Saturday, September 12, 2020

Court to Lamar Adams: Stay in Prison

Lamar Adams must remain behind bars.  The swindler asked U.S. District Judge Carlton Reeves to grant compassionate release due to the Covid-19 virus.  Adams doesn't actually have the virus but feared he might contract the virus.  Judge Reeves said nice try, now stay put. 

Adams has served 19 months of a 235-month sentence in federal prison for wire fraud.  He defrauded hundreds of victims out of more than $100 million through a ponzi scheme that used phony timber investments.

Adams filed a sealed motion for compassionate release on May 28.  The Justice Department opposed the motion.  Their response states the Bureau of Prisons denied Adams' request for compassionate release on April 29.  Adams stated he suffers from hypertension, high cholesterol, psoriasis, and vertigo.  The Department argues those conditions can be properly managed in prison.  The response states the prison (Forest City, Ar) has "one of the highest number of infected inmates" but there has been only one Covid-19 death.  Adams apparently was housed at a unit where an inmate contracted the virus.

The Justice Department argues Adams is not suffering from a serious or terminal illness.  He possesses his mental faculties.   He didn't identify "extraordinary and compelling reasons" for a sentence reduction  The response states:

The mere existence of the COVID-19 pandemic, which poses a general threat to every non-immune person in the country, does not fall into either of those categories and therefore could not alone provide a basis for a sentence reduction. The categories encompass specific serious medical conditions afflicting an individual inmate, not generalized threats to the entire population. As the Third Circuit has held, “the mere existence of COVID-19 in society and the possibility that it may spread to a particular prison alone cannot independently justify compassionate release.”

 Judge Reeves told the huckster:

Although Adams’s underlying medical conditions might place him at a higher risk for severe outcomes from COVID-19, these ailments alone do not rise to the level of severity required
under the policy statements.... (“[T]he mere existence of COVID-19 in society and the possibility that it may spread to a particular prison alone cannot independently justify compassionate release, especially considering BOP’s statutory role, and its extensive and professional efforts to curtail the virus’s spread.”). Additionally, Adams has not shown that FCI Forrest City is specifically unable to manage COVID- 19 or treat him adequately should he contract the virus.

A variety of Adams’ victims have written the Court to oppose his motion. One victim stated that as
a result of his scheme, she now has no retirement, and at 74 years old, she is left with a fixed income of $800 per month and must now clean condos in her building to subsist. Another victim claimed that due to her investments in Madison Timber Fund, she lost her granddaughter’s college fund and a great deal of her life savings. And, a third victim wrote, “[Adams] defrauded me and others causing me to lose investment money utilized for my son . . . who has been a ventilator dependent quadriplegic for thirty six years.” Many other comments echo the lasting financial effect Adams’s conduct has had on his victims. The Court has taken into consideration their perspective and their ongoing suffering.


Anonymous said...

Good Lord Kingfish. Don't ever praise Carlton Reeves. He's an Obama hack. He's as radical a judge as I've ever seen in my long life.

Anonymous said...

Who is representing the worthless POS? How did they even have the nerve to file such a motion?

Anonymous said...

Sadly, his compatriot, McHenry, is free as a pigeon shitting on the streets of New York City.

Anonymous said...

Can't a guy catch a break?

It's not like he used a knife or a gun to take the money!

Anonymous said...

this is proof that even after he went to prison , he's still trying to con people . you people need to understand that con artists are like pedophiles, they are unreformable. its in their DNA and the con will follow this POS for the rest of his stinking life.

Anonymous said...

to 4:04....dont wet you pants mr lawyer hater. no one is representing him. inmates file these sort of BS motions constantly. and they do it all by dont cost nothing to ask.
give this POS another few years in the can and he will be filing another motion alleging that his defense lawyers bungled his defense and hes really innocent and he wants his conviction set aside and a trial.
thats the way things work in prison. you need to stop watching so much television.

Anonymous said...

to fell sorry for lamar , do you? i ll tell you what . go get about 250,000$ and take it down to of of those big , politically connected chicken manure law firms and tell them to go to work on gettin you buddy lamar out.. put your money where you mouth is.

Anonymous said...

to 4:04.........seems to be you dont know much about human nature do you? when one is looking at 238 months in the can , one develops a lot of , as you say, ''nerve''.

Anonymous said...

When Carlton Reeves makes a correct judicial decision, then you know the question to be determined before him was a f’n lay-up. I mean, the 5th Circuit had a “REVERSED AND RENDERED” rubber stamp made just for Carlton Reeves’ rulings.

Anonymous said...

to sound like the ultimate rankin county redneck. why dont you find an opponent for him and organize a campaign the next
election cycle?..................oh wait. that won't work. hes appointed for life. guess you will just have to go back to good old fashioned name calling. dont stay up too late posting on this site. you might be late for your shift at mcdonalds tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

7:27, If you want to insult someone, please don't do it accusing them of going to work on a Sunday at a fast-food place. I respect the people that are willing to do that in order to earn a living.

Anonymous said...

Jeepers friends, the guy is a crook and he took a shot - thankfully denied. Why don't we just let him serve the rest of his 235 months in peace. let's see 235 minus 19 = a bit more time to serve before he gets out a free man. I wish him the best of luck avoiding covid. I guess no one told him folks are catching the junk at the Piggly Wiggly store in inverses. He probably didn't know you can catch it anywhere. Someone please get him a mask.

Anonymous said...

Two part comment.

The compassionate release motions are the result of recent events/legislation/rule changes and are inmate-generated.

If unrepresented, the district court appoints the FPD to follow-up. EVERYBODY in BOP is filing them. Virtually none, "slim to none and slim just left town," are granted.

Secondly. How dare some bottom-feeding moron criticize Judge Reeves. The beauty of Article 3 is that once appointed a judge no longer has a political constituency. He/she is free to do the right thing . . . and sometimes they do. There are obviously some smarter/less smart, some of a different jurisprudential bent, some more or less diligent. But all are independent. If you really do not know what you are talking about you probably need not slander the very best part of the constitution.

Always remember our boy Earl Warren. Lifelong Republican, prosecutor, proponent of concentration camps for Japanese Americans, an inveterate racist. Appointed to the Supreme Court by Ike. And then? Brown v. Board, Miranda, Gideon v. Wainwright. Are you kidding?

He's not alone. McReynolds wouldn't shake hands with a Jew; wouldn't face a black lawyer arguing before the court. And yet wrote Meyer v.Nebraska and Pierce v. Society of Sisters.

Tonight when you go to bed, get on your knees and thank God for our independent judiciary . . . and for the lawyers who represent the reprehensible litigants. If slimeballs get justice in American courts, then so can fine decent white Christians, such as yourself, perhaps.

Smaller Pie said...

8:13 - Your appeal to emotion is noted, however poorly played.

Anonymous said...

Get ready 7:21 now that the Republicans showed them how to do it, there will be many more Carlton Reeves in the near future

Anonymous said...

Best place to be for isolation on either end of the scale.

Anonymous said...

The mind is a strange place for some people. I’m sort of grasping for right words here but I think you get my idea. Hackers cause many people and businesses damage in so many different ways. These people are trained at what they do. Heck, I couldn’t even figure out the inner workings of a computer. Now, you have people like Lamar who was only a high school grad. He masterminded a scheme to damage people and businesses also, in a big way. It destroyed a lot of lives. Now if the hackers and Adams would use their knowledge to do something good instead of something bad then look at how much they would benefit society instead of harming society. But as we know, that’s how humans are. And some make terrible choices. I really feel for the people who Adams hurt. Even if it’s not a violent crime it still causes physical and mental harm due to the stress the victim goes through. God help these victims. On another note, has the Branscomb fellow in grenada been brought to justice yet for his part in this?

Anonymous said...

@7:21 you are wrong about Judge Reeves. According to Fifth Circuit statistics, his affirmance rate in all cases (civil and crim is right at 85%.

Anonymous said...

Judge Reeves is racist and does not like white people. In a number of his writings, he brings up the race subject and how he wants black representation in certain cases. He’s similar to Obama in that he is somewhat smooth with his racial animosities.

Anonymous said...

9:23 AM Do your numbers indicate that 15% of his rulings are overturned, Or does it mean 15% of his rulings that were appealed were overturned? I am just trying to understand the numbers.

Anonymous said...

15% of civil and criminal cases that are appealed to the Fifth Circuit are reversed. Also, I have known Judge Reeves for 25 years. He is not a racist. He has advocated for change in the criminal justice system, but so has Chief Justice Roberts. Judge Reeves is intelligent, fair, and caring. We are lucky to have him on the bench.

Anonymous said...

@9:48 a.m. Have you practiced before Judge Reeves or just repeating Republican talking points???

Anonymous said...

Is Lamar’s picture on the stadium cup?

Kingfish said...

Reeves overall is fine. However, when he gets reversed, it tends to be on the race-based cases. No excuse for what he pulled in the McMullin case and the 5th Circuit embarrassed him for that one.

Anonymous said...

7:08 a.m.: I did make an "appeal to emotion" argument. I made a statement that working a crappy job to pay the bills is honorable. It's certainly more honorable than lying, cheating and stealing to fund a lavish lifestyle that impresses everyone (until the indictments are unsealed).

Here is an explanation of the "appeal to emotion fallacy," for your elucidation:

-8:13 a.m.

Anonymous said...

8:13; You weren't satisfied with the appeal to emotion fallacy. You had to go and toss in a couple of red herrings for good measure. I happen to know what an appeal to emotion is - That's why your glaring example jumped off the page. By taking the ditch to compare 'good honest work' with lying, cheating and stealing, you totally abandoned context and doubled down on your fallacies. (for your elucidation)

Anonymous said...

That should have been "I did not make." Apologies for any confusion. 8:13/12:51

Anonymous said...

While I hate that our tax dollars pay for this POS to be in fed in jail it is a necessary evil. We have to stop letting white collar criminals who steal millions or more to get less time then the petty thieves who are simply trying to survive.

Some POS politician will get paid off down the road to lobby for Lamar's release and he wont serve the entire sentence.

Anonymous said...

"Lying, cheating, and stealing" This is, after all, a post about Lamar Adams. Is that enough context?

Kingfish said...

Yes, and Empower Mississippi, Mississippi Center for Public Policy, the ACLU, and other so-called social justice organizations think Lamar Adams should only have to serve 25% of his sentence because the crime was "non-violent."

Anonymous said...

King - do you have a citation for the McMullin case?

Anonymous said...

McMullin v. Miss. Dep't of Pub. Safety, 782 F.3d 251 (5th Cir. 2015) (summary judgment vacated and case remanded for further proceedings).

"Master Sergeant Pack is black; Colonel Berry is black; and Lieutenant McMullin is white. A jury could infer that Colonel Berry's conduct evinced a connivance to favor Master Sergeant Pack over Lieutenant McMullin based on race."
. . .

"Colonel Berry stated that he did not know that Master Sergeant Pack had been fired before he promoted him to the Director position, but Colonel Berry added that the prior terminations and misconduct would not have affected his decision to promote Master Sergeant Pack.

"A jury could conclude that the promotion of Master Sergeant Pack, with his dubious record of service and Colonel Berry's stated failure to review the record of Master Sergeant Pack before his promotion, was evidence of discriminatory motive based on race."
. . .

"A jury could conclude that Colonel Berry's testimony reflected manipulative reasoning to obfuscate the actual facts of the promotion of Master Sergeant Pack."
. . .

"The district court was clearly and plainly incorrect, on each point, to say that there was no evidentiary support."

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