Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Snapshot: Cleveland White Flight

White flight continues in Cleveland public schools.  White enrollment fell by a third in only five years after a federal judge ordered Cleveland's two high schools to consolidate.   Ironically, most of the white flight took place in the high school. 

The white population reached a high of 1,140 students in 2013.  Students on one side of the railroad went to East Side High School while students on the other side went to Cleveland High School.  East Side was 100% black but the white and black students were split almost evenly at CHS.   Cleveland white students were attending a fully integrated public high school.  However, that wasn't good enough for U.S. District Judge Debra Brown and Cleveland attorney Ellis Turnage.  The learned jurist ordered the full consolidation of the high schools into a new Cleveland Central High School.

White flight began almost immediately.  White enrollment in the high schools was approximately 30% of the overall high school population. However, white enrollment plunged after consolidation. The white high school enrollment fell to only 17% for the 2019-2020 school year.   

Kingfish note: Cleveland white students were not attending anything remotely close to white-only schools.  No one likes being 20% anywhere, whether he or she is black, white, or purple. It seems Cleveland leaders were doing their best to prevent what took place across Mississippi over the last forty years but to no avail.   Let the hand-wringing over yet another case of white-flight and re-segregation of another Mississippi public school district begin. 40 years and the hand-wringers haven't learned anything.  Rinse, repeat.

Black student enrollment declined as well but it is still the same as it was ten years ago.  Cleveland Central High School only has six fewer black students than it did three years ago. 

Black: 2,382, 67%
White: 1,042, 29%
Total: 3,523

East Side High School: Black: 390, 100%
Cleveland High School: Black, 259, 45%, White: 290, 50%
Total: 939, 69% Black (649), 290 White (31%)

Black: 2,370, 66%
White: 1,066, 30%

East Side: Black: 336, 99%
Cleveland High: Black: 258, 46%, White: 271, 49%
Total: 865, White: 31%, Black: 69%

Black: 2,412, 66%
White: 1,070, 29%

Cleveland High: 263, 46% Black, 275, 48% White
East Side: 345 Black, 100%
Total: 883, White: 31% (275), Black: 608

Black: 2,468, 66%
White: 1,097, 29%
Total: 3,726

Cleveland High: White: 288, 47%, Black: 280, 46%
East Side: 369 Black, 100%
Total: 937, White: 288, 31%, Black: 70%, 653

Black: 2,497, 65%
White: 1,140, 30%

Cleveland High: White: 306, 48%, Black: 292, 45%
East Side: Black: 359
Total: 957, White: 32%, Black: 68%

Black: 2,461, 66%
White: 1,115, 30%
Total: 3,741

Cleveland High: Black: 287, 46%, 295: 14%
East Side: 360, 100%
Total: 942, white: 295, 31%, Black: 647, 69%

Black: 2,435, 67%
White: 1053, 29%
Total: 3,652

East Side: 368 Black, 100%
Cleveland High: Black: 281, 45%, White: 298, 48%
Total: 947, White: 31%, Black: 68%

Black: 2,437, 68%
White: 969, 27%
Total: 3,565

East Side: Black: 375, 100%
Cleveland High: White: 284, 46%, Black: 295, 48%
Total: 954, White: 284, 30%, Black: 70%

Black: 2,410, 71%
White: 831, 24%
Total: 3,400

Cleveland Central: White: 216, 23%, Black: 669, 72%
Total: 924

White: 785, 23%
Black: 2,393, 70%
Total: 3,399

Cleveland Central High:
Total: 911
White: 197, 21%
Black: 664, 73%

White: 763, 23%
Black: 2,372, 71%

Cleveland Central High
Total: 846
White: 147, 17%
Black: 663


Anonymous said...

Leave it to a federal judge to desegragate a fully integrated high school. Thanks!!! This is how you implement segregation.

Anonymous said...

Someday the pie in the sky liberals and social engineers, the socialists and revolutionary activists will realize that they do not live in an immobile country. You cannot force people to STAY where they don't want to stay. Whatever the reason. They simply LEAVE. How long before they learn? Damn.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ellis Turnage,

Pay your child support and stop screwing with everyone else's kids.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Liberalism truly is a mental illness. I used to doubt that theory, but liberals fuck up everything they touch.

Anonymous said...

i recall that two expert witnesses for the plaintiffs testified that consolidation of the two high schools would not result in white flight.

Anonymous said...

11:02. To carry that line of reasoning further...the BernieBros think they will pay for all of Bernies give always by “taxing the 1%”. The 1% have the ability to move themselves and their money to more hospitable climes.

Anonymous said...

I think the real question is: Why did a place like Cleveland have two high schools to begin with? It's not like it's a huge place to begin with. School consolidation is what this state needs more of, not less. If there are private schools, it's a market solution. Why all the hatred of the liberals? This is saving money, trusting the market, and creating business in private schools. A win for everyone!

Anonymous said...

I would be interested to see if enrollment in the private school increased or if the movement had more to do with finding a better life elsewhere since the black population fell also.

Anonymous said...

So, it’s less integrated now than it was before the ruling. Nice.

Anonymous said...

12:03, most likely left over from the segregation era. Not saying its right, but it most likely from that time. While that may be the reason, Cleveland has probably the largest population left in the delta, and most likely the least segregated of them all.

BUT, the better question is why do a majority of the delta counties have two(2) school districts with two(2) sets of administration including superintendents

Anonymous said...

My 2 sons attended high school in Cleveland youngest graduated in 2012... both schools were largely black. Your obviously not well informed.

Anonymous said...

Just like with any statistics, you must ask “what do you want your satay to show?”

How has the population of Cleveland changed? Did more people move away to find jobs? Did the flood hurt a bunch of farmers that had to move to find work elsewhere? Has the administration of the chills stayed the same? Is there a crime problem in the schools? Bullying? Or any other outside factor that might make people leave? Is there more to the story? Or is it simply “white flight”?

Anonymous said...

Said another way last year there were 147 kids whose parents didn’t give a shit who or what they went to school with.

Anonymous said...

388 less students in 10 years times how many dollars per student? Sounds like a lot of money lost for the school district.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the private academy has grown tremendously in enrollment and a significant number of families have moved from the Delta just as it occurred in Greenville, Greenwood and Clarksdale 30-40 years ago.

Anonymous said...


Central MS Chapter of Credible Messengers said...

This is the typical modus of Democrats. They force their misery upon others rather than ask the hard questions and make the difficult decisions to resolve the problems of their own making.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Speaker Walter Sillers... Speaker of the House of Rep ( 1988-1966) who vowed that no white student would ever attend a segregated HS in Boliver County...which has 10 separate school districts!

Anonymous said...

Airport Grocery....mmmmm.

Anonymous said...

12:48 Actually that number might be more like 846. Cuts both ways.

Anonymous said...

Here let me fix this article synopsis for you:

"Racist whites being racist whites would rather move or pay for school than send their kids to a black majority school because they believe black people are the reason for all their problems"

You can wish things were pre 1960s all you want but it's not happening. The black communities spend decades/generations getting little to no funding from the State and you wonder why they don't excel now. Until Mississippi realizes we all have to move forward together as a community, we will always fail. This problem isn't going away.

In the mean time send your kids to the academies and watch the rest of your community crumble. Blame progressives, blame the African Americans, blame liberals, blame anti segregationists, blame Yankees, it will do you no good.

Anonymous said...

Whites are leaving the Delta in droves. Every Delta county will show a decline in white population when the 2020 census is completed. In general, the public schools in the Delta are abysmal. Parents who can afford private schools do so simply for the quality of education their kids receive versus what they would get in the public schools. There is also the ever present racial tension in most of the high schools with both sides blaming the other. And so the downward cycle continues as it has been doing since the 50s. Sad but an immutable fact of life in the Delta.

Anonymous said...

"This is saving money, trusting the market, and creating business in private schools. A win for everyone!"

Everyone other than the children who, as always, are guinea pigs in yet another social experiment.

I graduated here and the battle perped by the Justice Department has been a fifty five year shit-show. CHS integrated in 1966. Now the name of the school, it's mascot, the logo, the trophies, the graduation class photos and the school colors have been sent to the dump by a few liberal lawyers.

Anonymous said...

3:40 pretty much nails it, what he didn't say is between the academies and home schooling most of the kids can't pass a basic aptitude test for the military, ask any recruiter.

Anonymous said...

Read "Dispatches from Pluto". While the Delta Bus is on a highway heading over the cliff, the white folks on it are partying their asses off. The rest of the Delta population wakes up every morning with absolutely no hope for their future.

Anonymous said...

Your so full of $#!t... look at Lanier high school in the 1950s... had more national merit finalist than any Mississippi school. As a black student we were much better prepared compared to those now days. 2 parent households were majority in black community. That is until welfare ripped family unit out. Government replaced father's. Your ignoring history. I'm betting your much younger than me so I lived it where as you read some version of it.

Anonymous said...

@ 8:39 the welfare system didn't break black families apart, the war on drugs and tough on crime policies that disproportionately targeted black communities broke the black family. Read The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander and hear it for yourself. Doesnt look like you read at a high level though..."Your* so full of $#!t" haha.

Anonymous said...

White conservatives in Mississippi have historically taken a very hostile position towards integration and minorities in general. Pretty tough to take most of the posts and comments here as anything except a way to support that cause. Hopefully one day the Republicans can find a way to incorporate minority interests into their agenda, if not the changing demographics will lead to a one party nation.

Anonymous said...

Hello 12:46. The flooding in the Delta has not impacted Cleveland at all.

Hello 8:01 - Pluto was in the Delta by about 45 feet and its author was nothing more than a temporary outsider who capitalized on an opportunity to make a buck. Then he moved.

Busing and other social experiments have never achieved anything but a downward trend toward mediocrity and below. Look at the public schools in EVERY other Delta town. Cleveland is the only Delta town that's never had a majority black city council or board of supervisors or black mayor.

Clevela d is also the only Delta town that has never seen gangs take over, has never been in dire economic straights in its government practices and has never sent delegations to Washington with their hands out for grants and foundation gifts. It remains the Delta's flagship without one single boarded up storefront. Not one.

The 'It's Our Turn To Take Over' chant has not (yet) seized Cleveland. The reason? As far back as eight years ago, it was a social enclave and assortment of cultures that got along: Jews, Italians, Chinese, Anglos, Syrians, Germans, Blacks, Lebanese, Mexicans and a double handful of Yanks who moved south for positions at the industries in town.

Unknown said...

White people in the delta are scared of black people in the delta. White people also have the option to leave the delta. White people own and run 99% of all businesses in the delta. White people own the buildings in the towns. White people control the justice system in the delta.

Black people in the delta by and large cannot leave the delta. Black people (who scare white people) may he allowed to perform menial services for white people but have not and do not own any business of size. (Lawyers are uniquely different though).

It really all boils down to one thing - sex

White people do not ever want to have sex with black people. Sure there are exceptions but a white male would never be seen making out with a black female (or male) outside the Alluvian. It’s not going to happen.

The clubs in the area which make up the social scene are all white make dominated. During hunts or while fishing white males lament the state of the blacks in the area and have true compassion but very little room to effectuate any changes. Instead the blacks are to blame and the government is to blame.

It’s unique and it’s produced some of the greatest writers we’ve seen.

Due to how the land and banks are held....it’ll never change substantially.

Anonymous said...

I don’t understand why the quality of a public school is predicated upon the quantity of and proximity to desks that are occupied by white students?

And how is it not offensive that it’s just commonly stated as fact, that schools that are primarily black cannot succeed?

Anonymous said...

8:56 The premise that schools that are primarily black cannot succeed is not only offensive it is also inaccurate. Predominantly Black private schools and majority Black public schools that enjoy community and parental support were and are successful. The schools are no more successful than the community they serve. Black people never had the financial resources available to white institutions but they did have the attitude of self-reliance and community involvement. During that time, their schools though underfunded and victimized by the racist government, were still quite effective. Now, self-reliance is often abandoned and so are the schools. Those who desperately cling to education move or send their kids to private school. Just like the whites.

Anonymous said...

Luther Branson in Madison County is a perfect example of success when you have the proper resources.

Anonymous said...

8:40 AM you sound like that dumbass Tom Head.

Anonymous said...

@ 11:14
The notion that blacks can't succeed or need extra help from whitenits from a ideology called LIBERALISM... It's degrading and caused by affermitive action along with other benefits. Sad it still exist.

Anonymous said...

1:59 There was nothing wrong with affirmative action. It was not a "benefit" It was a remedy. It's the dependence on affirmative action that destroys the incentive to compete that's to blame. Any remedy like a drug can become addictive. That's the danger. Get it straight.

Anonymous said...

8:40; I posted at 6:14 and meant to say EIGHTY years ago, not EIGHT. But to your post; You're a kid and don't jack shit about that which you claim. Growing up in the Delta as I did, I can assure you that very few businesses were 'white owned'. Most were owned by our neighbors who were Jewish and Chinese. Sure, some were white owned but even more were owned by Italians. Taken as communities as a whole, more businesses were owned by Italians, Jews and Chinese than the 'white folk' you despise. And you're little pissant rant about sex is ridiculous, but it no doubt helped you get off.

Anonymous said...

It seems some people have it all figured out, whatever "it" may be. To really understand the problem, perhaps we need look no further that the attorney who litigated this case, Ellis Turnage, who has fought like hell for more than 10 years to keep from paying child support for the two children he fathered out of wedlock.

Anonymous said...

6:36 pm

The point of the 8:40 post was that blacks are not in control of their destiny as much as whites are in the delta.

Jewish people for purposes of the post are white and Chinese people there are also “white” as well as Italians and Greeks.

The established white people in the delta have no qualms with any segment of the populace there as long as they aren’t black.

On Sex:

Why don’t you advertise your business in Cleveland and have a 35 year old white farmer kiss a 35 year old black female while endorsing your product? Because you’d lose all your business.

The True adage “sex sells” stops at the “tracks” in Cleveland.

You know it’s true and it set you on fire! Made my day.

Anonymous said...

@9:59 - so, your argument is that our desire for law and order is what has destroyed black communities and destined the resulting fatherless children to fail in school, etc. That suggests that, in order to “save” black families, we should just look the other way when black fathers rob & steal, sell and abuse illegal drugs and/or commit any other type of felony, like maybe, assault with a deadly weapon. That way, the family can be kept together and baby-daddy can teach his offspring the tricks of the trade, right?

Ok. So, assuming we buy your ridiculous argument, who’s to blame for the exorbitant number of children of black baby-daddies who never assumed their father role in the first place? Or the children of the baby-mamas who have 3 or 4 kids before age 21 and can’t say for sure who baby-daddy is without a dna test? I suppose the more civilized among us, the ones who have the ridiculous notion that people who break the laws should pay the consequences for having done so, are to blame for their lack of stable homes, too.

Well, I contend that the real problem is the people who blame everybody but the actual parents of this kids. And after three or four generations of teaching them that it’s really not THEIR fault, it’s everyone else’s, they come to believe it so and therefore, they make no effort to change status quo. After all, It’s not THEIR fault.

Anonymous said...

Hey 11:14 JPS spends far more money per student than do DeSoto and Madison County schools. If funding is the key then why doesn't JPS pump out National Merit Scholars as do DeSoto and Madison?

Anonymous said...

@8:40 AM -stink finger is stink finger; trim is trim; just don't tell any one nor post on Facebook.

Anonymous said...

None of you posting above, save one, grew up in or ever lived in the delta, so why the hell are pretending to be knowledgeable about life there? Oh, wait! You teach at Millsaps, right?

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