Saturday, September 7, 2019

The Commish Speaks on Veggie Burger Law

Ag Commish Andy Gipson issued the following statement. 

 “We are continuing our rule making process to enforce Mississippi’s law prohibiting plant-based, insect-based, or lab grown cell cultures from being labeled as ‘meat’ or a ‘meat food product.’ Since July, we’ve received comments and worked with interested parties to tighten up our original proposed rules. We’re pleased with these proposed rules, and once they are finalized, the Department will act to enforce the law and rules.”

“The law is constitutional and has not changed. The definitions of ‘meat’ and ‘meat food product’ have not changed. And our proposed rules continue to require these products have appropriate qualifiers. If we find potentially false or misleading products, we have the authority to investigate and act; and we will. Our proposed rules support the law and make it clear these products cannot be false or misleading and cannot be labeled as meat or as a meat food product, but must use the qualifiers set out in the regulations.”

“In July, when the State of Mississippi was sued over our law, I said it was unfortunate the plaintiffs resorted to litigation without reviewing our proposed rules, or offering comments to those proposed rules. Since that time, the plaintiffs and other parties have come to our table to offer comments and work through the routine rule making process. Contrary to what the plaintiffs have been saying, ‘veggie burgers’ have never been outlawed by the Mississippi law or proposed rules. I think the plaintiffs finally figured that out. There was no need for a federal lawsuit; the law is constitutional; and it is my understanding the plaintiffs plan to dismiss their own lawsuit against the law once the rules are finalized. It’s a shame the plaintiffs chose to waste taxpayer resources with a lawsuit rather than working through the normal public rule making process.”

“As from the beginning, we are going to enforce this constitutional law with common sense regulations to make sure Mississippi consumers know whether or not they are buying real meat.”


Anonymous said...

Mississippi loves to create a problem when none exists.

Anonymous said...

The fattest unhealthiest state in the Union is worried that healthy vegetable based products will be mislabeled. Great going hicks!

Anonymous said...

Mississippi. Does a term for redneck exist when you are a redneck on steroids?

Anonymous said...

Andy Gibson is the most redneck,hillbilly,boor,bumpkin,clodhopper,hayseed,rube,rustic,yokel,cornfed,country cousin,good old boy that walks on this earth beside Cindy Hyde Smith, & Phil Bryant. Go to any Walmart & see all the electric shopping cart that are running around with such sickening obese people it make you lose your urge for food.

Mississippi is totally LOST!!!!

Anonymous said...

Haha yeah Mississippi is so backward and dumb! The TV says so!

Meanwhile there is a huge leftist push to normalize eating bug protein and "impossible" meats in the name of fighting climate change. Who do you think will be making this sacrifice? It will be the plebs. Don't think for a second the 1% ruling class is going to eat bugs. Bugs don't meet religious dietary requirements of the ruling class.

Burke said...

Might have known that Pastor Gipson would keep finding new ways to keep us from being happy.

Anonymous said...

Great going hicks!

Why are you here? Seriously? Your little pea brain doesn't get enough stimulation in that miserable existence you occupy?

If you are here in Mississippi when our next civil tribulation breaks out we will kindly oblige and make sure you are first in line.

Anonymous said...

"The fattest unhealthiest state in the Union is worried that healthy vegetable based products will be mislabeled."

I think you'll find that things like "veggie burgers" are not more (or less) "healthy" than lean meat burgers. There may be some tertiary environmental benefits to them, but eating them rather than meat burgers won't have any marked effect on the general health of the population of Mississippi or any other state. As to the specific issue of mislabeling, I wonder what the reaction would have been if any company sought to label a food with any animal product(s) at all in it as "vegetarian" or "vegan."

Anonymous said...

We are a bunch of laughingstock, redneck, country ass stupid phucks, that clearly don't get out much. Hence, redneck elected officials like Philbilly and the Tot. I am so blessed to have left that shit hole state a few years ago.

Anonymous said...

I get why vegans don't like meat.

But can someone explain why they want to turn perfectly good vegetables into something that 'looks' like meat ?

That's the part I can't understand.

No matter how hard they try, a head of lettuce and some soy flour will never be the same as a big ole
grass feed 'medium rare' ribeye.

coffee and cornbread said...

so, let me get this right.

The Ag Commish is trying to make sure our food is labeled correctly and everyone here thinks is because he/we are rednecks.


Anonymous said...

To 1:37

I feel for you and that is hard to do especially since you are such an uninformed person. Everyone that has extra weight and rides on those carts in stores is not overweight because they want to be. A lot of us have health problems that keep us from exercise and that will cause weight gain. Muscle problems like MS will cause weight gain with the lack of exercise. Some folks take meds that will add weight just by taking them you know like Prednisone. It keeps them free from body inflamation.

Yes some people just simply eat to much and unhealthy food but not everyone as you imply. Next time you go to the store and see someone riding in one of those motorized carts just say a prayer and be thankful you can walk, exercise, and have a normal healthy life. Thats my prayer nightly for me and other that suffer every day from pain and problems that keep us from doing all the thing you do.

Anonymous said...

I don’t get the hate. This is a truth in labeling issue, NOT a ban on veggie burgers. I guess some folks can’t pass up a chance to criticize to make them feel better about themselves.

Anonymous said...

Don't think for a second the 1% ruling class is going to eat bugs. Bugs don't meet religious dietary requirements of the ruling class

No, bugs aren't kosher, you antisemite.

Pro climate change Nazi!

Anonymous said...

Mississippi. Does a term for redneck exist when you are a redneck on steroids?

Memphis Bearshark?

Anonymous said...

We feel blessed you did as well.

Anonymous said...

I’m so glad Cowboy Preacher Phillips is addressing serious agricultural issues.

Yuck It Up Commish.. said...

I lost respect for him when he appeared before a professional body of uniformed military engineers and officials with the Mississippi River Commission and did not take off that damned cowboy hat. There he stood, like a clown, speaking to six or seven professionals at a table, with an audience, wearing a business suit and a ten gallon hat.

Would we rather our Agriculture and Commerce Commissioner be remembered by this panel as a professional who made a well organized, educated appeal....or a Hoss Cartwright in a cowboy hat trying to act like Jerry Clower? The latter is exactly how he will be remembered by that body.

Anonymous said...

2:47 PM - Eating more calories than you burn causes 95 % of all obesity.
If you can't move because of pain consume less calories. It that simple.
I enjoy good fried fish, chicken, fried anything as well as the next person.
However, I was taught young not to abuse anything smoking, vaping, booze, opoides & eating. I blame no one, no job, no upbringing or disease conditions, or make excuses to abuse anything. Your mind is in control of your body. Use it to live a healthy life. Or you will continue to spiral downhill into a early grave.

Anonymous said...

According to the Mississippi State (out state agricultural university) website, soybeans are the #1 row crop in Mississippi, and the #3 agricultural commodity, behind poultry and forestry.

Mississippi farmers would revolt if the Commissioner of Agriculture & Commerce attempted to outlaw soy-based food products, such as veggie burgers. That would be like outlawing cornbread in Nebraska.

If anything, said burgers should be labeled "made from Mississippi-grown soybeans," like we do for the catfish farmers. Personally, I don't eat veggie burgers, but to those who do, you're welcome. -on behalf of Mississippi farmers.

Anonymous said...

2:47... The only thing that causes weight gain from fat is excess calories. Taking in more than is burned.Prednisone tablets do not cause fat gain unless you swallowing them with gravy.

Ophelia said...

As someone who has not eaten meat for about half my life now, I certainly approve having things accurately labeled; if an innocent soy- based product had the word “meat” anywhere on it (even something as relatively clear as “meat substitute”) I might pass it by. But, that said, I heartily agree with the commenter above who wonders why vegetarians/vegans even want or need “faux meat.” With all the delicious, plant-based foods available, why pretend with a Not-a-Burger? When we grill out, or are invited to a cookout, I provide my own fresh portabella! Rubbed with a bit of good olive oil and sea salt, seared for a very few minutes until juicy, then put on a bun with all the fixings—fabulous, and no label to read!

Anonymous said...

7:30 am People can gain weight for many reasons unrelated to eating or exercise.
Here are just a few:
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
Gastroesophageal Reflux and Irritable Bowel
Gestational Diabetes
Anxiety Disorder
Persistent depression
Cushion's disease
Ovarian tumors
Various physical problems that result in joint pain

I could also list the multitude of medications for other diseases that cause, stated on the list of effects the pharmacy gives, "undeserved weight gain".

I find humans who lack imagination, empathy, and the intellectual curiosity to seek information before they judge others are inferior to humans who embody those traits, regardless of their exterior appearance.

Anonymous said...

Prednisone is known to cause weight gain as a side effect, sometimes tremendously. It is one of the few drugs that can significantly change one's metabolism, even if the caloric intake is unchanged.

You wouldn't last two days as my intern.

Anonymous said...

Andy Gipson is a right wing religious totalitarian. Anti-vaxx. Guns in stadiums. He annoyed Phil Bryant to the point they had to get him out of the legislature, causing him to don a goofy hat and take on the persona of a simple farmer. Guy even lived in a cabin without electricity or running water during law school. He’s just plain weird, but he’s a reflection of his supporters.

Anonymous said...

You cannot create fat without excess calories. It's simple thermodynamics. I don't care what medications you take I don't care what disease is purport to have. Only one thing and one thing alone causes fat. Excessive intake of calories.

Anonymous said...


You are being simplistically ignorant. Excess calories are NOT the lone cause of obesity.

And you can, most certainly, create fat without excess calories. It is a natural process of animals. Excess fat / obesity is not some simple formula of excess caloric intake vs minimum caloric burn in the majority of patients.

Anonymous said...

I guess all you people that feel free to insult the Ag Commish must not have watched CBS Sunday Morning this morning. You know, that extremely left wing preach-a-thon.
The had an in-depth story about Sweden, that bastion of Socialism, banning producers from labeling plant based products as "milk". Their reason? It ain't milk!!
Any of ya'll going to bash them for that? Anybody???

Anonymous said...

Mississippi for the love of God please vote this guy out! Rickey Cole probably has better sense.
Isn’t this the guns in church guy? Idiot.

Asking For A Fake Friend said...

What's wrong with 'guns in church'. Every church ought to have armed appointees stationed throughout the facility.

I have a question for Ophelia, the portabella woman: While you disdain the fake-meat crowd and you show up at a private grilling event in the Belhaven District, with your mushroom and olive oil in tow, why do you also bring along a six pack of UNreal beer? Do you also bring something that is not, but looks like a spatula?

Ophelia said...

Yes, yes, you sensitive people, of course it is possible to be fat without overeating, but overeating IS rampant here in the fattest state. However, obesity is not what this thread was started about. Something about labeling, as I recall. I’ll have to scroll way back and see what the original KERFUFFLE was!

Anonymous said...

Is kerfuffle made from soybeans? Kind of like Mississippi falafel?

Ophelia said...

Thank you for asking, Fake Friend at 7:14. I never said I “disdained” faux meat, just that it seems unnecessary. As for faux beer and wine, these may have a real *raison d’etre* for alcoholics, so I’d put those in another category. (Although, I suppose one could argue that, if something is bad for you, you are teasing Fate by dallying with a pretend version).

If you are the same gentleman who made the joke about “Mississippi falafel,” well done. That was pretty cute.

Anonymous said...

7:14 is a different guy. i’m the one who noted that soybeans are the #1 row crop in Ms;


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