Friday, January 12, 2018

Sugar epidemic?

The Clarion-Ledger published a big, huge expose on "sugar babies" at Ole Miss.  Yup.  Young, female college students are hooking up with older men through the internet in exchange for um, monthly support.   Sarah Fowler reported:

More than 200 college students at the University of Mississippi are registered with a site that promotes financial relationships between "Sugar Babies" and "Sugar Daddies" or "Sugar Mommas," according to data released Monday. 

With 247 students belonging to, a website that sets up people for "mutually beneficial relationships," Ole Miss ranks 43 out of 50 in the country for "Sugar Babies," according to the site. The numbers for other Mississippi universities were not immediately available. 

The site defines sugar babies as "attractive people looking for the finer things in life. They appreciate exotic trips and gifts. Sugar Babies get to experience a luxurious lifestyle, and meet wealthy people on a regular basis."

A sugar daddy or sugar momma is defined as "successful men and women who know what they want. They’re driven and enjoy attractive company by their side. Money isn’t an issue, thus they are generous when it comes to supporting a Sugar Baby."

According to a press release issued by the site Monday, a sugar daddy provides an "average monthly allowance" of $2,800. 

Seeking Arrangements touts the relationship as a way for sugar babies to pay off student loan debt. The nature of the relationships is not made clear on the site. 

The number of students seeking sugar daddies recently hit a 10-year-high, the site claimed, with more than 2 million students registering on the site. .... Rest of article.
Ms. Fowler also posted a follow-up story today: 

On social media, Darby appears to share the day–to-day happenings of her life....

 What’s missing, however, is the life no one knows about. Darby was 19 when she met her first Sugar Daddy. In the four years since, she’s had eight Sugar Daddy “Sugar Baby” relationships.

Except for her best friend who introduced her to the lifestyle four years ago, and her sister, no one knows Darby meets men in exchange for money. Her roommates, parents and a former boyfriend all believe her on-campus job provides enough money to pay the bills. She does not regard how she does get her money as prostitution.

On average, Darby said she gets $2,500 a month from having a Sugar Daddy. While she typically has one Sugar Daddy at a time, there have been months where she's had two. It's self-preservation, she said. 

"There have been a couple times where I’ve had, like, two official Sugar Daddies at a time, keeping my options open," she said. "These type of arrangements, a lot of the time, are very short term. If I feel like the arrangement is kind of tapering off, I want to be able to have something set up so I don’t lose that currency, I don't lose that income." Rest of article.

Kingfish note: Apparently some of the students heard the old saying that it is better to be an old man's darling than a young man's slave (Sarcasm).   The real question is how long will it be before that police chief in Oxford and his crazy daddy figure out a way to start busting these girls and their um, patrons, for prostitution.  You just know they are working on doing so right now. 


Anonymous said...

I was so hoping this was an early April Fool's joke.

Anonymous said...

Do we have NO shame anymore? Prostitution is now acceptable since they are co-ed's. Sure hope none of my boys marry one of these "students".

Anonymous said...

OM girls doing scandalous things for money to keep up appearances is the least shocking news of the month. What is truly surprising is these men haven't realized they can get higher quality "services" for far less money in Vegas and other places.

Anonymous said...

Why is this a problem, our president paid a pron star over 100k, not to talk about a one night stand, now that's a lot of sugar.

Anonymous said...

Let's see; this bright young college student doesn't think about it as being prostitution, doesn't consider herself a hooker. But, she participates in order to get paid, and admits that it include sex. Only takes cash, although that doesn't affect the definition.

So - a physical relationship that includes sex, and gets paid on average $2,500/month per John - er, a, Sugar Daddy -- and sometimes has more than one at a time.

Don't know what she thinks it is, but in my day that was called prostitution. And in this case, I don't think it depends on 'what the definition of "is", "is".

Anonymous said...

This comes as a surprise to only those who have had their head in a hole for the last 50 years.

Anonymous said...

apparently low demand at MSU and USM...

Roman Helmet Rhumba said...

January 12, 2018 at 4:38 PM


Anonymous said...

It is not prostitution. It used to be called having a mistress.

Buy Local.. said...

And Freeze went all the way to Florida for snatch?

Anonymous said...

If you think Ole Miss is the only campus this is happening at, get both of your heads out of the sand

Anonymous said...

Leave em alone... they're not hurting you.

Anonymous said...

"And Freeze went all the way to Florida for snatch?"

Either that or he dialed up an order on a Oxford Walmart Tracfone.

SMH . . Freeze was head coach at ground zero of some of the most beautiful snatch on Planet Earth.

Anonymous said...

Those sorority dues don't pay for themselves....

Anonymous said...

It’s not prostitution.

These are dates which may or may not end in physical acts.

Lots of these old guys just like to have arm candy.

If this is prostitution then all the dating world better get a lawyer.....and be trump has hired most of them already.

Anonymous said...

Geez, times sure have changed. I got all I could handle in college and it never cost me more than a cheap dinner.

Anonymous said...

Since when do Ole Miss girls need money? Sad times.

Jay Leno said...

"It is not prostitution. It used to be called having a mistress."

Was it Churchill or Andy Rooney who said, "A whore, by any other name..."?

Anonymous said...

And we wonder why radical Islamists refer to American women as whores?

Alpha Storm said...

Oh their is hope for me.

Anonymous said...

The article reminded me of the old Saturday Night Live Eddie Murphy skit on How to be a Ho in 5 Easy Lessons. At least the co-ed will have a career after her formal education is come. There is always a need for thevworld’s oldest profession . What better place to learn the oldest profession than the Havard of the South.

Absence Of Morality Is Noted said...

These girls learned no respect for themselves in their homes as children. They grew through adolescence with no respect for themselves and a goal of getting whatever they wanted by whatever means available. Their mothers and fathers taught them nothing about self respect. They will raise their sons and daughters with the same model.

Regardless of the presence or absence of religion in their homes, growing up, a moral foundation and moral compass did not exist. We don't need religion in order to establish/learn a sense of values and morals. They missed out and so will their daughters.

Anonymous said...

Is it prostitution if I:

1) ask a girl on a date
2) but her flowers and dinner;
3) go to a $200 play;
4) spend $300 at a bar after on wine and drinks

And get laid?

No! That’s normal.

Pay the bitches light bill and all of a sudden you are an immoral hooligan guilty of prostitution subject to the penalties afforde by the system.

Grow up folks.

Your daughters are only doing what their moms did...just at a younger legal age.

Fins and tits up

Anonymous said...

They can ply their wares in Jackghanistan after graduation which will satisfy the Brain Drain, TeamJXN and convention goer crowds at the same time.

Ophelia said...

What I found most interesting (and hilarious) is that "Darby" chooses not to tell her daytime boyfriend (aka "the one who gets it for free") about her lucrative part-time job. So now every frat guy with a steady girl is wondering...hmmm...she sure does "study at the library" a lot...?

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many hits that site just got? Makes you wonder when you see a UM girl on summer break toolin’ around in a Beamer or Mercedes heading to the beach if Dad or “Sugar Daddy” bought the car and paid for the trip. I knew of this several years ago and warned all the dads I knew who had daughters ‘‘tis was occurring. How else can you explain it? It’s prostitution plain and simple with SOME of the girls hoping to find one they can possibly marry. You’ve seen them...40, 50 and 60 year olds with gals in their 20’s. Neither one have no shame.

Anonymous said...

Sugar Daddies are successful business men, not pimps. They are not taking the added risk of going through an third party. But, I see little scorn for them in the comments.

Men have, for decades, lived with employed women and pretended to care about them...even marrying them if necessary... just so those women would support them through school or starting a business. They abandoned those women as soon as possible.

Did mothers tell their sons not to do that or their daughters not to marry a doctor or lawyer who was put through school or helped in their early business by a woman?

This seems more honest, frankly. And, it more honest than the gold diggers who marry for money and mistresses who want to break up marriages.

While I think these women are overlooking some potential risks, I can't blame them for doing something that will allow them more time to study and thus make better grades and to live more comfortably until they can start their chosen careers given current cultural values.

Why is it that anyone is surprised in a climate where financial success is the most important measure of personal success that the young people make such choices?

They have learned that you can do whatever the hell you want if you have enough money.

Anonymous said...

8:06, some women (moms) did do this. Not all good women who have become great moms did not.
8:02 has hit the mark in his explanation that some will do anything to succeed. No one knows what the long term damage this does emotionally to these young women who may never escape the chains of this.

Buying one dinner and going on a date in a normal persons view is to cultivate a relationship with someone whom you would find suitable to marry and have a family. I don’t fit into the category of being able to be a sugar daddy because I had my focus on my family and trying to make a living to support them, like many men who are out there.

Websites like the one in this topic is leading many people down a dangerous road.

Anonymous said...

How many of these coeds become trophy wives?

Anonymous said...

8:02 is correct.
8:06 is nuts.
These girls are whores.

Anonymous said...

To make things even worse. Some of these girls may graduate and become full time politicians.

Anonymous said...

How are people so stupid to believe this is actually true? The same dufuses that thought Ashley Madison was real. They really thought thousands of women were signing up online to have affairs, only it turns out it was about a 10,000 to 1 male female ratio.

And now we have a new version of the same suckers game. And somebody at the Ledger pretending to be a journalist actually gives them free PR. Go ahead sugar daddy, enter your credit card number and wait on a coed to show up at your door.

Anonymous said...

If I was a female, I'd be the biggest whore in my family...............

Anonymous said...

I'm an educated, professional woman, and this makes me very sad. My family had limited resources so I put myself through college and graduate school the old fashioned, honest way - waitress, short order cook, library assistant, university work study programs, scholarships, grant money, a few small loans and gifts, etc. It was very hard and I was as poor as the proverbial church mouse, but I made it through and am proud of what I accomplished without selling my body or my "companionship" or compromising my values.

These girls are sluts. They will do anything for money. I have no idea how their lives will turn out in the long run, but they will always be looking over their shoulder in fear someone will produce evidence of their prostitution, and they will live with the shame of knowing what they did. They will lie and try to hide their past from their husbands and children. Sad, just plain old sad.

Anonymous said...

11:28 Social deity passing judgement of others.

Anonymous said...

"1) ask a girl on a date
2) but her flowers and dinner;
3) go to a $200 play;
4) spend $300 at a bar after on wine and drinks"

Do men really spend that kind of money on dates? I mean, are those numbers typical? If so, then I'm REALLY glad to be gay - even in Mississippi, where it means a 100% chance of being 100% alone - for LIFE (or until a person moves at least a thousand miles from here).

Over five hundred Dollars, for a routine date? Who can afford that?

Anonymous said...

....and we were all worried about college kids coming out with no SKILLS and a burden of debt.

Anonymous said...

1:55, do not let them fool you. No one spends $500 on a single date. Hell, men do not give flowers and dinner on every date. $300 on wine and drinks, it is more like $3 on a beer or two. Damn sure do not go to a $200 play.
Those people are as out of date as the people who do not believe there are not prostitutes going to college on some sugar daddies dime.

Anonymous said...

$150 will get you a good massage any day of the week.

Anonymous said...

I'm told (by a friend) that you can get laid on the west end of Fortification for seven bucks and a three piece chicken box. And for another dollar, he'll take out his teeth.

These girls are whores. No way around it. They know it. You know it. Prollem is, they don't give a shit what you or I think. They place zero value on their poontang. It's simply there as a product to be dispensed to the current bidder. And it need not be the high bid.

Anonymous said...

They actually dropped Presbyterian Blue Hoes for Ashley Madison U on the football schedule? Those bastards!

Anonymous said...

These girls have grown up thinking Pretty Woman is the ultimate fairy tale aspiration.When we all know its more realistic that Julia Roberts' character would be treated more like how George Constanza treated her in her future w Gere than she'd be admired by the billionaire's circle.. Seems they see being a "beck & call girl" aka hooker as a means to an end.

Anonymous said...

All men pay for sex one way or another.

Anonymous said...

At 5:12

"They place zero value on their poontang."

Evidently they place $2500.00/month value on it.

Where is the dang LOTF emocon. No Emocons Kingfish?

Anonymous said...

1) ask a girl on a date
2) but her flowers and dinner;
3) go to a $200 play;
4) spend $300 at a bar after on wine and drinks

No...that's not prostitution. That's gambling.

Anonymous said...

Entrepreneurship at work. Satisfied customers in a consensual relationship. Leave 'em alone.

Anonymous said...

1/13/18 @ 10:42 said: To make things even worse. Some of these girls may graduate and become full time politicians.

Whores, politicians, aside from the leg spreading side of it, who can tell the difference?

1/13/18 @ 10:50 said: And somebody at the Ledger pretending to be a journalist actually gives them free PR.

Everybody down at the Clarion-Error is pretending to be a journalist.

Anonymous said...

Would your opinion be different if, instead of an up-front express sugar arrangement, a 20-yr. old had sex with her date only after the dinner and movie routine, or going out to a concert, or a bar hopping night, or a trip to the beach or to New Orleans? So many hypocrites on the subject of sex!

There has always been a quid pro quo for sex by the majority of our modern society. They probably wouldn't admit it, but how many women got/get married to ensure someone to help take care of needs that require MONEY -- a house, a car, groceries, clothes, light bill, etc. Same for men who married/marry a woman to help with the bills to get through college, med school, or someone to share the cost and MONEY it takes to live and pay monthly bills.

Whether it's sex in or out of marriage, much of the sex in our society today is simply a quid pro quo for something of pecuniary value -- whether it's sex in implied exchange for life's comforts (house, car, groceries, clothes, light bill) or just for a great meal and a trip to the beach. And, sometimes, it's an express quid pro quo exchange like the sugar arrangement where the money and everything is up front. With that money the sugar baby then pays her own light bill, and buys her own clothes, groceries and her own car, without marriage and the 55% likelihood of a divorce that comes with it. Wake up people, there is usually some type of quid pro quo.

Much of the problem is how most people in our society over 40 were raised to view sex. Up to about the post-baby boomer era, our culture and society taught that "sex" was to be taboo and shamed, except with your "married" partner. Thus, it was taught that one of humans' most basic and natural instincts, "sex", was limited to a "reward" that only came with marriage. Then divorce in our society became very acceptable. Considering that the divorce rate now exceeds 55%, most people don't believe that the "sex only with marriage" reward model is a realistic concept. So, people are also having sex more before/outside wedlock -- sometimes sex with someone who is their significant other, or just for convenience with a friend, or just casual sex. But, here's a news flash -- it is estimated that over 107,000,000,000 have populated the earth in our history! Considering the fact that pregnancy/birth doesn't occur even close to every time there's coitus, there has been a tremendous amount of sex consummated in human history. It's as old and as natural for people as eating or seeking shelter from the elements. And, yes, trading sex for something of pecuniary value is one of the oldest transactions in history -- and it will continue both explicitly and implicitly, just like paying money for anything else you want.

Anonymous said...

Keeping up with the Kardashians generation. Those designer purses and jeans don't buy themselves.

Anonymous said...

This is actually just a step down from another diversion, cam girls. A lot of college girls will get online, talk to strangers, and do sexual things on that camera for "tokens," funny money you buy from them. This just takes that one step further (and yes, I do visit some cam girls).

HDMatthias, MD said...

So sad. And the Hollywood "Women in Black," (some being prostitutes to the likes of Harvey Weinsteins), who go to the awards ceremonies dressed like hookers, wonder why men think women are sluts.

Fueling the fire of these "arrangements" is the avarice of the millennials. I've seen it first-hand. Many children of UM (rich) alums go to Ole Miss and live in houses BOUGHT by their parents in Oxford and graduate, often quickly getting married, with no debt and no understanding of debt. They are given a new car (if not given one previously as a student at Prep), and have no financial worries in the world.

At that point, their parents BUY them OUTRIGHT their first homes, so they have little understanding of finance, mortgages, budgets, etc. They grow to understand the word ENTITLEMENT, and lives their lives in this fashion. The grandchildren follow in the same paths.

I have no understanding of why many parents of MY generation think that this treatment, of indulging their childrens' every whim, is character-building. It leads (has led) to our world of instant gratification as witnessed in social media, consumerism, etc.

Call me old-fashioned. I am. Women are encouraged to exploit their own sexuality, coming to learn that it is a very fortunate attribute, rather than valuing hard work (of the non-exploitative variety), intelligence, and diligence.

I'm not the least bit surprised, and I believe that many women at even elite colleges are signing up to be Sugar Babies.

I was watching a female singer on SNL last Saturday, and I couldn't hear her voice, her music, or her talent, as every inch of her body (within TV censorship) was exposed, and her "dance" routine said, without any doubt, "Come F*** me." I am not a singer with talent, but rather nothing more than a body to be exploited."

I only thank God that I wasn't raised that way.

I guess I'll go to work, watch a good foreign flick tonight (I'm "foot-balled out" until next weekend), have dinner with a few good friends, maybe write a column or story, work on my thesis, play with my dogs, and call it a day.

"If you lie down with dogs and act like a bitch in heat, you'll get fleas."

Ophelia said...

Dr. Heddy Dale Matthias, you are my hero. I have agreed with every word you have ever written, in the local publications. We do indeed live in a rapidly-degenerating society, but common sense will never go out of style. Preach on!

Anonymous said...

@10:42 I fail to understand your reasoning. What does being a child of privilege have to do with being a sugar baby? That lifestyle is the status quo at Ole Miss and attending school there to earn the famous "Mrs." degree. A flip side would be many of those children of privilege go on to do just fine and contribute to society in a positive manner. It's all about SnapChat and the number of Instagram likes one can get for that generation. Idiot trust fund babies will carry on, for the others it will be survival of the fittest. The sugar babies will be able to survive in the meantime it seems.

Trainees Wanted said...

Well, Matthias is not MY hero. She only got away with what she said because she's a female. Had she been a man and posted that, she would have been flamed for days for her remarks.

But, she seems to limit her characterizations to women/girl students. The same situation exists with boy students at OM who never pay the condo payment (there's not one), never understand how the four wheel drive or BMW was paid for, enjoy the legacy frat life of whiskey and fine clothes, only pretended to have ever worked a day in their life and get jobs based on dad's 'recommendation' as soon as they graduates.

Not only do these whores live a high-life of entitlement, so do their mothers. Volvos, Land Rovers, tennis skirts, credit cards, lunch out every day, mom's day out three times a week and sleeping in on Sunday are the rewards for signing up to be a trophy wife. These OM girls are just in training, that's all.

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