Friday, September 4, 2020

Mayor Addresses Crime

Jackson Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba issued the following statement. 

Friday, Mayor Lumumba issued a video statement today on Jackson’s recent spike in homicides as the city heads into Labor Day Weekend.  The text of the Mayor’s video statement is below.

“I would like to begin by extending our heartfelt prayers to each and every one who has lost someone or who has been harmed in anyway as a result of violence in our city. These have been challenging times for our city and for the world, unlike any we have faced before. 

The recent spike in violence, where friends and family are turning anger into violence and harming each other, when even a six-year-old child is a shooting victim, are signs that our community is in crisis.  Additionally, the impact of the coronavirus - on jobs and mental health has heightened the problem.

Our highest priority is the safety of our residents. 

Law enforcement is an important part of the picture and we are extremely grateful for their efforts and their sacrifice, but they are a part of the picture.  With so much of the violence happening between people who know each other well, we know that in these cases, police can only make arrests after the harm is done. 

We are called to do more.  

That is why we are working throughout the Administration to strengthen crime prevention as well as services for those in crisis.  Our goal is to work with everyone in our community – faith leaders, business leaders, those who work with people in conflict, and our youth, everyone – because it will take all of us to turn this around. 

Our thanks to everyone working to make our city safer in the midst of these challenges.  Let us look out for one another and have a safe and peaceful Labor Day Weekend.”

Residents are reminded to please seek support in times of stress and conflict.  The Hinds County Mobile Crisis Response Team is available 24/7 at 601-955-6381.  Other resources are available on the City of Jackson website at



Anonymous said...

He literally said nothing

Anonymous said...

jackson is too far GONE to be repaired or re-juvinated. Kiss your property values goodby and save your family by exiting this crime infested dump.

Anonymous said...

Better get those Social Workers and Therapist spun up quickly. That is if any can be found willing to work in these conditions.

Anonymous said...

HOLYCRAP, thats the best impersonation of Charlie Brown's teacher I have heard.

Clay Edwards said...

Everyone else fault but his own

Anonymous said...

>That is why we are working throughout the Administration to strengthen crime prevention as well as services for those in crisis. Our goal is to work with everyone in our community – faith leaders, business leaders, those who work with people in conflict, and our youth, everyone – because it will take all of us to turn this around.

Does that mean JPD won't be hamstrung to go after career felons with guns?

Anonymous said...

"Please stop killing each other because we have no idea what do to about it."

Anonymous said...

September 4, 2020 at 2:23 PM for the Win!

His Honor is desperate to keep his name in front of the public and attempt to remain relevant so he can become a player on the national stage.

Anonymous said...

Hinds county SO, MBN, US Marshals, and others have all been saturating Jackson for a month now trying to reduce the violent crime. JPD showed up for a couple nights. Don’t be fooled by this clown. If he cared he would have been out there showing his support.

Anonymous said...

A lot of Hinds County/ Jackson MS property is for sale on Craigs List, Some deal to be had there buddy! Most are "fixer uppers/cash only".

Anonymous said...

What exactly does his sister do for the city? She's on payroll as "conflict resolution specialist" or something like that. Anyone have any idea what her salary is, or what she does? I get the whole keep in family kinda stuff going on in this world, but at least show a pulse.

Anonymous said...

These new parking meters should help alleviate the crime.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Jackson is dead yet. You have The District, Deville Plaza, Maywood Mart, Belhaven, and Fondren, and downtown Jackson. Is Jackson really dead. I say no, it just needs some attention. The high crime is easy to solve. Hold these Judges accountable. Next time they come a knocking on your door for a vote demand they set higher bonds. Demand they do their job.

Anonymous said...

What did you all want him to say? How is he at fault for the violence? If these same things came to fruition in Madison, the city and Rankin County, what would you want you elected officials to say?

These are issues that have to resolved in homes. Parents need to parent their children instead of befriending them. Some values and morals need to be instilled by parents along with others in their "villages" that share a guardian or mentoring role. Politicians do not drive the bus on these sorts of things, other than to make lives worse. Politicians rarely ever affect positive outcomes in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

The mayor is part of the problem. The only thing he could do to help solve the problem is resign and admit his obvious failures.

Anonymous said...

3:46~ But those those ARN’T happening in Rankin or Madison counties because the parental units are overwhelmingly in-tact compared to Jackson.

Maybe Mayor Lumbooboo should grow a pair and address the issue of fatherless homes and personal responsibilities. But he won’t. He’s a coward and a weak leader.

I do love it though how he tries to tie-in C19 as a reason for an increase of violence. He’s a liar.

Jackson is a failure as a city. There is absolutely NOTHING socially redeeming about that garbage heap.

Anonymous said...

3:46 PM
Hizzonor mentioned crime prevention which is great for trying to prevent kids from entering a life of crime, but what about the hardened criminals already on the streets? Nary a word about that.

Anonymous said...

He will take Bennys place when Benny hangs it up. Book it.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so what in the hell was he supposed to do? When a cousin or spouse or lover decides to shoot you, no mayor and no number of police are going to stop that.

Aisle B Bach said...

@4:13 the problem is he is probably cream of the crop considering his possible replacements...

Anonymous said...

$2,500 cash payment to all males up to age 30 if they get a vasectomy. Deal of the century for tax payers

Anonymous said...

Is he wearing a helmet?

Anonymous said...

In all honesty . . . Baby Lumumba has surpassed Stokes
as the funniest political cartoon in Mississippi's Capitol city.

And what's so sad is . . . this lil' fellow really is smart.

Anonymous said...

I expect no less from self identified dems. What blows my mind is our RINO AG who just dismissed a quadruple murder death penalty case. What a joke.

Anonymous said...

3:31 & 3:46 you disbelievers have been saying the same thing for 20 yrs, yet nothing changes, except more bodies in the street.

All your values & morals speech is not going to happen, because there is hardly any family structure for these ideas to take hold. Sorry, but the culture in Jackson is the "blame game", somebody else's fault"

Anonymous said...

Anyone know the current homicide count? Just curious with all Baby Chok’s “plans” to lower crime.

Anonymous said...

Not trying to be funny but does he use the hair in a can spray?

Anonymous said...

The ones committing these acts of violence don’t understand the gentle treatment. Arrest them, let them have their day in court. If found guilty. Throw their ass away! (Incarcerate them). Jackson is too soft on crime!

A drive by shooting in Covington County recently convicted one of theses fools( MDOC recruit inmate Quincy Martin) to 10 years and a day!

Good ridden to these idiots. We don’t need them in society. Then big mama can get a break from supporting these fools.

Anonymous said...

Assuming that 5:35 is referring to the Flowers case, the blame belongs squarely at the feet of a prosecutor that couldn't stop cheating. In spite of repeated reversals on appeal, he kept striking black jurors based on race, which he damn-well knew was improper and grounds for reversal on appeal.

It sound to me like Mayor Lumumba is spinning the narrative that intra-family conflicts, under the stress of C-19, is what's driving the homicide rate. I think what Jackson really needs in a gang task force.

Anonymous said...

Friday, January 18, 2019...... Friday,September4,2020

Two different dates ,,same nonsense,

Anonymous said...

Here's a radical suggestion: Lock up the criminals and leave hem in jail for the whole length of their sentence. At least they would be off the street and not committing crimes for a while. And it might instill fear of punishment in their like-minded buddies.

Anonymous said...

"Not trying to be funny but does he use the hair in a can spray?"
September 4, 2020 at 6:53 PM

I think it's some sort of hear & beard STENCILING system. And what's with the silk pocket square, worn without a tie, and with UNDERSHIRT SHOWING? Yeesh!

Anonymous said...

I don’t speak RINO, maybe Lynn can have Nancy speak at her “round table” money beg and translate.

Anonymous said...

Throw dices and see who lands where😘

Jackson - An Island Unto Thyself said...

Notice how quickly he mentions 'the rest of the world' as if to suggest Jackson is simply a microcosm of a macrocosm? For those of you with JPS educations, that means Jackson is no different from every other place...just nature taking its course.

Then he quickly asserts corona-virus as a cause of family members killing each other and their neighbors.

I wish he had told us why this natural phenomenon is restricted to the boundaries of the bold new city and is not occurring in the adjoining cities, counties and states.

Waiting for the sequel.

Anonymous said...

“Throw their asses in jail!”

Yes, totally. Also, these things keep happening. I know you guys like to spout the whole “culture” thing (which is funny especially considering the suicide rates in MS among whites) but maybe, MAYBE it’s something other than what y’all think it is?

Anonymous said...

As far as politics go, Lumumba is headed for a bigger stage. And Jackson will continue to be a city that experiences high crime. The problems with Jackson were present long before Lumumba took office and they’ll remain long after he’s left office.

In other words, Lumumba isn’t the problem.

Anonymous said...

Beardo, the bimbo. He has no mirror or shame.

Anonymous said...

Until your judges start actually making violent criminals accountable for their crimes, this is all just pissing in the wind.

Anonymous said...

5:11 a.m., I believe Jackson has a problem with gangs. It was cultivated and it blossomed under Frank Melton, long before he became Jackson's Mayor. The gang problem has never really been addressed in any meaningful way, as far as I can tell.

Citizens for Higher Belhaven Taxes said...

Top Years for Jackson Murder:

2020 = 119 (Projection based on current murder rate.)

1995 = 92
1994 = 91
2018 = 84*
1993 = 84
2019 = 83*
2020 = 81 (YTD)
1991 = 76
2008 = 73
1996 = 67

* Antard Lumumba Yearly Average = 83.5

Anonymous said...

So 9/5 at 5:10 am So if everyone else is wrong about the said "culture" being the main problem, since you're up so early in the morning, why don't you enlighten us on what the REAL problem is! I'm open to a new explanation, so I'd like to hear it.

Anonymous said...

"Lumumba Yearly Average = 83.5 "

Yea,Yes, Yes. . . but please remember it's only because of Covid.
( At least accordion to the Mayor's detailed analysis) .

Anonymous said...

Many things have combined to create this situation: poverty, lack of education, inadequate police funding, drugs, gangs, weak judges. Until the entire community works together for solutions, nothing will change. Blaming the Mayor and a “culture” will accomplish nothing.

Anonymous said...

The blame of Antard in not of total fault, but his fault, ignorance and narcissism that does not allow addressing the root cause that is a cultural problem.

Sure more police, better education and gang suppression are tactics, but stell do not acknowledge the root cause.

The next two generations will determine if if gets better or worse, but historically it will not stay the same.

God bless these United States of America.

Sarcasm Sam said...

Everyone knows it's because of "open carry," "gun shows," and "systemic racism," combined with the CIA selling crack to the inner-city folks.

Anonymous said...

There are "poor" areas in Pearl, Brandon, Ridgeland, Byram and so why does all of the worldly problems seem to effect Jackson so much more?

Anonymous said...

Replace the Major, Councilman, Police chief is will not matter if you do not have citizens who care about the community. We have killing of family member, killing over $5.00 children under 16 have guns and out all night. People in other city care nothing about us in this city. That what Jackson to stay like it is so we have make chosen. We have to take control of our community. To blame the major is just cover up the really problem we have to be better people am not saying the our city leader not have roll to there job, but we have a job to do.

Anonymous said...

@4:12 PM - is English your second language?

Anonymous said...

"Is he wearing a helmet? "
September 4, 2020 at 5:22 PM

Not at all.
But I do understand your question.

I think his camera staff are not aware of the latest video technology.

But I may be wrong . . . ( just a first thought) .

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