Friday, February 28, 2020

Mayor is a Bernie Bro

Jackson Mayor and First Consul Chokwe Antar Lumumba endorsed Bernard Sanders for President:

Hmmm.......  Operation Chaos is very tempting.........


Anonymous said...

Capitalism, AI, and robotics are going to eliminate 90% of the jobs in this country.

From truck drivers to brain surgeons. Bernie Sanders is the only candidate with the compassion and vision to see that those with the most are obligated to take care of those with the least.

So when the day comes that robots that work for nothing are turning billionaires into trillionaires, there is a social safety net you you and I.

So many try to compare Bernie to Pol Pot or Fidel Castro. Bernie Sanders isn't an unknown entity. He has served his Vermont district with morality and compassion for decades. Look at his record.

Antard Ladumba said...

Thanks. I will do all I can to never spend another penny in Jackson.

Time to MAGA.

Anonymous said...

I can't argue with the mayor's statement because they have already dismantled Jackson and it's not enough. He got that right!

Anonymous said...

I guess BabyChok was afraid that accepting all that Bloomberg money made it look like he was in the tank for Mini Mike.

Anonymous said...

Bernie Bros unite to defeat the bought and paid DNC liberal lackies and tear down the barriers built by capitalist cis-hetero-white patriarchy!

Social Justice
Education is Equality

Universal Healthcare is a right
Housing is a right
Nutrition is a right

Messick said...

This comes as a surprise. All along I thought Chok was an anti-semite.

Anonymous said...

Bernie Sanders is a communist who honeymooned in soviet Russia, authored rape fantasy literature, and has only succeeded at leveraging public funds to enrich himself.

Anonymous said...

1:59. Please tell me one thing Bernie has done for Vermont, or anyone else , other than Bernie, in his long tenure

fed up in Jackson said...

Always remember that it only took 23,175 votes to put Lumumba in the mayors office (only 25,016 votes cast).

Anonymous said...

1:59 PM.. Sanders all Sanders has accomplished in 30+ years in politics and Washington is helping name two post offices. That's IT!

Keep drinking the Fool-Aid. Nothing is free.

Anonymous said...

Bernie Sanders is a folk hero. He's Americas Jewish Grandpa from Brooklyn. He is wise and caring. He is matzo soup for the soul. He is what we really need right now. Donald Trump has harmed this country and it is time for us to heal the divisive wounds of Trump's hate.

Anonymous said...

Good to see the Mayor supporting a winner.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Bernie Sanders that guy who looks and sounds just like Larry David?

Anonymous said...

I'm actually surprised.

I thought Bernie was too conservative for this current Jackson Mayor.

Cynical Sam said...

Come on people, look at the facts. In Sen. Sanders decades in office his legislative accomplishments are impressive.

He was able to get two US post offices named after people.

Like Nobama, he also voted "present" dozens of times.


Anonymous said...

Every cool person I know is a Bernie Bro. Every miserable hateful lonely old white man I know hates Bernie and just keeps calling him a communist. Okay he's a communist, so what? What else?

Where's My Free Shit said...

Mayor baby chok, a follower of Malcolm X, loves the redistribution of wealth, your wealth.

Anonymous said...

I guess we can all look forward to equality in poverty.

Anonymous said...

2:46 said:

"Every cool person I know is a Bernie Bro."

That's the funniest trolling comment I've heard today.

Anonymous said...

No surprise here. Bernie and Baby Chock are birds in a feather - want to take from whoever doesn't look or act like them and give to those that do.

Our Mayor is correct - he has already torn down Jackson about as far as it is possible. If anybody can do more to demolish what little bit of economy and tax base is still in Jackson, it would be Bernie.

Those that want to "Feel the Bern" will certainly get their wish should he make it to POTUS - Chimneyville will return as whatever is left of the city will crumble and fall.

Anonymous said...

Bernie is one sick dude!

Anonymous said...

As usual, it's always all about "free".

Anonymous said...

At 1:59.....his record is to get three, that's right three bills passed in 30 fuk'n years.

Anonymous said...

I’m voting for whoever gets the nomination regardless, but I would love it if Bernie can pull through and get it. With such harsh opinions of the man, I would at least hope the posters here could google what the definition of socialism is. Hell, Bernie would be considered fairly conservative by Europeans and most posters here like to pretend he is a Communist.

Anonymous said...

Let me introduce you to Burlington, Vermont which Bernie was elected mayor before he became senator. The city and state are both in far better shape than Jackson, Mississippi. Consider educating yourself before you embarass yourself again.

Anonymous said...

How many of you who are "praising" The Bern are serious? For those of you, if any, who are serious, what do you know about the fate of people in Communist regimes--all of them? How many of you were even alive when Communism, which is and must be to succeed a form of totalitarianism, had its greatest reach--Eastern Europe, China, Cambodia, Vietnam,North Korea, Cuba? Which oe of those States would you prefer to live in? Do give one example of a Communist State that was not a murderous one on the large scale. Sanders is not a socialist. He only says that because socialism, being a spectrum disorder, makes it easy to be dishonest about one's true goals.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mayor,

Remember people fought for your freedom. Not for you to say "vote for this guy so everyday we get a pizza party (paid for by a hard working doctor)."

Anonymous said...

5:51, Burlington Vermont is 85% white and 5% black, so how does that compare to Jackson?

Anonymous said...

Your a typical spoiled educated silver spoon short sighted American college student that knows nothing about the world and what Bernie sanders represents. My parents are Cuban. I grew up in Miami F lorida. Bernie is Castro version 2. Why do you think the massive protest happened this week in Cuban neighborhoods of Miami over Bernie praises for Fidel Castro... or the Miami Herald Spanish version posted Bernie in Castro uniform. He will ruin this country. Your a mindless kid or a troll... like the ice cream flavor in Miami... burn in hell Fidel!!! Trump has harmed this country is hilarious. God forbid people have jobs. Remember when Obama attempted to end wet foot dry foot bc Cubans are too conservitive along with Colombians. That wasn't racist now huh! Loser.

Anonymous said...

Messick @ 2:07: You are right about Chok, and so is Bernie. A self-loathing Jewish man who puts his radical, evil ideology above his own heritage.

@ 5:51: The infrastructure in Burlington,Vermont is stronger and more productive than the one in Jackson MS, but I am sure that Bernie has done his best to destroy Vermont. But then again, it is where he lives, and we all know that he does not want to live by the obscene policies that he wants for everyone else. Consider educating yourself before embarrassing yourself by endorsing socialism.

Anonymous said...

Like Bernie or not, the fact that he's been allowed to advance this far tells me that Socialism is presently a viable product throughout this country. Pretty certain that's not what our soldiers that stormed those beaches of France had in mind.

Anonymous said...

@10:14 PM said...
...Eastern Europe, China, Cambodia, Vietnam,North Korea, Cuba?
Which country have we not strangled with economic sanctions or attacked with our imperialist military?

China thrived as soon as we began to trade freely with them. As a matter of fact they were on a fast track to surpass us until Covid-19. Every US company wanted access to their market. America is viewed as on the decline. Chinas is so successful that we resorted to imposing protectionist tariffs to cripple them.

Anonymous said...

5:51 PM why don't you educate us stupid people to why Socialism is better?

Anonymous said...

If you Elect Bernie Sanders he can do for America what Little Choke has done for Jackson. If I was Bernie I would have begged Chok to endorse anyone else please

Anonymous said...

4:27: I can not believe your post cleared the liberal pious police. I have submitted almost identical post only to be denied publication on this board. It is surprising to me that facts & truth are racist(whatever that means).
While your position is spot on, there is also one other very important fact. “Chimneyville”. Jackson was virtually totally destroyed during the war of northern aggression. Jackson as the entire state has been impoverished & discriminated against since. Unlike what America has done in its foreign wars, America did not rebuild the South. America only destroyed it & continues to persecute it.
Unlike Vermont, there is very little private money or established foundation in which to support a vibrant community.

Anonymous said...

Obama’s main achievement was to enhance racial strife & amplify an economic chasm. Rather than unite the country, he utilized his position to further divide it both racially & economically. This has fed the Marxist agenda of socialism/communism in an attempt to destroy America. Even the media has bought into it. Name me a country that has a more free press than America. Why then would the media want to destroy it? Only to destroy America itself. Name a country that takes better of its disadvantaged? Name a country where one(minority or majority) has more freedom. This Bernie movement is only out to destroy America. Hateful, jealous people seeking something for nothing. Disenchanted people seeking the wrong solutions because they refuse to face the correct question.

Anonymous said...

Mississippi beat Tillman to death. Mississippi murdered Evers on his lawn. Mississippi buried Cheney, Goodman, and Schwermer in an earthen dam in Neshoba County.

Mississippi defied the rest of The South and voted to keep their seditious treasonous confederate battle flag. Mississippi denegrates their urban Capitol and still cries out that it will "rise again" so Mississippi (not the South) CHOOSES their fate.

The rest of The Southhas moved on and is enjoying a cultural renaissance.

Anonymous said...

What is rich is both Bernie and Lumumba preach in redistribution of wealth and housing all the while living within the confines of gated neighborhood(s) and houses that are exponentially larger, nicer, and safer than those of the majority of their constituents. While they both are quick to preach about redistributing your earnings, both public servants seem to live well above the other grade of a public servants salary and I have not seen much about their own money being spent to better the lives of the people they are trying to help. At least Donald Trump doesn’t take a salary but donates it to charity. Yes, he is the real enemy and a horrible person. I dare say neither of these two would do that.

Anonymous said...

Look, I am a never Trumper, but I am also a never Bernie!

What are you smoking,February 28, 2020 at 1:59 PM?
"Bernie Sanders is the only candidate with the compassion and vision to see that those with the most are obligated to take care of those with the least... a social safety net you you (sic) and I."

Get your ass a job and work for your money and then YOU can share it with the least of these. I am not interested in working and sharing it with your safety net!

I have "compassion and vision" and generously give to those who are truly needy. That is my choice, and that of most Mississippians. I will not be robbed!

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