Saturday, June 18, 2016

It could've been worse.

A WWL-TV reporter found himself in the middle of a fight in a not so nice part of New Orleans.  Oddly enough, the story was part of a WWL "Stop the Violence" series. Watch the video for yourself.

Kwame Gates, who goes by the rapper name K-Gates, has produced a documentary about violence in New Orleans, called "Murda Capital." He is hoping to shed light on the problems facing this city and stop the cycle of murder and violent crime.

Even though he is a rapper, he believes the rap culture has had a strong influence on young people, glorifying drugs, money and violence.

He introduced us to Althea Phillips, whose four sons were all killed in gun violence. As we left her house, Gates introduced us to a couple of rappers who call themselves the 8-9 Boys....

 Then the conversation turned to why so many people carry guns. Gates stopped mid-sentence and a man who used to be in a rap group with Easy Money started yelling obscenities about Gates being in the neighborhood.

It was obvious it was time to leave, which we started to do. Then Easy Money, with his son and a friend alongside him, confronted the man. A conflict that should have been settled with words turned violent. Then we see the man is carrying gun and realize this could have turned deadly... Rest of story. 

It could've been much worse. 


Anonymous said...

This is supposed to be surprising? This is what happens all the time. This isn't shocking or anything. Just a bunch of immature adults playing "rapper" and "thug". This IQ of all the gentlemen involved is not very high.

I'd like to see a follow up piece about the education levels of these guys as well as how many offspring they have produced.

Instead of getting honest jobs they are trying to create "change" through rap. STFU and go get a job.

Finally, why were the cops not involved to come get the guy with the gun? I'm guessing he was a felon with a firearm, but I'm sure that's OK.

Keepin' it real. Real dumb.

Anonymous said...

No matter how hard I try I just can not understand this mentality. That one rapper said he is starting to rethink the rapper life style yet he did not take his son inside away from the violence. Matter of fact it looks like he took his shirt off and was ready to join in the fight.
This is beyond sad.
Today everyone is so scared of not being "politically correct". These thugs we should try to "understood". I understand if you act like an animal you should be treated as such. Being "poor" or any of the other crappy excuse for this behavior does not justify--explain--excuse this "lifestyle".
I was raised in a single parent house with very little to no money and the lights being turned off at times. A father who hit my mother before they split. I do not feel any need to kill or rob. Today's standard though I could use that as an excuse /justification to do whatever I damn well please.
I am so sick of hearing the phrase "start a dialog" or "start a national discussion" point to any instance were that has changed any of this behavior.
I do not know what the answer is to people being able to so lightly take a human being life. There are so small if any consequences for there actions.

How do you give someone a conscience?

Anonymous said...

But "whitey" keeps bringin' 'em down!

I call BS.

Anonymous said...

More illuminating than any one of Donner's long form agendized pieces of LaddCo self-serving pie.

Anonymous said...

I actually tried to slog through one of Donna's propaganda pieces and had a hard time holding back laughter. Picture some bleeding heart, clueless liberal woman trying to get in with these thugs and "understand" their plight. The modern day Linda Ellerbee, right? Except even more obtuse and ridiculous if that's possible. Those kids no doubt laughed their asses off at that cracker as soon as she left, then they found a new house to rob.

Anonymous said...

It is horrible that this child witnessed grown men behaving in such an uncivilized manner. The child is learning that this is how disagreements are resolved.
The irony to me is that those commenting seem to also believe that confrontation and childish name calling and meeting anger with anger lead to resolving problems.
And, those commenting escalate this incident by bringing in the names of those not involved by casting blame with a broad brush rather than suggesting ways of dealing with this societal problem.
So, like the immature men in this video, you all also poor gas on the flames of conflict.
Did every playground fight in your youth turn into the whole school immediately choosing sides?
When y'all get mad at your spouses or children or employers or friends and neighbors do you start calling them names and threatening them rather than explain calmly what behavior upsets you and why?
Do you listen and become cooperative when someone calls you names and tells you that you are horrible and incapable of doing better?
Did you never learn how to think before you speak or col yr emotions?
Do you not know how to extricate yourself from conflict?
It takes two to have a fight.

Anonymous said...

@8:16am Blah, blah, blah... No my circus, not my monkey. You want a solution to this 'societal' problem. Military style school for all youths beginning at age 6. Including your private school snowflake!

Anonymous said...

What a shock! There are stupid and crazy people in this world.
Even more shocking is that we have tripled our population and have even more than triple the number of stupid and crazy people.
Who knew that stupid and crazy people would not only like to have sex but not think of the potential consequences?
Who knew that ignorance would result in more pregnancies or that making access to birth control and abortion harder would have consequences?
It's just impossible to believe that smart and sane people won't have more children than they can nurture or bother to learn how to parent well while stupid and crazy ( including the self-indulgent neurotics) will fail to raise model citizens!

Anonymous said...

Is it really gun violence or thug elimination? As long as they are killing each other on a daily basis....

Anonymous said...

There has always been a violent gang element in the hardcore poor communities. Irish, Italian, Spanish and African. The new problem is that the only voices broadcast and glorified from these communities generally spoke of uplift and improvement. Because some Hollywood types and recording companies saw an opportunity to cash in on the underground culture, the young people in these ghettos have been indoctrinated into a "culture" of quick money and death by the messages they hear from "rappers" who profess to be like them. Some realize too late that they have been duped into adopting a lifestyle that will only result in more violence and death for them and their children. And then they can only get angry.

Anonymous said...

KGates fights like a girl. For sure. And he's lucky the old fool did so too.


Anonymous said...

8:16am...."it takes 2 to have a fight".....the hell it does.

Anonymous said...

He did a pretty good job of disarming him.

That's the problem with a good old fashioned resolution by fists these days.

Every color is not afraid to pull out the "equalizer" because "my life was at risk." So few men these days.

Anonymous said...

It was very jarring to see this escalate so quickly, and in front of the child. Now, we can sit her and lament the poor conflict resolution skills, the inhumane violence and disregard for life, the "uncivilized" manner in which these grown men behaved, etc. We can chalk it up to "culture" and irresponsible "breeding". We can pacify ourselves by clinging to our "education", "discipline". and "safe neighborhoods" that price out poor people. But none of that will solve the problems evidenced here. The first step in solving any problem is identifying root causes and examining how/if those causes can be affected.

And no, this isn't excusing any destructive, unsafe behavior; but rather trying to explain it so that we can remedy the situation and prevent these realities from happening. Someone pointed to the education levels of these people. As a black man I can attest that yes, education is a huge factor in a lot of the violence we see in poor communities. Yet, we also see continued underfunding and under-resourcing of the schools that serve people like in the video. The dropout rate of black boys in communities like the 8th and 9th ward in New Orleans is sometimes 40 to 50%. You can say that is just evidence of a cultural defect in the valuing of schooling, but it probably is more of a commentary on the inadequacy and irrelevance of the schooling content and experiences they received. While many of you may write all of my post and "DonnerK lib-drivel", nothing I saw in the prior responses remotely even approached actually solving these problems for the people in the video. I hope ultimately, that is where this conversation will go.

Anonymous said...

2pm....the problem is that these people have to help themselves. They are completely incapable of doing so thanks to the democrat plantation and the blame the white man mentality. It will never be solved until the democrats quit lying, will never be solved.

Anonymous said...


If the problems can never be solved, then why complain about them? Why even document this, since it is an inevitability? Also, I don't see any campaign paraphernalia, so why or how is this the result of "democrats"? If the problem must be solved by the people themselves, which I agree with on many levels, why then are you saying that they are incapable of doing so, due to the "democrat plantation and the blame white man mentality"? When did they ever mention any plantations or "white man"? Can you demonstrate why or how these men are incapacitated by these ideas?

Anonymous said...

2:00 What conversation? I HATE that phrase. The black community does not want an HONEST UPFRONT "conversation".
First, "we can chalk it up to 'culture'" of course it is directly linked to the mind set culture in the black community. Poor does not equal violent. All these "excuses" are trying to justify deviant behavior and take the responsibility out of the hands of the wrong doers.
Second, black schools are very well funded. Federal funds are dispersed on the number of free lunches given in the school. Therefore, JPS gets much, much, much more per student than Rankin or Madison--much more. School problems are NOT NOT a money issue. Prime example is private schools operate on a fraction of the money JPS operates YET look at the HUGH difference in graduation, grades, parent participation. IT HAS NOTHING NOTHING TO DO WITH MONEY.
EX: My neighbor simply does not get her two kids up to go to school--just does not get them up. How do you think the "conversation" will go if her white neighbor goes over to offer a ride to school or whatever they need because of the importance of them going?
Third, the explaining is in the form of excusing. How does different degrees of education make one violent? When will it stop at 12th grade or 2 years of college were is the magic threshold? That is absurd.
Forth, the black "leadership" SHOULD be more concerned that 78% of their community CANNOT read on a third grade level. Money would be MUCH better spent correcting that rather then what flag is flying.
Fifth, whatever conversation needs to be had between the black community and its "leadership" because NO white can say anything less they be racist.
Lastly and most importantly, this statement "nothing I saw in the prior responses remotely even approached actually solving these problems for the people in the video" summarizes the entire problem. Always looking to someone anyone else to "solve your problems". What exactly can any white say or do that they will not be attacked as being racist, insensitive and white privileged?
Not one thing will change UNTIL the black community STOPS pointing the finger at everyone else for the problems there. It is up to the community to have a conversation with itself on what they MUST do to try to turn this around. The only thing holding ANY black back is their "leadership" having convinced them that no matter what they do "whitey" still has control over their life--so why try.
The only solution I see is to take most kids at birth from these gang ridden and other areas and raise them elsewhere to try to break this mentality.

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