Monday, September 30, 2019

Tonight on The Factor

Not yet tired of Trump? Bill O'Reilly takes on the whole impeachment mess in his latest Youtube show.  Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

He’s alive? Wow

Anonymous said...

So is there anything this president can say that can't be excused by his legion of cleansers. No wonder he's so damn arrogant as to personally shake- down a foreign government. I don't doubt this kind of stuff happens in foreign affairs all the time, but I have to believe that even John Gotti or Al Capone would let some underboss or hired mouthpeice handle this kind of dirty work. Not Trump. There's damn near nothing he won't say. Impeach or not we should all be concerned about this man's state of mind!

Anonymous said...

O'Reilly has fallen from the top of the mountain of success to a homemade studio in the spare bedroom of his double wide.

Anonymous said...

You mean like how Joe Biden extorted the Ukraine government and then bragged about it? If you read the memo of the call, Trump did no such thing, he merely asked that a treaty relating to corruption be enforced. As inartful as Trumps words might have been, it never even approached what Biden himself, or Hillary’s goons did.

Anonymous said...

I voted for Trump. I’ll likely do it again if nothing better presents itself. I don’t like his tactics, but his results are a thing to behold. Tax cuts, China and other unfriendly regimes finally being called in the carpet, the alphabet community being tempered, getting troops outta Afghanistan, Oh, and he’s destroying the far left dems taking over the party. Now, if we could just balance the budget....

Anonymous said...

It's unbelievable that the 'Trump Haters' see anything in that conversation that could be construed as 'strong armed', much less illegal or unethical. If Trump had merely said, "Congratulations on your win; Let's go to church together sometime", you haters would find something to bitch about and would stomp around claiming 'separation of church and state'.


Anonymous said...

Trump is doing what he promised. He is exposing the swamp (Dem and Rep) for what it is. It is organized crime, and both sides are stirred up like a hornets nest to protect their crime family. If you don't believe me, just sit and watch. All hands are dirty here. All presidents in modern day could have been impeached if the dirt were exposed.

Anonymous said...

President Trump asked for corruption to be investigated. Trump is fighting corruption. He is the good guy.

Anonymous said...

Trump is a crook who only cares about himself. He is dumb, lazy, and an unstable trashy mess. The swamp is overflowing with no relief in sight.

Anonymous said...

Many, you people have been gaslit to hell. Turn off the Fox News. It rots your brains. Excited about the tax cuts? Really? Look at the deficits we're running. This is totally unsustainable.

Anonymous said...

Trump is not a good guy. He is dangerous. He is an embarrassment. He is a liar.

Anonymous said...

O'Reilly makes more on a bad day than you probably make in a year. Go back to watching Rachel Maddow.

StarRider said...

Collusion, obstruction, sexual predator, emoluments clause, which is it this week? So much BS I can't quite keep up with it all. Too many lose sight of the fact that the only other choice was Hillary, who clearly should be in prison by now. Even if her private email use was without any criminal intent (guffaws) the destruction that followed was just blatant obstruction. Soooo, I'm not a fan of Trump personally, by any means, but no matter how it turns out I'm perfectly comfortable with the fact that I voted for him. And unless some miracle challenger comes out of the woodwork will vote for him again.

Anonymous said...

Democrat internal polling is showing Trump has all but won the kitchen table issues such as increasing low skill wages, damn near full employment, low inflation, cheap gas, low mortgage rates, tax cuts, etc. There is absolutely nothing left to run on. Climate Change? WTF?! So what do you do? Hold impeachment hearings up to and during the election, creating their own false narrative they can repeat over and over again.

Anonymous said...

6:19 am and 6:22 am Both of you are either ignoring or are ignorant of the time lime and existing law.

Congressionally approved needed aid to the Ukraine were , without explanation, put on hold solely by Trump before this call. That is what the " Javelin" reference means.

Biden was not running for President and his son was not on the Ukrainian gas board when Biden was in Ukraine. Further, Biden was dealing with a corrupt regime and our NATO allies agreed. Trump is talking to the freely elected President of Ukraine who is fighting Russian aggression. He has declared his intention to run for the Presidency and so has Biden. If Biden wasn't running, this call would be petty but not criminal.

Republicans were justly incensed when the Clinton DOJ opined that a sitting President couldn't be indicted or charged. Now they are all for it? You aspire to be as corrupt as those you accuse of corruption?

Some of us Republicans who are benefitting from Trump policy see this conversation as impeachable on it merits alone. It's against the law to get anything of value to your election or re-election from a foreign government. The FBI can,but the candidate cannot and cannot use his power to force the FBI to investigate his opponents. Obama was NOT running for re-election when the initial Russian investigation started and he did NOT release that a probe was taking place during the election or that members of the Trump campaign were being investigated.

It's not a coup when your party remains in power.

Trump should rejoice and co-operate with any and all investigations knowing that will clear his name and he would want anyone violating the law in his administration to face consequences.

Anonymous said...

The " witch hunt" and "civil war" tweets are very disturbing to this Republican.

Only those in power can burn a witch at the stake with only the court of public opinion . And why would a civil war be necessary if Pence took office. Do those planning to raise arms want a dictator and one party system of government?

Trump's lack of ability to control his emotions and anger make me more than a little worried that he is carrying the nuclear football and what he would do with it on the unlikely chance the Senate did vote to remove him from office.

All this is O'Reilly nonsense is as " real" as the RNC's letter to me that I've been " recommended to be a Commissioner" in my district for a Republican " Census" and by the way, I should send money.

If we don't want to look like a criminal enterprise, we shouldn't be using the methods of crooks!

Anonymous said...

its high time the second amendment be used to defend the citizens of this country

Anonymous said...

To all of you Trump apologists, he just tweeted “ congratulations” to the Chinese people on the 70 th anniversary of Communist rule in that country. Are you really that stupid?

Anonymous said...

10:40 am. yes they are, sadly.

I've encountered enough Trump apologists over the last 3 years that I'm convinced they really would still support him if he shot someone in cold blood in broad daylight on Fifth Avenue, especially a *liberal*.

Anonymous said...

America is doing the best it has ever done in 50 years. Full employment, the average hourly wage eclipsed $26.00. Females, blacks and every other group is at the lowest unemployment ever. China is teetering. Energy production is in the best condition ever. There are 1.2 million skilled labor jobs open. Yet some people are worried that Trump asked a foreign leader to investigate blatant corruption. The only people that are not better off under Trump are those who believed in and became dependent on the liberal welfare state. That is a difficult plantation to escape. Trump propped the gate open and opportunity awaits the wards of the state that can break free from the chains of entitlements, lowered expectations, and government dependency.

Trump is doing all he can to stem the tide of illegal invaders that destroy the chance for American poor to get fairly paid stepping stone jobs.

Blacks have benefited more than any group under trump. That petrifies liberals. They need to keep them dependent. Prison reform took trump to put into play. #blexit

Now for all the triggered that mainline the countless “ orange man bad”
Storylines- you are being scammed. Put Trump out of your mind, take off the victim suit and go take advantage of the opportunity out there. It might be a tough journey but you can move up in life if you disregard all liberal propaganda

Anonymous said...

11:25 Exactly. Just close your eyes (and your ears) and enjoy the ride! Is that so hard?

Anonymous said...

@11:25 is a race baiter, just like his/her hero Trump. The notion that “liberals” want to keep blacks dependent on government is beyond ignorant. But we can’t expect more from the Trump apologists.

Anonymous said...

Over 300 people at Bayou Steel in Louisiana are losing their jobs because of Trump's Tarriffs. Go tell them how great the economy is.

Anonymous said...

It is beyond insane to excuse Trump’s clear abuse of power because others have done the same. If the DOJ and/or FBI can develop proof that Obama, Biden, Clinton, et al. violated the law or their oaths to our country, punish them as well. And keep foreign governments out of the process.

Anonymous said...

8:45 And the Democrats just keep putting words in Trumps's mouth. The statements he makes routinely have no effect since he is "the donald" and
we can excuse anything if the economy is rolling. If this fool does something really stupid, history is going to judge us very harshly because he gave us sooooo many warnings....

Anybody but Hillary said...

11:17. Thats not entirely true. It would depend on who the”liberal” was.

Anonymous said...

But, we could have had the yellow-pant suited big bird in the Oval, now couldn't we? You haters might as well go ahead and check into rehab...You got four more years of it.

Anonymous said...

I really doubt that many people outside the south will vote for Trump. People like him and Tater are the reason people leave states like Mississippi.

Anonymous said...

Trump is certainly not perfect, but when you look at the pitiful line up of Democrats who will absolutely ruin the economy if even a quarter of their wacky ideas were enacted, and who would appoint judges who would run roughshod over the Constitution, we are left with no reasonable alternative. For trying to restore some sanity to the judiciary, alone, he deserves reelection.

As far as whether people outside the south will vote for Trump, look at the 2016 map. Since the Dems are not offering a sane choice, I expect the 2020 map to look a lot like the 2016 map. I predict that Fauxcahintas will win the nomination but lose the election. She is actually far more dangerous than Trump.

Anonymous said...

THIS, from October 1 @ 12:41: @11:25 is a race baiter, just like his/her hero Trump. The notion that “liberals” want to keep blacks dependent on government is beyond ignorant. But we can’t expect more from the Trump apologists."

Actually 11:25 is NOT a race baiter and is not 'beyond ignorant'. What he posted (and you affirmed) has been the precise case since LBJ said in 1964, "I'll have the Negroes voting democrat for a hundred years". LBJ put black folk on the plantation on purpose. Some have escaped. Many need to. Most don't know how. Too many prefer not to.

(I cleaned LBJ's comment up a bit.)

Anonymous said...

You forget the rest of the country is not as dumb. They see that Trump is causing more harm than good. Jobs are declining so are worker protections and pay. The tax cuts only helped the wealthy. Health Care is harder to get. Most of all our debt has double since 2016.
He loses a 100 white women Everytime he opens his mouth.

Anonymous said...

Why do we talk about the President so much. Just vote every four years and spend the rest of the time worrying about yourself. Build more marketable skills and help other people. Don’t understand the craziness!

Anonymous said...

5:46 I suppose in 1964 Blacks should have aligned themselves with Barry Goldwater or George Wallace or maybe even Ross Barnett instead of LBJ. Life is about choices and alternatives. Like Trump and Hillary. Or is that only for whites?

Anonymous said...

Since Trump Took Office

More Americans are:
- Lacking health insurance coverage (about 3M more ppl and rising)
- Paying MORE for gas (about 12% more)

The Economy:
- Yearly GDP is no better than Obama in 2015, actually down for 2019 from 2018 (thanks, tax cuts)
- Average monthly job gains are also no better than Obama
- US Quarterly growth in fixed business investment is contracting

US Debt:
- Up 3.1% of GDP in 2.5 Years

Anonymous said...

6:15, apparently you don’t care to deal with facts. The tax cuts benefited far more than the wealthy. Just check out the data on who benefited. Can you cite some factual basis for your statement on taxes? Unemployment has declined markedly during the time Trump has been in office. Lower paid workers have benefited the most in terms of percentage increase in wages. Black unemployment is at record lows.
Democrat proposals for health care will have unintended consequences. When doctors are paid for all patients at Medicare rates, what do you think will happen to the number of young people going into the medical field? How many current doctors will retire early, not being willing to take the kind of pay cuts they will face and even more bureaucracy? We will soon experience a shortage of doctors. They may be free to you, if you can get an appointment. How do you think hospitals will afford expensive new equipment? Free health care sounds great, but when you did into what will happen to our health care system, it doesn’t sound so good. It will ultimately result in poorer quality and rationing. Don’t look to Europe or even Canada for how it will work here. You can’t just copy institutions from other cultures and expect things to work the same way. That is not how things work.

As far as the rest of the country being dumb, looks like to me supporting Warren, Biden, Sanders, et al., is even dumber.

Anonymous said...

8:05 am I worry that a man with such poor judgement and who can't keep his anger in check and who seems to take advice from the last person he calls has his hand on the nuclear football.
I worry that he naively believes that Putin and Jong Un will make deals because they like him and not in their own self interest.
I worry because I'm the same age and he is showing all the signs of one of several medical disorders that affect your judgment. I've seen those signs in my peers.
I worry because his idea of the "best people" appears to be people who are in prison now or lawyers who are so incompetent, they risk waiving attorney client privilege every time they open their mouths and one attorney actually taped their privileged conversations which, I remind you, the FBI found.

He hasn't himself done anything to which you give him credit, it's Congress or else the few competent people he's chosen. He just watches TV, plays golf, tweets, calls his " friends" on the phone , and takes meetings where he will or will not act based on his perceived self-interest, and not that of the countries.

If you paid attention you'd know that and if others didn't watch pundits instead of reading reports from unbiased sources, they'd know that. There is still a difference between facts from sources that bothered to find them and opinions of the ill or selectively informed.

And, by the way, the FBI started the " Witch Hunt" and the Democratic lovers did not initiate it or appoint a special prosecutor.

The apologists are deliberately blind so as not to feel bad about their own judgment. Some of us can admit we made a mistake even if it was based on the perceived lesser of two evils. Clinton at least was competent and her ego was about how history would see her enough not to piss off allies and cozy up with dictators.

Anonymous said...

It's true the only way the majority in Mississippi will turn on Trump, is if suddenly turned black.
Most of you realize he's unfit for office but are afraid of getting a gay man, women or minority in the presidency again. When it happens in 2020 you snowflakes are going to melt.

Anonymous said...

I think I need to take a shower after watching that. The only man slimy enough to get the boot from Fox News. He’s paid more for his sexual assaults than the entirety of the kingfish commenters will make in their lifetime. How can anyone put any stock in what speed out of this loser’s flapping lie hole? It’s shocking Trump hasn’t tried to hire this idiot.

Anonymous said...

Stock market down 500 points today because of worries about the economy. And Trump unraveled and lied multiple times in front of the
President of Finland. If you are impressed with Trump, you have very low standards.

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