Monday, June 3, 2019

"Blood All Over Her Face, Neck, and Arms"

Blood on the furniture, blood on the face, a threat to kill her  @#*$(#)(* dog, all were described in the police report for the arrest of State Representative Doug McLeod.  George County deputies arrested him for misdemeanor domestic violence on May 18.  The Sun-Herald obtained police reports that provide more details about what took place that bloody night.  The Biloxi newspaper reported:

“Mr. McLeod walked over to the porch rail between Deputy Karg and Deputy Sullivan. Mr. McLeod displayed the signs of someone under the influence of an intoxicating liquor. Mr. McLeod had slurred speech and walked slow in a zig-zag pattern towards the rail. Once at the rail, Mr. McLeod needed to grab hold of the rail in a means to steady himself as he leaned against it...

 Mr. McLeod attempted to say something else, but due to the slurring of his speech, deputies were unable to make out what he was trying to say....

Deputy Karg observed that one female (later identified as Mrs. Michele McLeod) had blood all over her face, neck and arms.

“Deputy Karg was advised by Mrs. McLeod that she was scared of where Mr. McLeod was. Deputy Karg reassured Mrs. McLeod that he was on the porch but away from where she would be walking. Deputy Karg observed Mrs. McLeod to be shaking and very upset over the incident....

“Once outside and around the deputies’ units, Mrs. McLeod advised that she as okay, but that her nose was hurting...

“What was said between her and her husband? Mrs. McLeod continued to repeat that ‘he just snapped’ and that “this is what happens when he drinks too much.’

“Deputy Karg was able to locate blood on the bed as well (as) on the floor next to the bed. Deputy Karg also located some items from the dresser on the floor in front of the bed.

“(The other woman) advised that she had told Mrs. McLeod to scream if she was in trouble. (The woman) advised she did not hear any screaming from Mrs. McLeod until she came busting in her door with blood all over her face. (The woman) advised that Mr. McLeod came upstairs and was attempting to enter the room. (The woman) advised that Mr. McLeod was yelling that if she did not come out of the room that he ‘was going to kill her fucking dog.’.... Rest of article.

 The Sun-Herald reported that another police report stated he punched his wife in the face because she didn't get undressed fast enough for sex.  The deputies stated the State Representative was drunk and holding a glass of wine when they arrived.

The McLeods asked for privacy last week in public statements.  Doug said there were misrepresentations and fabrications reported while his wife said things were taken out of context and the reporting was "misleading."


Anonymous said...

What a loser.
This dude doesnt know how to handle his women or his booze. If she's not getting undressed fast enough you don't hit her. You help her undress. That's foreplay 101.

I'm guessing he punched her because he had whiskey dick and she humiliated him.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, I see. He wasn’t mad because she was so slow to undress. He was just in a drunken rage and going to kill her dog if she didn’t come out of the room immediately!!!!

Anonymous said...

“This is what happens when he drinks to much” .... LEGALIZE MARIJUANA!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

In these domestic disputes, why does someone always wants to kill the dog?

Anonymous said...

And this would be why when we talk about liberals being Godless..they say conservatives are hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

So much for being a credible "nurse".....this woman needs professional help if she stands by this man. White trash gonna be white trash regardless of titles.

Anonymous said...

good family values conservative...

Anonymous said...

She had alreadyforgiven him and is standing by him. That's why she released the statement. This is a other example why conservative stepford wives can't be taken seriously as allies. He beat her and would've sexually assaulted her if he wasnt impotent from wine. And she is defending the patriarchy.

Kingfish said...

Just stop with that partisan bullshit.

I've been in court more than a few times to watch domestic violence proceedings. Forget party or race. It happens in all demographics.

Anonymous said...

KF, I don't recall anyone mentioning that crime doesn't happen in all demographics. But you'd have to be in denial not to realize and admit it occurs far more often in some demos than others.

Anonymous said...

So how’s the dog doing? The dog is the only creature in this sordid mess worth giving a $h!+ about.

Rod Knox said...

But the partisan hypocrisy is just too deep to step over Kingfish.

Anonymous said...

Thanks KFish…but that’s the leftist game.

Now they’re blaming conservatives for domestic violence; anybody care to bet which cities (leftist run or otherwise) have the most domestic violence?

They claim conservatives are dumb; anybody care to bet on an IQ test for all members of congress to see which districts have the lowest IQ representatives, which will obviously tell us who the dumbest constituents are?

They call themselves Anitfa and claim to be anti-fascist; anybody care to bet who suppresses free speech and which campuses and too snowflakey to handle uncomfortable truths?

They create the messes and manufacture the crises including in their cities with heroin needles and human shit everywhere, then blame somebody else.

Leftists are masters of evil and even more masterful at excuse making and blaming someone else for their shitty lives.

Anonymous said...

x2 on Kingfish's comment. This story is about a violent drunk and a battered wife. Armchair philosophy, politics, and legal weed can't change that, and won't fix it. That said, this a-hole has no business setting public policy.

Anonymous said...

5:49 needs to post more often. Others? Not so much.

Anonymous said...

A few things really jump out in this report: Mrs. McLeod's friend must have been expecting trouble from Mr. McLeod; and the statement "this is what happens when he drinks too much" indicates to me that there is a history of unreported and uncharged domestic violence. Mrs. McLeod's willingness to make a joint statement and not condemn her husband's actions further indicate an environment of fear and intimidation by the abuser. This is sad, not only because she has to live in fear, but because it is only matter of time before he kills her.

That said, this pathetic pussy, and wife beating piece of shit should resign from the legislature and leave public life. And by the way, where is the outrage from state leadership - not condemning disgusting behavior like this is tantamount to endorsing it.

Anonymous said...

This is not about black/white, conservative/liberal, rich/poor, Mississippi/Thailand or any other way you can categorize it. This is about a brutal drunk, their victims and codependents/enablers. I’ve lived under the thumb (fist) of such a person and it is an indescribable hell. Your mind is equally brutalize and you are torn between love, fear and hate. Many of the comments above re-open the wounds and the despondency. You all point fingers and issue armchair judgements and you have no idea of the secondary hurt you cause. How about compassion and concern? Alcohol destroys lives and does so with a wide radius. When you have been beaten and bloodied for your entire life there is no normal to escape to. And, this is coming from a rich white guy. It’s even worse for poor people and women. There is seemingly no way out. You can run, you can hide but the nightmare never releases you. A lot of the reason is the same attitude expressed here. Blaming the victims. Telling them they or weak. Acting like if you were in the situation, you would just conquer it and move on. BS.
My family was brutalized by drunk. We were in the highest level of social circles - the most powerful politicians, the richest of the richest, the best schools and clubs and not a single one of them ever reached out as long as my father made them richer or helped them get more powerful. Gossiped about it all the time but somehow just overlooked our battered bodies and souls. They had the same attitude as many of the comments above. The more religious they were the more hypocritical they were. Alcohol is a controlling substance in so many ways. Every single one of you know a drunk and most have never done much more than laugh it off or even celebrate them as the funny life of the party. There are no good drunks - they are all cheating themselves and stealing happiness from those around them. How about reaching out to the victims? Because if they are a drunk there are victims. Poor kids have it even worse- they have no escape or safety net. So for sure this guy is a white republican piece of shit but be sure you could put in the opposite adjectives and they would be the same equivalent piece of shit. You perfect finger pointers are just part of the problem- the part that makes us victims feel like we are trapped. So why don’t you all shut the fuck up and reach out to those victims of the drunks that each and every one of you know and enable? How about go work at the emergency family secret shelters for the brutalized victims instead of blaming the race or the political party of the drunk? You are the enablers and prison guards of the victims.

Anonymous said...

I suggest that his resignation be demanded immediately. We do not need anyone of that caliber and mindset even attempting to make or vote on any laws for the State of Mississippi.

Anonymous said...

As to this man being allowed to 'make or vote on' laws for Mississippi...what's the difference in this behavior and that of the preacher who is cavorting with four women in the congregation (two of them deacons' wives) and then leading you to the Lord on Sunday mornings?

What’s the hold up said...

Has he resigned yet?

Anonymous said...

If he attends the Legislature, then the next Lt Gov should refuse to assign him to any committees so his constituents will get the message not to elect him again.

Anonymous said...

9:48 pm You are right and certainly not alone. Wealth and social status and certainly not race or political preference are not immunities from or predictors of those people who are violent or toxic. Alcohol certainly makes bad personality traits worse.

That you still feel like a victim and that your anger is directed at friends and neighbors who didn't intervene saddens me as it is an unrealistic expectation . Worse, it can expand spread the angst and violence in your life rather than stop it.

You have to know how to break the pattern of violence. Your children need to know they are at risk for alcoholism and how to avoid it.

Mrs. McLeod is teaching her children how adults behave. And, even if they are perceptive enough to see it as teaching them how not to behave, they are not learning the tools for a good life.

There are all sorts of alternatives educating ourselves and our children in to how to recognize toxic and dangerous behaviors in others. Then there's changes in law and improving resources and educating girls long before they marry what actions they can take.

But the most important thing is how we raise our sons and disabusing them of the male myths that still persist in our society.

In the computer age, we now know enough to know how to stop what we are seeing but we cling to our cultural myths. We want to believe that we are unique humans and don't want to believe we are a species with all the strengths and weaknesses of any species.

Anonymous said...

My, dad attempted to abuse my siblings and my mom. I was 17 and took a bat to his head. No more problems out of daddy. We just wasn’t putting up with that shit anymore. I joined the Military and with my bonus I put a down payment on a home for my mom and my siblings. We lived happily ever after! My dad I had a good relationship in the later years. My dad was the best until he had too much to drink, that bat sobered his ass up quick! I don’t advise the hitting in the head with a bat, but the hands he hit us with are free game.

Anonymous said...

"'This is what happens when he drinks to much' .... LEGALIZE MARIJUANA!!!!!!"

You, "sir," are a moron.

Anonymous said...

9:07 - You make great points and thank you for taking the time to reply. I chose not to have kids or drink - so those cycles are dead in the water. My overall point was to get the finger pointers to shut up trying to categorize the offenders and victims. It’s not a 40 oz vs Chardonnay specific issue.

Anonymous said...

"If he attends the Legislature, then the next Lt Gov should refuse to assign him to any committees so his constituents will get the message not to elect him again."

You do realize, do you not, that not 1 citizen out of 100 can tell you one committee assignment held by his/her elected representative. In fact it's doubtful 5 out of 100 even know there's a process whereby such assignments are handed out.

Anonymous said...

King - when is the court hearing?

Anonymous said...

1) he is a member of the House, not the Senate, so the Lt Gov has nothing to do with his role in the legislature
2) House rules, established decades ago partly in response to discriminatory complaints by the black caucus, entitle members to positions on committees, so the suggestion made by the poster above that doesn't know the difference in the two chambers is not possible. (There are plenty of other ways to negate the infividual, however, and will surely be used )
3) to the question askin where's the outrage from state leadership, you need to catch up. Obviously you missed the statements by Speaker Gunn IMMEDIATELY after the incident was reported, along with other statements made in the following day by other leaders.

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