Tuesday, December 8, 2015

"We must now confront this evil"

British shadow Foreign Secretary Hilary Benn stood up against his own party and spoke for launching airstrikes against ISIS in Syria last week.  Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn opposed the airstrikes during a heated debate in the House of Commons last week.  Mr. Benn then took the floor and engaged in a bout of oratory rarely seen today in government.  He spelled out the case for fighting ISIS in a way that was logical yet colorful.  It started as a slow crescendo and ended in a forte of sanity seldom displayed in politics today.

The crux of his argument is made at 12:00.    L. Gordon Crovitz penned these observations in his weekly Wall Street Journal column:

“So the question for each of us—and for our national security—is this,” said Mr. Benn. “Given that we know what they are doing, can we really stand aside and refuse to act fully in our self-defense against those who are planning these attacks? Can we really leave to others the responsibility for defending our national security when it is our responsibility?”

Mr. Benn specifically addressed his Labour colleagues who refuse to speak clearly about the enemy:

“We are here faced by fascists. Not just their calculated brutality, but their belief that they are superior to every single one of us in this chamber tonight, and all of the people that we represent. They hold us in contempt. They hold our values in contempt. They hold our belief in tolerance and decency in contempt. They hold our democracy, the means by which we will make our decision tonight, in contempt. And what we know about fascists is that they need to be defeated.”

Members of Parliament broke decorum to applaud Mr. Benn. His straight talk was especially notable because his father, Tony Benn, was an antiwar politician. The left-leaning Guardian called the speech “verbal shock and awe.” The right-leaning Daily Telegraph said: “Hilary Benn didn’t just look like the leader of the opposition. He looked like the Prime Minister.” Immediately after parliamentary approval, the Royal Air Force launched bombing raids against ISIS.

Labeling ISIS as “fascist” contrasts with Democrats in the U.S. tying themselves into politically correct knots to avoid naming the enemy. President Obama still refuses to include “Islam” in the same breath as “terrorism.” In response to a question during last month’s Democratic presidential debate, the candidates all refused to say the U.S. is at war with “radical Islam.” Mrs. Clinton demurred by calling the term “not particularly helpful.”

Kim Ghattas, a BBC correspondent and Beirut native, writes in the current issue of Foreign Policy, “It’s ironic that while U.S. officials and Democratic politicians refuse to say ‘radical Islam,’ these very words, in fact, are commonly used in Arabic across the Middle East: Islam mutatarrif. When I asked a handful of friends in Beirut—Muslim and non-Muslim alike—what they thought of Democrats refusing to use those two words to describe what drives militant groups like the so-called Islamic State, they seemed puzzled by the apparent obfuscation.”.... Rest of column


Anonymous said...

All for offing the zombies but perhaps we (and/or our allies) should stop enabling them first.

Trump for president said...

The more Muslims we have in the U.S., the more this will hit home. They believe they are in the midst of the global caliphate, and they are eager to usher in the end times.

Anonymous said...

1.5 billion muslims in the world and they all want to kill us? um, no.

Anonymous said...

Describing terrorists as Fascists and other non-religious terms is smart.

That one party is going out of it's way to take religion out of it is because the other is trying to make this all about religion. That's what happens when politics is 24/7...both parties get stupid as they go to their extremes.

We have 3408 Muslims on active military duty and we don't need them to worry that their families in the U.S. are being discriminated against at when and when our recruiting strengths are " equality and freedom".

We are not going to be able to kill or convert 2.7 billion Muslims ( most reliable/objective sources) when Christians are 2.1 billion and Muslims. And, even if you play with the non-objective numbers, it's a matter of age differences and geography and demographics. So all of you who want to make this a religious war had better do your homework and the math.

Terrorists are fascists recruiting psychopaths and dupes...got it?

Anonymous said...

The Muslims who don't want to kill us are doing NOTHING to stop the Muslims who do.

Anonymous said...

Trump is right on the money.

Anonymous said...

"We have 3408 Muslims on active military duty"

Simple, discharge them.

Anonymous said...

"Trump is right on the money." ...

closes JJ. shuts down computer. throws it out the window. beats head on desk for the madness people have sunken to.

Anonymous said...

To 7:59: What percentage of muslims would you estimate are followers of the most conservative, orthodox stripes of islam that have as a part of their foundational documents the removal of "infidels" by any means necessary? What percentage of orthodox muslims (the muslims who actually believe and practice what their "holy book" counsels) actively practice jihad? One percent of all muslims world-wide? One-half of one percent? One-quarter of one percent? Do the math, jackass. One quarter of one percent of 1.5 billion is 3,750,000 of these blood-thirsty, fascist devils.

Anonymous said...

To allow this jihad to keep proceeding apace is foolish. Stop them where they are in the middle east and dry up those supplying money and those driving hate through the internet. They have risen before and will try again but they cannot gain world domination. Every portion of Sharia law is against every liberty we enjoy as a nation and against every portion of Christianity. To those who preach tolerance of religion: Islam is not just a religion; it is a way of life. Islam controls every portion of your life with rules for everything you do. Tolerance of violation is not within this religion or this way of life.

Anonymous said...

So @8:56 you commented using your backup device? Destroying your property over comments anonymously left here is indeed madness.

Anonymous said...

everyone realizes that there's muslims on the ground fighting ISIS, right? (kurds, syrians, iraquis, turks...) all you have to do watch fox news or read the wall street journal to find out.

ISIS is the result of a war within islam.

google 'christians living in isis territory'--here are the rules.

No public worship
No treachery against ISIS
No church construction or repairs
Do not display crosses in Muslim areas or markets
Praying must be done quietly and should never be heard by Muslims
No mockery of Muslims or Islam
Do not prevent others from converting to Islam

for your own mental and spiritual well being, don't believe everything you hear from politicians!

Anonymous said...

Stop thinking in nation-state constructs to more clearly see the problem. The Islamic whack jobs don't adhere to such man-made restraints nor give a damn about international law. Sticking your head in the sand only makes the United States an active battleground. Hope you are armed.

Anonymous said...

San Bernardino Sun: San Bernardino mass shooter Syed Farook had photos of a Rialto high school on cellphone

San Bernardino mass shooter Syed Farook had multiple photos of a Rialto high school on his cellphone, according to sources close to the investigation.

As a health inspector for the San Bernardino County Department of Health, Farook inspected the majority of Rialto Unified School District’s 30 food preparation facilities twice a year, according to the district.

According to sources close to the investigation, FBI investigators searched Carter High School in Rialto on Monday after multiple exterior photos of the school were discovered on a cellphone owned by Farook.
“That tells me that he is doing close reconnaissance of a target area. They want to look at ingress routes, the egress routes and the centers of large population like a cafeteria,” said former **Green Beret Lt. Col. Scott Mann, a counterterrorism expert** who trained more than 15,000 special forces personnel during his 23 years in the Army. “It looks like a duck, quacks like a duck.”

Anonymous said...

9:15, you left off a rule: "Pay the jizya (a tax of up to 50% of your income) for the privilege of being a non-muslim living under muslim rule."

You also forgot to include the repercussions for any violation: "... or die on the spot without the right to counsel, a hearing, a trial or other due process of any kind."

Other than that, you covered the rules succinctly.

Anonymous said...

9:08, I did....

closes smart device, smashes it against the wall trying to escape the 5th grader at 9:08.

Anonymous said...

How very far our country has fallen to such a weakened state that some worry Trump's comments will only make it worse.

Thank goodness Jimmy Carter has lived long enough to see a Presidency exponentially more inept than his own.

Anonymous said...

Trump also wants to call Bill Gates to close that internet up. As if the USA has control over the entire internet...

fact: we are never going to stop terrorism. Ask Israel. They deal with this crap all the time on their own soil, and are surrounded by enemies.

about 15 percent of the residents of Israel are practicing muslims. 15 percent.

you choose to live in fear--that's your decision.

Anonymous said...


I have a simple solution for stopping terrorism. Eliminate Islam. Ever wonder why Japan has NO islamic terror attacks?

Anonymous said...

I know this is a bizarre idea but why don't the U.S. stop invading other countries and starting things that they can't or will not finish? There is just too much money to be made by fighting wars.

Anonymous said...

11:51, and when your great grandchildren deal with a population that may want Christianity "eliminated"-well, I wonder if you're fine with that.

Anonymous said...

11:51--Japan has had domestic terrorism. Haven't we also had domestic terrorists? Even dating back over 100 years? Like I said before, we can't stop all forms of terrorism--it's not going to happen.

In fact, there are at least 100,000 muslims in Japan. They can own korans. it's just a matter of time before something happens there.

Anonymous said...

Then how many deaths per year should we be willing to accept @12:34?

Anonymous said...


The way things are headed with the muslims, that's EXACTLY what my grandchildren will face.

Anonymous said...

I have a disagreement with Donald...we should stop all immigration until we come to grip with this whole issue.

Anonymous said...

Immigration should have been stopped entirely after WWII. This 'we are a nation of immigrants' nonsense has to stop somewhere. We're full. People should quit being cowards and fix their own damn problems.

Although the muslim immigrants and 'refugees' are coming here to fulfill an ancient agenda.

Anonymous said...


Trump's polling #s among likely GOP voters goes +8% in South Carolina after his call to freeze Muslim immigration.

Anonymous said...

I hate to spoil your fear mongering party ,and by all means I abhor abrahamic religions as I have studied them via humanities in great depth, but statistically speaking, "Christian white males" have killed more people in mass shootings than any other religious group in America.

Go put that in your pipe and smoke it. And while you're thinking about demolishing the constitution, just remember the 2nd ammendment is up for grabs too along with 'freedom of religion.'

You will give up your freedoms as you wet your pants like little girls. Divide and conquer it is, I guess.

If there is a communist plot, it's caked in fear and religious supremacy with added profits from the war racket..Worried about the debt? Worry about your grandchildrens rights. ( we know you don't really give a shit about them).

But then again, you do not care about that. You love big government. You just care who is in control of it. Thank heavens for Wall Street.

Anonymous said...

... as I have studied them via humanities in great depth, ...


Anonymous said...


Your study of Islam and Christianity has no bearing on understanding the extremists of either religious group.

"In America..." Jihad is responsible for a thousand-fold more deaths in modern times. "In America"? No! What bearing does that have on reality?

"Demolishing the Constitution" has nothing to do with limited immigration based on ideological religious views that deem acute harm to U.S. citizens. It's in fact one of the few stated powers of the Federal Government to protect the homeland.

Granted, the islamic extremist don't appear to discriminate. They would just assume kill islamic moderates as they would Jews or Christians.... so maybe that's your point. They don't discriminate so they should be allowed to emigrate to the U.S. and kill indiscriminately.

Anonymous said...


I was referencing to the people who would like to ban the practice of the Islamic faith in America, fire all of the Muslims from the military, etc. That would be demolishing the constitution.

As far as extremists, no they do not discriminate and my understanding of the different factions of (Islamic) extremism is not limited in the slightest.

I could go through a long diatribe about the Wahhabis or how the Saudi's indoctrinated their citizens with anti-western views through their schools which were funded by oil money, but I'll spare you as the rabbit hole gets much deeper than that.

Immigration is a completely different matter altogether, but a wise cautious approach is most definitely justifiable.

Anonymous said...

From what I have heard people do not want to ban the religion. They just want to call a halt to importing anymore killers. That don't seem to be too much to ask. That should have been done a long time ago. Looks like some govt employees are just as guilty as those who used a gun.

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