Saturday, February 9, 2019

Frat Flashback

It appears some chicanery took place at a Millsaps frat back in 1994:


Cicero said...

Power for me, but not for thee
Wealth for me, but little for thee
Security for me, but none for thee

Justice for me, but to hell with thee!

But everyone can gave Chick-fil-A and football on TV, hooray!

Anonymous said...

Don't Bogart it 3:52...

Anonymous said...

Millsaps. Spend a fortune and act like its Ole Miss. Play college sports or join a frat and do Old South or do a prank, and you don't have to drive three hours to get there.

Anonymous said...

Had they been JSU students I bet they would still be in Parchman.

Anonymous said...

Tell me, do KAs really want to return to the old South? Are they that dumb?

Anonymous said...

Interesting story. Guys from an "old South" fraternity were arrested for a felony but they made a "settlement" with the DA and got off. Quite typical of how things work in this state then and now.

Anonymous said...

Same as I said last month about a topic pertaining to something about fraternity hijinx which I believe had something to do with LSU. I’m a high school grad, doing better than most of my college grad cohorts who belonged to frats, and didn’t have to circle jerk with them or degrade they are all known to have done and act like Dumbasses, like they all did...because momma and dayayddy bought them an ejakayshun...if tater did it, get him out. We don’t need his stupid ass as governor. And Jim Hood? Ole Miss? Yep, I can believe it. Get rid of his ass too.

Anonymous said...

The difference between the Republican racists and the bad apples in the Democratic Party is that the Republicans embrace this racism openly and continue their attacks in the present moment. Democrats police their own and repudiate acts of racism in the past like Ralph Northam’s.

Anonymous said...

KF is going to be in the doghouse with the Little Emperor.

Anonymous said...

Cochran sure got that one right!

Anon-E-Mouse said...

7:32. Democrats Police their own? that’s comedy gold thar

Anonymous said...

Other differences between republicans and democrats 7:32:
Not a single republican ever owned slaves
Dems appointed 4 card carrying klan members to the Supreme Court republicans appointed 8 Eagle Scouts and zero klansmen
Dems had 72 members of Congress in the klan with the most recent in the mid 90’s
Dems had 32 klan member governors
Republicans do not currently have a governor that is known as Coonman by his friends
Dems are associated with over 500 lynchings - republicans lose here too
Republicans did not support the American Eugenics Society or the” negroi project” which became Planned Parenthood
Republicans did not run a candidate for president or keep one in office after they left a woman in a car to drown after a drunk driving accident.
Republicans did not round up Japanese and put them in interment camps
Shall I go on? Try blending in some facts with your hate

Anonymous said...

If justice were real, every young person, regardless of color, education, family background, economic status, etc would be able to “work out a deal” on a first offense non-violent felony. I am sure Tate has worked for such laws while he has presided over the legislature, because he wants everyone to have the same opportunities that his college buddies had, right?

Anonymous said...

One can only guess that these actions satisfy an itch they have or calms their blood pressure. It must be of some benefit since they feel so compelled to do something so irrelevant and stupid.

Anonymous said...

Just to clarify. This isn't Reeves's fraternity in this story.

Not really sure why stolen pumpkins 25 years ago is a story.

Anonymous said...

Natchez does the Old South every year.

Columbus does the Old South every year.

Lots of money made during those weeks.

Anonymous said...

As a JPD officer, I made that arrest. I didn’t realize that it would go national in USA Today or that it would still be around today.

Anonymous said...

Kingfish---I know ur trying to be objective but CLEARLY there r sum malcontents, social misfits, and bedwetters who are salting ur website with posts that are intended to upset the vast majority of ur readers--please -use a lil more discretion in editing which posts appears--thanx

Anonymous said...

Speaking of racists antics, has anyone gotten fit he bottom of the noises around the capital? Seems like the AA community has been fairly quiet about it after the charade. Make me wonder if it was one of their own trying to cast blame to another group who doesn’t go around blaming others. No...that can’t be it.

Anonymous said...

Reeves was a Kappa Alpha. The nefarious criminals who prank-stole pumpkins were Pi Kappa Alpha. I know they all look alike, but there was a difference.

I also notice the ever-popular Lee Vance was the Police Department spokesman being quoted in this article 25 years ago. Isn't it about time for him to cash in on PERS?

And for 1:34 AM who claims to have arrested the prankish pumpkin pickers, did you accept pay for that day? Tell me you did not.

Anonymous said...

I most certainly accepted pay for that day. They stole from a church fundraiser for God’s sake.

Burke said...

9:02, I hope none of the readers here is fooled by your nonsense. The Republican Party started out in the 1850s as the Abolitionist party that soon elected Lincoln. After Lincoln, the Democrats were definitely the racist party for quite some time, and almost all white Southerners were Democrats. Then Nixon crafted the Southern Strategy, and Southern Democrats began the long migration to the GOP. It's an interesting story, one that tells us a whole lot about the problem of racism. Racists had a home in the Democratic Party during Reconstruction and Jim Crow, but things changed with FDR and Harry Truman. I'll stop there.

BREAKING not said...

Thanks for stopping by, 4:22. AND for stopping. Did you intend to tell us something we don't already know?

Anonymous said...

4:22 9:02 here. You think things changed with FDR and Truman? It just got more insidious and hidden. Let’s examine. First, FDR refused to reverse the segregation of federal workers and the military. In fact, FDR made it worse and then rounded Americans and stuck them in interment camps. That was a big step forward wasn’t it. Truman is another great example. How about you look up his application to the kkk, it is available at the national archive. But take your professors word for it. Speaking of education perhaps the biggest proponent of public education was the kkk. They favored the indoctrination and control of facts. Hmm. Meanwhile, you have one of the worst racists of all time working his way up the democrats rank, LBJ. I will leave it to you to look up the vile things he said. Check out what he told his driver or said after signing the republican driven civil rights and voting acts. But keep on believing because the dems climbed out of a racist hole that someone had to take their place.

Democrat presidents put several Klansmen on the Supreme Court. Justice Edward White, who had been a Klansman, was put on the Supreme Court by Grover Cleveland. FDR put Hugo Black, a leftist icon and also a Klansman, on the Supreme Court. Harry Truman put Tom Clark on the Supreme Court. But sure FDR was not a racist, just acted like one. Keep believing the indoctrination but I can promise you if you go to any major city run by Dems for the last 50 years- you will see poverty, despair and violence. How could that be?

You will see dems hit me with all sorts of insults to try to keep these facts from you and even call me the racist. Prove one thing I said wrong. Until your family had a cross burned in your yard like mine, you might not understand why I spent 1000’s of hours writing and editing thesis essays on lynchings and progressive’s racism with a focus on southern Politics. I’m used to it and can defend myself with facts. I hope you read up and study. One last question, why did the dems make up a fake position and title for Jim Cliburn the ranking member? Was very white Steny Hoyer just that much more capable. If you want to destroy racism and to insure a level playing field, you have to openly discuss the issues. We will not get there toting the democrats talking points because, just as you saw above, dems will go after KF and demand censorship. That will not solve anything. I was only responding to a misinformed comment with facts that demonstrated otherwise. I love Mississippi and hate racism. It is destroying a great state filled with some of the best people in America.
Please dig deeper than Wikileaks and democrat talking points it hurts us all to be misinformed.

Anonymous said...


You ignore reality.

After the voting rights act every southern D turned R.

It was because black people were allowed to vote which moved racist Ds to be racist Rs.

That is a fact.

Whatever happened before then is not that important.

Lee Atwater’s southern strategy used racist Rs to obtain R power.

Stop making distinctions with no differences.

Anonymous said...

7:38 - if you want an open debate, do not start with petulant,unfounded and easily disproven statements like “ after the voting riches act every southern D switched to R. ... that is a fact”. Particularly in a state that didn’t even elect a republican governor until 27 years later
Disingenuous absolutism makes discussion impossible. I’m not going to clog up JJ’s boards countering such nonsense. It is simple to debunk such drivel with empirical data, very simple. Dems like to make vainglorious claims about being the anti-racism with very little credible evidence in support. I’m not sure that KF wants this to be the forum to debate this; however, I’m sure a honest discussion needs to be free of ridiculous and unsupportable blanket statements such as you made. It may be better for you to whip on your victim suit and to take your emotionally strong but factual weak statements over to JFP or even think about moving to one of the democrat run nirvanas that are performing so well.

Louis LeFleur said...

Do the Pike's at Millsaps still do an Old North party as they're answer to the KA's Old South? And whether or not they do, is/was that just a Millsaps thing, or common anywhere there are both Pikes and KAs?

P.S. Otherwise, if we start holding people running for office accountable for what they did as college fraternity (or sorority for that matter) members, no one will run for office.

Louis LeFleur said...

Ack! Their, not they're. Hate when I do that.

Anonymous said...

I remember this because one of the culprits was a guy I went to high school with....what I didn't know was that I also know one of the arresting officers! Small world.

Wonder how this case was ever disposed?

Anonymous said...

10:32 --

Furthermore, what if we held EVERYONE accountable for the wrong/evil/sinful/immoral things they did.... especially the things done in private?

That's why I always chuckle when past wrongs are brought to light as someone hits the limelight. The "whistleblowers" are too dense to realize the hypocrisy in their actions.

Now, I'm all for bringing to light horrible acts and serious allegations.... but it's getting quite ridiculous bringing up old questionable photos/posts/tweets/statements simply for political or personal gain. Especially when every single person on the face of the earth has done or will do something shameful in their past that should, according to current societal logic, prevent them from ever being successful.

Anonymous said...

10:01 am

Local politics kept state elections D in MS.

Sheriffs/clerks were D and to vote for them you had to vote In D primary.

You know that.

You gloss over Atwater’s death bed admission of guilt for going from the N word to “buses to states rights” - all buzz words for black people.

Nobody believes a word you type no matter how many vainglorious words you exude.

Anonymous said...

So all racist Dems became Republicans in one post. Yet sheriffs were democrats? Got it. And, we all know that local sheriffs were not racist at all. The rest of the argument all hinges on Lee Atwater? Nixon installed the first affirmative action plan weeks after being sworn in - I guess this was to appease his so-called racist voters. Your points are highly confusing and wholly unsupported by voting data or records. Brainwashed liberals are amusing. Are you the same guy that said everything changed with FDR and Truman until you got that slammed in your face? Truman applying to be in the KKK really hurt your point there. So you skip LBJ altogether and move to Nixon and Atwater -great job. Next

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