the outcomes (although not always the guaranteed end result). For the most part violent whites become docile when LEOs show up, and upon surrendering they are taken into custody. If the violence ensues then the threat is terminated for the most part.

On the flip side of that coin violent blacks become more frantic when LEOs show up again for the most part, and for good reason. Again if violence ensues the threat is terminated. I’m on the other end of the spectrum as I would protest that LEOs exterminate both threats equally.

The mix up is that the media is attempting to lump this in with the nonviolent blacks that have been executed by LEOs. Nowhere near the same. The excessive force argument is valid, but it’s easy to say what is excessive force from the outside looking in.

Anonymous said...

to 7;20...well maybe you cowboys can get out there and try to control the media the same way you try to control everything else.

Albert Schweitzer said...

George Orwell said "people sleep peacefully in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf".
Has been attributed to Churchill too.
Nonetheless, it absolutely true.

Some roughness is not only necessary, but required of those armed on our behalf, whether police or military.

Are any of you stupid enough to think that the average criminal wants to sit down and discuss world hunger or anything else? Or is on their way to give a violin concert?

This criminal in Memphis supposedly shot a citizen multiple times, stole his car, rammed the popo with said car when cornered, emerged from that car waving a firearm. What the hell do you snowflakes think the response should be to him? Counseling? A federal grant to understand his angst or difficult life?

The only thing worse was the community reaction which was typically tribal.

And yes, a true legacy of the obama cult. Consider them when assigning blame to such tragedy.

Rod Knox said...

And here's another video that needlessly(?) makes law enforcement tougher.

Maybe law enforcement officers needs throw out their trash...... But no that would be disloyal. They all must hold that 'thin blue line' even in the face of obvious abuse of the public.

Far too many cops are worse than the street thugs they are sent to protect us from.

Anonymous said...

This is just more fake news developed to stir up the base from a little man, with a little gun, and a little pecker. It’s the same effort attempted by Tate to stir up the base and unite against the mythical “outside liberals,” blah, blah, blah, blah. It’s the same effort that Donald uses to stir up the base against the illegals. Unfortunately, the average Mississippian has an IQ around 70. They drink the kool aid and start the mythical “fight.” They then run to the polls and vote for these mythical fighters to SAVE them from the devil! And what does our state get in return? We stay dead last in every category, except, of course teen pregnancy, drop out rates, illiteracy, etc. This is the sad truth.

Anonymous said...

8:17 - We all love it when people like you talk out their ass. You have nothing to back up your bullshit other than your bad attitude, your contempt for authority and your unwillingness to live in a society with rules and order.

Anonymous said...

Obviously 10:23 has not seen this thugs facebook page or the video by another black man describing this piece of shit. Little man, little gun my ass.

Anonymous said...

R.I.P. Thug-Bruh. Surprised you lived as long as you did.

Rod Knox said...

Despite videos of outrageous police brutality piled high and too numerous to catalog law enforcement officers insist that their past misdeeds be excused due to their presumption of innocence, often supported by reams of official reports filled with lies by their buddies. Talk about a swamp.

All these wannabe Dirty Harrys and Chuck Norrisses hit the streets every day looking for a chance at a starring role. I wonder how many practice yelling "Get on your face punk" on their way to work.

Anonymous said...

Law enforcement has been equipped with military grade equipment. Many of them are on steroids, and many are definitely trigger happy. When they have the opportunity, they love to show their strength by abusing innocent people. Give an idiot a gun and some authority, and stay out of their way. I don't think most agencies have a drug testing program for officers. I don't call cops;we take care of our own. Yes, I believe in the second amendment...

Anonymous said...

We need Dirty Harry.."Go ahead, make my day".

Anonymous said...

When seconds count, the police are minutes away. Why? Because they are too busy scanning license plates for lucre from asset forfeiture and trying to write speeding tickets.

Today, with MRAPS and plate armor, they are just the armed civilian wing of the MIC police state. I will never lick the boot trying to crush my throat.

Anonymous said...

I've known a few LEOs in my life, from local officers to county sheriffs to high-ranking feds, and most are decent people trying to do a difficult job but a few have been totally unsuited for the job for a variety of reasons. I've also known quite a few folks in a number of other vocations and in every vocation I can think of, most of those people are decent people trying to do their jobs but a few have been totally unsuited for their profession for a variety of reasons. I would suggest that my experience with human beings and their respective professions is mirrored by every rational, objective person out there. Put another way, if LEOs were bad as a group, there would be a lot more "questionable incidents" than there are now - I would offer that LEOs are a nearly perfect example of the exception proving the (opposite) rule.

Torque Wranch said...

Rod Knocker must have been a real outlaw in his younger day. He said on an earlier post that he's in his 70s. What happened in this man's life to make him so mean-spirited, anti-authority and piss-angry?

Anonymous said...

I see you didn’t print my retort to “Rod Knox”. Interesting that you will print all the garbage that derogatory of LEOs by his ilk but when a real cop pushes back, you filter. I now get it.

Kingfish said...

Well, when the first word in your comments is "shithead" , I probably won't approve it.

Rod Knox said...

Every time this issue comes up I am reminded of Chris Hughes whose long, highly decorated career as an MHP came to an end when one of his victims hired a good lawyer. Once faced with a victim and her lawyer the officer rushed to plead guilty but what about the dozens of charges made against him over the years that were ignored because the victim couldn't afford a good lawyer?

And all these tough talking officers are wimps when it comes to cleaning up the dirty officers they work with if they aren't dirty themselves of course. A badge has become a license to kill in many states and some of the most unqualified people rush to get a badge and a gun for all the wrong reasons.

Anonymous said...

My primary issue with cops is this - Why do good cops not eradicate the bad cops in their midst? I am not talking about questionable matters amongst cops, but full blown dirty cops. It only appears that dirty cops are only protecting and serving a certain sector of their "communities", while endangering the lives of good cops who are doing the job the right way.

Anonymous said...

4:18, I was a state LEO in Mississippi for about 8 years and got hired by a federal agency; the answer to your question is easy - the bad cops are usually connected to and protected by internal and external political figures who pressure agency leadership not to embarrass them by exposing unethical or illegal behavior.

Bad cops ruin it for those of us who signed up to do the job honestly and, as idealistic as it sounds, serve our country here at home and make a difference in our community.

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