Friday, December 4, 2015

Playing the race card

Woman got thrown out of One Block East last night after trying to steal the tip jar and then starting a fight.   She gets on Twitter and plays the race card as this is 2015:

Meanwhile her friends start chiming in and telling her what a wonderful person she is and how she shouldn't put up with how she was treated.

Meanwhile, here is the Rest of the story as posted by the bartender on Facebook. She is a very nice young lady in her late-twenties and has worked at One Block East since it first opened.

I do not have a Twitter nor do I know how to use it. I attempted it this morning but I'm just not knowledgeable enough about it to do what I'm attempting to do, so I'll stick with good 'ol FB.

Last night while bartending, 2 ladies came up to my bar and while I was occupied pouring a draft pitcher, these ladies took it upon themselves to grab my tip jar and put their hands in it. I just so happened to turn around and catch them. Knee jerk response was to yell at these ladies to keep their hands out of my tip jar. Apparently that was very rude to ask them to not do that. I tried telling them that my tip jar was like my purse, and you don't just go putting your hands in someone's purse. Let the loud screaming commence. Here's the fun part. I told the ladies to leave and I was calling JPD (the situation was quickly spiraling out of control) and that was just icing on the cake. These 2 ladies tried fighting me, coming after me, screaming at me. As everyone knows I'm almost 8 months pregnant. My amazing co-worker xxx xxxx, husband xxxxx xxxxx, and some customers all helped me to get these ladies out of the door without them hitting me. They kept running at me, swinging at me, trying to attack me. They kicked over signs outside, were very violent to everyone when all we were trying to do was get them to leave and to not physically assault a pregnant woman. They had to be pushed away and even punched my husband in the face who was trying to protect me. He asked them to take their trashy selves elsewhere if they were going to act like that. JPD arrives and we explain the situation to them and show them the gash on my husband's eye. The police encourage my husband to press charges. JPD witnessed these ladies (the 2 that started the mess, and 2 more of their friends involved) acting like complete idiots and handled the situation like any person with common sense would.

This woman thought my husband was my owner, I'm assuming because he had a tie on and looked the part? We pressed charges, cleaned up the bar and went home.

Woke up to a friend who sent me some tweets that 1 of these ladies tweeted that I will post in the comments.

My reason for this post is simply this: I'd like to thank my wonderful coworkers, husband and customers for standing up and protecting me when I was being attacked for asking someone to not steal from me and to leave the establishment, and to my owner for having my back when it comes to customers being completely out of control. And to JPD FOR BEING AWESOME!

So, Baby Spice @euphorixa (xxxxxxxx), if you're going to post something, please don't leave out the important parts.
Have a wonderful day Bartenders! It is National Bartenders Day!

The owner told JJ the video supports her version of the story.   So our little thugette tries to play the race card.  The tweets were made around 4:00 AM.   The owner told this website it was a customer who made the "ratchet" comment. Stay tuned. 


Anonymous said...

What's One Block East?

Anonymous said...

Never have understood why people refer to women as "ladies" when they are clearly anything but. Call a bitch a bitch, or, at the least, woman or female. It is insulting to all real ladies to be lumped in with any piece of trash that rolls down the pike.

Anonymous said...

"One Block East" of Eden. it's a Bible study hall. The study leader works for tips.

Burke said...

I thought "One Block East" was a bar in Greenville.

Man, oh man, there are way too many instances when black folks, especially black women, are their own worst enemies. The bartender's version is absolutely credible.

If there's a protest march, we'll have another complete debacle. What would really be nice is to have this show up on TV, with an interview with the policeman and a full-length view of the bartender.

Anonymous said...

It's damn entitlement... expect everyone to roll over when they "pull the race card". And even go to the extreme to reference the officers as Uncle Toms... BUT "tonight has been the first time I've EVER experienced rascism first hand"... DOUBT IT there Baby Spice... you use it when you said called the cops Unlce Toms and referenced the male as "that white boy"!

Anonymous said...

Referring to them as "ladies" is a tremendous insult to real "ladies".
I love the word "thugette"!


Anonymous said...

The husband is a much better person than me. If a ghetto queen attacked my wife when she was pregnant, it would have been the last thing she ever did.

Anonymous said...

Who will you blame when the only people what live in your city, county and state are black?

Anonymous said...

I gotta tell ya, I see this whole situation completely differently.

What's wrong with that bartender telling those women to get their hands out of her tip jar? Doesn't she know Black Lives Matter? The bartender has no idea about what kinds of things these ladies have been told they're supposed be constantly furious about! Case in point: this was one of the ladies' first opportunity to be furious about racism. Up to this point, she was only able to be furious about others telling her racism exists. Now, she's got racism street cred (well, allegedly, as we're not sure she was actually the target of any slurs - which, although still protected by the 1st Amendment, is still tantamount to 1st degree murder these days)

This was actually a learning event for everyone. What we learned is: People who are more equal than others, and who either have less than others or merely want what others have, are entitled to take what they want, and if challenged, are allowed to silence anyone else by claiming racism. It's really not that difficult to understand.

Oh, and by the way, it only gets worse from here.......

Not letting me steal the tip jar is RACIST!!! said...

"Tonight was the first time I've ever experienced racism first hand."

Wait. Just. One. Min. It!!!!!

All I hear from Jackson/Sharpton, from BlackLivesMatter, from Toure and Ta-Nehisi, from self-loathing white liberals like Ladd and Stauffer, from the POTUS on down to our own overgrown juvenile rapper Kamikaze - All I hear is how black people are subjected to racism on a regular basis. White People (capitals) do not understand how HARD it is to be black in America because everyone is a latent Klansman. Every day, all black people are unwillingly subjected to some form of racism. Every day.

If this woman has not encountered racism first hand, she's not living in the modern day Apartheid that is America, where Obama is king but police murder black people daily. Where millionaire black rappers drive supercars, but black people can't piss anywhere they want.

Or is this notion of "we be o-pressed" just complete bullshit?

Anonymous said...

This is an outrage and wholly unacceptable in 2015! Does anyone know how we can organize "people of color" in an immediate boycott of this establishment?!?!?

Once we've accomplished that, I'd be interested in knowing whether this place accepts reservations and, if so, what is their phone number?

Anonymous said...

How do we know they weren't placing very generous tips inside the jar and reaching deep to ensure that their large deposits were secured inside? Perhaps they were outraged because their generosity was unexpectedly challenged or because they were hoping to leave the donations anonymously?
Y'all are making assumptions. That's why we need Black Lives Matter. Protests are necessary to break through these harmful stereotypes. We need to have a national conversation about this issues and comprehensive efforts to increase sensitivity and diversity awareness, and there's no better place to start than in Mississippi.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Peter Perspective will drop by to complain about this one too.

Anonymous said...

If not already members they sure seem to be good candidates for the BLM idiot group.

Jeffrey Lebowski said...

Black Russians Don't Matter, Man!

Anonymous said...

Wow, language unbelievable. Expanding my vocabulary, for sure. Ratchet for wretched. hmmmmm. Really insulting to JPD's officers. Quite insulting to people on twitter. And then, to call the perps "ladies" is a stretch. Glad the mother-to-be is safe and sound.

Kingfish said...

I was referring to the bartender as a lady.

Anonymous said...

FYI, it's ladies night at One Block East tonight. Free drinks for ladies of all races. Except baby spice.

Taught a lesson said...

A bar without security is stupid. No matter where it is.

Anonymous said...

Bar w/o security no diff than boozin' on porch in Ward 3.

Anonymous said...

The party of Bubba Carpenter out in force, baby, get em up, get em up,get em up! Sho would like to hang with you interesting folks. Know you have a lot of real insights. On second thought, please shoot me first, you dumbsasses.

Anonymous said...

10:31 - I'm sure we can probably find some volunteers to accommodate your wishes. And it wouldn't have to be from those that you choose to insult but instead it can be done by those that you evidently would prefer to hang with.

Anonymous said...

If that was my wife that these thugs tried to hit, it would have been their last time to attempt that. JPD sees firsthand how these thugs are and they do a very good job. You couldn't pay me to be a police in a city like Jackson. At least members of JPD realize that if the remainder of the tax base leaves Jackson, then how will they remain employed.

Tip Toe Thru The Tip Jar said...

A white man from Rankin county grabbed the tip jar at Shuckers and headed into the John with it. This was, what, two years ago and video helped catch him. Christmas brings out the best in all of us. The thought being 'tips don't really belong to anybody. They're just there.'

Tis The Season. It is better to tip and have it taken than never to have tipped at all.

Kingfish said...

That happened once at the Dock. It was at closing on a Saturday night. Dude grabbed the tips, ran, and hid in the women's bathroom. They caught him. He had literally taken a roll of quarters and hidden it in his um, gluteus maximus.

Anonymous said...

" He had literally taken a roll of quarters and hidden it in his um, gluteus maximus."

Usually, I fight for what is mine, but if that was me I probably would have let him keep them. :-)

Anonymous said...

@ 4:21, there is institutional and systemic racism (red-lining in mortgage lending, disparate funding of segregated public schools, lack of opportunity for work due to "black sounding names", etc.) that many black people may not understand as classic, interpersonal racism that she was describing in her tweets (insults, police profiling, etc.). Just because she may not recognize the institutional, doesn't mean they don't exist, nor that she hasn't experienced it.

As for the incident at hand, of course there are three sides to every story. Wouldn't attempting to steal a tip jar be counted as robbery? Why hasn't the bar filed the charge of robbery against these customers? This seemed to escalate very quickly, could there have nee a misunderstanding of the customer's actions?

Kingfish said...

Nice try.

If you bothered to read the post, which you didn't, you would have read that she posted they grabbed the tip jar. She didn't say they took money, she said they grabbed it and were looking inside. Then all hell broke loose when she told them to leave it alone.

They did press charges by the way. You intentionally left that part out as well when you asked why they didn't press charges.

Anonymous said...

@ Kingfish,
I read that post, and I saw that they pressed charges for the Husband's wounds from the punches, but that happened well after the incident got violent. If all the bartender asked them to do was put the jar down, that would seem to me to be a weird thing to start a bar fight over. Like I said, if the Bartender didn't think they were stealing the tips, then why did this escalate so quickly? Just because the customers were asked not to touch the tip jar? I wonder when exactly did the racial epithets get thrown in as well.

Ah, I just wanted to feel the money said...

So, if I understand some of the posts, it's alright for a customer to handle the tip jar or pick up the tip jar or look through the tip jar. None of that indicates a plan to steal from the tip jar. Got it.

Listen up Goobs! A tip jar is the property of the employer. It's just like the cash register. Neither the tip jar nor the cash register should be handled by, messed with or fiddled with, by customers. Some of you people are so damned stupid.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like we have more thieves hanging around. Would you allow some stranger to look through your wallet and feel of your money? The money in the tip jar belonged to someone and that someone was not the one who was "feeling" of the money. Some people actually work for their money and want to keep it. Some don't have such values as they do not work. The owner of that tip jar is forced to support the "feelers". That does not mean they can take what they want. That is what the govt. is for.

Anonymous said...

Dec 4 at 6:05, I'm going to give her the benefit of Autocorrect doubt and say she intended to type "ratshit."

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