Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Sid Salter: McDaniel Misses State Realities

The so-called “jungle primary” to choose a successor to retired Republican Mississippi U.S. Sen. Thad Cochran took a truly strange turn in downtown Oxford last week.

That Nov. 6 U.S. Senate special election race pits appointed Republican U.S. Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith of Brookhaven against former Democratic U.S. Rep. Mike Espy of Madison, Gulf Coast municipal official and military veteran Democrat Tobey Bartee, and flamboyant Republican State Sen. Chris McDaniel of Ellisville. Unless one candidate gets a 50 percent plus one majority on Nov. 6, a runoff election looms for the top two candidates on Nov. 27.

When asked on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” television talk show last Friday by Moss Point native and Princeton University Religion and African-American Studies Professor Eddie Glaude Jr. about his public record on several racially-sensitive issues and what he would say to black voters who had concerns about that record, McDaniel gave a stunning answer – even for him.

Citing the fact that 38 percent of Mississippians are black, Glaude asked: “How do you convince black folks in this state that you're not a danger to them?"

State Sen. Chris McDaniel, R-Ellisville, replied: “I’m gonna ask them, I’m gonna ask them after 100 years, after 100 years of relying on big government to save you, where are you today? After 100 years of begging for federal government scraps, where are you today? We’ve been dead last for 100 years.”

The audience in Oxford reacted viscerally to McDaniel’s remarks. He was loudly booed by the show’s audience in the locale of his alma mater.

McDaniel attempted a reset: “I mean the State of Mississippi. I’m talking about the State of Mississippi. We’ve been dead last for 100 years. And what happens is, if we keep dependent on that economic model, we're always going to stay last."

Later, McDaniel would defend the gaffe by blaming the news media, his Republican political opponents, and argue that he meant to talk about the impact of free markets on the economy. Trouble is, McDaniel didn’t mention free markets during his exchange with Glaude.

In a Tweet, GOP Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant slammed McDaniel’s on-air remarks: “I condemn and reject in the strongest possible terms Chris McDaniel’s characterization of African-Americans as beggars. This does not reflect the beliefs of the Mississippi Republican Party or the average Mississippian.”

I haven’t the foggiest idea what Sen. McDaniel “meant” to say, thought he said, or wished he said on the MSNBC broadcast. All I could interpret was what was seen and heard coming out of his mouth.

Regardless, McDaniel’s “begging for scraps” gambit ignores hard economic reality in Mississippi. Mississippi is indeed one of the U.S. states most dependent on federal transfer payments and much of it is directly related to Mississippi’s deep and lingering poverty. Only West Virginia and New Mexico are more dependent on federal dollars than Mississippi.

Imagine Mississippi without the SNAP or food stamp program and imagine Mississippi without Medicaid or CHIP to offset public health care costs. In the state with the lowest per capita income, who picks up the tab for the elderly, the sick, and the hungry? It certainly won’t be state or local governments here. Mississippi just enacted massive tax cuts that have yet to reach full impact.

“Begging for scraps?” Federal dollars make up 42.1 percent of all state revenue in Mississippi and federal transfer payment account for 26.3 percent of all personal income in the state. Take that money out of the state’s economy and the only alternative is crippling state and local tax hikes.

“Scraps?” Frankly, the racial implications of that blithe McDaniel comment isn’t as concerning as the fuzzy math.

Sid Salter is a syndicated columnist. Contact him at


Anonymous said...

Race relations are the worst they have been since the 1960s in Mississippi. It is not possible to progress very far with this divide. Most of the crime in Mississippi is committed by blacks. What must we do to change things? Jackson certainly is not a good example. Neither is Rankin County. We have a serious drug problem that seems to be fed by the African American gangs. Then people tell me that a wealthy white man is behind the blacks that deal drugs. Where is the truth?

There is a whole cadre of blacks ready to pounce on any person they think has slighted them. The hate coming from them is heartfelt, but will never allow prosperity.

McDaniel's statement was a poor choice of words but his base is not black, therefore probably will not change the vote. Espy will not heal the divide in Mississippi any more than Thompson does. Thompson feeds the divide.

Until we can bridge this, we will not do much changing. Until the blacks, as a community, stop the drugs and make their children go to school and behave we will not come off the bottom. Until some whites stop the racial hatred they instill in their children, we will not rise. There are several common grounds we could meet and agree on. Christianity. Stopping Drug Traffic. Need for Education. Property Rights. Jobs. Economic Development.

There are people very invested in maintaining the status quo. We will never progress very far as long as these people are willing to continue the divide.

Anonymous said...

Just when you think McDaniel can't get any worse he says rape allegations are fabricated 99% of the time.

Anonymous said...

What is up with McDaniel's speech pattern? It is clear that he hired a some sort of voice/speech coach and opted for the 1920's gangster package.

Anonymous said...

8:33 and 8:41--you are right. His base aren't going to care he said that at all--nor about the comments mentioned by 8:41.

He represents a portion of this state quite well--unfortunately for us, it's a larger portion that we want to admit or want to have. Peddlers of hatred on both sides are keeping the state as a whole back from realizing it's great potential.

Pappy Odaniel said...

Hey Sid, ever wonder why the federal money makes up such a large percentage? Because there is NO economic activity here. And why? Because up at the Big House where Sid plays court jester everything is all good. The system works for some people and it MUST continue. The people who are successful in Mississippi’s fiefdom can not compete outside of their inbred world of political patronage. What did McDaniel say that’s so outrageous? Mississippi is at the bottom of the barrel in virtually any indicator minus STD rate, teen pregnancy, illiteracy and football coach burner phone use. Also, Joe Scarbrough admitted the room was stuffed with liberal family members of the host. But I guess that’s your kind of crowd Sid. The reality is there is only one conservative in this race and the downside is all parties can level their guns on him since they will all be content with any outcome outside of a McDaniel win.

Anonymous said...

8:41, that comment was in the context of the confirmation hearings. He was talking about the allegations, obviously intended for political purposes, that come up against judicial candidates.

Anonymous said...

"He represents a portion of this state quite well--unfortunately for us, it's a larger portion that we want to admit or want to have. Peddlers of hatred on both sides are keeping the state as a whole back from realizing it's great potential."

Peddlers of hatred. How sad. What the larger portion you speak of is - well, we're tired. Tired of those that won't do for themselves and rely on government at all levels for support. Federal and state programs for the most part are meant as temporary safety nets. However, so many blacks have turned it into a foundation for their life style. They may tell you they want better, but the fact remains they have settled in and are content with their status in society. Failing schools? How about failing families. How do we fix it? MDE is about to lower the standards for passing grades. Too many blacks in prison? How do we fix it? We decriminalize many offenses.

Yes, we're tired. Tired of excuses.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely the worst choice of candidates for this important position. As for myself I will vote early and often for most anyone that opposes McD.

Anonymous said...

8:33, your ignorant comments reflect the racism that pervades Mississippi and much of the country. You condemn the black “community” but only “some” whites. And you say blacks - but not whites - “hate.” Look in a mirror. You and Donald Trump - the Divider In Chief - are part of the problem. If you want to improve race relations, quit blaming African Americans and so something positive.

Anonymous said...

"In a Tweet, GOP Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant slammed McDaniel’s on-air remarks: “I condemn and reject in the strongest possible terms Chris McDaniel’s characterization of African-Americans as beggars. This does not reflect the beliefs of the Mississippi Republican Party or the average Mississippian.”

His comments totally represent a majority of Mississippians beliefs and the Mississippi Republican Party. That is why as governor Phil Bryant created a Confederate History Month and will not change the Mississippi flag. Tate Reeves proudly agrees with Phil Bryant too.

Chris McDaniel's was elected as a state Senator based on those beliefs, so let's not pretend he's some nut job running for dog catcher. But when you get on a national stage and speak as if you're at the local diner, those beliefs aren't too popular.

Only the elected officials in Mississipi believe in doing same thing, thinking it will produce different results.

Anonymous said...

Chris really needs to go away...

Anonymous said...

Another check going to Sid under the table from the Swamp and the Barbour Political Machine... It's amazing how much "journalist" get paid to share their opinion as if it is news. Keeping MS in the swamp keeps the same people in power and nothing changes...

Anonymous said...

9:22. You do realize that a majority of people who get SNAP and other government entitlements are white, right?

According to the Pew research center-31 percent of African Americans have had government benefits at some point in their lives. Fifteen percent of whites..

I'm tired of it too. Tired of being told what people want to believe instead of facts.

Anonymous said...

and black folks can now vote in Mississippi, go to school with white kids, use the same public restrooms, eat at the same restaurants . . .

Anonymous said...

10 Reasons to vote for Chris;

'All but one of the above 11 comments'

Anonymous said...

There is no good choice this time. None of the candidates should be allowed to run for office. As long as there are democrats and republicans that vote party line we will continue to see these piss poor excuses as politicians.

Anonymous said...

I don't see what was wrong with his comments... is truth now unacceptable? If anyone isn't aware of the effects of sucking the government tit on your family and community please drive through Jackson (besides Belhaven and Northeast). It made sense that he said black folks since he was talking to black folks but he could say the same thing to white folks. I'm thinking of a good friend of mine (white guy) who got some girl preggo while we were young, got on welfare, and his idle hands have since been used by the devil as the saying goes.... At the rate we are going, we will all be little minions, eating the paid for junk food, fat/lazy/immoral/violent..... Does it not look and sound familiar?

Anonymous said...

No surprise that what Chris said has been taken out of context and used against him. His supporters know the truth. Fight Chris Fight!

Anonymous said...

African Americans account for 15% of the U.S. population. We are in NO way draining the system. Governments across this country “Beg” for grants and entitlements on every level. That money comes from the same pot.

Anonymous said...

These statistics everyone is throwing out might be accurate across the nation. But they in no way reflect mississippi.

Anonymous said...

The truth shall set you free!

Anonymous said...

and black folks can now vote in Mississippi, go to school with white kids, use the same public restrooms, eat at the same restaurants . .

Thanks to the Federal Government. Henceforth, why people in Mississippi hate the federal government. Mississippians don't want the Feds sticking their noses into the state's racism.

Anonymous said...

Can’t we all just agree that McDaniel is an irrelevant moron and move on.

Anonymous said...

According to census numbers, African Americans account for 12.3% of the population of the United States, not 15%.

Anonymous said...

Right or wrong, crazy or sane, McDaniel simply doesn't have the possible voter pool (unless about 120% of eligible voters cast ballots) to draw from. Cindy Lou-Who and Mike "I am not a crook" Espy will each get over 33.3% and with a "jungle" ballot, that's the end of anyone else, including McDaniel. In other words, the question isn't the votes McDaniel might be able to swing, it is the votes that simply cannot be taken away from the other two that do him in. If Espy were a white Dem who was really popular with black voters or if McDaniel wasn't so, um, "different," maybe McDaniel would have some small chance, but Espy is black and McDaniel is "different," so that's that. If you don't like my math, look at the math done by the various check-writers.

McDaniel is in this for reasons that have nothing to do with him really believing he can win this one.

Anonymous said...

"You do realize that a majority of people who get SNAP and other government entitlements are white, right?"

Not in the State of Mississippi or anywhere else in the South. Or even, in fact, in California.

But cling to that.

Anonymous said...

@ September 19, 2018 at 4:25 PM

To be honest there are just estimations based on the percentages of the population.

So no one really knows what's what. It's all speculation and preconceived notions based on peoples perceptions.

Anonymous said...

The fact of the matter is that not all African Americans beg for scraps. Most of us work and pay into the system. Some folks truly believe that we are the lead in the water. I was quite amazed at the level of poverty amongst the white population in my travels through Tennessee, Arkansas, Virginia, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Missouri, and Kentucky. 48 to 50th in this country and we still don’t get it!

Anonymous said...

Did a McD associate and supporter beat down a man in a Tupelo hotel a few days ago. I did see McDaniel on the news this week surrounded by 4 or 5 burly rough and ready looking for action individuals. Just wondering.

Anonymous said...

Watching McDaniel's campaign after the 2014 fiasco is like watching a Jimmy Swaggart revival after he was busted with hookers. It's sad to watch him try and really disheartening to see there are people out there still willing to follow him.

Anonymous said...

2:50, I would love to know why McD is in it. I’m not being snarky; I stopped following his career a few years ago. What is he trying to accomplish?

Anonymous said...

7:14 - he's in the race b/c he has the biggest ego in the state. He's going to lose and his statewide political career will be done (i'm sure he can stay in his state senate seat as long as he wants).

He knows what is on the line. As we get closer to Election Day, he'll get more desperate to win and save his career and the crazy stuff will really start happening.

And then when he loses....he'll blame everyone but himself.

Anonymous said...

Well, apparently, a lot of people don't believe what they actually see or hear.

Or, perhaps, they close they eyes and put plugs in their ears.

" He really didn't mean that" seems to work nationally.

So what if some actions are catastrophically bad and people get hurt because of what you think and say?

So , what if 1500 children are lost, they aren't American children. And, so what if Puerto Ricans are actually American citizens and our responsibility? And, so what if you cheat on your wife with porn stars and Playboy bunnies while she's pregnant? And, so what if those you appointed keep getting arrested?

The other side is worse, right?

You either/or people who recognize the extremes and get angry have always been the scourge of mankind.

You never entertain the notion that other alternatives exist or that all leaders should behave well, not " less awful".

Hitler improved Germany's economy dramatically and reduced unemployment in 18 months.

Stalin improved the lives of most Russians as well.

And, no one asked how they did it or what the long term consequences would be.

Sho Nuff said...

As we old folk once said, you Democrats need to sweep around your own door step. Make America great again. Trump 2020

Anonymous said...

6:36 pm I'm for everyone keeping their doorstep swept, but you are too busy looking at the one next door, to have bothered to notice the debris piling up on yours!

There was not just a 5 year special prosecutor looking into all things Clinton, but also Congress spent more millions for two years on Hilary Clinton and they came up with little. In a little over a year , there are 5 guilty pleas, not just of a " friend" but of those involved in Trump's campaign and administration. Did you bother to read their pleas? THEY were colluding with a Russia.

Oh you don't trust the NYT, but today they have a timeline of the EVIDENCE from 2015 after Trump announced.

You are so blindly loyal to Trump, you will let our Nation be sold out to Russia. Read the actual court document instead of listening to FOX and Hannity ( a less than accomplished human who has made his money troublemaking for a living and being rewarded by the thoroughly corrupt characters for whom he steps and fetches).

If you tried, you'd have a hard time selecting that many criminals and unethical people ( those who've had to resign) to work for you unless you were already associated with a criminal organization from which to tap your employees.

And, then there's the affairs...oh yes, JFK as well, but Dems didn't know that and JFK apparently didn't have to paid off women, and his wife knew. Dems did know about Edwards though and his wife didn't, and he was gone.

You picked worse instead of better and your rationalizations aren't playing with this independent.

Anonymous said...

I am sick of Trump. I am sick of McDaniel. Hyde- Smith is in bed figurative with Trump do not supporting her . I was a Republican before it was cool and there were only a handful in the state. I will not be voting Republican in either election this fall. I held my nose and voted Trump. This time I will vote using my head.
The lesser of 2 evils is still evil.

Sho Nuff said...

@8:22am, I'm quite sure you have no idea to whom you are replying. I am under no illusions concerning Trump, or any of the other streetwalkers in D.C. I will not get in to a urinating contest with your kind attacking, and defending any of the lustful idiots. I have one criteria when it comes to any of them. Is that Representative actually working to help the people of the UNITED STATES? They aren't there to enhance other nations or their people. Trump meets that criteria. It is the height of hypocrisy, on your part, to condemn Trump, and his associates, but turn a blind eye to all the shenanigans that have taken place by your kind. It is the height of hypocrisy, to say that Brett Kavanaugh's accuser should be heard, but Bill Clinton's accuser should be ignored. That is what I have come to expect from your kind, hypocrisy. A more bigoted bunch there has never been. Your kind assumes that no one else is educated, or has intelligence, while the depths of your ignorance is on full display. Speaking of said ignorance, it seems to be without. Yes, definitely without limit, and without shame. Make America great again. Trump 2020

Anonymous said...

I am stealing a quote that I can't properly attribute at this time

"When people show you who they really are, believe them.."

Anonymous said...

Trump’s policies are not all bad, but he is a pathetic human being. He lies virtually every day. He is a rascist. He feels no empathy. He is narcissistic. He has no intellectual curiosity. A good economy will not help anyone if he destroys the republic.

Anonymous said...

How can people forget that there hasn't ever been a president who didn't lie to the people? Even the people who post complaints about lying are lying when they post.

Sho Nuff said...

@ 1:38PM, please tell us how Trump will destroy the Republic? I know you will be compelling, and captivating.

Anonymous said...

By continuing to promote division, class warfare, and the us versus them mentality.

Sho Nuff said...

@1:37, you were neither compelling, or captivating, and were very sketchy on the details. Could you be more specific on the three items you listed? I'm sitting on edge with anticipation, waiting to learn, who is the us, and who is them. I'm especially intrigued to how this will tie in to the destruction of the Republic. Humor an old man, if you will?

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