Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Dispatch From Pelahatchie: The Ruckus

What would Pelahatchie be without yet another ruckus at City Hall?

Security camera video obtained through a public records request.  There is no audio. The fun starts at 3:00. 

Police were called to Pelahatchie's City Hall after a ruckus arose on August 10 between Mayor Ryshonda Beechem,  Alderwoman Margie Warren,  Town Clerk Tommy Lyles, and a customer.  The police report states that two police officers went to City Hall at 10:00 AM when they received a report of a disturbance. The police report states:

When Officer Miller and I arrived at City Hall, Mayor Beechem was standing in Mr. Lyle’s office holding her cellphone in a manner like she was videotaping the conversation. Mr. Lyle was sitting in his office chair…. Mayor Beechem was standing next to him asking why he did not take the checks to her Tuesday August 7, 2018. Mayor Beechem continued asking the same question over and over. Mayor Beechem would also ask “Mr. Lyle, didn’t you know I was here Tuesday? Why didn’t you being me the checks like I told you do?” Every time Mr. Lyle began to speak, Mayor Beechem would interrupt Mr. Lyle and begin to ask the same question over and over.

Mr. Lyle then left his office. Mayor Beechem followed Mr. Lyle, continuing to video while asking the same questions over and over. Mr. Lyle got the money bags and went to the bank. Mayor Beechem then pointed her phone at Officer Miller and myself stating she wanted everyone to see what she deals with. Mayor Beechem also stated the police were called and thanked Officer Miller for videotaping the conversation. Mayor Beechem and her mother, Laverne Harper, went to the Mayor’s office.

The city clerks then told me the disturbance was over checks, about 83 checks valued at about $150,000. Mayor Beechem instructed Mr. Lyle and the other city clerks to place the checks and a letter in her box. The checks were signed by Mr. Lyle and needed only one other signature to be cashed. Mayor Beechem needed to sign the letter and the checks before sending them. Mr. Lyle and the city clerks were not comfortable leaving unsigned checks in an opened unsecured box on the Mayor’s door. One of the aldermen, Mrs. Margie Warren, came Friday August 10 and signed the checks so they could be sent out. Mayor Beechem arrived at City Hall shortly after Mrs. Margie Warren. When Mayor Beechem arrived, she had her cellphone out videotaping as she confronted the city clerks.
Mayor Beechem's attorney, Thomas Bellender said the Mayor was simply trying to do her job and sign the checks.

Mr. Lyle said in his statement that the Mayor argued with Ms. Warren and wanted to know why the alderwoman was signing the checks in question.  He said the Mayor kept arguing even after being told a customer was present.  He said he went to where the ruckus was taking place so he could get the Mayor to "cool it".  The Mayor then began arguing with the customer.  Mr. Lyle said he "stepped in between them, apologizing for her behavior and telling him it was ok.  She ask him if it was because she was black, a black female.  Eventually the customer threw up his arms and left."

However, the incident apparently did not end with the customer's departure.  Mr. Lyle said the Mayor followed him to his office and said "this was all my fault that I caused it.  I sat down at my computer to show her emails where we had tried to get her to sign the checks but she was still saying this was my fault.  Once I saw that she had no desire to listen I got up and went across teh hall to ask for the bank deposits and left the building."  

The Deputy Clerk, Rachel Knight, supported Mr. Lyle's account.  She said that the Mayor was "angry that we did not leave 83 checks as well as other documents that she needed to sign in her box upstairs."  Her police statement said that the Mayor "attacked" Ms. Warren and Mr. Lyle for calling Ms. Warren to sign checks.  The Mayor videotaped everything and asked the same question over and over.  Ms. Knight apologized to the customer, Buddy Allday, for the disturbance.  Mr. Allday said "he felt sorry for us having to work with her."  She continued in her statement: "The Mayor then come out from around the office and started approaching Mr. Buddy.  He as yelling and telling her to get back and leave him alone.  They proceeded to yell at each other.  Mr. Tommy (Lyles) got between them to try to stop it.  The Mayor then attacked Tommy so he left to go to the bank."

A picture of the Mayor's door is posted below.  Her office is connected to the boardroom.  The box hangs on the outside of the door.  However, the box could be considered to be unsecure since the boardroom remains open during business hours. 


Anonymous said...

If Ryshonda would show up for work more than 1 day a week, she might be able to see how things are supposed to flow....

Anonymous said...

it appears that Pelahatchie has its own version of Maxine waters.

Anonymous said...

As long as she keeps the chaos going, blaming it all on resistance to a "black female," her terrible attitude and lack of competency go unchallenged.

Anonymous said...

Somebody's going to get hurt before this is all over.

Anonymous said...

In the beginning everyone was saying "its all the old white folks who cant get along". My how once the proof comes out, it turns out it's her that's the confrontational one. How many small town mayors have their own personal atty, that like to accompany her everywhere and make statements on their behalf like Beecham and Bellinder. Bellinder is just itching for some civil rights type case to stir some stuff up and Ryshonda is his preverbal white horse.

Anonymous said...

She acts like a child. I hope the voters are paying attention.

Anonymous said...

It looks to me like folks are learning how deal with an aggressive troublemaker with a cell phone. Thanks for setting an example.

Milo said...

All this videotaping is funny. I guess that's the way it is these days. Will this be on World Star?

Anonymous said...

It's going to be interesting to see what happens next election in this town!

Anonymous said...

direct proof that when the cultures are forced to co exist.....there will be friction.

pelahatchie white folks are not accustomed to having to listen to a black female.....there is no real interface....

no trust....no respect....no way this works in the short term.

Anonymous said...

12:15, you left out one important word "crazy"!

Anonymous said...

Of all the accurate cards 12:15 could have played, he chose the race card. Figures.

Saturday Detention said...

What was that ruckus? I was in my office and I distinctly heard a ruckus!

Could you describe the ruckus, sir?

Anonymous said...

12:15 is spot on -
All the little towns are being abandoned and this is exactly why. Americana is gone.

Anonymous said...


This is 12:15

I have been in this area for all my life.

I eat, drink, play, converse, and generally live amongst all these people. I even got to meet the titular head of the KKK while I was out and about one day....thats no shit.

The one single common denominator is race. Rankin county exists as a life support system for the idea that whites are superior to blacks. Its a given at any BBQ, football game, church meeting, etc.

They are obsessed with race and their population derives from being the white people who fled Jackson.

Now with a black woman in charge of their town they think they are Detroit....

I am not happy about it....but I am not blind to it either - as you are.

Anonymous said...

She's identifing candidates to run against these clowns in the next election. Then she will be able to turn this town around.

Anonymous said...

"Is it because I'm a black woman, is it because I'm a black woman?"

Seems the only person pulling out the race card is the "good" Mayor herself.

I wonder if there is any mechanism in Mississippi law that can be utilized to call for a new municipal election. (????)

coffee and cornbread said...

commentor 12:15 is right you know.

who played the race card? think about that.

i dont live in pelahatchie but i do live fairly close. seems that the mayor there is doing her best to divide the little town as best she can while she can. sucks, but its true.

Anonymous said...

@2:13 Riiiiigggghhhhttttt, That's why Robert Schuler Smith was aquited in a Rankin County Court Room just this past week.

Anonymous said...

The Mayor or her candidates couldn't get elected to dogcatcher in the next election.

Anonymous said...

Man Brandon is boring. I'm moving to Pelahatchie!

Anonymous said...

The local leader of the KKK works out of the FBI field office at the federal building in downtown Jackson. The KKK is nothing more than a honeypot these days. If you actually think white people are seriously still dressing up in white robes, you are delusional.

Don't blame racism for a survival instinct to get the hell out of danger. Plenty of black folks have fled to 'racist' Pearl for the safer neighborhoods, and better education provided by the competent leadership at Pearl City Hall, Pearl School District, and Pearl Police Dept.

Anonymous said...

Coffee and cornbread...

The publicly visible KKK have pretty much been run by federal counter-terrorism agents since the early 1970's. Joining the KKK now is a good way to ensure all future federal background checks are denied for things like firearms purchases and security clearances.

And if they can 'encourage' you into doing something stupid, they will let you go all the way until they very publicly arrest you and issue themselves honors and awards for their work.

Anonymous said...

Dear 2:13. I too have lived in Rankin County most of my life. Evldently a different part than you. My neighborhood has several black families 3 are on our 7 person HOA board. I try to choose the people I associate with by how they conduct themselves. I don’t know the mayor but it does appear that she has attempted to create a division in the town.

Anonymous said...

Time to bring in Carlos Ramos.

Anonymous said...

Pelahatchie can't hold a candle to Hollywood, D.C., or many other hotbeds of foolishness.

I'll bet the vote doesn't get split next election !

Anonymous said...

I have been in this area for all my life as well.

I eat, drink, play, converse, and live among all these people, too. So also does almost everyone in the metro.

You are not unique, champ.

You bring no prescience nor insight. All you are doing is viewing Rankin County through your own personal prejudices and presenting it as gospel. You purport to speak for everyone in an entire county when you say they exist to perpetuate some fairy tale society of white supremacy.

That is the dictionary definition of bigotry. Take a bow, sport.

However, I've never met anyone in the Klan, let alone the leader, so I'll defer to your expertise in that area.

Anonymous said...

While we are discussing the "race card" keep in mind that door swings both ways. One of my closest friends knew Chokwe Lumumba, Sr. They had a private conversation (about sports) Chokwe threw these salvos.

Chokwe: "I hate all white people."
My buddy: "Why do you say that Chokwe? I thought we were friends."
Chokwe: "The white man is a bastard race."

Our previous President spends time with a man (Louis Farrakhan) who admires Adolph Hitler and thinks Hitler was a "great man."

Are there white racists? There sure are and they get vilified.
Are there black racists? There sure are and they get admired with passes from the major news networks.

Anonymous said...

Well I'm convinced. The comments here clearly show that the only race issues in Mississippi are all caused by the blacks. Congratulations to all the non-racist posters here, give yourselves a pat on the back. You really deserve it for your enlightenment and compassion.

Anonymous said...

Body language says a lot about the incident. Unusual for a mayor to be doing the videoing. Typically it's the citizen. I predict a record turnout for the next Pelahatchie election. I would be curious to know if the mayor will be running for re-election.

Anonymous said...

New TV reality drama show coming this fall:

The Fools of Pelahatchie.

Anonymous said...

6:09 pm

I am not sure who you speak to in that tone...but its no one in Rankin county....you'd be laying on your fat accountant ass, chief.

Because you never met the KKK leader does not mean he does not exist. What sort of child like response is that? Did you close your eyes as you typed so that what I said "went away?"

You clearly do not live in Rankin county and you plainly have no idea of what you type.

Anonymous said...

6:06. I think I know who you. Isn’t your trailer the one with the faded Rebel Flag overgrown yard and rusted out pickup on blocks?

Anonymous said...

@9:20 a.m. = thin-skinned, easily offended, responds to any criticism with implied threats of violence, demands special treatment . . . you, sir, are a walking stereotype.

Anonymous said...

Kingfish get the Mayor's video I would love to hear this. If she has racism on her video it would have already been all over Facebook and this blog. So come on Ms. Mayor post your video

Anonymous said...

City business filmed on a city official’s phone, even if the phone is not provided by the city, is a public record and has to be preserved. The mayor was pretty sharp by thinking on her feet and quickly preserving everything for the state archives, including audio. She’s good!

Anonymous said...

"City business filmed on a city official’s phone, even if the phone is not provided by the city, is a public record and has to be preserved. The mayor was pretty sharp by thinking on her feet and quickly preserving everything for the state archives, including audio. She’s good!"

Maybe yes, maybe no...the first thing that comes to mind is, "think it through when you demand justice...you might get it..."

Anonymous said...

Interestingly enough, in previous videos the mayor was very concerned about security of the safe, etc. Now it seems that she is not at all concerned with the security of 83 checks that she wanted left in an unsecured box in a hallway that anyone can have access to. I guess that didn't fit her agenda.

Anonymous said...

Show us your video Mayor! Prove what you did!

Anonymous said...

JJ... Where’s the video from city hall? I’m having problems finding it again. Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mayor! Why didn’t you tell somebody that you lost your keys to city hall? It was a matter of security! You’re not qualified to be a mayor of a one person town! STEP DOWN NOW!

Anonymous said...

I just came back to quote the Mayor on her Facebook page. This shows her education is lacking. And I quote “My feet have not hurted in this magnitude since 1999” end quote. Great collage education Mayor! “Hurted” “have not”. You’re so smart that you even invent words, stupid!

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