Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Agenda 21 is coming to Mississippi. Please remain calm.

Here is an email sent to our legislators about Agenda 21. They just don't get it you see. They are just uninformed and don't really understand what is going on and how they are being duped as the Illuminati moves in for the kill:


This is a very important pressing issue on two fronts. First, over the past two weeks I have spoken AT LENGTH with three elected officials who represent the residents of Coastal Mississippi about AGENDA 21. I am intentionally not disclosing any of their identities at this point because if I did, their chances at future re-election would be gravely hurt in that Conservatives, assuming they understand the UN and Agenda 21, would opt for the Toaster Oven over the incumbents. I’m surely not trying to “protect” any of them, but I do want to give them the chance to actually research AGENDA 21, and if, after educating themselves on it, they continue to minimize the destructive impacts of A-21, to play dumb about it, or to justify the tenants of A-21, I will actively campaign AGAINST then. Further I will attempt to recruit every one of our TEA Party members to do the same.

Each of my conversations indicated that these elected aren’t purely in support of A-21’s radical thinking, but are, sadly to say, just profoundly UNINFORMED. I will be sending this email to each of them privately and advising them that by the end of June, I want them to contact me and specify all their positions concerning this plan to enslave individual citizens, to expand the power of INTERNATIONAL GOVERNMENTS AND BODIES, and to essentially SOCIALIZE the entire planet.

There are countless problems that America faces in these strange times and everyone’s attention can be diverted from time to time from the big issues to the small ones, but I ask you this. WHO SHOULD BE MORE AWARE OF THE LARGE ISSUES THAT IMPERIL AMERICAN LIBERTIES AND FREEDOMS, A SMALL BUSINESSMAN SUCH AS MYSELF (AND PROBABLY MANY OF YOU) WHO STILL HAS TO WORK 80 HOURS A WEEK TO SURVIVE, OR OUR ELECTED LEADERS WHO ARE SUPPOSED TO PROTECT OUR INTERESTS??? While there are countless attempts ongoing to destroy American values, and yes, even the Constitution, perhaps none is as evil, deceitful, and un-American as AGENDA 21. The reason this is so critical is that the imposition of AGENDA 21 will override our own Constitution, create (like it or not) a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT (one that, incidentally, despises the USA, its wealth, its freedoms, and its people), and make us all Citizens of the World.

The legislators I spoke with all agree that I am overstating the importance and danger of A-21, but the scariest thought they conveyed is that “none of this directly impacts the state and local governments in south Mississippi”. They refuse to acknowledge that every time the South Mississippi Planning and Development District holds a hearing or public meeting on the bulls**t contained in A-21, the panel of presenters are always from NGOs that are located outside the borders of Mississippi. THESE PEOPLE NEED TO WAKE THE HELL UP. IN FACT, IT IS OUR OWN RESPONSIBILITY TO JAR THEM FROM THEIR HAPPY, OBLIVIOUS SLUMBER.

In support or OUR OPPOSITION to AGENDA 21 and all the associated tentacles attached to it, the UN Is this week holding a SUSTAINABILITY SUMMIT called Rio+20 (in honor of the original introduction of this whole nightmarish program that was held 20 years ago this week), Below are some short video links that show what these Socialist-Marxist, psychopath lame brains are saying at this conference. After watching and reading this, I would love to know if you are prepared to confront every politician, educate them, or tell them that you will NOT support their re-election until and unless they wake up and learn as much about this attack on We the People as you know!!


On this link you will be able to view the Day 1 video, the Day 2 video (much scarier), and the written blog from Day 3.

God Bless America, OMG-2012



Anderson said...

They forgot to warn the Legislature about the perils of fluoridation.

Anonymous said...

OMG! We are being enslaved! Black helicopters are everywhere!

If you had not jumped the shark before, Mr. Kingfish, then you surely have now.

Anderson said...

Anon, I think your irony meter is broken.

Kingfish said...

Dammit we got to protect our natural bodily fluids.

Ironghost said...

They're thinking the UN is suddenly going to become a competent organization with the power to enforce this nonsense?

Anonymous said...

Yes, well...unfortunately, they will succeed. After all, so many know that Barney the Dinosaur and Teletubbies were a gay plot.

But, since the End of Days is coming ( despite what Matthew had to say about that), we shouldn't worry too much.

Shadowfax said...

What if this same guy had written a memo five years ago warning that Americans would soon elect a charismatic, totally without resume, to the highest office in the land land and that they would line up and gladly march along behind this new leader as he dismantled and redefined America, leading it eagerly into socialism?

Some of you would happily be joking about flouridation, black helicopters and homosexual cartoon characters. And others would be suggesting he be rounded up with butterfly nets and restrained if not put out of his misery.

Anderson said...

Shoot, Shadowfax, I'm very sorry to have hurt your feelings.

I had no idea that was *your* email KF was posting.

My apologies.

Anonymous said...

Agenda 21: What they want

Little-known 'Elders' have role at UN conference

Is Agenda 21 and ICLEI coming to your city or neighborhood?

Anonymous said...

@9:54 UN members also passed a resolution to stop the violence in Syria......thats working really well

Shadowfax said...

Din't hurt my feelin's none Anderson. Just sayin'. And you'd be leadin' the 'NO WAY' chorus.

Richard Wilbourn said...

Does the letter above sound alarmist? Perhaps so. However, there are legitimate reasons to be concerned with a fairly consistent and persistent effort by the Left to use treaties, environmental regulation, zoning as well as building codes pushed by the UN, “international” NGO’s and some local non-profit organizations to scale back private property rights. A recent example is the proposed Law of the Sea Treaty. If passed, it will set up an international commission to tax offshore mineral extraction in international waters. Indeed, some of those international waters are currently classified by the US as our territorial waters. The commission would then receive this tax revenue without any accountability whatsoever. When you think about it, it really does sound like fabled “International Triad” cloak-and-dagger kind of stuff.

Another example involves states quietly moving away from state building codes toward the “international building code”. US citizens and companies have far less input into what becomes part of the international building code and how it is interpreted. We in the South are not immune from this trend. Neighboring Alabama has enacted a law that takes away from counties building code inspection authority for hotels and gives that authority to a state agency. That state agency has since decreed without any specific authority to do so that all hotels built in the State of Alabama must comply with the international building code - a code that is expensive to follow and often contains requirements that, at least in America, are so inapplicable that they are silly. Moreover, not only is complying with the international code costly, it opens up a whole new avenue of legal liability if something goes wrong later.

One does not need believe that an individual “George Soros-like” mastermind is pushing Agenda 21 to reach the conclusion that the Left wants more government and judicial control over your land. Indeed, the Left is not particularly secretive about it. Therefore, it is not alarmist to say that if the Left continues to win battles where public property rights trump private property rights, our way of life is at risk. While the Left’s victories are good news for socialists and bureaucrats, they are bad news for capitalism, individual freedom and America.

Richard Wilbourn
The Mississippi Tea Party

Shadowfax said...

Richard: Good comments. You left out the fact that a segment of our Federal Supreme Court entertains international, Sharia and other non-US Constitutional law in reaching decisions and in voicing dissenting opinion.

Anderson said...

... Okay, I'll bite: what U.S. Supreme Court decision "entertained" sharia law? Got a citation?


John D Berry said...


That's not what was said.

His reference is to the stated methodology one of the Justices uses in their decision-making.

Anonymous said...

Richard that is black helicopter hysteria bull shit.

Anderson said...

Here btw is an article on those Sharia building codes in Alabama. Damn leftists!

Anderson said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

First few paragraphs from “Is Agenda 21 and ICLEI coming to your city or neighborhood?” (http://www.examiner.com/article/is-agenda-21-and-iclei-coming-to-your-city-or-neighborhood)

“What I'm about to write may not be what I normally write about, but the way I look at it, Agenda 21 could have some "unsustainable" effects not only on our national economy, but may also change many parts, including the economic structure of lives in local towns and communities, as well. The information will be put out here for you with a couple of videos that hopefully will prove the point being made and will help you to be aware and educated about the danger Agenda 21 and ICLEI poses for our future.

Don’t know about Agenda 21? Let’s take a look at what it is. Agenda 21 is a plan of action created by the United Nations as a sustainable development at a conference held in 1992. There is a very revealing video about it that was put out on Tuesday by The John Birch Society. Just follow this link http://youtu.be/OzoN0IQsTAE. You will find out some things about Agenda 21 that you probably weren’t even aware of.

Following that link is of the utmost importance as it documents just how it will impact each of us, not only as a nation, but as individual citizens if we do not stop it. When you have finished watching the video, please follow the instruction it gives to stop ICLEI.

ICLEI is local governments for sustainability. It is an association of over 1220 local government members that come from 70 different countries and represents 569,885,000 people. They are committed nationally, regionally and locally to sustainable development.

The video will show you how you can find out if ICLEI is in your city or neighborhood. Once you follow the instructions and your city isn’t there, see what cities are near or in your surrounding area and send this video to the local leaders or if there is a Tea Party you can connect with, make sure this video is available to them.

If your city is there, find a group of people who are willing to meet with city officials to voice their concerns about ICLEI and ask them to stop their membership for the sake of the city. Ask them to go to https://www.jbs.org/new/agenda-21-how-it-will-affect-you and then take the steps necessary to stop it. Make sure that your local leaders take this seriously.

The National Academies of Science (NAS) responded with a detailed study, Sustainability and the U.S. EPA (aka the "Green Book"), which cost the EPA $700,000, and which was published in August 2011. The NAS also produced a 5-minute video http://youtu.be/dXslHdzLzt0 about this project..........Agenda 21 is directing our government to becoming a one-world government where there would no longer be any individualism and no more private sector capitalism. Take a good hard look at where we could be headed if the UN is allowed to make Agenda 21 a permanent part of our government.”

Shadowfax said...

Anderson; This is close enough for government work:


Anderson said...

IOW your claim was false. Got it.

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