Thursday, April 12, 2018

Stamps steps away from Finance Committee

Jackson Ward 4 City Councilman De'Keither Stamps announced his resignation this evening as Chairman of the Finance Committee.  The letter he submitted to City Council President Charles Tillman is posted below.


Anonymous said...

Um. He is right. Large gulp. Can't believe I said that

Anonymous said...

He seems to be a caring servant and a smart and insightful person, but he is rocking the boat, just like Trump, and the good ol' boys don't like it.

Anonymous said...

At times Mr. Stamps has drawn my ire, but in this matter he is 100% correct. He has been doing his best to help improve the financial situation in Jackson with some pretty good suggestions, such as buying base model vehicles for city departments to use. This alone would save tens-of-thousands of dollar annually. I would like to know how many city vehicles have Sirus/XM in them, which Jackson taxpayers are covering.

Anonymous said...

#39 -- Absolutely hysterical. Been downtown recently, to get something done if you're white? Kind of like being in 1950's with the reverse of the fat white sheriff, looking at the black man and telling him "Boy, I say Boy, you need to know your place........" When you walk in downtown, if you're white, you "better know your place".

Mr. Stamps, you and your politics ARE the problem with the "middle class leaving". Selling my house and already moved my business out of state. Tired of being milked for taxes and told to shut up and sit the back of the bus....because I'm white. Race is an issue, not perpetuated by whites now, but by blacks.

Anonymous said...

“When you walk in downtown, if you're white, you ‘better know your place.’”

What in the hell are you talking about? That’s not a rhetorical question. I actually want to know why you think white people are so oppressed in downtown Jackson, or anywhere else in America. You’ve been watching too much infowars.


- a not oppressed white guy who regularly walks in downtown Jackson

Kingfish said...

I think he meant city government.

Anonymous said...

I can tell you this... as a eastover resident that builds houses in the metro area the city of Jackson is by far the most difficult to deal with. I wised up and started taking my black employees with me to downtown and I've had improved results. It's well known that city of Jackson is that way. Hell... you try dealing with zoning or inspection department as a while male. Good luck. We only are the tax base. Nevermind our voice

F mickns said...

I wonder if Councilman Stamps has calculated the cost savings associated with his ideas?

Anonymous said...

7:38 AM, I can narrow you down to two or three people. Calm down!

Anonymous said...

7:38 is correct. Try and be a white person involved in an auto accident. By law I believe accident reports are supposed to be done in 10 days or less. I've been trying to get one for over a month. No insurance company will proceed with claim determination in a multi vehicle accident with out the report. They look at you like you're stupid after coming up there multiple times but there is no way to get it from them in a timely fashion.

Homebuilder is correct though. Be a white contractor and try and get a permit from city of Jackson. It's a hassle and really doesn't have to be.

I never thought I would say Stamps is correct, but I'm glad he aired this out. You think we could Stacey Pickering to look into this or is more into bigger crime rings like the Hair Salon Board?

Kingfish said...

So you know that blacks are getting reports and permits more quickly?

Anonymous said...

When he said elephant in the room, is he talking about Kennuf Stokes being nosey, or some of the zoo animals looking for a new home?
I just hate these hidden messages.

Anonymous said...

Kingfish nailed it. General incompetence is not racism towards whites. It's general incompetence towards all.

Anonymous said...

No,I don't know. I guess my point was a little convoluted. They probably aren't getting them any sooner either(PD is equally slow), but they probably aren't getting the attitude I'm getting either. I'm sure if concessions were given it wouldn't be to folks like me.

Anonymous said...

My question to Stamps though, why is this the first we are hearing about your troubles with this? Why is this the first we hear of other council members not working with you, or sitting silent on their hands? Why is this the first we hear of our mayor, that was elected with only 24,000 votes, not working with you? You have shown a glimmer of leadership, and hear you are walking away from an area that needs to be fought for.

Anonymous said...

I guess he never got his Stamps of Approval

Anonymous said...

904, it's simple. Up until last year. Stamps was a part of 'the majority' in a 4-3 Council vote. Now, due to a realignment, he is on the short end of tgat vote. Interesting question is why didn't he do any if his so called reforms when he was on the plus side? Answer: there was no black benefit available. Check his statements during council meetings, not this self serving letted. He is second biggest racist on the Council - second only to Stokes (and I'm not referring to size, although true there as well.) Unless these changes would increase the number of black folks put on the city payroll, Stamps really doesn't care about them.

Anonymous said...

Normally I dismiss things that come out of Stamps' mouth, as I've concluded over the years that he's a blowhard that loves the sound of his own voice and in many ways shares the same ideology and political grandstanding tactics as Stokes but to a lesser extent. But here he makes a lot of sense. I do take some issue with his Council-Manager form of gov't suggestion, as it reveals more about his own ambition to run the City like a mayor without having to sacrifice his council seat. I don't think the form of gov't is the problem, but the poor quality of mayors we've for 20 years, including right now.

Anonymous said...

7:55 a.m. -- I am not 7:38 a.m. but it's the NORM that he outlined, not the exception. When you go into a downtown city office for anything as a white, you can bet this is exactly how things go down. We're all finished ........ not reading Infowars as one of you outlined, but living it out. Try to get a permit, try to get anything have zero voice, and you better be deferential and NOT push back, but try with the carrot not the stick, to get exactly what you need and get the hell out as quickly as possible. If you push back in any way, you're totally screwed even if you're right -- you cannot fight the system in place. If we had a voice, the Middle Class that Mr. Stamps is talking about wouldn't be leaving.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Interesting comments about whites being discriminated against. There may be truth to it or there may not, but the PERCEPTION that it exists is enough for a person to feel cheated, or slighted, or (gasp) -- less than. It's a feeling that arises, sometimes real, sometimes not, but it's a real feeling. And it's hard to stomach. And difficult for a person to experience without some anger rising up inside him. Hmmmmm. Wonder where we've seen that before?

Anonymous said...

9:04 "My question to Stamps though, why is this the first we are hearing...and hear you are walking away from an area that needs to be fought for."

Just because this is the first YOU are hearing about it doesn't mean it's the first time to be addressed! I've heard him talking about the Grand Gulf/Hwy 18 corridor for two years or more. Did you not read that he has been making recommendations that are falling on deaf ears? This resignation is obviously a result of his exasperation. Why be a chair in name only? His comparison to driving the car is perfect.

Anonymous said...

9:02 a.m. -- Animal Farm -- some animals are more equal than others. I'd like to think of it as their "implicit bias". They probably don't even know they're doing it...........................but you know when it's being done.

Anonymous said...

11:23 AM, ok you may not be 7:38 AM but you are probably the other two in Eastover in my group of suspects. Don't worry, CCJ will be unaffected by your perceived invasion of the good ole downtown area. Puff away on your cigar!

Anonymous said...

12:08 and that my friend is a summation of Jackson 2018. It's all about the "payback" for years of whites in power mistreating blacks since the 1800s.

Anonymous said...

Making two quick points:

Is discrimination (or its perception) OK now simply because it was reversed fifty years ago?

Anybody but me notice that the ever-alert F Mickns ignored seven or eight important posts and instead decided to ask a useless, rhetorical question of someone who won't reply?

Conclusion: You people can laugh til the walls of Jerico tumble down about this 'its our turn now' phenomenon. Then what?

Anonymous said...

12:42 -- Hate to burst your bubble, but I'm a woman, I'm not old, and I don't smoke cigars. I do run a business and have for MORE than a few years, paid plenty of state taxes, I am educated, and I do live in NE Jackson, and I know what I speak of......I have also sat on two juries......have you? It's an interesting perspective .......might want to try it instead of opting out through your friends. Go back to work in your City of Jackson office space. I know it's Friday but try to hang on til 4:00 before you run out the door.

Anonymous said...

1:44 PM, i love how you mention "I'm a woman" like that was never to be expected!! ha. Sat on some juries have you? Do you know what the qualifications of being on a jury are?? Having a pulse! That does not elevate you above me.

so when you say you "run a business," does that mean you own the business or you are the shift leader at said establishment? I'm guessing you fulfill more drive-thru orders than you care to admit.

Anonymous said...

1:44 -- mentioned in your response at 12:42 that I was a white guy in Eastover smoking my cigar AND one of 2 or 3 guys you know. So I thought I'd let you know you were wrong.

With regard to juries - Yup -- in both instances -- both smart attorneys -- defense and prosecution wanted to appeal to someone who who might understand the basic technical issues in their arguments.

AND yup -- I OWN IT AND work it. I am the person who is responsible for paying payroll, ensuring we have money in the bank by working hard at my business to pay peoples' vacation time, the power, the water, their health insurance and lots of other things .....those are called indirect costs of running a yup, guess I'm guilty -- white woman, who runs a business, and pays people, and has enough education that I might appeal to attorneys in Jackson for my jury service. Trust me, I had plenty to do in both instances of serving on the jury, besides sitting in a room for a week each time.

So.......I"m you make payroll, do you have employees, do you ensure people's families are fed beyond your own, do you serve on juries, or do you just sit and bitch?

Anonymous said...

As a very wise lady (my later mother) used to say, "two wrongs don't make a right."

Anonymous said...

2:30 PM HAHAHAHA, you can't read! I never said anyone was a guy or a girl. And the prosecution nor the defense gets to pick their jurors because of a certain aspect of their background. you know nothing about the law or anything for that matter!!

i love it how you say you own your business and then you outline some limited duties. own a business my butt

De'Keither Stamps said...

Here is a video from 9 months ago. There are several more that have been posted over the years.

Anonymous said...

Damn 326, do you require that the lady list all her activities for each and every minute of every day of her work week for her to qualify as "owning her own business"? I don't know the earlier poster, but your attempt to discredit her is failing, and every time to try again, you are digging your failure in deeper.

I assume she is truthful, and is a business owner, and for that matter, doesn't smoke cigars. But frankly, that doesn't matter as to the point she was making. The facts that she states are truthful, and many of us that own and operate businesses in Jackson have run into the same issues.

Frankly, you can attempt to argue against my "owning a business" and frankly, I don't care. I know what I do daily, and don't care about justifying them to you. For what its worth, I do occasionally smoke a good cigar.

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