Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Governor: School Buildings Remain Closed

Governor creates panel for economic recovery.

Governor Tate Reeves is holding a briefing on the Covid-19 virus right now.  The presser is streamed below.

* Created a panel of state's "top business minds" for state's business recovery. Joe Sanderson of Sanderson Farms will lead the group.

* School buildings will remain closed for the rest of the semester. Distance learning will continue. Schools must show they are using distance learning. The Governor said the "vast majority of students" are participating in online learning.

* State Health Officer Dr. Thomas Dobbs  said 154 patients are in ICU's but there are 310 open ICU beds and 638 open vents but there are 999 on vents right now.  Dr. Dobbs thinks we are at the peak of virus activity right now.

* Over 37,000 tests have been conducted in Mississippi.  Governor says the rate is 2.5 times that of South Korea. 


Anonymous said...

Economic task force = waiting to see what Louisiana, Tennessee and Alabama does and then piggy back off that 3-4 weeks later. That’s typical mississippi way.

Anonymous said...

What a snatch.
He should open all schools and all businesses.
We are gonna die of starvation!
He’s the worst
What a turd burglar
We need to call the man trump and get his ass in gear

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the Hoodists will decry the panel, but I think it's a great idea. I'm not heavy on Tate as a leader; however, any leader surrounds himself with competent advisors, managers and visionaries.

Libs step up in 3...2...1

Anonymous said...

No cap and gown for class of 2020. At least they’ll have their health, jeez.

Anonymous said...

Tate always wears a casual jacket with “Governor “ stitched on it. I guess it’s so people know who he is.

Anonymous said...

Really curious to find out whether the political leadership believes it is possible to get the economy back engaged while continuing to keep schools closed (meaning school aged kids who must remain at home).

Anonymous said...

All of that milk gone to waste.

Anonymous said...

Who gives a rat's ass about 'walking the graduation stage'? That takes a far back seat at this time. And what's the down side of 'school aged kids who must remain at home'? Big deal.

Open the schools and businesses....right...so you clowns in three months can criticize that decision? Go back to your stools at the pool room and order another Blue Ribbon Beer.

Anonymous said...

Tater TOT just destroyed the Mississippi economy!
Suck it up taxpayers! You elected for this meatball.
He's too chicken to make a hard decision.
Mississippi will be the last state to reopen. Mark my word!

Anonymous said...

The vast majority of the students are participating in online learning??? The MDE is feeding him just what they want him to know. My wife is a teacher in an rated A school district and an A rated school. She says that no more than 50% of her students are doing their assignments, so you can guess what percentage is participating in the C, D, and F rated districts.

Anonymous said...

He's doing the right thing.

We have a year or more before a vaccine. It's NOT going to be "bidness as usual" for a long time, and anyone bleating "let her rip" is a danger to both society and the economy.

Our death rate is higher than the US average, and considerably higher than Tenn and AL.

Not the time to go weak kneed and bow to the bankers and money grubbers who overextended themselves. They got helped out BIG TIME in the bills, with bailouts and tax breaks, yet again. So, don't reward the grasshoppers bleating "git back to work NOW!" Damn fools, both in business and personal lives.

Re opening too soon will just make it worse, in lives lost and dollars delayed.

Do things right, the harder right, instead of the easier and quicker wrong. Be a professional.

Anonymous said...

Arkansas has no shelter in place order.
Arkansas’s health department reported 1,226 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 24 deaths, as of Saturday 4/11/2020.
Mississippi has a shelter in place order by the Gov.
The total number of cases in Mississippi is 2,781. The virus has caused 96 deaths.

Conclusion: The shelter in place order is causing an increase COVID-19 cases.

Anonymous said...

Let me tell you how this recovery is going to go down. Joe Blo taxpayer is going to get $1200 fedbux printed from thin air. Then business interests from Hedge Funds to Disney Parks are going to get $2.5 Trillion borrowed from your 401k, your kids and grandkids. And dont forget the new surveillance measures we will submit to. In 10 years we will wonder why since we will all have a yearly flu season and a 'Rona Season.

Anonymous said...

I think the school districts should stop paying the teachers and start paying the parents that have no jobs but have to home school their children. They're the ones doing the jobs of the teachers.

Anonymous said...

@3:15 PM - "Tate always wears a casual jacket with “Governor “ stitched on it. I guess it’s so people know who he is." That is the best post of the day!

With leadership of the group of "top business minds", does that mean Reeves will recommend that we should start our own chicken farms?

Anon-E-Mouse said...

@400: Mardi Gras caused most of the cases on the coast. I even heard that the first case in AR was a result of an idiot going to Mardi Gras. Too many people from Louisiana are contaminating Mississippi.

TheClintonscantsuicideusall said...

Sheep, the end of the world is at hand. Baaahhhhhh

Anonymous said...

“Conclusion: The shelter in place order is causing an increase COVID-19 cases.”

More robberies occur at night.
Conclusion: The moon causes people to steal.

Two things can be loosely related but not cause one another.

Danger to Society said...

Let 'er rip!

Thanks Tate, you are such an economic, health and security GENIUS -- by designating my business as non-essential, you are destroying a business my family had built over three generations. We were in the middle of a huge expansion with 4 years of project pipeline, and now, because of your overreaction, my people are not able to come to work, and we will probably have to break a bunch of contracts and defend a bunch of lawsuits. Thanks!

And go ahead and make your snarky comments all you folks who've never signed the front of a paycheck. The people who work for me don't want handouts, they want to WORK!

If you are SICK stay home, let the rest of us put our people back to work.

Oh, and thanks 3:00 p.m. - I haven't heard turd burglar in years, thanks for the chuckle!

Anonymous said...

349, what's the problem? If your teacher wife is worth her salt, then she flunks the 50% that aren't doing their on-line work.

Then, they can follow the next step and do what kids that fail do - repeat the grade, or go to summer school (albeit, possibly on-line).

Same for all those others that you are so worried about.

Anonymous said...

4:00 - great statistic, and great analysis. Now, go check Oklahoma. No SIP order, and the same number of deaths as Mississippi. What's your explanation for that? Or like anybody else that tries to use numbers and statistics to prove a point - when they don't apply - do you not want to deal with the figures that don't support your position?

Anonymous said...

Big mistake. We should open all schools immediately.

Anonymous said...

Big time mistake by Reeves. He got duped by Dobbs into the statewide effort due to the debacle in Meridian and now he's only compounding the economic misery. Oh, and Hosemann, please sit down and STFU. You aren't the co-governor and your blabber, er, blather does nothing to ameliorate the problem.

Anonymous said...

6:01, A three-generation business with four year's worth of work in the pipeline is being destroyed by a 19-day shelter in place order in the middle of a public health crisis? Have your defense attorneys open a Black's and look up the term "force majeure." Assuming you didn't write your own contracts, they should have a clause somewhere in them that incorporates that term.

Anonymous said...

How about an order that we all gather, hug, kiss, rub, and cough on each other. Now, that I is freedom to be stupid.

Anonymous said...

Welp. My kid is gonna fail from now on out. I’ve actually had to teach him how to think and solve a problem. Comin along well at the moment. His butt is gonna end up redder than the pen his teachers drew their smiley faces. But, he’ll be better for it. I’ve been making my own curriculum too. In addition to his school work, he gets to learn about real history lessons. Not just the bullshit that the US government says he should know. Poor little Billy gone be learned up good by Fall.

Anonymous said...

@10:10 PM
Remember to teach him to hide his power level. You don't want him expelled from college or fired from every job for stating politically incorrect truths and inconvenient historical facts.

Anonymous said...

Here's all you need to know about Sanderson Farms: they never closed.

That tells you about Sanderson's mindset taking over this committee.

Anonymous said...

@10:10 Yasssss
Some of that super-‘woke’ curricula that only a true Mississippian could teach.

Anonymous said...

I like Tate's jacket better than the color assortment of MEMA windbreakers Feel Brant had a closet full of.

Had Enough said...

The next time a state or federal worker -- and yes, include the school teachers -- whines to me about being "under[aid" I am going to remind them that they don't ever get laid off and enjoy holidays and a retirement plan, health benefits and you name it. Meanwhile I have had to close my restaurant and furlough my people without pay. I am personally losing thousands each week maintaining my building and equipment, paying for electricity and the taxes keep going on despite being shut down by government edict. Hell, I would swap in a heartbeat for the security and perks they have.

Anonymous said...

@10:10, don’t take the beatings of your son too far. You seem to be a bit unstable and you don’t want to catch a felony child abuse or murder charge.

Danger to Society said...

@ 8:51, force majeure doesn't get my people paid and our component delivered to our customers, and by the time Tate decides to ease stay at home restrictions my customers will have gone to a manufacturer in another state whose governor understands how supply chain and business works. Our process takes less than 30 people, working at machines that are separated by over 10 feet. The closest they get to one another is when a part is passed from one station to the next (and I've already got that figured out). My people have come up with great ideas to eliminate congregating in break areas and restrooms and are ready to WORK!

In order to save my workers from financial devastation and my business from failing, I'm seriously considering violating the Governor's order and worrying about the legal consequences later.

Oh, and 8:51, please address me by my chosen name "Danger to Society."

Anonymous said...

"Created a panel of state's 'top business minds' for state's business recovery. Joe Sanderson of Sanderson Farms will lead the group."


And for his next tricks, the Tater Tot will create a panel of "top legal minds" led by Mike Randolph of the MSSC and a panel of "top investment minds" led by Brett Alexander of his living room and Lamar Adams of prison.

I can hear it now: "the best way for Mississippi to prosper is to let every chicken company based in Laurel and whose CEO's initials are JS use or do anything and hire anyone which will make them the most money. This is what President Trump would do and anything else would be what Bernie Sanders would do! These common-sense ideas are the only way Mississippi can survive! Of course, campaign donations all around!"

And if reports are accurate, John Hairston has also been invited to stick his nose into the trough as well.

Someone said...

"Mardi Gras caused most of the cases on the coast. I even heard that the first case in AR was a result of an idiot going to Mardi Gras."

She thought she heard somebody yell "SHOW YOUR TEETH!"

Anonymous said...

Until rapid testing and contact tracing is available and accurate going to school will never be the same, unless a vaccine is approved and readily available.
There are just as many kids with underlining health concerns as there are adults, just ask any school nurse.

Kingfish said...

Really? How many children have died because of Covid-19(2)?

Anonymous said...

There should be class action lawsuits against Bill Gates for his harmful model.

Anonymous said...

"Hell, I would swap in a heartbeat for the security and perks they have." April 15, 2020 at 6:13 AM

Then get off your keyboard, take some courses at JSU and put your application in. Unless you'd rather whine.

Anonymous said...

The ignorance and selfishness here is unfathomable, standouts being April 14 3pm, and 3:39pm. Add 6:55 and 8:45. You just FAILED Logic 101, 4pm. I'm in the same boat, 6:01, but your attitude is not helpful. No one could have planned for this. Be a leader. Failure is not eminent unless you lie down and whine and blame! 10:10, God help your children.

I did not vote for Tate, but he is doing a fine job. I have been pleasantly surprised. Not one of you, NOT ONE, could handle the job, much less during a pandemic and deadly storms during your early days in office. Face it, you are NON-ESSENTIAL.

Anonymous said...

Severe outcomes have been reported in children, including three deaths (data almost 2 weeks old). Just in the US.

Data from 149,760 laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 cases in the United States occurring during February 12–April 2, 2020 were analyzed. Among 149,082 (99.6%) reported cases for which age was known, 2,572 (1.7%) were among children aged <18 years. (So, we now, in a month, have 3 times that number of cases, so extrapolate)

So, 2572 children under 18 in the US before Apr 3.

Among all 2,572 COVID-19 cases in children aged <18 years, the median age was 11 years (range 0–17 years). Nearly one third of reported pediatric cases (813; 32%) occurred in children aged 15–17 years, followed by those in children aged 10–14 years (682; 27%). Among younger children, 398 (15%) occurred in children aged <1 year, 291 (11%) in children aged 1–4 years, and 388 (15%) in children aged 5–9 years.

So, what does that tell you? MANY children are having this, are asymptomatic in 25% or more of the cases, and are likely "Super Spreaders" as a result. Because Ma and Pa are ignorant and their kid is not dying or really sick, "t'ain't nuttin'." Why, I is tired of having the kids around. Y'all warehouse them in school!"

Just, Duh. This is why THEY might get the vaccine before adults. Just, THINK.

When it penetrates the pediatric population, it amplifies the outbreak. It has already. Thank God they closed the schools eventually.

So we are seeing the start of it, and putting them back in school for two weeks would simply be jumpstarting another outbreak. Say, like going ahead with Mardi Gras or Spring Break parties.


Kingfish said...

So all of THREE Kids. Three.

Anonymous said...

Kingfish - Just a few things to consider re: children dying from COVID-19:

1. It isn't that lots of children will die immediately (however, as of yesterday, 76 under-18 deaths have been reported in MS and I think all reasonable people would agree that any children dying is too many), but we are currently uncertain what long-lasting effects on health (if any) COVID-19 might cause in various age groups and other cohorts. At this point, needlessly exposing anyone, of any age, is simply not good public health policy.

2. Even if it were shown that kids generally only get mild cases with no long-lasting effects, schools are known to spread many illnesses both in the schools and among the general population, but in recent history, those illnesses have been relatively mild and with little or no long-term negative effects to anyone but in rare instances. Kids simply aren't as careful as adults about hygiene, even as lackadaisical as many adults are. COVID is another matter. Aside from not yet having a complete understanding of the virus or the illness, restarting schools is simply not worth the known or probable consequences or the risk of unknown consequences. And as an aside, many would not allow their kids to go back anyway, which would create a real mess in the education system on a variety of levels, not the least of would be having current students being at different levels of classroom time. All things being considered, Tate and his team have gotten this aspect right.

Anonymous said...

9:53 here - edit - 76 under-18 "cases" not "deaths."

Anonymous said...

@9:53 Stop it. You're now stretching to justify the shut down. Kids die in car accidents, they die from health problems, they die of cancer, they die just like everybody dies.

I understand that you are scared, but you are soft and people like you will make life extremely hard for everybody else. Start being a little more courageous. The impact of this virus was grossly overstated.

Kingfish said...

You can't restart the schools now although Taiwan found a way to do it.

The problem is there is no rapid testing available for full-scale deployment in a school system. Once there is, then you can test kids before the come to school and do some real contact tracing.

As for any child's dying is too many, that is not true from a statistical standpoint. Infectious diseases kill children. That is just a given. You don't shut down a nationwide school system over three deaths.

When we have a handle on the testing, there is a way to figure out how to get these kids back in school since the virus does not kill them. Dr. Osterholm said the same thing recently. That may mean sending home teachers and staff over a certain age.

Anonymous said...

Danger to Society @ 6:01

If it is that important, I would have never shut my business down. I would love to know of just one case where someone got fined or told they have to shut down or get fined because I have not heard of one, and I talk to a lot of people that own businesses. I would have kept rocking until told otherwise just being very cautious. With the broad spectrum of "essential businesses" listed in the order, surely you could identify with one of them.

Anonymous said...

"3 Kids," "All of 3 kids."

Dead kids.

Son, I bet the families of those 3 kids would like to share some love with you.

Maybe you've not had kids in ICU, or up at St. Jude's. Maybe you don't even have kids, and you just hate them.

But I bet your Mom would be ashamed of you saying something like that.

Kingfish said...

You know damn good and well what I meant.

So if 5 kids die of the flu, do we shut down all schools nationwide for a year? What if several die of meningitis? TB?

I said I was speaking on a statistical basis.

Anonymous said...

To Danger the Society: Your points are well taken. I was responding to what I perceived as hyperbole and maybe a little hysteria in your first post. I have no idea what I would do in your position.

My profession is classified "essential." Nonetheless, I have been able to work remotely for about the last 6 weeks, so I guess it's easy for me to sit back and try to call your shots from my home office.

-8:51 p.m.

Anonymous said...

We need to bring back a little “Mutual of Omaha Wild Kingdom” so everyone can relearn that life and death are facts and survival of the fittest applies even to the human race.

Anonymous said...

10:03AM - 9:53AM here. I had to show your post to my wife. I sincerely thank you. That was a very much welcome belly laugh. I really don't worry about what complete strangers think they know or understand about me, but if that's what you think you "understand" about me from that one post, you must live one interesting life.

I hate to be the bearer of more bad news for you, but those nice people that call you from "tech support" to help fix Windows - it's scam. And no, Winnie Mandela isn't really going to give you, "her sincere friend," "100$ MILLIONS USA DOLLARS!" if you help her sneak her money out of S. Africa...after you send her some "good-faith money."

Anonymous said...

Kingfish, what you and others may be failing to consider is that while children are statistically unlikely to suffer grave effects from COVID-19, they can and do acquire the virus and can spread it to others even if they are not showing symptoms. If the children return to school while the virus is still active at significant levels, that will lead to a resurgence in cases in the community. Schoolchildren do not live in isolation. They have older relatives at home, immunocompromised relatives at home, relatives with other pre-existing health conditions. Not to mention the teachers who either are at high risk or live with people who are at high risk. If the goal is to "flatten the curve" and keep it from spiking again, sending children back to school now would be foolish. The governor made the right call here.

Anonymous said...

Danger: Think of the lawsuits you'd be opening yourself up to if you ignored the shelter-in-place order, required your workers to come to work, and some of them or their family members got seriously ill or died as a result. None of us likes the current situation — not being able to work, not getting paid, fear for the future, etc, — but there are times we have to do what is best for society, not just what is best for ourselves. I am truly sorry for the hit your business is taking and the effect on you, your family, and your employees. However, if you can take a step back to reflect, wouldn't you agree life and health of both you and your fellow man outranks your financial well-being in a time of emergency such as this?

Anonymous said...

9:06 here I was really thinking along the same lines as 1:19.
I should have also emphasized that testing is going to be the key. Before the kid gets on the bus or enters the school if they are car riders at a minimum you will have to have tempurture checks.
Even then social distancing and hygiene will have to be worked out.
It will be especially challenging in the lower grades.

Anonymous said...

@1:24, NO. I'm not responsible for your health. Your health is none of my business and none of my concern. If you think we're going to sacrifice our financial well-being for your health then you better be ready to fight right now. Because I'll be damned if I'm draining my nest egg for your health. We don't owe you zip.

Danger to Society said...

@1:24, nice try, but its not just my financial wellbeing, its the financial future of 35 families (not including mine). All but six of my employees are exempt by virtue of their income from receiving a COVID handout and I've paid my employees out of my pocket since this bullshit started (do you have any idea how much it costs to pay the salaries of highly skilled machinists, professional engineers and material scientists with no revenue?). So I'm taking my lawyer's advice and hiring a retired nurse practitioner to help with onsite mitigation, and because our manufacturing process requires PPE much more substantial than what's being recommended for this Chinese Bio Weapon, our folks will be just fine. I spoke with all my people today, and if they're not comfortable coming to work or if they feel ill, they can stay home and still get paid, but we are cranking up our manufacturing floor on Monday. See you soon Tate.

Anonymous said...

I will be social distancing myself and wearing a mask for months. I will not be sitting in any restaurant or shopping in a crowded store for months. I have only one life, and I will try to stay alive at least until my children are self-sufficient. I am one of the "essential people" at my job, but we are distancing ourselves six feet from each other and six feet from the public who frequents our offices. I'm not listening to anybody but Dr. Fauci; not the governor, not the mayor, and definitely not Trump.

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