Saturday, February 2, 2019

Over $1 Million Coke Seized

Rankin County Sheriff Bryan Bailey issued the following statement.

Rankin County Drug Interdiction Deputy Seizes Over 75 Pounds of Cocaine on Interstate 20

On Saturday February 2nd, 2019, at approximately 4:15 p.m. Rankin County Interstate Interdiction Task Force Deputy Johnson conducted a traffic stop on a Lincoln passenger car on Interstate 20 for a traffic violation.

During the traffic stop the deputy suspected the vehicle was transporting drugs and/or contraband. A consensual search revealed over 75 pounds of cocaine hidden inside the vehicle.

The driver Luis Carlos ALVARADO was placed under arrest for aggravated trafficking of cocaine and transported to the Rankin County Jail. District Attorney Bubba Bramlett will bring ALVARADO before Rankin County Court Judge Kent McDaniel for an initial appearance. No Bond has been set at this time.

The street value of the cocaine is over one million dollars.  The Mississippi Highway Patrol assisted in the arrest.

He's an angry young man. 


Anonymous said...

Why did he let the cop search his car!?!? A simple traffic violation is not sufficient probable cause to do so. HINT: If a cop asks for your consent, you don't have to say yes.

Anonymous said...

Is this guy a citizen? What kind of plate did he have (assuming Texas)? Did this happen in the mysterious section where every dealer is usually busted? I love it how you can suspect someone is trafficking drugs at 60+MPH in the dark. Sherlock Holmes couldn't tell the difference between a family of four and a Colombian Drug Lord in that environment.

Anonymous said...

Why the hell do they drive on I-20? Take the backroads the entire trip. You know they’re sitting 20 looking for you.

Anonymous said...

And the 18 wheeler with 75 tons kept on going.

Anonymous said...

If he said no to a search would the officer have the drug dog sniff around the outside of the car?

Anonymous said...

Super Bowl bound coke delivery.....the cartel isn't happy

Anonymous said...

woof woof!

Anonymous said...

The officers are looking for specific vehicles. Have you ever noticed the license plate readers on the unmarked Chevy Tahoes parked in the median? Information is shared over a network of law enforcement agencies. This is not some random stop or special skill the officers have, just the will to sit for hours and hours waiting for a vehicle to drive by and give an alert on the computer screen.

McGruff the Crime Dog said...

8:09 PM is correct. (He must have one of those youtube law degrees.)
However, 8:09 PM failed to point out that a search dog is one one radio call away. And when the dog is alerted, well, it basically has the same results.
So the lesson here boys and girls is quite simple, if you are transporting drugs, you might know what is going to happen.

And 8:14 PM, what part of I-20 in Mississippi is in the dark "at approximately 4:15 p.m."?
Need help from Sherlock Holmes on that one.....


Anonymous said...

8:09, The bottom line is this, “if you transport dope through Rankin county we can and will catch you and put you out of business. Don’t like that? Stay on the west side of the Pearl River. Good job Sheriff Bailey.

Professor Judy Johnson's Favorite Gunner said...

In a routine stop, the police cannot unreasonably delay the purpose of the stop in order to simply get a drug sniffing dog over. Example, if you were pulled over for speeding, the cop can't make you sit on the side of the road for 45 minutes after writing you the ticket just to have the K9 come up to you. If the cop that pulled you over is a K9, they can have the dog sniff your car because you don't have a reasonable expectation to privacy to drugs - and, in theory, drugs are all that the dog is sniffing for.

Of course, there are a dozen exceptions to this general rule that would allow the officer to get the K9 and have you wait, for example: if the cop smells drugs in the car when they pull you over for speeding.

Anon-E-Mouse said...

A friend of mine once told me that drug dealers let guys like this get busted so they can smuggle 10 times as much while the police are patting themselves on the back.

Don’t know how true it is, but he did work in the FBI.

Anonymous said...

Parks and Res.

Baa dum TISH said...

Anon-E-Mouse, YUP that's true.
Problem is, the guy running the $10,000 load got stopped 100 miles back and this guy with the million dollar load was not aware.

Anonymous said...

8:50 and 10:19 are more correct than most people are willing to admit. The loads Rankin County catches are intentional sacrifices to ensure the real loads aren’t touched.

Anonymous said...

The anonymous poster at 9:09 gets the Kewpie Doll! Well almost, in reality there is some sort of transponder in one of those bundles and that's how the authorities were "smart" enough to stop the right vehicle.

There was/is a Texas DPS trooper who reputedly could "smell" cocaine and other contraband as it sped along his sector of I-10. I once reviewed video footage of his stopping a vehicle for some alleged infraction (driving too close to the fog line, e.g.), obtaining consent for a search, searching the car -- finding nothing -- calling for the drug dog (all with consent) -- no action, no "hit," no nothing. Undetered he towed the car to the impound, put it on a lift, and eventually -- hours later -- found the lever to open the hidden compartment (between the trunk and the rear seat).

The authorities never admitted there was some inside intelligence but obviously there was. So far as all the rest of the balderdash about probable cause, and needless giving consent, blah-blah, Mississippi is still in the Fifth Circuit.

Despite all the above this country remains awash in dope. Why? Because the underclasses cannot gt enough of the stuff and market forces reign supreme. Quit buying it and they will quit selling it.

Anonymous said...

We need WALL on I 20!

Anonymous said...

While it may be true that the 'median sitting Tahoes' have plate readers on board, I need further validation of that before I believe it.

Anonymous said...

Where is the cash that is always accompanying this type of transfer? Maybe he was stopped in Louisiana and they "let him go" after surrendering the cash and then signaled ahead to the Mississippi boys in blue.

Send the Wetbacks Home said...

Build the Wall! Good job by the sheriff!

Anonymous said...

7:18 - the public will no longer be advised about seized cash; only drugs. Serves no purpose to mention cash seizures.

Anonymous said...

Did this come from south of the border? We need the wall and strong border security. President Trump is right.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the Hospitality State, Luis!

Anonymous said...

@6:55 - Validation of what? That the leo vehicles have tag readers or that tag readers exist? I can tell you for sure and certain they're out there. They are on marked and unmarked leo vehicles and on the sign trusses across the interstate. The various agencies share tag and warrant information files. The readers will read a tag at a 180 mph closer rate run the tag against the file in less than 2-3 seconds. If there is a hit on the tag the officer is alerted he stops the vehicle. These readers are also used in amber alerts, silver alerts and various other scenarios.

Anonymous said...

We mostly hear about the drug busts. They rarely if never make a statement when they bust the car returning from the drug sale with the cash.

Anonymous said...

@6:55 the rage readers are real. They scan tags and search databases. Sometimes these tags don’t match the vehicle. It’s the same technology as repo tow trucks use when they ride through parking lots and scan databases for credit companies that have a hit out on an overdue vehicle loan.

Anonymous said...

The plate readers are on 20, look at the reverse of the overhead signs. They’re not looking at traffic, they’re looking at plates. That’s the giveaway. Those aren’t traffic cameras.

They’re on every entry point into Madison the City and most of Madison county, and the interstates going through Jackson.

I don’t see plate readers on Tahoes as much, they don’t need them. They sit about a half mile up the road and wait for the plate to hit from the signage. Then wait for that tag the pass.

This is all completely illegal on the federal level... meaning DEA can’t own or operate the network. However, they can give grants for the LPRs and then the local agencies can build their own. A complete end run around the law.

The biggest number of LPRs outside of the New York metro area is on I-20 from Texas to Atlanta.

Just so you know, there are no state laws limiting how long they keep this data or who can access it. Meaning, if I wanted to FOIA how many times you hit the pharmacy or see your mistress, I can by just using your tag.

Double-edged sword. What are you willing to give up?

Anonymous said...

When is the time up for ignorant people and baby boomers?

You guys suck. I bet half the comments were from individuals who get high from their pill bottles or they enable their wives who are numb skull sucking on a smoothie to lose that Mississippi fat ass.

Anonymous said...

I guess now that civil asset forfeiture us no longer legal, Rankin SO will start stopping cars going east carrying the drugs rather than like in the 'good ole days' when they only stopped westbound cars returing with the cash.

Anonymous said...

6:00 7:50 and 8:00 You guys are priceless. And obviously clueless. If you believe that the billion dollar drug business will be stopped by some border "wall" you should lobby for building the wall on Mars, where you live. Mr. Trump has better sense than to trumpet that claim because he knows our economic system is built on money generated by supply and demand forces that do not really care if the supply side is illegal or not. Too much money is at stake. You saw Law enforcement agencies lobbying the legislature this week so that they could continue to fund their departments with drug money which they know they cannot stop. Since they can't stop it, they want their share. The "Wall" is just a political response to the reality that this country is being flooded with people who have needs but little ability. We need a wall and more to deal with that.

Anonymous said...

Hey goobers. Ever watch Smokey and the Bandit, It's called running interference. The real ball carrier gets through. The local sheriff gets to smile for the cameras and show off while the beat goes on. The drug boys have so much dope they need to burn some to keep the market price stable. If ole Bandit get's through fine, he took a shot and got lucky. If not, so what? There's plenty more where he came from. This is the cost of doing business...

And what a business!

Anonymous said...

See, for example:

and go from there.

Anonymous said...

Look at all the haters standing up for the rights of the drug trafficker and pointing out how law enforcement violates those rights. None of you were there so why make the assumption? Never mind 75 pounds of Columbian Bam Bam was seized before it could make its way into your children’s noses. Smh at the dumbass know it all crybabies. Be grateful and just say thank you. 7:18 before you make assumptions About where the money went you may want to educate yourself about how drug trafficking really works. Money and drugs aren’t shipped together.

Anonymous said...

A friend in federal law enforcement told me not too long ago that the crime (both violent and property) and death among coke and pot users is dwarfed by that of meth and opioids, including the illegal trade in legal pills (i.e., oxycodone, etc.). Moreover, pot and coke busts, such as the one here, are almost business transactions in that the mule accepts their fate without any drama, whereas meth and opioid busts almost always have firearms present even if they aren't being actively wielded and they can and often do turn weird and violent at any point from initial contact to pursuit to post-arrest in the blink of an eye. Depending on the size and amount of chemicals present, meth labs can be dangerous for everyone in the immediate vicinity (or even the area). I have no data to back any of the above up nor can I say I personally know any/all is true. However, I do personally believe it based on what I see around me, both directly and in the media.

Regardless if the above is true, what is plainly obvious is that the US has a huge problem with drugs, including legal drugs used improperly, but attempting to legislate morality has never worked. It does seem clear that legalization of certain drugs, esp. pot and perhaps coke, and legislating their use and taxation akin to alcoholic beverage laws would be a step in the appropriate direction and long overdue. It is clear that the (mis)use cannot be reasonably controlled, but the tertiary effects - crime, etc. related wholly to the illegality of the drugs - on society as a whole can certainly be mitigated.

Anonymous said...

Anyone bitching about cops busting 75 pounds of cocaine is an idiot.

Anonymous said...

@12:23 - no one’s bitching, but if you think Rankin County is making one whit of difference in the drug trade, you’re an idiot.

Anonymous said...

That was my question, 9:23. I don't believe 'tahoes' have on-board 'plate readers' as was claimed. Guy been watching to many crime shows.

Anonymous said...

They sent five trucks through as soon at the spotter reported he was stopped.

Anonymous said...

3:08 - absolutely there are vehicles with license plate readers mounted to them, and there is a network of fixed license plate readers across the country. There are also mobile readers attached to a few of those innocuous-looking orange trailers that look to have no real purpose - you can see them on the spillway every now and again (they can be borrowed from the state office of homeland security). These are highly effective tools that law enforcement uses not only to track narcotics and currency shipments, but to recover abducted children and stolen vehicles.

Anonymous said...

@7:18 - the drugs and the cash are never in the same vehicle.

Anonymous said...

Let’s talk about how Rankin SO tagged the two interdiction cops who made the stop in a Facebook post...

Not the brightest move I’ve ever seen... but Bailey is an idiot soooo...

Hope they don’t get murdered

Anonymous said...


There is a spot on I-20 Westbound at the Rankin/Scott county line where the Rankin County Sheriff Office and sometimes DHS/ICE sit for hours with their license plate scanner cameras pointed at traffic as they pass.

Some agency other than MDOT Traffic has facial recognition and license plate capturing cameras on I-20, I-55, HWY-25, HWY-80. If you enter Rankin via HWY-80 from Jackson you are greeted by cameras that photograph your face and license plate.

Anonymous said...

Their transporting more dope than that on school buses all over the state.

coffee and cornbread said...

@3:08 pm

they do
have for a while

Anonymous said...

Facial recognition. Hoo Boy!

Step on it Bubba! Yonder goes Jose'!

Anonymous said...


I've seen the same cameras you mention and have been mocked as paranoid for even noticing them.

They aren't speed cameras and they really do seem configured to capture the face of the driver on approach and the license plate as they pass. I have observed that same camera set up everywhere in the metro. I'm certain they are federally funded cameras.

Perhaps Kingfish could investigate on a slow news day?

Who is watching us?

Anonymous said...

for the uninformed......the economy of illegal drugs is also ruled by the law of supply and demand. the reason those illegal drugs are herein the first places because the DEMAND for it in the good ole U S of A is off the charts. all thanks too the millions of junkies we have in this country , who, by- the- way, are all american citizens. just like the guy in my neiboorhood who gets 7000$ per month in government disability money and then blows it all on herion.

Kingfish said...

Richland has one. Cowboy sits up at the triangular-shaped shoulder right before the split at the stack in an unmarked white suv. He gets a hit, he chases the car. Don't even turn on his lights until he is in Jackson.

Telly Sevalis said...

You people who believe the ones being caught are sacrificial lambs...please explain why two people would volunteer to go to prison for ten or so years by being the mules. Conspiracy theorists are in abundance on this blog thread.

But; How much intelligence would it take to take a rest break every 140 miles and switch plates? It ain't like they don't have six hundred stolen plates back at the warehouse.

Anonymous said...

Assuming some agency (or private company) has set up a facial recognition camera and folks wanted to have some fun, getting a life-size color print of various faces and making a "mask" might create that fun.

Some suggestions:

The Donald or the Trump of your choice

Phil, Tater or the MS state official of your choice

Pablo Escobar, El Chapo or drug kingpin of your choice

Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, Stalin, Mao, any of the N. Korean Kims, or the Communist/Socialist of your choice

George Washington or the "Founding Father" of your choice

Hillary, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Occasionally-Correct or the leftwingnut of your choice

G. Gordon Liddy, Richard Nixon, Archie Bunker, Chris McDaniel or the rightwingnut of your choice

and if it is a federal program, James Comey or J. Edgar Hoover might produce an interesting result.

A coordinated effort by a group of folks all wearing the same mask but in dozens of different vehicles (all with the same "protest tag," see below) might make for a fun afternoon of social protest.

Another idea, of dubious legal status but at least arguably a form of Constitutionally-protected protest, might be to make several dozen paper prints of, say, the Governor's license plate, along with dozens of masks of, say, Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders, affix the paper tags to numerous cars and have folks wearing the masks drive past the camera over and over, being careful to only drive with the "protest tag" in the vicinity of the camera (and have others on-hand in support of the "peaceful civil protest"). Perhaps putting a disclaimer of authenticity in fine print on the printed tag so that a in-hand inspection would make it plain the printed tag was not real and not an attempt to falsify an actual plate might help with a "protected protest" argument.

I have no doubt that readers can come up with all sorts of other fun, protest-y ideas to protest what many would say is unacceptable activity by those operating such cameras. However, note that a person really cannot use an absolute privacy claim because folks cannot have a reasonable expectation of total privacy when driving down a public road.

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