Monday, June 11, 2012

Romney coming to town

Check out the invite.


Anonymous said...

Gezzz, if Mitt wanted the most bang for the event and wanted appeal to middle class voters, he'd would hold this thing at the Trade Mart and charge $100.

He could throw out some read meat to fire up the crowd, make some news buzz, and have a lot more takers....

Anonymous said...

Document not loading.

Anonymous said...

It should be fun to watch all these so called Christians in Mississippi lining up to support a man who has spend millions of dollars trying to destroy the Christian Church.

You simply cannot make this stuff up.

No Bible believing Christian can vote for Romney.

Anonymous said...

idiots like you will put obama back in and really destroy the country. fool.

Anonymous said...

11:31, go back to your trailer and have another beer. The bologna has affected your brain.

Anonymous said...

11:31 like Muslims do you?

Anonymous said...

@ 12:09 Actually, Islam is closer to the God of the Bible than Romney's Christian hating cult.

@ 11:31 Obama can't "destroy" the country. Only Congress can do that. Fifth grade civics. Besides, it was Bush and the Republicans that destroyed the U.S. economy and we may never recover from the Republican spending orgy in the first six years of this century. Facts is facts.

Boogie said...

11:31 Please elaborate on why no Bible-believing Christian can vote for Romney. I, for one, don't have much interest in voting for a theologian-in-chief, and I have yet to see a valid reason for thinking that the New Testament Church should endorse a theocracy.

I have plenty of disagreements with the LDS crowd. Despite their protestations, I don't believe they hold to Christian orthodoxy, and they should not be counted as a Christian church. But given the choice between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, I believe Romney is more in line with the views held by myself and other conservative evangelicals.

So please, unless you can come up with a solid foundation for your ranting regarding Romney's Mormonism, I'd suggest you hush.

Boogie said...

Additionally, Anon at 12:41, your of Jehovah with Allah displays your ignorance of orthodox Christian, Mormon, and Islamic theology. There is a vast difference between the deities described under these various belief systems. I recommend you look up some of the more reputable philosophers and apologists, such as Dr. William Lane Craig, in order to gain a better understanding of these differences.

Anonymous said...

@ Boogie....Your attempt to discredit my comment by suggesting I don't know the difference between Islam and mormon theology is wrong. I simply stated that Islam is closer to the Bible than mormonism. And it is. I have more than just a basic understanding of the differences in the three religions.

The issue here is to whom or what would the leader-in-chief turn as a final authority. Romney's final authority would be the book of mormon.

I haven't presented a "rant" against mormonism. I have simply questioned the irony of Christians supporting a man for president who has spend millions of dollars in personal wealth to destroy the bride of Christ.

Anonymous said...

What percentage of Mississippians can afford to go to this? Is there a "We Are the .005%" meeting afterwards?

Do the poor whites in this state understand the Republicans want to cut payments everyone, and not just to black people? Do all of the die hard conservatives in MS understand what a wasteland we would be living in if we actually got our fair share of Federal money?

Anonymous said...

I'm just wondering how we Christian Americans (assuming both sides are correct in their assessments of the two presidential candidates) got in the position of having to choose between two men that, according to bloggers and party die-hards on both sides, aren't Christian?

Avery Wiseman said...

Fortunately, any Republican in Mississippi who may be conflicted about Romney doesn't have to vote for him and he'll sill easily pick up our 6 electoral votes. Now, go back to your hole and try again to dream up a clever dilemma for conservatives. This effort sucked.

Anonymous said...

@ 11:28 AM—you mean as opposed to the hollywood $40k a plate fundraiser for Obama…

to the person who keeps trying to start their vesion of a religious war: the news is out and its old news at that. Democrat/Obama troops are to cause as much crap as they can by trying to make Christians hate Romney. Do anything you can, say anything at all---the goal is to cause as much dissent as possible so folks will not support Romney. Your posts did nothing but confirm this old tired news. But kudos to you for toting that sad old line that they told you to tote! Run on back to Acorn and get your $5.

Boogie said...

I have to assume you're alluding to Romney's support of the LDS church, their missions and etc. with his own money. That gets a great big ol' "meh" from me. They think they're right. I know I'm right. Our side has better arguments. Wanna counteract the spread of LDS teaching? Go get an apologetics degree and a philosophy degree. Engage in public debate with Mormon philosophers. But don't do this scaremongering horsecrap in blog comments about how Mitt Romney is out to defile Christianity. What you're doing is trying to beat people over the head with a Bible and claim the moral high ground against a man who, from all appearances, is a pretty decent fellow. Not cool, daddy-o, and how exactly does that further the kingdom of God?

Yeah dude (or dudette...whatever) I'm voting for president, not bishop/convention head/theologian/whatever. If you're convinced Romney's gonna throw down the American Inquisition (Mormon Style, baby!) then vote your conscience. Me, I'm gonna work for the non-Obama candidate.

Anonymous said...

Get back to me when a mormon flies a plane into a bldg in the US screaming "John Smith" or whatever his name is. Geez!

bill said...

I've known lots of Mormons in my time, and virtually all of them are nice people who make no attempt whatsoever to push their religion off on anyone else. I've never seen or heard of any Mormon anywhere trying to destroy Christianity. Our choice in November isn't between the Book of Mormon and the Bible, it's between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. As for my house, we will be voting for Romney.

Anonymous said...

Where in the Book of Mormon does it talk about Mormons' obligation to convert infidels by the sword? In my neighborhood they travel on foor or by bike, wear short-sleeved white shirts, and knock on doors on Saturday morning. Not a boxcutter in the bunch. Never flew any planes into buildings full of civilians to my knowledge either.

Boogie said...

Well said Bill!

Anonymous said...

@ Bill

Mormon men between the 19 and 25 who meet standards of worthiness are challenged to consider a two-year, full-time proselytizing mission.

This was once a requirement of LDS membership.

The mormons have more than 50,000 full-time missionaries trying to destroy the Christian Church.

Most depend on financial assistance from people like Romney.

I have no problem with you and your family supporting Romney.

My comments are directed only to Bible believing Christians.

Anonymous said...

Can't we just agree that all religion is silly and move on?

I mean, Christians, Mormons, and Muslims already think that 198 out of 200 major religions in history are false. What's a couple more?

Or do we really want to spend the next century saying things like "I can't vote for that guy. He thinks that when you die, you get your own planet to rule. Everybody knows you live in a golden city in the clouds! Unless you're a Hindu or a Muslim, in which case our Holy Loving Father roasts you alive you for all eternity."

Anonymous said...

@ 2:09 I'm not trying to start any kind of religious war. I merely point out that Romney...a liberal socialist...has spent millions in the effort to destroy the Christian Church. If you want to take a political stand against that, I'm fine with that. All you liberal socialists can vote as you please. I am more concerned about voting for a man who is trying to destroy the Christian Church.

Anonymous said...

@ 3:52 I think most of the posters here agree with you.

I would point out that Christians do not believe in a "golden city in the clouds."

Anonymous said...

@3.54--- you can go get your $15 from Acorn and Obama cause youre working so hard on that same old tired line. You and yours are going to do everything you can to try and push a divide in the Christians. And we're simply going to identify you and point you out every time you do it and get back to the real issue--Romney or Obama.

Me, my family, friends---voting FOR Romney and AGAINST Obama.

Bravo to Bill @2:30.

Anonymous said...

Hey, KF, check out WLBT story--might be worth posting on your website since they are looking for someone considered armed and dangerous.

“Police are currently issuing a BOLO for the suspected shooter -- a white male, wearing a dark T-shirt, jeans and cowboy boots, with a young girl, about 7 to 9 years old, wearing a red T-shirt and white shorts, seen leaving the car. He was described as being armed and dangerous.”
His car was found abandoned at St. D parking lot.

Anonymous said...

@ 4:11 Sorry, but I'm a conservative. Not affiliated with ACORN or Obama. You, apparently, are a Republican, liberal, socialist. There is a huge difference.

Why can't the Republicans nominate a conservative? There is an answer. They know they can count on votes from folks like you. You will vote for anything or anybody they put on the ballot...even a socialist who is trying to destroy the Christian Church.

Anonymous said...

Bill, 2:30 pm: amen

Anonymous said...

Romney will win Mississippi 61-39, end of story. Those that believe Mississippi voters would vote for a Muslim over a Mormon are nuts.

Anonymous said...

You know good ole Misipi Christians will vote for the Morman before the black man.

Anonymous said...

What's the difference between Mormon Polygamy and Islamic Harems ?


( Well except for the fact that Mormons don't decapitate or stone the women that
piss-off the Islamic men ).

Give me four Marie Osmonds for every seventy-five foreign virgins wearing a diaper on their head
at the Castlewoods Kroger.

Anonymous said...

Lol at 4:41

Anonymous said...

A note to all of you who are concerned about Romney's religion; you might be better served to be concerned about what will happen to your family and your country if we have another four years under Obama's lack of leadership. At the end of they day, we are only responsible for our individual religion choices.

meople said...

Many great points on this thread. This election reminds me of the Ross Perot election year: both demoz and repub candidate sucked but who is the independent this year. Ron Paul could have filled his shoes nicely. One day soon everyone will be independent. No more racism between parties just the best person with the best ideas.

Shadowfax said...

The current tactic of 'the left' and all it's foot soldiers, is to try and frighten folks with Romney's religion. Claiming him to be a capitalist backfired. The hooplah over a few of Bain's entities failing (while 85% succeeded) didn't work. So, now, let's jump on this train to nowhere proclaiming him to wear magic underwear and secretly wanting to destroy Christianity.
That's the ticket! Voters will abandon convertasism by the hundreds and rush, in fear, to board the train of socialism, income equality and the chains of entitlement.

Frankly, nobody buys that crap. The election is all about B. Hussein Obama. Nothing more is important to America. Next the left will suggest there's something up with Romney taking small steps when he walks.

Anonymous said...

i want to hear from Bozo how Romney is spending 'millions of dollars to destroy the Christian Church.'

you sure the Scientologists aren't behind this?! speak o mighty Bozo!

Shadowfax said...

What evidence is there that Mormons are attempting to destroy Christianity? What evidence is there that Christians do NOT believe in a 'city of gold'? Of course they do. It matters not what Romney's religion is or is not. There is only one factor to be considered and that is the reelection of B. Hussein Obama. Either that or sending him packing. Ernest T. Bass might as well be the Republican nominee.

Anonymous said...

My comments (I'm Bozo) only apply to Christians.

You McCainites can believe what you wish. your research. Or...If you are not a Christian...don't worry about it.

Anonymous said...

touche' bozo,

i am not christian. but i would still like some explanation. dont get me wrong, i think the base of mormonism is nuts and (re)made up by j smith. but i also think they are 'christian'. just curious as to what you think he is doing.

Anonymous said...

The "christ" Mormons believe in is not the Christ of the Old or New Testaments. It is a christ fabricated by a con-man names Joseph Smith. The mormon version of christ visited the United States. Go figure.

The goal of Mormonism is to replace Christianity.

By the definition of some Christian denominations, Satanism is any effort to add to or deliberately confuse the Holy Scriptures. That would make Romney and all Mormons satanists.

Mormons have a rigorous program of proselytizing...that is trying to convince Christians they are wrong and they should accept the Book of Mormon and two other idiot books written by Joseph Smith as equal to the Holy Bible in authority. Romney has spent millions financing these efforts.

That should clear it up for a non-Christian.

There's plenty of information about the cult on the Internet. It is not benign. While it is not a danger to devout Christians, it can confuse those who are studying our faith.

At issue in the election is what would be the final authority in the decision making process for an American president. In this case you have choice between a Christian and a mormon. One would use the Bible as a final authority and one would use the Book of Mormon, the Pearl of Great Price and Doctrine and Covenants.

There are some rednecks who say Obama is a muslim. While racist ignorance can't be avoided, it can help you understand the source. Just more Republican junk.

Anonymous said...

Romney is out LAST HOPE!

Anonymous said...

No last hope. That line of crap is trotted out at every election.

The US is resilient.

You put too much importance on the office of president. Congress is where the action is. The news media puts the spotlight on POTUS because they are lazy...and because most people are too stupid to realize that the POTUS can only carry out what Congress tells him to do.

Anonymous said...

How is Joseph Smith any different from the authors of the gospels, who contradicted one another repeatedly, stole ideas from Zoroastrianism and a half dozen other sects, and fabricated unverifiable supernatural stories to gin up support for their cult?

Look, I was raised a Christian. I sympathize with your values. I oppose the left. But we're talking about a "God" who--according to his own infallible book--sent a pack of bears to murder children for making fun of a bald guy. And that's just for openers.

A universe run by that kind of psychopath is a hell of a lot scarier than the idea of non-existence.

It's time to grow up and let it go.

Anonymous said...

This is exactly what Obama loves, arguing over race and religion. He is about neither. Read "The Roots of Obama's Rage," by Dinesh D'Souza. Anti-colonialism is the name of his game, and it's happening while we all argue about race and religion.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I've got no issues with you and your beliefs.

You can choose to believe what you wish.

I'll choose to follow the psychopath.

Shadowfax said...

Looking back at what the tag team of O'Biden and Obama have done and not done over the past three years, I'll go with the Mormon. I don't know what Joseph Smith knew about economics, but I'm pretty damned sure he didn't have a Saul Alinski or revrunt Wright as his guiding lights. The fear mongers posting above (from God knows where) are desperate to keep the socialist in office another term. We'll be halfway down the shitter by next June if that's the case.

Anonymous said...

The problem is you guys who follow the psychopath have made the world so much worse for the rest of us.

If you'd just put your money where your mouth is and go to live with him forever in paradise, everyone would be a winner.

Anonymous said...

@ 9:39 Got to call BS on that one. The followers of the psychopath made the world a better place for everyone.

It is the followers of the psychopath who taught the world the worth of human life and created a society based upon freedom of the individual to do what he pleased so long as it didn't infringe on another individual.

Three of the four nations developed by Christian protestants have been beacons for the world until the last 30 years when they turned their collective backs on the psychopath.

The greatest advancements in individual liberty, medicine and science have been made in countries that were populated by followers of the psychopath. How has that "made the world so much worse for the rest of us?"

Anonymous said...

How about all those Baptists who told us we shouldn't vote for a Mormon (Tegerdine). Yet they now use their prominent position as a statewide official to try and use tea party lingo to promote Romney. I'm disappointed in you SP.

meople said...

It is like you have had a coming of age right infront of our eyes. Some of your recent posts have been spot on. I'm speechless.


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