Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Third sexual harassment lawsuit filed against Sheriff

Here we go again.  A third sexual harassment lawsuit was filed against Hinds County Sheriff Victor Mason in U.S. District Court yesterday.  Deputy Belendia Jones made several lurid allegations against Sheriff Mason in her lawsuit.  Lieutenant Tamekia Barnes and former Chief Deputy Cheryl Matory filed similar lawsuits against the Sheriff last month.

Ms. Jones served as a volunteer in the Sheriff Mason's 2011 campaign.  The complaint states her dad was the Sheriff's barber until he died.  She was a reserve deputy but Sheriff Tyrone Lewis apparently fired her when he learned she was supporting candidate Mason.   Ms. Jones alleges that Sheriff Mason promised her during the campaign that he would hire her with the rank of sergeant, and send her to a police academy if he became Sheriff.  The complaint then delves into the alleged -and salacious- details.  The complaint states:

11. During the campaign season, Mason often spoke to Jones by telephone. On many occasions, Mason pretended Mrs. Wilson, a fictional character, wanted Jones questions about Mason. During those telephone calls, Mason would ask Jones the questions supposedly posed by Mrs. Wilson. After the telephone calls, Mason would text Jones  and quiz her on Mrs. Wilson's calls.

12. After Mason won the sheriff's election in November of 2015, he texted Jones and stated: "Question 1 was? Jones, what was question #1?" Jones responded: "lf you were handsome and the answer was NO! BONE HEAD."  Mason replied and stated: "Question 2." Jones responded: "If u dressed nicely. Answer was yes."  Mason texted  back an  said: "Lol.  Question 3. Lol." Jones responded: "If I wanted to fuck you and the answer was NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO."

13.  On or about November 19, 2015, Mason texted Jones and stated "Question  3? Jones  responded:  "If  you  wanted  to f*** me." Mason  responded: "What the hell is ****? Man, you better come with it." Jones replied: "Spell check did that I didn't. Mason  responded  and said: "Your  black ass got 30 seconds.   Times up."  Jones texted back and told Mason: "I didn't get the last text." Mason told Jones: "Play crazy." Jone responded: "If u wanted to fuck me. Seriously." Mason texted: "Question 3?" Jone responded "If u wanted to fuck me."  Mason responded ''Thank you Sgt. Jones. Lol."

14. Jones told Mason: "My dad is going to get you." Mason stated: "You think so? Jones said: "Yes he is." Mason replied: "Is that before or after you fuck me?" Jone responded and said: "Both cause I'm not fucking u!" Mason texted Jones and said: "Yes you are witch."  Jones responded "No I'm not! Yucky!"

15.  On or about November  21, 2015, Mason  texted Jones and told her "whomever  you're dining with tonight don't give him any pussy." Jones responded: "Kml!" Mason esponded: "what?" Jones responded: ""Killing myself!." Mason texted  back and said "Oh ok."

Sheriff Mason hired Ms. Jones as a sergeant in the background investigation department in January 2016.  The complaint states the texts resumed:

On or about January 25, 2016, Mason texted Jones and stated: "Wanna make a deal?" Jones asked: "What's the deal?" Mason directed Jones to "Resite (sic) question 3." Jones stated "Mrs. Wilson wanted to know if I wanted to fuck you! Ughh!" On or about January 26, 2016, Mason texted Jones and said: "I'm outside are you going to let me in. I brought wine." Jones responded: "No you are not."

17. On or about February 9, 2016, Mason texted Jones and asked: "are you ready to say question 3?" Jones did not respond. Mason texted Jones again and told her "Ignoring me is very dangerous." Mason told Jones: "I don't give a flip. I'm calling back and you will say it." Jones asked Mason: "Why r u torching (torturing) me?!" Mason responded: "Cause I can. You ready? Jones responded: "No." Mason replied and said: "Get ready if you don't you'll suffer." Jones replied: No!"

18. On March 8, 2016, Mason texted Jones and said "Jonzey." Jones responded: "Yes sir?" Mason said: "give me some." Jones said "I'll think about it." Mason said "Are you serious? Hello." Mason responded: "Don't play with me." Jones said: "I'll think about it." Mason told Jones: "Stop repeating yourself." Jones responded "That's all I have to say."

19. Mason responded: "Why? Give me some hope. Jones?" Jones stated, "Yes, I gave u hope by saying I will think about it." Mason responded: "I'm serious. Are you?" Jones texted Mason and said "U suppose to look after me, not bone me." Mason responded: "I'll have your unit number tomorrow. Don't you want to give me some? Tell the truth." Jones stated: "It flew fast in my mind n I dismissed it just as fast."

20. Mason asked: "Are you trying to be funny? Jones stated: "I'm really not." Mason stated: "so do you want to give me some or not. Forget all that I'll think about jazz." Jones stated "you know I can't do that." Mason responded: "Why I want to give you some." Jones replied: "I know, probably since the day I met u." Mason asked: "So I won't ever get any from you?" Jones told Mason: "I honestly don't know." Mason responded: "Ok be like that. But just remember one thing?" Jones responded: "Yes." Mason told Jones: "I need to fuck you." Jones asked Mason: "Why do you feel you need to do that."

21. On or about March 26, 2016, Mason texted Jones and asked her: "Why did you put Yucky at the end of Ms. Wilson's statement? No so that statement didn't count. So, do it again but leave the YUCKY off. Do it and I'm not playing. NOW JONES NOW."

22. On April 3, 2016, Mason texted Jones and stated "Question 3. Oh, you know bousy (sic). See how you do me. Stop lying and don't start whining."

23. Throughout Jones's tenure as a sergeant, Mason texted Jones and demanded sexual favors. When Mason finally realized that Jones had no intentions of being sexually involved with him, Mason's attitude toward Jones changed. While Mason was asking Jones for sexual favors, he promised her he would rectify the discrepancy in her pay.

Then came some alleged retaliation:

24. Before Jones joined HCSD, Mason promised her she would earn $4,012.10 monthly, an increase in what Jones earned on her other job. When Jones joined HCSD, she was not paid $4,012.10 monthly. Jones earned approximately $2,100.00 month, less than what she earned in the position she left to work for HCSD.

25. On July 5, 2016, Mason demoted Jones from Sergeant in the Background Investigations Department where she worked at the downtown office and transferred her to a less prestigious position of records clerk at the Raymond Detention Center. As a result of the demotion, Jones's salary was reduced again.

However, the complaint states the environment changed after former Chief Deputy Cheryl Matory filed a sexual harassment complaint against Sheriff Mason:

26. After Mason demoted Jones, he refused to speak to her on most occasions. Immediately after her demotion, Jones requested a meeting with Mason. Mason refused to meet with her. That abruptly changed in December of 2016 after former undersheriff Cheryl Matory filed suit against Mason for sexual harassment.

27. Upon information and belief, Mason asked a mutual friend to invite Jones to a meeting at Mason's office. When Jones arrived, Mason asked if she was recording him. Mason told Jones that he felt they needed to clear the air. Mason told Jones "I will apologize if I was wrong." Mason explained that there was a lot of internal strife in the HCSD.

28. Mason told Jones that he had received a couple of calls from individuals who reported Jones was showing text messages between the two of them. Mason explained that he had a situation recently that he had to diffuse with his wife. Mason asked Jones why was she showing the text messages.

29. Mason told Jones: "You have to believe in me the way I believe in you. You have no idea the gun I'm under. The very people I tried to help stabbed me." Mason told Jones he was going to rectify the situation and she would soon get a call from Rick Van Egmond, HCSD's Training Director.

30. On Tuesday, February 21, 2017, Jones received a call from Rick Van Egmond who scheduled an appointment to meet with Jones on February 22, 2017 to discuss her placement in the HCSD's class for certified law enforcement officer.

Ms. Jones charged the Sheriff with sexual harassment by creating a hostile work environment, sex discrimination, breach of contract, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.   The complaint asks for damages and attorney's fees.   Attorney Lisa Ross represents the plaintiff. The case was assigned to Judge William Barbour.


Kingfish Cousin Catfish said...


Why can't we get an elected official who just wants to come to work, do their damn job and take their ass own to the house at the end of the day?

I know those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. But can these men control their damn Johnson without all the extra drama?

Burke said...

Time to resign, Victor. Do the right thing. You and Tony will always be jokes. It's disheartening, but it seems clear that too many black males, like too many cowboys, believe their own mythology. It's noteworthy that war veterans rarely do.

Anonymous said...

Because folks that go to work, do their job, and take their asses to the house are doing it for a paycheck.

No one seeking power is doing it for that paycheck. It's all about using the power to enrich oneself...whether that's money, sex, whatever.

The power attracts money and corruption. The only way to cut the head off this *ahem* snake, is to take away the power. The more we cede to elected government, the more powerful the lure to the most craven and least worthy of us all.

Kingfish said...

Suppose every allegation is true, he loses every lawsuit, and money is paid. He won't resign. Four years at PERS in a higher salary. Too much of a dropoff to previous salary for PERS calculations. He has several decades in law enforcement.

Keep in mind these are just lawsuits. Sheriff Mason has not responded to any of them. He has not presented a defense. Right now it is just what one party says and the Sheriff deserves a chance to defend himself and present his side.

Anonymous said...

Sheriff Mason, stay off that damn phone!!!

Anonymous said...

When I was in Law Enforcement; I remember my Captain telling me; "THAT BADGE HAS GOTTEN ALOT OF WOMEN, & WOMEN HAVE GOTTEN ALOT OF BADGES'!!!!

NOTE: I cleaned it up a bit; I guess you can tell.

Anonymous said...

What kingfish said. And he might still get re-elected even if he did some of that stuff. The deputies like him and the rural folks are happy to see law enforcement visible.

Anonymous said...

11:56 - I don't know about that last statement. Turnover is high. Wonder why? New people in and old people out all the time...

Anonymous said...

Stop defending Mason, all who know him are NOT SURPRISED. He's now just publicly exposed who he really is.
One and Done, just like ole Tyrone.

Richard Spooner will be your Next Sheriff.

Anonymous said...

Masons never been a real LEO. McMillan hid his dumb ass on Task Forces all his career..
He's in the weeds and these Lawsuits are only the beginning of his demise..

More to come folks, alot more.

Anonymous said...

Don't know bout re-election. Too many cats out of the bag.Time for a new guy to get his share (or try).

Anonymous said...

Sheriff Mason to wife, " honey I'll be home early tonight, think I'll stop and get us takeout from that daiquiri place SkyBox heard they had the best wings".

Anonymous said...

@10:23 AM, Sheriffs consider theirs as a higher order than mere Johnsons.

Anonymous said...

Sheriff Mason I'm sure is not the only Mississippi Sheriff doing this shigity. He is just not smart enough to know that a settlement payout equals to more than just being loyal. Money trumps loyalty!!!
Sheriff if you promise a job and or a salary, your word is your bond. Do what's right! The rewards would be so much greater! I suggest you fess up and make amends! Do the right thing!
No other Law Enforcement Agency will trust you because you put yourself in a position to be blackmailed. To all Citizens, look at your local Sheriff closely they ain't saints neither!!!

Anonymous said...

Karma is great

Anonymous said...

Do it smell like ass in here?

Women got half the money and ALL the pussy... said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Where's TB?

Anonymous said...

Nobody was paid what they were promised. Many good men and women left good jobs and were promised certain salaries to work for Mason. He did not stand up to his word and did so many people wrong. Most of those good officers are no longer with HCSD now because he stabbed them in the back. Yes karma is great. He deserves everything that is coming to him.

Anonymous said...

Mason overpromised on the salary issue out of pure stupidity. He promised many jobs and high salaries before he knew he had to live within a budget. Only some of the promises dealt with T&A; the others were both campaign promises to get support and thinking that he really could pay these people more than they were making.

Can't figure whether Mason or Yarber is the worse. Think I am going to go with Yarber, because he has carried it throughout his administration with multiple numbers of staffers being charged, while Mason is playing singles.

Anonymous said...

At 10:23

Look across the river. Sheriff Bryan Bailey isn't suffering from this type of crap. I don't think Randy Tucker is either. Wonder why?

Anonymous said...

Richard W Spooner for Sheriff!

He's our next Trump folks..

Anonymous said...

Masons a dummy from the beginning..he stabbed most of his people that got him elected.
The only ones staying are the ones who need a job. Other than that, they'll vote him out,
just like they did Tryone..

Anonymous said...

Hey VICTOR ! I know your reading this stupid..
Your done, the very ones you fired will take back over and bring the Sheriff's Office back to its premier again.

Remember this, Karma's a bitch, and then she'll divorce ya and take half of those HIGH FOUR..

Anonymous said...

I was a big supporter of Victor P Mason, that fella turned his back on me so fast and acted like he never knew me! I'm so happy that black heart fella got what he deserves !! Victor, now you see what it feels like! Vic now youll see what not being able to eat and having the shits feels like!! Karma at its best!!

Anonymous said...

Sad that one of McMillin's last acts for Hinds County was his endorsement of Mason. I'm sure he would be disappointed at Mason's disparaging treatment of female employees.

Anonymous said...

@6:52 lots of skeletons in that closet. Are you saying he is the next clown of the county?

Anonymous said...

McMillin walked on water. Right?

Anonymous said...

The Sheriff and Yarber must be related in some way...

Anonymous said...

@7:21 & 7:14

McMillan was dirty for sure, he was just never exposed. Point is, Tyrone and Mason have been exposed. Didn't know how to play the game.

Spooner will win, just like Trump wasn't supposed too. Get over it, The community has had enough of lieing asses to just get elected and then do all of this..


Connecting The Sniffs.. said...

Next thing ya know Mason will be hiring drug pushers and promoting them into narcotics work. Wait!...

Ya reckon he knows the best way to ensure a steady supply of poontang is with drugs?

Anonymous said...

Victor is a big liar!! Victor will have you thinking he's for you when he's not. It's time to get that snake out of office!! He don't have a loyal bone in his body. Let's campaign and get this no good fella out of hinds county sheriff office.

Anonymous said...

McMillan is dead and not here to defend himself. Guess what, the people of Hinds spoke for him, 20 plus years of service as Sheriff!!! You naysayers ain't did shit, but comment!!!

Anonymous said...

They tell me Victor got his Officers writing their reports in third person.

Anonymous said...

Do you all really think Mason is doing that bad or is this just a political attack on him by someone that wants his position? I think the latter

Anonymous said...

We are watching a repeat of the last administration. "Same show different players and a few rewritten acts" ! There has been just as much employee turnover, ineffective leadership and waste of the taxpayers money in this office as there was under Lewis. If these allegations prove true (and unless all three of these women have found a way to manufacture texts from Mason's phone, they are) the people of Hinds County have elected by all definitions a Sexual Predator as their top cop. We listened to Mason talk about how he would be the sheriff for everyone... I guess he meant everyone except the female population. Thanks Mason for using our taxes to pay for your stupidity, I would have rather seen the deputies get a raise rather than paying these women for the appendage raise you tried to extort from them.

Anonymous said...

Perfectly put 11:23

Anonymous said...


The spoofing of text messages is possible. These women could have paid someone to do it or used any of a number of 3rd party services to send text messages to their phone that appear to be from any number they want. If Victor is really innocent hopefully the legal defense for the county will be smart enough to demand that all phones be forensically examined by an independent 3rd party company and a large investigation done to their cellular activity with interest paid to the possibility of 3rd part spoofing. Having a text message with someone's number on it is in no way proof that the owner of that phone/number sent the message.

Anonymous said...

@2:46....REALLY! that's the weak ass out your trying to give that sexual predator?

Stop it ! We all know he did, he'd never agree to that anyway..he'd be busted for sure.
Board of Supervisors just need to get ready to cut those checks on his Dumbass account.

Anonymous said...

@2:46 I'm sure if your theory was valid the High Sheriff would have provided that as a defense. He hasn't and in fact his silence has been deafening. Rumors are they are already trying to settle the first suit. If true that speaks volumes. I get you grasping at a weak defense for him though. No one wants a sexual predator as their top cop. A all new low for Hinds County.

Kingfish said...

The docket reflects he has not yet been served, much less filed an answer. He wasn't served on the other lawsuits until the first amended complaint was filed as well.

Anonymous said...

Kingfish stop playing semantics and defending This idiot.

Enough is enough of this kind of Nonsence.

We need another McMillan in office.

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