Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Vance: Dukes is a serial killer

JPD Chief Lee Vance held a press conference yesterday about the arrest of Joshua Dukes in the 2015 murder of O'Reilly Auto Parts Manager Broderick Smith.  Dukes and an unknown partner shot Mr. Smith to death when he couldn't open the store safe during a robbery.  Dukes was charged with his fourth count of capital murder.  His brother Antwain Dukes is charged with capital murder in the unrelated death of Carolyn Temple. 

Mr. Smith's murder took place in November 2015.  Chief Vance thanked his officers for never giving up on the case.  He said Dukes was probably the most cold-blooded killer he had ever seen.  Shooting people is (allegedly) a career for Dukes.  He (allegedly) killed two men who were cooking in their yard. He (allegedly) killed an elderly man who was working in his yard.    Chief Vance said Dukes fit the definition of a serial killer.  Dukes is all of 19 years-old.  His brother Jonathan Dukes is a suspect in the "Spiderman" armed robberies and is in custody as well. 


Anonymous said...

heads up Robert Smith...all eyes are on you. Choose your course of prosecution carefully. Folks are fed up.

Anonymous said...

No way Dukes gets the Death Penalty. Not in Hinds.

Anonymous said...

Too bad we can't charge the parents too.

Anonymous said...

8:02 - Yeah right. Good luck finding the fathers.

Anonymous said...

8:02 your comment is typical of the privileged mentality. Perhaps his mother was too busy trying to keep food on the table for her boys and didn't have the opportunity to watch their every move. I'm sure she deeply regrets this and probably even feels like it's her fault - even though it isn't. While you were complaining that the sauce on your Eggs Benedict was cold and ordering the maid to fire up the Viking range in your gated community kitchen, Ms. Dukes was probably wondering if there would be enough food to get around.
I don't know their story, but I'm sure the father was caught up in the system and trapped in the vicious cycle that prevents so many men from experiencing the American dream. We all know it's happening, but hey they aren't like us so it's OK right?
None of this excuses was this young man is accused of doing. If he committed these crimes he deserves harsh punishment. But maybe we could also spend as much energy on preventing another situation where someone is so hopeless and full of rage that they are capable of such atrocities.

Anonymous said...

hmmmm. So the kid's a victim.

Messick said...

And let's not confuse "parents", meaning those that take responsibility (there's that word again!), with an inseminator and a receptacle.

Anonymous said...

@8:26AM just another excuse.

I, like many others, didn't have a maid, or a Viking range. I grew up with both parents working their asses off to provide. I never ended up on the wrong side of the law. Yes I may have gotten in a little small trouble, but my white ass was pulling a lawnmower and weedeater around with my bicycle cutting 20+ yards a week in the summer when I wasn't in school instead of out killing folks. Take the BS somewhere else. At some point you just have to call a spade a spade. My parents worked for everything they had and I am working for everything I have. They are "victims" of the system...the sit here and the "gubment" will take care of you system.

Anonymous said...

I don't know their story ...

Yet you base your entire attack comment sans one sentence pretending as if you do know their story.

Anonymous said...

The DA will need to sober up before he is capable of making any sound decisions but that is not likely to happen any time soon. And unfortunately 8:02 is somewhat right and it has nothing to do with privileged mentality. These boys are sociopaths(Anti-social personality disorder) which is a direct result of their DNA and the way they were raised(nature/nurture). Who knows how they were raised except them but I can guarantee you it is not a happy story. And I'm confident that there is no one(privileged or not) that can help them.

PittPanther said...

Instead of all you people guessing as to what happened in their early lives, it seems to me that someone in our criminal justice system, or our educational system, would want to know what happened.

What happened in that house, that resulted in three predators being unleashed on the community? Putting people in prison AFTER the murders have happened is necessary, but I wish someone would spend time trying to understand the elements that caused people like this to exist. Maybe we eventually can prevent the crimes before they occur.

Ranting about "absent fathers," or "single, working mothers" is too easy, and intellectually bankrupt, given that others with those same circumstances becomes productive citizens every day.

Anonymous said...

"But maybe we could also spend as much energy on preventing another situation where someone is so hopeless and full of rage that they are capable of such atrocities."

Here's a suggestion.....stop birthing creatures like this animal and his brothers!!!!

Anonymous said...

8:26 Good morning, intern. Is Donna paying you by the word?

Anonymous said...

8:26, The things you posted about should have been something the mother should have given some thought to before becoming pregnant. That is the whole idea about being a parent. Why would a woman or a man want to have a child if they knew they could not take care of the kid?
It is her fault, also the fault of the father. That is if they even know who the father might be.
Did the mother think having a kid would make it easier on her? Did she think that if she was wondering if there was enough food that there would be more if she had a couple of kids?
Caught up in the system? Is that another way of saying he was a criminal that got caught?

Anonymous said...

8:26 "I don't know their story..."

At least you're honest. You don't ANYTHING about the sperm donor. But, you KNOW the previous poster and those "like" him/her must have Eggs Benedict prepared by maids on their Viking range in their gated communities.

You're a special kind of judge.

Anonymous said...

8:02 am and 8:26 am are poster children for those people who imagine the worst and those who imagine the best.
Nevertheless, the fact is that psychopaths/sociopaths can be born into well functioning families where the parents are neither abusive nor neglectful nor have spoiled the child.
There are countless examples of notorious serial killers from " good families" whose parents and siblings all were decent, responsible people.
There are also countless examples of single mothers who worked two or more jobs whose children succeeded in life.
Two psychopaths would be rare so it is more likely that one of these two dominated and influenced the other. We don't know what role drugs may have.
But, I would remind you all of Mason's followers or Ted Bundy or Jeffery Dahlmer or the Uni-bomber.
Everyone should refrain from forming an opinion in the absence of adequate information and especially from forming an opinion based on race when it comes to serial killers.

Anonymous said...

Whether it is a serial killer or a mass murder in the workplace or at schools or community at large, invariably someone seems to say " I knew they were ' strange' or ' odd' or ' a loner' or 'troubled' but I never knew they were dangerous"
As long as we politicize these types of killings they will escalate.
It is past time that those in positions of authority such as judges, teachers, and managers learn what the indicators of dangerous behaviors are!
And, it's way past time to change the laws so that we can involuntarily commit these people for evaluation before they kill. We can do that and still protect their individual rights without waiting for them to hurt themselves or others.
And, once that change is made, we cannot release the potentially dangerous back into the community without someone to take responsibility for seeing that they continue medication and treatment!
" Rights" do not include the right to negligently or purposefully harm your fellow citizens. And, every race and religion has psychopaths. They just find each other easier and make each other sicker these days thanks to the Internet!

Anonymous said...

... it seems to me that someone in our criminal justice system, or our educational system, would want to know what happened.

~~ snip ~~

Maybe we eventually can prevent the crimes before they occur.

Do you really believe PP that the justice and/or educational system doesn't already have a strong understanding as to what has potentially happened to these three young men?

It isn't about family specifics. The Dukes are merely another data point.

Anonymous said...

Please stop @9:58 AM with the bullshit lectures.

Anonymous said...

Once upon a time long ago people would go to school then either get a job or go on for a higher education. This happened in both black and white families. Then they got married established a base and then decided if they wanted to start a family. In some both parents worked some didn't. They sent their children to school disciplined them encouraged them to make a life for themselves.
I know many black families in Rankin county where the fathers and mothers raised children who have gone on to be successful and contributing members of society. I'm sure the same has happened in every part of the stare. At the same ime there are men both black and white fathering multiple children with no regard to what happens. Women who are having children with multiple sperm donors who give no thought to how they will be cared for.
Every one knows what is happening but rather than trying to correct the problem our social engineers have created a system that enables the behavior and perpuates the problem.

Anonymous said...

"Everyone should refrain from forming an opinion..."

We'll let you know what you should think. I'll sort it out when it's "based on race when it comes to serial killers."

Alpha Storm said...

June 7, 2016 at 8:26 AM go tell that bull to someone else. You are the problem with Jackson, Mississippi.

Anonymous said...

PittPanther said...

Instead of all you people guessing as to what happened in their early lives, it seems to me that someone in our criminal justice system, or our educational system, would want to know what happened...

...Ranting about "absent fathers," or "single, working mothers" is too easy, and intellectually bankrupt, given that others with those same circumstances becomes productive citizens every day." June 7, 2016 at 9:27 AM

Mr. Pitt Panther, you may have noticed that overtly darwinic discussions are proscribed for this forum. For that reason, we are limited to less offensive theories, such as "absent fathers" and "single mothers", as these do NOT touch upon the forbidden realms of Darwinism and Primatology.

Anonymous said...

Question here - aren't serial killers, like Bundy, Dahmer, etc., motivated by the killing itself as opposed to someone with zero regard for life who wantonly kills during the commission of a crime? Not that it should matter for the punishment, just seems like two different categories of freak.

Anonymous said...

Pardon me but you are in error to say that Primatology is a verboten subject 'realm' here at JJ as all things Kenneth Stokes have indeed been exhaustively discussed.

Breaking! said...

I was floored when I saw the Clarion headline today referring to him as a 'serial killer'. Are their apologist, race-baiting staff on leave or what? Jerry Mitchell shit his pants when he picked up the paper and read that his morning.

Anonymous said...

Some of you need to be reminded that Mr. Dukes is innocent until proven guilty and he's being investigated by the Keystone Cops. If he is guilty let the punishment fit the crime, but it's a tragedy all around. Lives lost to senseless violence and a young man's life thrown away because he never experienced the opportunities so many of us take for granted. In another setting he may have been the next George Washington Carver, but alas, he was born in Mississippi where systematic oppression is such a tradition most of you don't even realize it's happening. My heart hurts for all involved. If you can't see the big picture perhaps tomorrow morning you should split that portion of Eggs Benedict with your maid and ask her to share her story. Maybe your eyes will finally be opened.

Anonymous said...

June 7, 2016 at 10:26 PM = Blah, blah, blah, blah

Anonymous said...

I think this is a prime opportunity to make an example of these two men. Charge them with all counts of capital murder the DA should not even think about taking the death penalty off the table. The only choice they should get is gas, the needle or dig out old sparky.

Anonymous said...

10:17 am Facts are facts.

I know it's hard to learn you've relied on myths to form your opinions.

And, it's worse if you feel duped by whichever political party fed you which ever myth you believed through extreme examples that are not representative of the universal sample.

Try to get over it.

The information gathered through solid research by FBI is a better source of information on criminal behavior than television or your buddies or atypical, sensational exceptions cases found by some politically biased source.

Purge The Solid Waste said...

9:58 suggests that psycho/sociopaths are 'BORN'. Can you provide some sort of clinical research to support that suggestion? Both are acquired/learned/nurtured/developed personality disorders. Neither is present at birth.

It's just like a bad case of dumbass. 9:58 wasn't born with that but acquired it along the way.

Anonymous said...

Give the scum the same treatment they gave their victims.

Anonymous said...

10:26, you really need to get out more. I cannot remember EVER having or seeing Eggs Benedict in a private home. That dish is the sort of thing you order, when you're resigned to enduring "Jazz Brunch" in the echo-filled 20-storey atrium of a cheezy 70s Modern hotel, in some tourist trap town. This, while uncomfortably seated among relatives you would not freely choose as companions (the same relatives who chose to book that wretched venue, in the first place...).

It's the sort of thing you order, when you've had casual Saturday night sex with some iffy somebody, and you're out having alfresco brunch, under an umbrella, trying to decide whether they're good enough to get your rocks off, AGAIN, or if you want to dump them, hit the gym for a quick upper-body-pump-up, then try your luck at a poolside rave, later in the afternoon.

I do remember, fresh out of college, being served the "Man-catching Meal" girls used to learn in Home Economics (Broccoli with Hollandaise, and a bunch of other cliches I can't remember) This l'Oreal Blonde heard I had money, and wanted somebody to support her brat. I was only banging her, because I'd heard there was room in her big Dutch - um - "garage" for parking a - ahem - F-450 (which was true, and nice, since I could park as fast and hard as I wanted, all night long, without damaging anything). Anyway, this daughter of a union goon was promising Eggs Benedict the following morning. I smelled trouble (or maybe it was just her garage), and hit the highway. But that's the only Eggs Benedict in a private Mississippi home, that I've ever even HEARD of. I suppose that's the "Morning After, Deal-closing Meal" they taught in Home Economics.

Really, you need to pay closer attention, when you're watching 'The Help'. That movie is set in 1960s Mississippi - not present-day Mississippi. Have you even BEEN to Mississippi? Few people have maids. And only a tiny minority of that lucky few, are served breakfast by their maids. And among those few, most are too diet-conscious to have that kind of breakfast. I doubt you're in a position to know, so I'll spell it out. Rich Mississippians tend to be real smart, and super-motivated. They also tend to be "professional beauties". They've been exploiting their looks, one way or another, all their lives, from the time they won "Cleanest Girl" in first grade, to when they got the coveted slot as a Neurosurgery resident, or when they 'made partner' at a great law firm (despite not being really any smarter or harder-working than the dumpy, badly-dressed smoker, who'll never go far beyond being a glorified paralegal).

Mississippians with the kind of money it takes to have staff preparing and serving breakfast in their Eastover or Madison mansions - do not eat fattening foods. Take a look at the breakfast menus of the top weight loss spas, and that will give you an idea of what people are having for breakfast, in the ten-or-so Jackson Metro mansions, where maids are still schlepping breakfast to the 'Dedicated Master Suite'.

Anonymous said...

"My son is know for house burglary." Momma's quote after Antwan arrested ....(not known for murder) ������������

Anonymous said...

4:29 - greatest JJ comment ever.

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