Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Sid Salter: Wicker's VOte Was the Right One

The social media hysteria, threats of political retribution, and withering criticism of Mississippi senior U.S. Sen. Roger Wicker’s vote in favor of a resolution of disapproval for President Donald Trump’s Feb. 15 national emergency declaration aside, Wicker’s vote was the right one.

 As Wicker and the other 11 Republican senators who voted for the resolution made clear, they were not opposed to construction of the southern border wall that Trump has championed and that was the goal of Trump’s national emergency declaration. What they opposed – and rightly so – was the establishment of the precedent that a U.S. president can circumvent Congress to pay for what he wants rather than earning Congressional approval for that expenditure.

More to the point, Wicker’s vote signals that he fully understands that conservative Republicans won’t always occupy the White House and that the next occupants might just be liberal Democrats or even Socialists like Bernie Sanders or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

If Donald Trump can declare a national emergency to bypass Congress in funding a southern border wall that the majority of Wicker’s constituents will likely heartily approve, then President Beto O’Rourke can do the same thing to pay for whatever “emergency” he envisions over guns or climate change or national health care.

Wicker said: “I am concerned about the precedent an emergency declaration sets, which might empower a future liberal President to declare emergencies to enact gun control or to address ‘climate emergencies,’ or even to tear down the wall we are building today.

“I regret that we were not able to find a solution that would have averted a challenge to the balance of power as defined by the Constitution. The system of checks and balances established by the Founders has preserved our democracy. It is essential that we protect this balance even when it is frustrating or inconvenient.”

And let’s stop hyperventilating over the current political fight over the border wall long enough to face a few inarguable truths. Both parties, Democrat and Republican, have played politics with immigration for decades. Neither party has the high moral ground on this issue.

Democrats turned their heads to the border security issue in great measure in hopes of attracting immigrant voters to their party and expanding their base. Republicans turned their heads on the same issue because of the desire to a cheap and ready supply of immigrant labor.

So the political can got kicked down the road until unauthorized immigrants account for between 10.4 million and 12.5 million U.S. residents, depending on whose numbers one chooses to accept. Predictably, even that division is partisan.

The southern border wall was started in 1993 between San Diego, California, and Tijuana, Mexico. To date, the Department of Homeland Security estimates that some $9.7 billion has been expended to construct about 673 miles of southern border barriers – about a third of the 1,900 border miles between the Pacific and the Gulf of Mexico.
While in the House and later in the Senate, Wicker has been a hawkish proponent of border security and border building, a fact ignored by those gnawing on him on social media. Few in Mississippi’s congressional delegation now or in the past have had a more conservative, vigilant record on immigration. Wicker has never been popular with pro-immigrant groups in his home state or nationally.

In response to the resolution vote, Trump issued his first-ever veto. House Democrats will almost certainly move to override the vote, but such a vote is unlikely in the GOP-controlled Senate. The ultimate fate of Trump’s emergency declaration will be decided in the federal courts.

Mississippi’s junior Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith was among 41 Senate Republicans following obediently behind Trump. But Wicker cast a tough, forward-looking vote to maintain separation of powers – bringing the deluge of criticism from Trump followers that he knew would come.

Sid Salter is a syndicated columnist. Contact him at


Anonymous said...

Remember, this is the same astute politician that invested in the "Madison timber" Ponzi scheme. I also will remember this when he has some real opposition when running for reelection.

Anonymous said...

I, for one, would be willing to take the risk on this emergency declaration.

The "Ox is in the ditch" on immigration and this wall is not the complete solution, however it will send a message that the US is serious about illegal crossings.

F__k the democrats.

Anonymous said...

President Trump is using a law congress passed and used by other presidents. Senator Wicker is opposing President Trump because he thinks this will reign in an action some future liberal president might take. I and many others believe this is ludicrous and a failed thought process. Liberals have proved time and again their lack of integrity and the end justify the means in all cases. Perhaps Senate and House Republicans should have acted before they were in a lame duck session.

There is no doubt there is a crisis/emergency/invasion on our southern border. Congress has failed to act. The President is doing what he was forced to do In an attempt to maintain our sovereignty. If Senator Wicker is unhappy with this law, he should consult with Senator Schumer about helping him change the law since they both oppose the president.

Anonymous said...

My fellow republicans. We better wise up or we will soon be extinct. The democrats just love that republicans like Hyde-Smith blindly follows the person we sent to the White House. That is why Pelosi does not want to impeach. Why get rid of our problem for us. Just let republicans live with the blame during the election. If the democrats impeach, the republicans could blame them for getting rid of our problem.

When all the dust settles, after the next Senate election, Wicker will be one of the republican still standing. Unfortunately he will be standing in the minority as the democrats rule. I will still be standing with him because he puts Mississippi first.

Anonymous said...

I disagree. He sided with Pelosi.

Anonymous said...

8:14 am You need to take a course in logic.

Anonymous said...

This space is about to get flooded by the MAGA morons who don't have the fortitude to say what they really want: A dictator.

Wicker checked and balanced Trump and you're mad because you believe the Senate should rubber stamp the executive if it means getting what you want. You don't care about the Constitution and you're not conservative. The left is your friend because they have the same philosophy on governance and Federalism as you. The only difference is that you want different things. Prance on over to the Dems.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Sid. I have no problem at all with a border wall, but for this president, or any other, to declare a national emergency when he or she can't get a bill through Congress is a very dangerous precedent to set. It would make it much easier for the next Democrat in office to declare, for instance, that reparations or free money for those who choose not to work are "national emergencies." It's a slippery slope we don't want to go down. Another example: For you that are gun lovers, are you willing to have this precedent set if it may mean that a future president may unilaterally decide that very restrictive gun control is a national emergency? It's refreshing to see a senator who is willing to vote his convictions rather than blindly playing follow the leader.

Anonymous said...

Of course you think that Sid, you and all other establishment elitist. Protect the process, to hell with our safety! BTW thank you 8:14 that was a good morning chuckle.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Sid, there are 32 other emergency declarations still in effect from prior presidents, Democrat and Republican alike. Check your facts. Who knows why he voted against this one. Senator Wicker is not conservative. He is moderate at best.

I clicked 4 crosswalks and 6 busses and 4 bikes said...

This is one of the first times Senator Wicker has impressed me. I thought (wrongly, it would seem) that he was a lapdog for the President. Good for him. Glad to see some strength in that seat.

Anonymous said...

Wicker is so off track and for his lack of support of Trump I will vote for anyone else. The idea that the democrats wouldn’t do this because the republicans didn’t do it is delusional. Democrats are now trying to eliminate the electoral college and allow non citizens to vote but boy Wicker will stand on principal. These “Republicans” go out of their way to hinder the America people by pretending to be above it all. Why do we vote for party people when they do not support the party person we elected President. This is why I’ll vote Jim Hood because he tells me that he is against republican ideas and not a republican who claims during elections to be for republican ideas but votes with the democrats. Obviously Sid would approve.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Trump could care less about the long term repercussions of his end run around Congress. His concern is his own empowerment and his personal success. Real statesmen understand the importance of checks and balances in our system of government and know that those principles go beyond the goals achieved during the term of a single man. Those who hated Obama so much should see that the country is still here and that despite his goals realized or not, the system prevailed. This president may end up doing a good job, but only if he does not change the system to suit his ends so much that future presidents become virtual free agents. Wicker could have done the easy thing, the party thing, but he chose to do the right thing. Good.

Anonymous said...

Wicker is an empty suit and yes-man for McConnell. It's hard to believe that Wicker and CHS are the best we can send to the Senate. If they are the best, then I'd hate to see the worst!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Wicker just rose in my estimation of his intelligence and understanding of our Constitution. Thank you, Senator.

Anonymous said...

Proud of Roger for a vote to support the separation of powers rather than blindly following the narcissistic fool in the Oval Office.

bill said...

I am weary of reading about how we have to be careful about setting a precedent that a Democrat President might use against us. Does anyone seriously believe that future Democrat Presidents will hold off on emergency declarations just because of some precedent? Please. The separation of powers argument is almost as weak, because Congress still has the authority to kill the emergency declaration simply by voting that it's not an emergency. They gave the President the power in 1976, and it's hard for me to understand why they object to him using it now, other than they don't care for who the President is. Don't like it? Vote it down. Don't like his veto? Override it, but quit complaining that what he's doing is unconstitutional. You gave him the authority, and by definition that makes it constitutional until the Supreme Court rules otherwise.

Anonymous said...

It’s nice to see that 12 GOP senators value the constitution. I would have guessed it was a much lower number.

Anonymous said...

Just a week ask ass excuse on Wicker's part to misdirect away from voting to support the Sanderson's interests in open borders.

Anonymous said...

I really hope this is upheld in the courts. The next democrat president will declare a National Emergency and move to collect all hand guns and automatic rifles, then they can move on climate change by outlawing fossil fuels.

Anonymous said...

@10:05--So you're against the Democrats because they're trying to get rid of the electoral college and are trying to allow non-citizens to vote. But you're going to vote for Democrat Jim Hood because he tells you he is against Republican ideals. You're logic is illogical.

Anonymous said...

Yall need to step away from Fox News and go for a walk outside for an hour or two every day. Good grief.

Anonymous said...

10:46 It is not unconstitutional for a President to lie, exaggerate, and bully to get what he wants. It's been done before, though probably not to the extent this president goes. You may agree with the immediate need for a border wall. But you do not have to bow down simply out of party loyalty when a man uses the important devise of "emergency power" to simply circumvent Congress. If it were such an "emergency" why go to Congress in the first place? If it were wartime, the president would not wait for Congress. If it were such an emergency item why would you say some other country would pay for it? (At that time the emergency was getting elected!) Some members of Congress were simply not comfortable with stamping the "emergency " tag on this one simply out of blind loyalty and voted that way. Some were Republican. In this age of partisan bullshit it's a GOOD sign.

Anonymous said...

QUESTIONS: Is the border wall the only hope? Is it the only measure this president is going to take to control illegal immigration? If not, why don't we double down on the other measures now until a wall gets built? While we argue over the wall our border patrol is being overwhelmed and illegals are living easy right under our noses. The issue got this president elected so it's obviously paramount to him, but is it all that? We've been here with that border over 200 years, no wall. Is it possible?...

Hermit King said...

Roger Wicker voted exactly how his corporate doners told him to vote. He didn't bother to listen to the overwhelming majority of what his constituents want. He voted for the way the billion dollar agri-corps wanted him to vote.

In a healthy capitalist economy, if you have a labor shortage then salaries rise competitively. In our currsnt economy, wages from IT to food processing remain stagnant because we just import cheap foreign labor and tell natives to he thankful that they even have a job.

Our own elected representatives are actively decreasing the value or our labor, thereby increasing government dependence. Which then allows them to use our own tax dollars to buy our votes by promising more government benefits for families.

Anonymous said...

The following posters have a clue on what's really going on with Dolt #45s national emergency declaration (if there was a "like" button for comments, all of you would have received a thumbs up!)

1. 8:55am
2. 9:14am
3. 9:44am
4. 10:00am
5. 10:09am
6. 10:31am
7. 10:51am
8. 11:10am - just one tidbit - be careful about what you wish for - Trump would try to anoint himself as King with more executive power

9. 11:33am
10. 11:46am

The rest of you are mindless hacks that would accept a tyrannical dictator - as long as they were a white male and "Republican"

Thank the Lord a few people have a clue on this website

Anonymous said...

Trump has convinced his base - including many of you morons - that the media, the Democrats, the unions, and the rest of the free world hate America. And that he is the savior. Neither is close to the truth. I only hope we survive his term in office. He. Is. Dangerous.

Anonymous said...

You are your own oxy moron 12:10. That's the most circular description of free market capitalism I've ever seen.

Anonymous said...

Hermit King is exactly right. People can keep saying nothing to see here this is overblown not really happening all they want will not make it go away. There is a crisis at the border. We need to vote these "Border crisis deniers

Anonymous said...

12:10 appears to be the proto typical new age Trump conservative internet warrior. Tries to parrot ideals he sees on TV and has no idea what they mean.

A healthy capitalist economy does not support wage controls or limits on competition. Only under-educated, under-equipped people fear competing with immigrants and foreigners with a 2nd grade education.

It's the unionized factory workers making $90,000 to sweep the floor who have the most to fear and this is the group that elected Trump. Kudos to Mr. Wicker.

Anonymous said...

I support Senator Wicker for many of the reasons already stated here. I voted for a leader, and I got one! Thank you, Senator!

Anonymous said...

12:10 You are so on the right track but you wouldn't want to keep going. The high octane fuel of a "healthy" capitalist economy is not a labor shortage but cheap labor. Cheap or free (slavery) if possible. A Wharton business school grad like Trump knows and keeps it in mind no matter what he says or does. The exploitation of labor will not stop because of some wall regulating the flow of labor traffic. The struggle for a miracle wall might temporarily satisfy the rumblings of the stumbling middle class as they watch their incomes being siphoned off by the ever richer ruling class. You will not see the richest ten percent losing anything because of "illegal" immigration or the "welfare state". They'll be much richer in ten years than they are now. You and me on the other hand... I'm a capitalist too, but a realist first.

Hermit King said...

My undwrstanding of economics and sociology comes not from Trump or TV, but mostly influence from Karl Marx, Ludwig von Mises, and Thomas Sowell.

I recommend all three for everyone interested. Audio versions are also available.

The Theory of Money and Credit by Ludwig von Mises
Basic Economics: A Common Sense Guide to the Economy by Thomas Sowell
And finally, Das Capital by Karl Marx, should be in every human's reading list.

Anonymous said...

This is how low we have gotten, how many of you who think Wicker did the wrong thing support the president trashing John McCain?
If for no other reason than the precedent that would be set, Wicker voted the right way.

Hermit King said...

To everyone rebuking my claims, even Karl Marx himself never accounted for the sovereignty of state to be comprised by a lack of border control.

Even the People's Republic of China tries unsuccessfully to control illegal immigration from the agrarian provinces into the factories in the city. This illegal immigration destroys the value of labor.

There is a reason I used the adjective Healthy capitalist system. The United states is far from a healthy system. Federal intervention from the farm to the pharmacy has destroyed the free market and cultivated dependency on federal benefits programs.

I don't hclaim to have a solution but it isn't hrs to identify the problem. And Roger Wicker is part of the problem. Americans where never supposed to grovel for federal scraps.

Anonymous said...

I stand with my friend of over 40 years Roger Wicker. He voted exactly the way that I wanted him to vote. Did anyone listen to Trump continue to denigrate the late Senator John McCain ?? John McCain is Dead !!! Senator McCain does not constitute any threat to Mr. Trump whatsoever !! If I were Trump I would stay clear of Carroll County, Mississippi the rest of my life !! He did have the guts to say that on the steps of the Courthouse in Carrollton

Anonymous said...

The border wall is nothing but racial rhetoric. It will never be built and everyone knows that. Wicker and 11 other Republicans joined the Democrats and voted for reality and sanity. This vote is a sign the end is coming soon for Trump.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone posting here actually think open borders are a good thing ?

Anonymous said...

Wicker is part of the problem. Shown clearly by this vote.
Look at the list of the other 11 Rs voting with him. Are those Republicans you admire and trust?
Of course not. RINOs are what got the R. party to this sad state.
RINOs are why ACA remains intact.
Ditto on why Kav. almost didn’t get seated.
RINOs is why some outsider populist won in a field of 16 Republican candidates for Prez.

I encourage everyone that geeks the same to CALL his office and let them know how you feel.
I bet it’s 10:1 constituents against his vote. Therefore does he truly represent us ??????

Anonymous said...

Go Wicker! Stand your ground! Protect the constitution.

Anonymous said...

"If I were Trump I would stay clear of Carroll County, Mississippi the rest of my life !!"

Er, yeah...Trump wouldn't know Carroll County from Carol Channing or care about the difference and once told all about it, there would be little chance of him wanting to spend any time there even if it were renamed Trump County and he were offered jus primae noctis. Come to think of it, even with all his close pals in Mississippi, has he ever spent a night in the state, or even more than a couple of hours total, from touch down to wheels up?

Anonymous said...

"What they opposed – and rightly so – was the establishment of the precedent that a U.S. president can circumvent Congress to pay for what he wants rather than earning Congressional approval for that expenditure."

Precedent was established the moment Trump issued the emergency declaration.

Any after-the-fact denouncement from Wicker or other congress members is both immaterial and impotent, as the same tactic WILL now be used by future D's in the white house... and since there's precedent, there won't be any pressure to denounce when it happens.

I support border control but don't support executive overreach. We had enough of that during the Obama administration. But it's too late now.

SCOTUS will make the call, but the scales of justice should be Trump's favor when you consider the executive branch's responsibility for national security, and the fact that there have been caravans of thousands of foreign invaders (mostly young men) charging our southern border while waving their home country's flag. Trump's declaration IS overreach... but has NO equivalency with democrats using an emergency declaration as an excuse to infringe on American citizen's God given rights, as defined in Constitution.

Rod Knox said...

Mississippi continues to welcome illegals into the state ready to enter the work force as "step-n-fetchits' for poverty wages.

Talk is cheap and all Mississippi has gotten from the governor and congress is cheap talk. If Mississippi strictly enforced E-verify there would be no illegal immigrants rushing across the border to get here. The governor spelled it out in plain English when the anti-emigrant bill was dumped. Anyone interested in the truth look it up. And like Mississippi Texas refuses to enforce E-verify. If more wall is built in Texas much of the laborers will be illegal aliens.

Anonymous said...

I kind of had a hunch that Wicker was on the wrong side on this . . . but if Sid Salter is praising Wicker's vote, I KNOW Wicker was wrong.

You don't really have to spend a lots of time studying proposed laws and candidates. All you need to do is watch what the liberals support, and then support the opposite.

Anonymous said...

Senator Wicker should have showed some consistency in his voting. Why is it that the only time he cast such a vote is now, but he allowed Bush and Obama to declare national emergencies without question? It seems like either he hates Trump or his supporters, either way he is inconsistent.

Rod Knox said...

Republicans don't want to send the illegal aliens back across the border. Republicans want the illegals lined up at Home Depot ready to go to work. Mississippi and Texas are officially "don't ask-don't tell" states on the issue of illegal aliens.

Donald Trump and the Republicans could have used E-verify to get rid of illegal aliens in the first weeks of the Trump administration but it's obvious that ridding the US of millions of illegal aliens was not a priority. Cutting taxes and eliminating regulations and pumping the Wall St markets were the top priorities and those were quickly taken care of. Now the GOP will carry on a FAUX war against illegal aliens that will never end but as they feign struggling in grand battles against the Democrats they'll be enjoying the cheap labor from their 2nd class guest workers. Anyone who thinks that Fox is "fair and balanced" is spending too much time gawking at the titts and asses on Rupert Murdoch's stage. Everyone on Faux Nooz would pack up their lunch and rush over to MSNBC where they would slam Trump incessantly if offered a sizable raise. Everyone seen on Faux Noooz is loyal to the highest bidder and they laugh at their success playing viewers for suckers.

Socialism Is Creeping In said...

I'm just happy happy that we have two constitutional experts in our senate seats. One has voted to allow foreign invaders to take over our country and the other has gotten us two additional days of duck hunting. Win Win.

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