Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Meet the ACLU couple of the year.

Look who the ACLU honored for "Criminal Justice Reform":

The ACLU sued the Madison County Sheriff for using illegal roadblocks to target apartment complexes in predominantly minority areas around Canton. The ACLU represents the Mannings in the lawsuit.

It is rather ironic that the ACLU honors Mr. Manning because it is the same Khadafi Manning who sued Canton Estates Apartments for being too dangerous in December 2016 after he was shot there in 2015.   He claimed in the lawsuit:

Canton Estates Apartments, on and prior to October 7, 2015 had experienced numerous acts of criminal assaults, and other criminal acts against its tenants and their invited guests. The acts were of such a repetitive nature over an extended period of time that it was foreseeable that such violent acts would continue unabated and that as a result thereof...

 The deputy states in the report that there was a "white plastic bag with a white substance in it" (Hmm.... wonder what was going down that night?)

It is rather interesting that the ACLU posted this picture of the happy couple with the announcement.   Madison County deputies also arrested him for domestic violence in 2014.  He apparently came upon his girlfriend having sex with another man.  The police report states that he "assaulted" his girlfriend but doesn't state what constituted the assault.   The case was remanded to file for one year. Manning was also convicted of selling cocaine in Madison County in 2007.   His probation ended in 2014.  Earlier post. 

Kingfish note: The Mississippi ACLU called me "delusional because of JJ's coverage of the Madison County lawsuit."  It appears the ACLU has doubled down on delusional.  


Anonymous said...

Roadblocks are an effective method of serving warrents. The roads belong to the public and are under the purview of the Police. How could they rule against the police.

Almost all of the recent upheavals over "disproportionate" arrest, stops, etc. are directly related to the disproportionate number of crimes committed by blacks.

I have no trouble admitting in the past that some methods were used for intimidation. There may still be a few "bad apples" who would do this. We hope they are being weeded out. Most of JPD is black nowadays as are many other LEO Departments.

If those who accuse and complain would strive for balance in their thought instead of going crazy over the slightest incidents, we would all have more peace. Antifa is not the answer to law and order. Hate is never the answer and neither is anger.

Education is the answer.

Anonymous said...

This is the same complex as this fine musical production right?


Anonymous said...

The ACLU knows this. They are simply dishonest.

Anonymous said...

The ACLU picked a fine couple. How hard did they look for someone who was not a thug? It doesn't sound like they care about being treated fairly and equally. Sounds more like they want a get out of jail free card.
Doesn't surprise me.

Anonymous said...

It's not the roadblocks. Problem is when you have a higher number of roadblocks in a primarily black neighborhood as opposed to a white neighborhood.

Almost all of the recent upheavals over "disproportionate" arrest, stops, etc. are directly related to the disproportionate number of crimes committed by blacks.....

Mass killing of over 59 innocent individuals at a music concert...committed by a white male. As a matter of fact, most of the mass killings in the last 50 years in this country have been by white males. Not a stereotype, that is fact. So if Madison County is serious about crime, dont do road blocks in the black community, take guns from white males. Statistically, they are the deadliest threat to the human race. And dont stop at guns. Look at the which race produces the highest number of child pornography convictions...you guessed it. white men. Lets take the guns and computers away from white men and the crime rates in this country will go down drastically.

However, I must admit that I know several white men who own guns who would never hurt anyone. I also know several white men who own computers who I dont believe who ever engage in any behavior that would be harmful to ANY child. But some people are ok with a higher number of law enforcement targeting black neighborhoods because you allege they have a higher amount of crime. Then when law enforcement targets a certain neighborhood and you get more arrest from the race of that neighborhood, you use that as a basis to reinforce your stereotypes. All we want is fairness. Treat every neighborhood they same. As matter of fact, let's stop thinking some races are better, some are worse and treat everyone the same. Do a roadblock in Canton this week, one in Reunion next week. I bet you get a comparable number of DUI's each time.

Anonymous said...


What a thoughtful well reasoned couple of paragraphs.

Be prepared to be flamed.

Anonymous said...

Do not concern yourself about the rants from the ACLU or premises liability lawsuits. It's all about the money. ACLU lawyers make their living chasing "discrimination" and will see it everywhere if they're looking. Every
time someone is shot or slips and busts their ass, a premises liability lawyer can see a shot at some money if the property is insured. Nothing personal, just business. People like the honorees here are active on both sides of the fence. It's called "hustling" and they know how to play the game. Congrats to them.

Anonymous said...

Treat every neighborhood they same.

What if there is three or four times as much crime in one certain neighborhood vs. another?

Anonymous said...

Wasn't this Khadafy person arrested again recently? Sometime between the ACLU announcing its lawsuit and now?

The Gold Tooth said...

Looks more like an advertisement of the local sedation dentistry outfit promoting breast cancer awareness month than anything.

Anonymous said...

Some folks will never think they're being treated fair.

Anonymous said...

This pick is about as appropriate a move as the competing site (Yall Politics) and Supertalk's choice of the disHonorable Steve Holland, the Representative who on at least three occasions had to go to the well of the House and apologize for his drunken outbursts, and on at least on occasion had to go to the Speaker's office for a berating for the 'mistreatment' of his young male page. Plenty of good Democrats that could have been picked to keep the bipartisan concept; some very honorable (Cecil Brown??) some at least good, respectful leaders (Brandon Presley, Chairman Moak) - but no, had to go pick the cream of the crop for recognition. Maybe the ACLU and YP can combine their recognition night since they both seem to be picking truly wonderful individuals to honor.

Anonymous said...

"Some folks will never think they're being treated fair."


Anonymous said...

If I go fishing, and I ain't catching no fish, I'm gonna move somewhere else where I can catch some.

Anonymous said...

I would welcome as many roadblocks as the MCSO would like to put in my neighborhood (although the neighborhood is pretty evenly mixed in regards to race). I'm not breaking the law, and welcome a police presence. It would probably slow down some of the fools that speed through and put kids at risk. Why do people act like a roadblock is such a bad thing, unless you are up to something you don't want hindered by said roadblock?

Anonymous said...

12:15, I appreciate your comments and understand your concern. You make valid point that if you have more roadblocks in black neighborhoods than white neighborhoods, then more likely than not you're going to arrest more blacks than whites. And I agree that if you have a roadblock in Canton and one in Reunion, you might arrest the same number of people.

But 12:49 makes a valid point too. You may be comparing apples to oranges to a certain extent. Statistically there are many more reports and calls of assaults, drugs, shootings and other crimes occurring in/at the Canton Estates apartment complex than there are in Reunion. That's a factual statement, not racial. Mr Manning himself, in his separate lawsuit against the complex, alleged that Canton Estates "had experienced numerous acts of criminal assaults, and other criminal acts against its tenants and their invited guests. The acts were of such a repetitive nature over an extended period of time that it was foreseeable that such violent acts would continue unabated". I'm unaware of any such allegations or a history of crimes at Reunion. My question being, isn't it legitimate for law enforcement to focus their efforts in areas of high reported crimes vs areas with little, if any, reported crimes ? If there were repeated reports of violent crimes such as assault or shootings or reports of open drug dealing in Reunion, I'd certainly expect more law enforcement efforts there too, and I wouldn't think it was racial. If the Madison S.O. was targeting black neighborhoods with few, if any, reports of crimes, I might think there was a racial element going on. But if they're focusing on an area with high reports of crimes, they're just doing what they're supposed to do, aren't they ? This brings me back to a previous statement I made on an earlier post on this issue: If the police ignore black neighborhoods with high crime, they're not doing their job and not helping those black neighborhoods become safer. But then when they do focus on black neighborhood with high crime and try to make them safer, they're accused of being racists. They're damned if they do and damned if they don't.

Again, I do understand your point and your concerns. I'm not trying to argue that you're wrong. But I think the comparison of Canton Estates to Reunion is probably not the best argument.

Anonymous said...

A BIG AMEN FOR 4:40------------------

Anonymous said...

id love to see those two hit the street and hack out a living practicing law. they wouldn't last long.

Anonymous said...

1215 its satire right? Otherwise you might ought to actually research statistics

Anonymous said...

Without addressing at this point race issues related to road blocks, no argument is advanced by flawed usage of statistical data. For information about the rate of homicides by race with firearms see https://www.bjs.gov/content/pub/pdf/fv9311.pdf. Based on this report, homicides using firearms by race were 14.6 per 100,000 for blacks and 1.9 per 100,000 for whites.

Anonymous said...

No argument is advanced by flawed usage of statistical data unless, of course, if you have no argument.

StarRider said...

You can access the Mother Jones database of mass killers 1982-2017 here:


Doesn't take much ciphering to discover that the percentage of mass shooters vs. population segments is within a reasonable range of expectation, except for the "Asian" category, which skews high, despite the theory that whites are the vast majority of mass killers. It would seem mass murder is truly an equal opportunity vocation despite what the old wives' tales say.

Anonymous said...

5:42 —

Amazing to me how KF will allow some posts with objective data, but not others. Like:

Blacks are 13% of the U.S. population and yet commit 52% of homicides.

He won’t allow this comment to be posted, because he’s a snowflake.

Now Hear This.. said...

But back to the fishing analogy:

If I fish twenty ponds in Madison County and most of my success is had at ponds 2, 11 and 18, what sense does it make to require me to launch my jon boat in all the other ponds equally, where, over time, it's been shown that there ain't no fish in them?

These road blocks are having much more success than booking the occasional guy on his way home with a beer can between his legs. And you people know it. You just don't like it.

Outrageous and unacceptable criminal behavior is perfectly OK in some neighborhoods, some areas, some demographics. It's OK with me if you steal everybody else's grill, pop their car windows and deal drugs with them...as long as you leave me and my shit alone. They'd rather be left alone to their own devices and entertainment activities. But, they signed up to live in a civil society so they don't get to have their wish.

And the ACLU will not slow down civil society's obligation to provide peace and order.

Anonymous said...

Road blocks in Canton.....yeah, that will get that will catch a whole truck load of white folks doing wrong.....pun intended!! However, I live in Canton and see checkpoints in Canton on a fairly regular basis, CPD and MCSO, on all sides of town 43/Canton Parkway, Hwy 16 on East side of town, 43/Finney Road, HWY 51/ Finney Road, HWY 22 coming in from interstate.

The old adage holds true.....If you're going fishin go where you'll do some catchin !!

If you're not DUI or doing wrong there is zero to fear at a road block.

Anonymous said...

Enough with the acronyms, 8:03AM!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone contacted the ACLU regarding their poster couple and their devious dealings? If Mr. Manning has a criminal record, why does the ACLU support a career criminal? To me, a poster child should be without tarnish, no matter the organization. But then again, common sense is not all that common.

Anonymous said...

Everything else having pretty much been said, I'll just note that Quinnetta has changed her hairstyle since the earlier published pictures and, particularly with that smile, is actually quite attractive. Where are the usual "I'd tap that" comments???

Anonymous said...


Those comments are probably suppressed by the "sloppy seconds" comments, IYKWIMMAIBTYD.

Anonymous said...

"Enough with the acronyms, 8:03AM! October 4, 2017 at 1:41 PM"

Jeeze...He used CPD, MCSO and DUI. Which of those is confusing to you, dolt?

Anonymous said...

1:41 you need to take a chill pill and sit real still........From your friends at BOCOF aka: The Brotherhood Of Crusty Old Farts

Anonymous said...

Well said, 4:40! My thoughts exactly. Law enforcement should and does go where more crimes are being committed. That's not a complicated concept. But when they do, they're called rascist. When they don't, they're accused of not keeping black neighborhoods safe. No win for them. Can't please em. Just like the Ayers suit years ago: complaint was there shouldn't be predominantly black colleges, that's segregation. Then when they got what they wanted, they complained that they lost their predominantly black colleges.

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