Monday, June 24, 2019

Bedwetter Alert

A distraught parent discovered her daughter purchased a gun - gasp -  and wrote Ask Amy:

This week I discovered that my intelligent, hard-working, responsible 24-year-old daughter (who lives with me) is a gun owner! And it’s not a normal gun either — it is a .40-caliber semi-automatic, and she has hollow point bullets to go with it.

Amy, this is the kind of weapon a criminal would possess! She says it is for emergencies. There have only been two home invasions in our neighborhood in the last 11 years.

I’ve given her three choices: She can either give her weapon to me, sell it, or move out in three weeks.

 I love my daughter and would be so sad for her to move into a place that she would hardly be able to afford, but now I have to lock my bedroom door at night because I don’t know what she’s going to do.

Now she says that I don’t trust her, and is barely speaking to me. How can I convince her to stop endangering us? — DUMBFOUNDED FATHER
The advice columnist shared her horror:

According to my research, possessing hollow point bullets is illegal in 11 states; is it legal in your state to own this sort of exploding ammunition?

In a report published in 2015, researchers at the University of Chicago found that 31 percent of households reported having a firearm in 2014, down from about 48 percent in 1980.

According to this study, there are more guns, but concentrated in fewer households. Why must your household be one of them?

Where did your daughter get this weapon and ammunition? Has she received any safety training or certification? (Accidental gun death is a substantial risk of owning a gun.) Is she perhaps engaged in another activity outside of your household that exposes her to increased risks and makes her believe she needs to have a weapon?

I have news for you: A locked bedroom door is no match for this weaponry; as I write this, just five days ago a father in South Carolina tragically shot and killed his own 23-year-old daughter through a closed door — when he mistook her for an intruder.

I agree with your ultimatum; I also weep that there is yet another (likely unsafe) gun owner in this country.
Of course, the fact that Amy Dickinson is from New York might have something to do with it.  Did someone say New York City?


Anonymous said...

Well, for starters she is 24 years old and living at home. Might the parent start with that issue? Dad doesn’t want little girl to grow up.

Anonymous said...

The daughter escaped indoctrination. Good for her. Now she needs to get the hell out of that pu$$y house.

Anonymous said...

Would they be as shocked if poor old dad found her birth control pills?

Messick said...

This is too rich.

From the question:
"Amy, this is the kind of weapon a criminal would possess! There have ONLY [emphasis mine] been two home invasions in our neighborhood in the last 11 years."

And the response:
"... there are more guns, but concentrated in fewer households. Why must your household be one of them?"

26 yr old, intelligent, responsible, hard working female said...

If she is an intelligent, hard-working, responsible, 24 yr old, why is he afraid of what she might do to him? Perhaps mental issues he didnt mention. Perhaps she is afraid of him.
ONLY 2 home invasions in 11 yrs. How many invasions of your house does it take to wish you had a weapon?
I agree she needs training, but she may have gotten it. He doesnt say, or probably know.

Anonymous said...

Just tossing this out there, but it wouldn't surprise me to learn that Amy got trolled: "There have only been two home invasions in our neighborhood in the last 11 years." and " I have to lock my bedroom door at night because I don’t know what she’s going to do." Yeah, the first thing a father terrified of their imminent murder by their "intelligent, hard-working, responsible" child does is lock the bedroom door and write to Amy hoping she picks their letter out of mailbag and responds before he is murdered in his sleep. On the other hand, if it isn't a troll, Dad is so lacking in any sense, common or otherwise, that he doesn't deserve any attention from those with sense. The response is laughable and if it was a successful troll, pretty damned funny.

Regardless of how you feel about gun ownership, the slightest bit of objective research would easily dispel the idea that "only criminals" have semi-automatic handguns chambered in .40S&W and/or hollow-point bullets. Anyone doing that minimal research and possessing the slightest amount of sense (and obviously Amy has none, trolled or not) would realize that millions of law-abiding citizens have very similar guns with very similar ammunition.

Anonymous said...

The entire exchange seems like satire.

If her father found the weapon and was able to determine the caliber and ammunition type, then his little princess didnt have her weapon secured. If she wasnt carrying then it should be locked. No exceptions. Besides, if an adult lives on their parents house then they should respect the parents rules.

.40cal is a meme round and really isn't a good round for a novice. While marginally more powerful than 9mm, the sharper recoil detracts from target re-acquisition. The guy that talked a novice into buying a .40cal should be named and shamed.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like she is the one in charge in that house. Maybe she should give her dad a wedgie, swirly, wet willie or steal his lunch money to keep him in line.

Anonymous said...

The dad sounds like he could live in Belhaven or Fondren area just the same. When people normalize crime, society is finished. This is the same mentality (the Dad's downplaying of the 2 home invasions) as voluntarily leaving an automobile unlocked and empty at night. Many people in that area do it. We need MORE hollow-point bullets!!!!

Anonymous said...

Why does a gun have more rights than a child has a right to be educated without being murdered in a school shooting?

What are you gun nuts conpensating for? What are you all so scared of? And why do you insist on spreading your fear like a disease?

I'm 58 years old and I've never felt the need to have a gun in my entire life.

Anonymous said...

Fake news...

Anonymous said...

Conflate much 10:48?

Anonymous said...

Dear Dumfounded Dad,

You have failed. You should have gone with her when picking out a defensive weapon. If you both had agreed on make, model and caliber it makes it easier to stock up on magazines and ammo. You then could have taken classes together and enjoyed father daughter range time.

Anonymous said...

Seriously? Y'all are being trolled.

Anonymous said...

"According to my research, possessing hollow point bullets is illegal in 11 states; is it legal in your state to own this sort of exploding ammunition?"

Exploding ehhh? Sounds like that California lawmaker, "This is a ghost gun capable of dispersing a 30 magazine clip in half a second". Never fear, left wing fear mongering will set you free. #flockamy

Anonymous said...

I see Kingfish isn't a /k/ommando. This was a masterful troll by 4chan. The only thing missing is a Sam Hyde reference.

Kingfish said...

Well, the troll job made it into a nationally syndicated column and appeared in quite a few newspapers.

Anonymous said...

It really is a frightening thought that anyone can go to a store and buy a gun without having the slightest clue on how to operate it. I don’t think it makes a parent a “bed wetter” if they don’t want themselves or their children to be accidentally killed by someone who doesn’t know what the hell they are doing. It’s crazy that you are more likely to see a hissy fit from a 70 year old white dude if you talk common sense about guns than if you took a cellphone away from their 13 year old granddaughter.

Anonymous said...

swf cc g43 carrier here & damn proud of it!!

Anonymous said...

Well, this columnist is clearly a bedwetting example of a dipsquat, along with the probable bogus person who she posted. Chicken Little lives!

Rod Knox said...

The KKK/NRA prophesy of Helter Skelter has become so successful in stirring up day dreams of glorious victory for their supporters in the coming Apocalypse that it may become self fulfilling. Tens of thousands of seemingly sensible men have spent small fortunes on weapons, ammunition and military rations stored in bunkers and sheds near their homes in readiness for the coming holy war and are getting impatient waiting to demonstrate their manliness. It reminds me of the scene in Dr Strangelove

the maniacal obsession with military style firearms and day dreams of their owners of being a hero in the coming(?) Armageddon is funny in a morbid sort of way.

But with a magazine of 30 rounds lock and load and fire away all you assault rifle aficionados. I'll have maggie's drawers ready.

Burke said...

I'm surprised. 30 comments so far, and no one's mentioned "Janie Got A Gun."

Anonymous said...

@Rod Knox
Nobody is hoping for social collapse. Preppers see the signs of collapse everywhere and merely prepare to defend their homes and feed their family. You have a very sick and degenerate leftist mind if you see anything more than men and women following the Boy Scout motto of Be Prepared

The pioneer spirit of individualism is still alive among the thinking men and women who have to consider defending against the same sort of blood thirsty heathens that our ancestors had to defend against. The difference for us today is that there is no cavalry to ride over the hill to help.

Rod Knox said...

I wonder who your blood thirsty heathens are 1:20.

Anonymous said...

Alan Ladd in the great movie Shane: A gun is a tool, Marian; no better or no worse than any other tool: an axe, a shovel or anything. A gun is as good or as bad as the man using it. Remember that.

Anonymous said...

“All political power comes from the barrel of a gun. The communist party must command all the guns, that way, no guns can ever be used to command the party.”
- Mao Tze Tung, Nov 6, 1938

Mao, Idi Amin, Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot all forced citizens to disarm before rounding up millions of those unable to defend themselves and exterminating them.

Chavez/Maduro passed gun control legislation to force disarmament for the “children”. Now look at how Venezuelians defend themselves.

Anonymous said...

best part of this story was seeing the actor dub taylor in the pace picante cause commercial

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure it was Charles Manson who prophesied a race war he called Helther Skelter. Just sayin'

Anonymous said...

"Conflate much 10:48?"

Just when he is eating the best Pizza he has ever had, having eaten Pizza in many many states!!!

Being 58 is his show of expertise.

Rod Knox said...

Yes, 4:13. It was Charles Manson who called his predicted conflict Helter Skelter but lately his idea has become adopted by LaPierre and Duke and it's only fitting that they carry on his tradition. The three seem to have a great deal in common.

Anonymous said...

Remember - as always, when seconds count, the police are minutes away!

Anonymous said...

That was kind of my point, Rod. It's important to know whose visions we are following. -4:13

Hermit King said...

@Rod Knox
Your constantly ignorant bloviating must be trolling. The NRA is the nation's oldest civil rights organization. What you are describing is the fringe terrorist white supremacist group known as Atomwaffen Division which follows the indoctrination of George Lincoln Rockwell and his political scion James Mason's insane hate bible entitled Siege! which was inspired by his frequent correspondence with Charles Manson.

You really know very little about the history of white supremacy in America. Inrecommend that you visit the SPLC hate database website for some research. Unless of course you are just a troll.

Anonymous said...

To all the bedwetter members of the NRA:

If the government starts confiscating guns from private owners, they will look first at the NRA membership lists to find the guns.

Think about it.

Anonymous said...

RE: the South Carolina case.

The Father reported he thought she was an intruder or it was a home invasion. Several days later it was revealed he was protecting his dope stash and who was behind the door did not concern him. However, it does now.

Make My Day.. said...

This imaginary daddy who doesn't own a gun recognizes a forty calibre and knows what hollow-points are? This Amy woman who knows certain states don't allow that kind of ammo has to ask him if his state is one of them?

And the pussy, above, who talks about owning a weapon without training knows this girl has not received training?

The usual dork who aligns the NRA with the KKK doesn't even deserve honorable mention.

Anonymous said...

Nobody provides the NRA with a list of what guns they possess. However, the ATF does require gun dealers to keep records of firearms transfers for 10 years. Supposedly the feds dont keep records of their own regarding gun sales.

One would hope that if federal confiscation were to become a national issue, local patriotic firearms dealers would have accidental filing cabinet fires and lose all of their records.

Of course this wouldnt be the case for Dick's, Academy, and Bass Pro, which is why I never give them my business.

Rod Knox said...

And speaking of dorks...... How do dorks justify the NRA's silence re the murder of a concealed carry permit holder by a police officer? Philando Castile was murdered and the NRA seems to accept that since he was black. But there are many other situations where LaPierre and his friends wink and nod their silent complicity at blacks being murdered by police. LaPierre does give his members a veiled cover for their shared bigotry though. But everyone sees through it.

Anonymous said...

Rod Knocker - It's not within the purview of the NRA to ride herd on police activities other than those associated with the melting away of our second amendment rights. And your 'wink/nod' type remarks are well noted and meaningless.

You don't own a gun, and that's fine. But you'll be the first to hope someone shows up with one when your ass gets in a tight spot.

Rod Knox said...

The NRA has let itself become a Right Wing 'shuck and jive' team that makes mountains out of mole hills to frighten the timid in the effort to get votes for politicians as stupid as Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman and Rick Perry 4:12.

And about that tight spot, somehow I have survived a few and avoided a few and feel certain our future would be best served when we can get some good sense involved in firearms laws. The NRA and GOAA fear the public knowing the truth about firearm deaths and lobby to keep US in the dark.

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