Monday, August 3, 2015

Editorial: Hinds voters should vote in the Democrat primary tomorrow.

Note: Originally published on July 30, 2015

Elections are almost upon us.   While there are many new faces asking for our votes, there problem of deciding whether to vote in the Democratic or Republican primaries is quite old.  JJ recommends that if one lives in Hinds County, he or she should vote in the Democratic primary next week.

Voters in Madison and Rankin Counties do not face the same dilemma as those in Hinds County.  The counties are dominated by Republicans (except for the northern part of Madison County).  Sheriff, Supervisor, Representative, Treasurer, Governor and the rest of them- the races are in the Republican primaries with token opposition on the other side. Thus they can go to sleep election night knowingi they were good little voters of the Republican party.

However,  Hinds County voters must decide every four years which means more to them- state or local races as the real action is usually in the primaries.  This problem is especially acute for Republican voters as the local races affect them more in a personal way but they want to be good Republicans and vote for their candidates for Governor.

Make no mistake, there are many Republican votes ins Hinds County:

August 2, 2011 GOP primary: Nearly 15,000 votes
2012 Presidential election: 27,595 votes
2012 Republican Presidential primary: 14,807 votes

The Democrat votes in 2011 were more telling:
August 2, 2011 Democratic Primary: 30,000-37,000 votes, depending on the election.
2012 Democrat Primary: 23,369 votes
2012 Presidential election: 73,100

Thus there are much more Democrat votes in Hinds County than Republican votes BUT Republican voters can make a difference - in a Democrat primary.

Republican voters face a choice on Tuesday: Should they vote in Democrat or Republican primary?
In other words, do they care more about who manages the MPACT program or do they care more about  locking up the guy who breaks into their homes and carjacks their neighbors?

There are several races that affect people in Hinds County directly: Supervisor, Sheriff, and District Attorney.   Voters in Belhaven, Fondren, and Clinton 1, and Pinehaven (Clinton) have been served by Darrell McQuirter.  The county has been moving in the right direction since he got on the Board of Supervisors.  The sweetheart deals were ended.  The Byram-Clinton-Bolton corridor project was restarted.  Part of the cuts to the Sheriff's budget made by Stokes and Graham were restored.  Money was saved in several areas.

The next board will probably be building a new jail and will probably build it downtown.   Ask yourself who you trust to build that jail: the current board or the old bunch who screwed up the current jail with their sweetheart deals and payoffs to friends?  Who do you think will try to steal the county blind by letting their friends gouge the county for fees if bonds are sold to finance the construction of a new jail - the old bunch or the current board.  If you like the fact that the corruption was stopped and the county is moving in the right direction, then you need to vote in the Democrat primary if you live in District 2 and that means voting for Darrell McQuirter.  The Stokes-Graham-Stallworth crowd won't like it but they don't think you should have a right to vote anyway and have done everything possible to smear him.  If you want to keep your county, then swallow the party pride and stand up for your county and against corruption and incompetence.

Then there is the District Attorney's race.  This is the key race when it comes to crime.  Crime has plagued Jackson for over twenty years.  While certain publishers shriek there is no crime problem, blacks and whites are fleeing Hinds County as they have said enough is enough.

The District Attorney is the number-one crime fighter in Hinds County and Jackson.  The Sheriff and JPD can pick up the criminals but it is the District Attorney who must put them away and keep them off the streets.  It is the opinion of this website that the District Attorney has failed Jackson and the rest of Hinds County.  Leaders lead and failures blame.  The current District Attorney has become real good at blaming others.  Even more pitiful is the fact that law enforcement hopes every time there is an arrest that there is a connection between the suspect and the 20th district so Michael Guest can revoke his bond.

If you are happy with the level of crime in Jackson, then vote either in the Republican primary or the Democratic primary for the incumbent.  I refuse to believe that there is nothing that can be done about the crime in Jackson and neither should you.  It is time for voters in Jackson to quit wringing their hands about crime while making bashing Jackson on Facebook and actually do something about it.  That means swallowing your damn party pride and voting in the Democratic primary on August 4.  That also means voting for Stanley Alexander for District Attorney.  We can fix the crime problem but only if we say enough is enough and go to the polls.  

So which means more to you: Doing something about the crime and corruption in your city and county or casting meaningless votes for Governor and Commissioner of Agriculture?   Do  you want the Bennie and David Archie crowd making crime worse or have you  had enough and want to fight back?  The African-Americans who stand up to them are smeared and called Uncle Toms.  Surely if they can up to that crowd, you can stand with them as well. 

The election results don't lie and there are more than enough Republican votes in Hinds County to make a difference in key races next week.   If you stay home or vote in the GOP primary, don't complain about the crime in Jackson and damn sure don't complain about them because when it was time to be counted, you sat down. 


Anonymous said...

Very powerful editorial. I'm sure it will not sit well with two of your advertisers who seem to have spent a significant amount of money on this race through this website. While I didn't agree at all with your post on the donations to the DA, color me impressed with the conviction to make this statement.

Anonymous said...

When McMillan was sheriff, I voted Democrat in the primary, then Republican in the runoff. I recall some hullabaloo about that, and can't recall if that is still possible. Someone please refresh me on that.

JH said...

Why Hinds County Republican Should Not Vote in the Democratic Primary.

The probability of Hinds County Republicans crossing over to vote for Alexander has greatly diminished in the latter days of the primary season. When Alexander first announced, his chances seemed good. His base, NE Jackson, middle-class whites, had every reason to cross-over because there did not seem to be any major challengers to their incumbent officials.

However, that landscape has greatly changed. Billingsley, although at first a feeble challenger, has demonstrated enough support that there is a chance that he may upset Longwitz. It is a long shot, but it is possible if Longwitz's supporters decide to vote in the Democratic primary. You can bet Billingsley supporters will be voting in the GOP primary because they know Billingsley needs every vote he can get.

In addition, the Statewide primaries have suddenly become contentious. Mary Hawkins Butler, who two weeks ago had no chance of upsetting Stacey Pickering, managed to do a great deal of damage with the FBI probe business. The FBI probe thing may have been a last minute Hail Mary, but it garnered her a weeks worth of Statewide news coverage.

Jackson GOP voters need to vote in the GOP primary, or risk waking up Wednesday morning to find Billingsley and Butler on the ticket in November.

Anonymous said...

KF posted Madison and Rankin counties primary ballots.. Is Hinds going to be available?

Anonymous said...

I already voted in the Dem. primary. Can't wait to vote in the Repub. runoff races.

Anonymous said...

I suppose you're correct, KF, but I would like to vote against queen mary so she doesn't infect the rest of the state. Madison folks love her so much, they should get to keep her.

Anonymous said...

You make good arguments........but for me to vote Democrat I'd have to wear
a hazmat suit...........

Anonymous said...

Hinds County is at risk of plummeting even farther under the current Sheriff an DA. If Tyrone and Robert are voted back in it's over for the whole county and not just Jackson.

Anonymous said...


I couldn't agree more. We need to save the county from Tyrone Lewis and Robert Smith. I can't believe someone posted that we shouldn't crossover to protect Longwitz. Really? To keep us safe from Oxford House?

Everyone please crossover and vote for Alexander and Mason. Our lives may depend on it.

Anonymous said...

what about the fact that the current DA lives in Pearl and that he is a drug addict?

Anonymous said...

Longwitz and Pickering are beyond safe. Mary has done so little that even this latest news story about Pickering won't be enough to bring her within 30 points. Billinglsey at first presented a challenger, but Longwitz has done everything right and worked his butt off. He will also win without a problem, by at least 20 points. I think many Republicans in NE Jackson will vote in the Republican primary because these races are highly publicized, but the truth is it won't matter - their vote will have a greater impact in the Democratic primary, as KF points out here.

Anonymous said...

Amen! I live in Clinton 1-hinds county is moving in the right direction it makes me sick to think we could lose that to the slime balls again

Anonymous said...

1:00 PM - should I call you Mary?

Mary Hawkins mystical shadowy FBI allegations showed her to be a ruthless, dishonest, spineless, despicable human being.

They should be called FIBs.

Mary will lose badly. The hit piece was just one more paid for jab by her backers...who stand to lose millions of Stacy is reelected...which he will be.

Keep on trying to dream Mary up in the polls...aint gonna happen. Nobody knows or cares who she is in N Mississippi or S Mississippi. And the people in Central Mississippi who actually know her wont vote for her either.

Say good night Mary.

Anonymous said...


it all depends on if they are concerned about politics at the City or State level, as Kingfish said. While Billingsly might stand a chance, he will be of no help to the crime problem in Northeast Jackson created by the DA (again, as Kingfish pointed out). Hinds County voters are better off to worry about their local problems (raping, murdering, and thieving Cochran supporters running rampant) and cross their fingers that the rest of the State votes right.

Anonymous said...

There is no way a handful of District II cross-over voters will swing a state wide race like Mary. But it could make a huge difference for Hinds County. Vote McQuirter and Alexander. And remember Mary's people are on here, these aren't exactly unbiased posters.

Anonymous said...

I like Bill Billingsley and I'm voting for him, but he will not win. If I lived on the Jackson side of the district, I would vote in the Democratic primary. I would encourage anyone reading this to do the same.

Anonymous said...

1:00. Yes Pickering will win but he will not be able to serve out his term. The FBI investigation is real and has been confirmed by multiple sources. Pickering's attempt to blame Mary will fool enough simpletons so that it will not hurt his reelection.

If Pickering were clean, he would produce his income tax returns to show where he reported the some $200,000 on his income tax returns. That campaign travel is bogus. He will be indicted for tax evasion and probably convicted.

Now it appears that Jim Hood has the same problem. Corruption is everywhere, not just Madison County. Hopefully, anyone caught not paying taxes on their contributions for personal purposes wil be put away for a long long time.

Mary will fight corruption. Believe it.

Anonymous said...

I have no idea who is running on the Dem ticket. I just know I won't be voting for Tyrone 'Take back the Crumunity' Lewis. I just have to trust there are enough voting on the Rep side statewide to keep Mary "Tammy Faye" Hawkins Butler in her brick house.

Anonymous said...

Sorry 1:33 PM, Oxford House is a campaign issue.

Anonymous said...

The CL should apologize to the Pickering family after all this election mess is over and it becomes obvious that there's absolutely no FBI investigation.

Kingfish said...

No more comments about Senate race/Oxford House and auditors race. There are other threads for that.

Clear As Day said...

Kingfish's viagra is getting to call time out and limit the conversation. Booiinnnnnnng!

Anonymous said...

Just do what many a New Yorker does. Vote for the Democrat you want because the democrats are in control. Us poor rednecks will keep you safe and vote for the Republicans ( who screw us over all of the time and one could argue voter intimidation). If you think a state senator can do much about crime regarding one particular district, then you're not nearly as smart as you claim to be.

We hate watching Jackson go to crap. I mean really, quit shooting yourself in the foot and do something. Work with what you've got. It's not that hard. We do it over here and you can do it over there. Mmmmkay? The country folk LOVE phil. He ain't goin nowhere. Not to worry.
Ain't no way in hell anybody in Rankin County is voting for Mary ( anyone who's dealt with her anyway). So, you're good to go! Yippee.
Now, go vote for the best democrat available. You might not be able to sell your house IF you don't. It's literally a matter of life or death.
To hell with Bill and Will. You've got people to lock up.

( I hope Delberts defamatory law doesn't apply to protected free/ political speech)

Anonymous said...

are there sample Hinds County ballots anywhere?

thusbloggedanderson said...

I have the opposite problem - a Dem voting in Madison County - and if I want any say in my local gov't, I'll have to vote in the GOP primary.

If I lived in Hinds, I would vote in the Dem primary as KF suggests. Y'all need a new D.A., Hinds folks, as this blog should have convinced you long ago.

Anonymous said...

If Tyrone is voted out, I can only assume (hope) his daughter will no longer be at JA. Am I correct in assuming this or does he have additional income from somewhere I'm not aware of?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of voting Democratic, I voted in a primary in Madison a while back. I show up to vote, and Kirk's buddy and school board wannabe Dot W is running the precinct with 2 Black girls. When I walk in she looks at me very surprised and say 'this is a DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY!' I told her that was why I was there. It was all I could do to not tell her "I hope you will have the decency to not tell anyone that I voted as a Democrat." (see lady who brought the sheriff a pie in Blazing Saddles.)

I suppose white folks aren't supposed to vote Democratic? Then again, many posters here equate the word Democrat with Black people and use it as a code word for a racial epithet .

Anonymous said...

I've rarely, if ever, voted for a democrat. However, the older I get, the more socially liberal I get. I also started to realize that idiocy and crooked greed is a commodity equally found in both parties. I'd just as soon vote for a democrat as a republican today. I liked this post. I agree with the first comment - this showed that JJ has some guts, even if I disagree with him at times.

Anonymous said...

You can't lay the crime problem in Jackson on the DA. That blame is spread between JPD, the Sheriff's Department, DA, Judges, and MDOC.

Anonymous said...

KF, I can't believe that I am agreeing with you about Hinds County and voting democrat. I have been a Republican since 6th grade when Eisenhower ran for President, however, in this instance, Hinds County is at risk and new people need to be elected. I wish that I could vote in Hinds just this one time but I moved from Hinds about 40 years ago but still work in Hinds. With all the crime in NE Jackson, I have been considering moving my office to Madison County. It is too bad that persons who own property and pay the outrageous Jackson and Hinds taxes can't have a say in who is elected to run the city and County. This will never happen, but it would be nice.

Anonymous said...

8:34 is correct, plenty of blame to go around. But, we have an opportunity to change to DA. Gotta start somewhere, and canning the guy with no results but constantlty seeking a hand out is a good place to start.

Anonymous said...

Does Chris McDaniel approve of this?

Anonymous said...

I will be crossing over to get rid of Robert Shuler Smith. He doesn't even look like he wants to be DA.

My Baby Dindu Nuffin said...

The ONLY people to blame the crime in Jackson on, are Jackson residents. While a small percentage of you are respectable citizens, the majority are criminals.

Anonymous said...

KF, since it's upon us, would you mind posting a slate of "don'ts" for the other races?

Anonymous said...

Cross over and vote against the DA and Sheriff and also to piss off McDaniel. Reckon he will file a complaint with the supreme court again? REAL republicans will write in Chris McDaniel for ALL offices! Remember, REAL Republicans elected Chris McDaniel supreme commander.

Anonymous said...

Voted @ Hinds Circuit Clerk Sat Morn:


This is Hinds' last gasp election. Voting for Cecil Brown in General regardless of who wins on GOP side.

Anonymous said...

I can't find much information on District 1 Supervisor challengers Wilson or Greer. Anyone have information on them?

Anonymous said...

Search on albert wilson jackson, ms.

Anonymous said...

@2:09, doesn't matter - either one has to be better than graham the legend.

Anonymous said...

King when are you dropping your predictions I came to the thread for it. You are usually spot on which is really good.

Spot Off said...

The term 'spot on' is about as corny, outdated and overused as the 'getchur own blog mantra', idiot.

Anonymous said...

@8:22 all these flavors and you chose to be salty. POS

Anonymous said...

I agree with some of the points, but then I get back to what matters to us. I know everyone is worn out with Oxford House, but even though I don't leave nearby it IS an issue to me and Longwitz has fought it while Bill has said nothing can be done. Sad, as I liked him and might have considered voting for him. Anyone who thinks this is NOT a campaign issue doesn't realize that a group home can move next door in any neighborhood where a house could sell for $200,000 or less. I'm looking at you, friends in Madison and Ridgeland. On another note I really want Mayor Mary to stay put. Others may mock her but we love that she's a bulldog keeping Madison safe and values high.

Anonymous said...

I agree that Smith doesn't even look like he wants to be DA.

Anonymous said...

As a Jackson business owner almost 30 years, I agree with July 30, 9:39 PM. I live in Madison county. It's a shame that you invest and pay the high taxes but get no voice on Jackson matters. Obvious why so many move their biz across the city limits.

I also agree with 9:44 above. I liked Bill from the the onset but his position (or lack of) on OH is absolutely the deal breaker.

Anonymous said...

Just voted in the Democrat Primary for the First. Time. In. My. Life.

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