Saturday, September 14, 2019

Tate Fires Back at Hood

Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves issued the following statement and video response to Attorney General Jim Hood.

Yesterday, Democrat Jim Hood abused his office as Attorney General to perform a political stunt that has been a year in the making. Just 6 weeks before voting begins, Hood released a factually inaccurate and deceptive report smearing Tate Reeves—a trick so dirty that it would make James Comey and Hillary Clinton proud.

Today, Tate Reeves' campaign released a response video from people with actual knowledge of the events debunking Hood's false and wild charges.

The video features Flowood Mayor Gary Rhoads, Central District Transportation Commissioner Dick Hall, and Dogwood Homeowners Association President Gary Herring. Each of them has stated publicly for more than a year that they were the driving forces behind the project and that Tate Reeves was not involved. Hood's report ignored them all because he was not interested in the truth. In fact, Hood made no effort to interview Tate Reeves, Mayor Rhoads, or Senator Josh Harkins, who also owned property in the neighborhood, for his sham investigation.

Hood's involvement in and mishandling of the report raise serious ethical concerns about Hood’s willingness to abuse his office for his own political gain. These are facts that Jim Hood must address:

1. Jim Hood held and personally rewrote his report for over a year, waiting until the closing days of the election. This is a political document, and Hood admitted he was releasing it for “the voters” — an acknowledgment of the report’s electoral motivation.

2. Jim Hood did not interview Tate Reeves or any member of his staff. He provided no opportunity for the people he was accusing to rebut his accusations in person. Jim Hood did not want to know the truth, so he did not ask the question.

3. Jim Hood’s accusations rest on the word of Michael Arnemann, who is currently the lobbyist for the Asphalt PAC, the lead fundraising arm of Tate Reeves’ primary political opponent.

4. Hood’s “facts” are deliberately wrong. Hood deceptively mixes discussion of the widening of Lakeland Drive with the proposed creation of a Frontage Road. These are separate and distinct projects. The Lieutenant Governor publicly and proudly supported the widening of Lakeland Drive but did not instigate, or push, the Frontage Road. At no time did Director McGrath “provide updates” to Tate Reeves on the Frontage Road, as is alleged on P. 26.

5. Hood’s basic terms are inaccurate when he discusses “Phase 1” and “Phase 2”. Phase 2 does not refer to the Frontage Road, but to a section of Lakeland Drive. This was widely understood at the time and can be confirmed by many people with knowledge of the discussions. In fact, the Clarion-Ledger contemporaneously reported that Phase 1 and Phase 2 referred to sections of the widening project.

6. Hood did not seek to interview Mayor Gary Rhoads, the person who negotiated the agreement for the proposal with MDOT, who states clearly Tate Reeves was uninvolved in the project.

7. Hood did not seek to interview Sen. Josh Harkins, who is a property owner in the neighborhood and legislator in the body accused of exerting influence, and a person named in the report.

8. Hood’s report claims 10 people were interviewed but does not delineate any results of the interviews with anyone but Melinda McGrath. Hood should release full transcripts of all ten interviews in the interest of transparency.

9. Hood’s report directly contradicts the words on television of Transportation Commissioner Dick Hall. On p. 28, Hood’s report says “Nor did the Mississippi Transportation Commission and the Mississippi Department of Transportation have any plans to study, plan or construct a frontage road to the private drive to Oakridge Subdivision to a municipal street.” Hall told WLBT over a year ago: “I’m the guy who thought it needed building because of safety reasons.”

10. Hood’s report fails to mention the leadership involvement of the Dogwood subdivision Homeowners’ Association in the project, which pre-dated any knowledge of the project by the Oakridge subdivision homeowners’ association.

Questions that must be answered:

Will Jim Hood release the full transcripts behind the report? What possible explanation could he have for hiding them—other than the fact that they would dispute his characterization of the events?

Why did Jim Hood ignore key players—Mayor Rhoads, Sen. Harkins, Tate Reeves, and his staff—if not to prevent a fair set of facts from being developed?

Why does Hood falsely conflate the widening of Lakeland Drive and the frontage road project?

What discussions has Hood had with the Asphalt PAC or their lobbyist Michael Arnemann about this report and/or coordinated campaign activity and donations?

Did Hood ever discuss the timing or substance of this report with campaign personnel? Were they aware of the status of the project? Has he ever consulted them for advice on it? Does Hood plan to use these allegations in campaign materials?


Anonymous said...

I’ve yet to hear one thing that Tate is in favor of—only what he’s against. At that I’ll begin considering voting for him.

Anonymous said...

The expression "Hood winked" clearly describes Hood's disgusting campaign tactics.

A vote for Hood is a vote for unconstitutional gun control. Don't believe this? Elect him and you will find out, but too late.

Anonymous said...

Hate to say it, but one of these candidates is not telling the truth ....

Anonymous said...

GREAT ad by Tate!!

Anonymous said...

Read the report from the Attorney General's Office, embedded in this news article.

The emails from members of the Lieutenant Governor's staff show Reeves' direct involvement. It would great to have Mayor Rhoads cross examined by reading him these emails.

Anonymous said...

Wink, Wink!

Anonymous said...

Im no Tate guy, but man Hood is hard to vote for. Ill pull the lever for Tate.

Anonymous said...

Looks like KF is in the tank for Tater. How does it feel carrying Tater Tot’s water Mr. Fish? You are no independent wanna be journalist; just another political hack for the Barbour machine. #GTHKF

Anonymous said...

You’re probably for Tate if you aren’t poor, not a school teacher, have healthcare, already completed your education or have no mental health treatment concerns (including and especially addictions). Everybody else should vote for Jim Hood.

Anonymous said...

Wrong 12:30
Neither one of them are telling the truth. They are both politicians and will say or do anything to get a vote. Dont vote for either of them if you want somebody with honesty and integrity, its not there! Pick an issue that really matters to you, research the liars on that issue, and vote accordingly. We, the people, are srewed either way.

Anonymous said...

Hasn't Tate used his office to punish political opponents? Asking for a friend.

Anonymous said...

I just wish we had a decent candidate to choose from; why do we always end up in this position?

Anonymous said...

The problem I have with this is Tate told the public that their were no email correspondence between his office and Mdot Tate must explain why he lied to the taxpayers of Mississippi. The report proves the fact that he flat out lied to the public and is still lying about it.

Anonymous said...

The lady (Tate) doth protest too much, methinks.

Anonymous said...

This is crap KF. Didn’t realize you were pulling for corrupt repubs.

Anonymous said...

Tate is a crook and Hood is a democrat... good job voters... had a chance but we messed it up

Anonymous said...

Sounds like it's time to change Tater's diaper.

Anonymous said...

I've been at the range when Jim Hood was punching paper. He is the states lead Law Enforcer. He knows his way around firearms. He has made no statements against private gun ownership.

I actually question if Tate Reeves possesses the fortitude to fire a weapon.

The current President of the USA has voiced his support for comprehensive gun control. Trump has signed more restrictions on the second amendment than President Obama. If i were you i would concern myself more with federal gun control.

It is President Trump himself, not Jim Hood, who said "Take the guns first" and he has never retracted it.

Anonymous said...

Tate passed HB1523. He has not credibility as a defender of the constitution. If he can destroy the First Amendment, he can just as easily do so to the Second. Think he won’t do it? Just look at Trump and McConnell caving on gun control. Remember, Tate has pledged fealty to Lord Orange.

Anonymous said...

Eat shit KF. Can’t stand your love affair with Lady Tater

Anonymous said...

I’m not a robot

Anonymous said...

Tate is getting desperate and it is only September. It might be because of all of those Hood signs popping up in the yards in GOP neighborhoods.

Anonymous said...

Read the emails and documented meeting minutes and telephone calls. and Reeves response that their are no emails or other documents.

Retired LEO Supervisor said...

Y'all Hood lovers, it's not that he doesn't like guns, but there are different rules for the left wingers.

Oh, and this has nothing to do with Trump, etc. That's just your typical libtard "straw man" distraction.

Hood would undoubtably fall in line with the beltway anti-bill of RIGHTS democrat crowd and implement the so-called "red flag" laws in MS. For those of you who haven't caught up yet, those are the unconstitutional no due process seizures of private firearms that seem to be popular in blue states.

You see, this version of "doing something" is much easier and garners more headlines than addressing the real issue, and that is mental health. But (re)opening mental hospitals would cost money and take money away from their pork barrels.

But 11:50, nice try with deflecting the truth and vomiting the boiler plate left wing rhetoric. Bless your heart, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

From my cold dead fingers...

And no, I don't belong to the corrupt NRA.

Anonymous said...

I see nothing wrong with spending millions of someone’s else’s money to run for a public office that pays less the $150,000 a year. I see nothing wrong with making back deals and racking in millions in payback for favors done while in office. I see nothing wrong with being Governor of this Great State! What I see wrong is that we really don’t have good choices to elect and move this State forward. Neither one of the gentleman running for Gov are going to do nothing, but help themselves, their supporters and friends. And all we are going to get out of this election is a freaking headache and high blood pressure. They ain’t gonna do shit!!! But I can tell you one thing, this whole election is humorous and good for viewing.
Oh, hell I my run the next election cycle! I won’t do shit either!!! One thing for sure that PERS high 4 would look good on my retirement check!

Anonymous said...

This is an election where you dont vote for someone, just have to vote against...Hood

Kingfish said...

Wow. All I did was post a press release and video issued by Tate Reeves. Just as I posted a press release by Jim Hood a few days ago.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to The Fish for posting the garbage accusing him of bagging it for Tater. The Hood-Winkers are out in force. Actually, The Fish lives in The Fondren and has a 'Kingfish For Gubnah' sign in his yard, albeit the back-yard.

Anonymous said...

Kingfish, I think now would be an excellent time to repost your stories about Tate’s role in that frontage road to his neighborhood!

Anonymous said...

Question: Did the frontage road/drive get finished? If not, why not; considering it was as needed and justified as all in this advertisement suggest? If it didn’t get finished after it was brought to the attention of the public, what stopped it? I am inviting responses. Someone help me out with this. If it was necessary and above board, the project survived public scrutiny and was finished, correct? Or?

Anonymous said...

KF, thou art scum. Used to think you were an independent calling the shots as you see them but no. You now appear bought and paid for by MSGOP. What were you paid to post that republican propaganda?

TheClintonscantsuicideusall said...

Hood doing what Queen Barb and Prince Edward told him to do. Has worked well in the past.

Kingfish said...

I posted the Clarion-Ledger stories and the responses when they occurred.

Earlier post


As for the scumbag at 9:13 AM today, I flat out stated at the beginning of the post it was a press release from Tate Reeves. Did you accuse me of being bought and paid for by Hood when I posted his press release? Scumbag thou art.

Anonymous said...

A couple of observations about the content of the post:

1. When I read the post, it did take me a second to realize it was the entire release being posted without commentary. I've noticed a similar issue with some (but not all) similar JJ posts: the start and end of fully-quoted release is not clearly indicated. Perhaps putting the entire release between quotes, in italics (rather than the intro paragraph), indenting from the introductory paragraph, leave the "end of release" ("xxx," "-30-") marker, etc. might help readers clearly determine the release from JJ-added commentary, if any. But hey, your site, your rules.

2. From what I have seen, JJ was the only outlet that published the entire release, with or without commentary. The CL and others quoted passages within an article about Reeves responding to Hood's release of the report.

An observation about Reeves' response:

I found it interesting and telling that it did not mention much less address the e-mails published in the report. The use of the phrase, "The Lieutenant Governor publicly and proudly supported the widening of Lakeland Drive but did not instigate, or push, the Frontage Road" could come back to haunt Reeves' campaign. Reeves is likely safe on the "did not instigate" claim, but the "did not push" claim appears to irreconcilable misalignment with the truth.

Anonymous said...

I would elect the Democrat candidate, it's working pretty good in Louisiana, their rainy day fund is fully funded, roads are being built and upgraded. Plus they have a 400million dollar surplus.

Anonymous said...

@9:13 AM doth protest too much. The truth hurts - because it should, and it will set you free.

Kingfish said...

Not my fault people only read headlines.

The comments were left open because it's a news story. Comments are always turned off for sponsors unless they specifically state otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps putting the entire release between quotes, in italics (rather than the intro paragraph), indenting from the introductory paragraph, leave the "end of release" ("xxx," "-30-") marker, etc. might help readers clearly determine the release from JJ-added commentary, if any.

Perhaps you grow a set and start your own gig. Seriously, all you habitual complainers need to get off your asses and compete in the marketplace instead of burdening all the other readers here with your continual bitching about total bullshit.

The dude has been running this business for well over a decade NOW and if you can't figure out his template, formatting and style by now THEN THAT IS COMPLETELY ON YOU.

Y'all are PATHETIC. ShUT UP already.

Anonymous said...

9:13- What a weenie. Do you call the newspaper and tell them what to write/report too?

Anonymous said...

What is with all the ass kissing the local elected officials on the coast are doing? All the local mayors and a few other ass kissers falling all over themselves talking about how Tate sent the money needed after Katrina. As if Tate wrote the check and wasn't using our own funds.

Anyways, my guess is that Tate has told all the coast officials that if they want any favors or any of the BP money they will suck up to him.

Anonymous said...

settle DOWN, francis...

Anonymous said...

KF, you have a paid advertisement from Tater Tot on your blog. You are bought and paid for by the repubs! Just keep taking their money and keep pretending you are independent!

Kingfish said...

So what? Hood campaign is more than welcome to buy ad space on this site. JJ don't discriminate when it comes to customer. It only discriminates against trolls such as yourself. Now get lost.

Anonymous said...

Can someone explain why, if this road was so necessary and on the up and up, it wasn’t built? What makes this so shady is the fact that once the public got wind of it, it was quickly shut down. Can someone explain that? KF?

Anonymous said...

I guess no one has an answer to why, if this project was all that these people say it was, that it got nixed as soon as the public got wind of it. That is the worry for me. Projects come under scrutiny all the time, but justification is presented and the project, if is truly necessary and not some back room deal, and it is finished. That didn’t happen here. Why not? Why aren’t journalists willing to ask that question?

Anonymous said...

This is some bullshit and the folks behind it all knows it”

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