Monday, March 11, 2019

Drug Bust in Brandon

The Brandon Police Department issued the following statement.

In our continued efforts to curb the flow of illegal drugs into our community, at 9:30 this morning a Brandon Police officer seized six pounds of marijuana at a traffic stop on Interstate 20. While talking to the driver, 56-year-old Charlotte Bradshaw of Eureka, California, the officer noticed marijuana in the vehicle. This led to a search of the vehicle in which the officer found six pounds of marijuana in the back seat.

Bradshaw was subsequently arrested for Possession of a Controlled Substance. She is currently being held at the Rankin County Jail pending her initial appearance in Brandon Municipal Court on a $50,000 bond.


Anonymous said...

Ha! Eureka, know it well. This is where the women braid their armpits. She has been working hard in the marijuana fields, and her photo is more validation of "reefer madness."

6# is probably what she smokes in 2-4 weeks.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I’ll be cutting my grass this weekend if the PoPo wants to come

Anonymous said...

I think Charlotte's odometer has been rolled back once or twice.

Anonymous said...

Dude looks like a lady. Oh... Wait...

Anonymous said...

Feeling safer already /yawn

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness charolette. there are alot of states, counties, and cities between here and eureka california. i hate to tell you this but you picked the worst possible one to get caught in. no matter what , when they bring you in front on judge mcdaniel, dont say anything like " but this is legal in california", " in california they treat people with more respect", or " this is not the right way to prosecute someone, they dont do it this way in california", or god forbid "you need to do things here like they do in california".

Anonymous said...

There's nothing more weird than seeing cops brag about finding a plant.

Hermit King said...

I can't wait until we can move on from busting people for buying, transporting, and smoking a plant.

Also, I wish you could've covered Kenny Stokes "Felons is gettin' Firearms" Press Conference at the Federal Courthouse yesterday. The local media didn't focus on Kenny's antics as much as you would've, KF.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't even look like very good weed.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, the pothead brigade is out in full force. One note to clear things up, it is still illegal here in MS whether you agree with it or not. If you don't like, it, move to somewhere it is not illegal. Just like illegal aliens, they are still here illegally until its legal.

Anonymous said...

Is it too late to build the wall?

Anonymous said...

Serious question. Do any other LEO agencies or DA offices sent out press releases like Rankin/Madison SOs and police agencies do, and like Madison/Rankin DA office does? Or do others do so, but I just don't see them?

Kingfish said...

Yes. JPD sends them out. HCSO does but refuses to send them to me and has since the first day Victor Mason became Sheriff. Clinton and DPS send them out as well. Some, such as Richland, post them on their FB pages.

Sheriff Bailey once told me that it cuts down by half the number of calls he receives from reporters. The difference between this website and the "legitimate media" (according to Jim Hood) is that I flat out tell you they are press releases. The "legitimate media" often passes them off as their own or rewrites a few sentences so as to make it appear as their own work but usually don't give credit to the agency providing the press release.

Anonymous said...

@9:31AM and @9:31 AM - Opium is a plant. Heroin comes from a plant...

Eureka is in Humboldt County, California. The women of Eureka and those parts are known as "Humboldt Honeys."

Some of them could star in Reefer Madness II, the sequel.

Hermit King said...

@11:52 AM

Booze comes from fermented plants too. Tobacco leaf is from a plant. Both of them kill people every single day. Yet they are taxed and legal. What's your point?

Alcohol prohibition should've been our only lesson that prohibition doesn't work. If society is ill with legal intoxicants, it will still be ill with illegal intoxicants.

America's problems are social and spiritual. This country is sick and dying of preventable cancer. Doesn't have anything to do with chemistry.

Anonymous said...

Looks like they caught the big fish in the drug game. I’m expecting Trumptards to declare victory on the war on drugs after this major player is taken off the streets. Mississippi’s citizens can once again leave their doors unlocked and sleep easy as the criminal element has been removed. USA! USA!

Anonymous said...

This photo is why men don't go home at night.

Maroon Light District said...

As soon as marijuana gets legalized, it will no longer be cool. The thrill will belong to something else. Then we'll see grandmas smuggling LSD rather than weed.

Anonymous said...

As already stated by 10:52 A M, it is ILLEGAL in Mississippi. That is the law and until it is changed it is the sworn duty of law enforcement to enforce it. If that doesn’t suit you, I-20 goes east and west and I-55 and I-59 go north and South. Feel free to leave on either of them.
Good job Brandon P.D.

Anonymous said...

12:49, close but no cigar. Smoking pot will always be cool. But when it is legal, it will no longer have to be "smuggled". All this shooting and crime is tied back to the fact that we have made it illegal and thus created this enormous black market. The demand is there now and will be there when it is legal. But we'll be making millions in tax income as opposed to spending millions on incarcerating folks like this woman.

Same for LSD.

Anonymous said...

@12:49 PM
Have you been to Denver in the last year? It's very nice to be able to enjoy top grade pot legally. And I can't think of a more beautiful place to enjoy that Rocky Mountain High.

Marijuana really is a cash crop. Mississippi won't be the first, but we don't have to be the last to get in on the industry.

Anonymous said...

If you want to legalize something that is harmless, and arguably the oldest profession, legalize prostitution.

Millions of dollars are wasted enforcing these puritan laws. The argument that it is tied to "organized crime" and "white slavery" is only true because it is....wait for it...ILLEGAL.

Legalize it, tax it, regulate it, whatever. It is analogous to the prohibition of alcohol.

Use Germany as a model, or Amsterdam. "Red light districts" work.

If you want to smoke pot in the privacy of your home - go for it, but don't drive, and don't let your kids have access to your reefer. Just remember, you are setting an example for your youngsters. Monkey see, and all...

Anonymous said...

2:13 is apparently still high and wanting to argue with people who agree with him.

Anonymous said...

@1:35, what a ridiculously false statement. Cops don’t swear an oath to uphold marijuana laws. They have extremely wide discretion to enforce laws as they choose and so do prosecutors for that matter.

Anonymous said...

2:28 PM

"If you want to smoke pot in the privacy of your home"

The biggest problem with this is someone will get the munchies & drive to the Stop & Go risking getting in a, AUTO ACCIDENT, harming innocent driver.

Otis Campbell said...

Hermit King said...

..."Alcohol prohibition should've been our only lesson that prohibition doesn't work.".....
The real lesson here is the NO law, including prohibition never works when law enforcement officers are on the payroll and makes sure prohibition doesn't work.

Anonymous said...

3:40, you also have to think that they could just go on a killing rampage out of the blue like reefer madness warned us about. It’s really scary to think what the public could do with a little freedom.

Anonymous said...

@ 9:25 LOL! At the very least she could have bypassed Rankin county. I don't drink or smoke pot or anything of the sort but even I get nervous driving through there. I might have a malfunctioning brake light or went a day past the day my drivers licence needed to be renewed. They certainly don't discriminate if you're poor. They just pile those fines on as much as possible and if they can find something to run you in for that's even better. I despise Rankin county. Lived there 15 years and waved at all the people moving in on my way out and thought good luck to ya because if you're not related to some of these hillbillies in charge you are probably going to need it.

Anonymous said...

Marijuana can grow on the inner edge of your property if a bird drops seed. If a narcotics task force helicopter detected your innocuous grow-op, you could lose your property.

You simply cannot effectively outlaw God's creations. And you can't stop the human desire to enjoy an altered state and have a good time.

I'm ready for a direct vote on complete decriminalization and authorization of recreational dispensaries and legal homegrown. We've got the lotto, time for legal cannabis and hash.

What are we holding out for? Can't even stop gays from getting married in Mississippi anymore.

Anonymous said...

it takes a lot of pot to think that marijuana would be a value-add to this country. it would be the equivalent of the gov't mandating that everyone take a 2 hour siesta everyday at noon. unless people are only going to use some type of stimulating strain of marijuana, it's just not going to be the pie in the sky everyone wants, folks.

Anonymous said...

I would hit that.

The weed! I was talking about the weed. I swear.

Anonymous said...

I know right. Just like all those unproductive people who pour scotch in their morning coffee or have a bloody Mary at brunch. And the others who take a double Remy at lunch.

You know, the ones that work under domes surrounded by columns and marble.

You cannot seriously argue against pot when liquor is so destructive and freely available.
Everyone a politician or celebrity screws up they blame the booze and go to outpatient rehab.

Anonymous said...

If the cannabis industry adds $50 million to the state economy and $5+ million in additional tax revenue, then tell me what is more negative about it than alcohol and tobacco?

It doesn't have to be a billion dollar industry to be positive for the economy.

We know that the biggest detractors are law enforcement. It has already been a cash crop for RCSO due to civil asset forfeiture of all the cash and vehicles on I-20. If the cash and dope aren't moving back and forth on I-20 then it is hard to justify the need or expense of the interdiction task force.

A Few of the 'roided up little manlets at the sheriff's office might have to get a real job.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who is a pot advocate hurts their cause and sounds foolish on at least a couple of counts:

1) "it will stop all this criminal activity argument". Criminals will deal in whatever they need to deal in to make money. See cocaine (and numerous other drugs), illegal guns, etc. That isn't changing. Ending alcohol prohibition didn't eliminate associated gangs and criminal activity and this won't either.

2) When your only argument is to compare it to something else that is destructive that is legal.

As with any sales job your best bet is to talk about the benefits of whatever you are advocating. If you can't find/articulate those benefits then you likely won't get any support from people who aren't already on your side.

Anonymous said...

When the RCSO raid Northwest Rankin and the Robin hood Lake area we will know they are serious about the drug war. Everything else is just a prosperity grab.

Anonymous said...

@9:39 AM

When you try to rationalize the criminalization of cannabis by the negative affects of abuse, you leave yourself open to the comparison of the negative affects of the abuse of intoxicants that are currently legal.

I'm not advocating that Marijuana is better than liquor. I am rebutting the argument that it is somehow more harmful than the long list of currently legal narcotics and intoxicants.

You need to learn to define the difference between consumption and abuse. And also look up the definition of a strawman argument.

Anonymous said...

So, 10:16, you cannot articulate the positives of MJ legalization? I don't understand why that is so hard to do for so many who advocate for it. My two points are completely valid, as is my advice to advocate for the positives of legalization if you want it legal, because it mostly sounds like "we like getting stoned, and don't want to pay a legal price for doing so" and that DOES NOT move people to your side.

I completely understand what a straw man argument is, which you clearly do not:

"A straw man is a form of argument and an informal fallacy based on giving the impression of refuting an opponent's argument, while actually refuting an argument that was not presented by that opponent. One who engages in this fallacy is said to be "attacking a straw man.""

I simply told you what hurts your argument and how to make a better argument for it, which you did not do. If you can articulate the benefits, then please do...

Anonymous said...

We can’t have a thoughtful conversation about the positives of Marijuana without discussing how we as a society got here in the first place.

Decades of government sponsored brainwashing has most of society scared to even think there may be some positives about it, especially for the older folks. We can’t even acknowledge that there is an innate desire to become inebriated every so often as it’s part of the human condition without being labeled pro-addiction by some well meaning turd that runs your local AA group.

Our society is so brainwashed on a convuluted free market ideology that it set back and let a legal drug cartel ruin families ILLEGALLY via synythesized opioids.
It took a lot of complicity from a lot of people, including doctors, to let it go on this long; however, crickets seem to chirp when one mentions actually punishing the actual companies that perpetuated this crime.

You can call this a straw man, or veering off topic, but when it comes to the overall discussion about drugs legal or illegal, look no further than the current quagmire we find ourselves in as a society as to why absolute fear and terror drive the reactions of most into the denial of positive considerations that may destroy their perfect illusions of safety.

Anonymous said...

Back before clean water sources/treatment was a thing, beer was actually more healthy and less likely to kill you than water.

Maybe alcohol is more accepted because at one time it was a healthy alternative?

Kyril said...

California chicks are hot!!!

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