Wednesday, September 16, 2020


Meet the Idiot of not just the day, but of the month.  WLBT's Maggie Wade is practically a saint with a devoted legion of fans in the Jackson metro area.  However, one woman took issue with her looks and decided to let Maggie know about it.  Ms. Wade posted on Facebook tonight:

I must admit there are days that I don't like the way I look. I have bad hair days and yes I struggle with my weight. I am not getting perms as often because I want to keep my hair healthy. But when will people learn it is never positive or constructive to body shame another person. I share this only as a learning opportunity. Because we all should think twice before taking the time to use email, social media or the phone to body shame or criticize the way another person looks. We are all beautiful and unique in our own way. Here is the email I received today and my response is at the bottom. I continue to pray for people!

Email sent to me at work this evening:

Maggie, I have struggled with what to say to you regarding how you represent yourself as a professional black women.

I remember in 1991 when I first moved to Mississippi and saw you on the news and in public I was impressed and I called you and asked you where you got your hair done. You were kind enough to tell me since I was new to the area.

Over the years I have watched your appearance change and I wanted to reach out to you and let you know that young black and brown girls are watching you hoping that one day they might be able to be a newscaster in prime time.

Please do not take my observation negatively because you impact young women. Your appearance has been on a rapid decline year after year. Specifically your hair, your weight and how you dress.

I want you to know that your hair looks terrible and your weight gain is offensive. You used to look like someone that my daughter used to strive to be like.

She asked me what happened to Maggie?

So I’m asking you to please take more time with your hair, try to loose some weight and consider what you wear.  You do impact a large number of women. I’m only writing because I tried to call to speak to you but I was not able to get through.

A little constructive criticism does not hurt, don’t you think?

My response:

Thank you for your email. While I don’t think it is constructive or positive to body shame any woman, you have a right to your opinion and I respect that. In this day and time women choose many ways to wear their hair, it does not define who we are. My goal each day is to look professional, and pray that each viewer will focus more on the information than what I’m wearing, my weight or how I wear my hair.

It is my hope that you will tell your daughter that I am proud of who I am and what God has blessed me with including a career that I love and continue to work hard in each and every day. I am a wife, mother and grandmother, my greatest blessings. I would hope that we would be proud of each other for what’s in our hearts and our brain rather than appearances. 

One of the reasons I have volunteered for years and worked with young people is to remind them they are beautiful no matter the size, what they wear or how society tries to identify or label them. I want them to love themselves, to be healthy and to strive to be the very best people they can be which means being compassionate, respectful, and treating people the way they want to be treated. One of my very favorite quotes is from the amazing Maya Angelou, “people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” I try to live by that and making every single person feel valued, important and relevant regardless of circumstances.

Thank you again and blessings to you and your family,

 Wow.  This website has criticized Maggie Wade a few times but it was about her work as a reporter.  That's fair.  Ms. Wade is a grown-up and she can handle it.  She would also be the first to say so.  However, what this woman wrote is offensive.  In fact, her mere existence is offensive.  Mrs. Dixon showed some backbone in posting this letter.  Hats off to you, Maggie.


Anonymous said...

Maggie Wade is a Saint....Good Lord - someone has some serious issues but the Righteous are always targets.

Anonymous said...

About 20 years ago, I made a terrible mistake of greeting her by Ms. Ballou, in the grocery store. She quickly scolded me like I had tried to guess her age or worse. I apologized, but it was an honest mistake and kind of forgivable in that moment, as I was embarrassed for even speaking. I guess she treated me the way she likes to be treated. She comes across as super sweet, in front of the camera. I think she does a super fine job. But, she isn’t very pleasant when someone accidentally calls her by the wrong name. Everyone in Kroger that day knows her last name is not Ballou.

I still feel dumb and she is probably glad that I still feel dumb.

Ghost of Bert said...

The KF radar will zap my post, but anyway. I can't disagree with the woman who sent what she assumed would be confidential and constructive. I guess I just got tired of seeing the Maggie and Howard tag team every night for what seems like half a century. Both of them have gotten old (haven't we all?), tiring, over-weight and, well, boring. That's only one reason I stopped watching television several years ago. I got woke.

I don't know who Mrs. Dixon is, but I do know Magnolia Wade. Her delivery is beyond boring and same-old. The stories they focus on never change. Both of them are boring and self absorbed.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like comments from a Super Karen. Ignore her, Maggie.

Albert Schweitzer said...

I watch Maggie Wade preferentially. Have for years.

While she has a very agreeable presence, her voice and inner beauty
Are the draw.

If you read this, Mrs. Wade, know you are
Appreciated and your presence is a blessing.

Anonymous said...

BookFace fight!!!! Look at me, look at me!!!

Green Acres said...

Maggie has always been a class act. I don't care what she looks like but she always looks professional to me. As Mama used to say, pretty is as pretty does.

Anonymous said...

When you decide not to post a comment, it is why I will not donate to the cause

Anonymous said...

I will admit that I don't look the same as I did in 1991 either. Age takes a toll.

Anonymous said...

A reporter of 20-plus years, especially an on-air personality, getting an unflattering letter or email is hardly news. Frankly, her posting this one comes across as little more than a play for "sympathy-support" over something that doesn't really warrant or need "support" of any kind. The fact that so many are so willing to run to social media over what is literally nothing of the slightest importance and others are prepared to join in and make, again literally, something out of that nothing, ought to be the real story here. Moreover, it must take a real narcissist to care that much about what people you don't know and will never know think about your hair...or weight...or (ahem) hand size. Lastly, folks who don't actually _know_ her have no basis for an opinion, good or bad, on her personality or "inner beauty" yet many don't hesitate to offer one good or bad.

Anonymous said...

These people aren't saints or even celebs. They are paid to read the news to you and some of them even lie to the metro sometimes. Get over them.

Anonymous said...

Who cares. Baaaaaah! Why would she even address this or post this?

Just another “victim”.

Anonymous said...

I will never understand what possesses such petty, mean-spirited trolls to try to tear someone down over their looks. I'm willing to bet this anonymous harpy isn't much to look at herself.

Anonymous said...

Really not much difference that being an airline stewardess. There really IS a certain expectance of appearance and after 20-25 years in either role one should feel grateful... then give it up. Nothing against Maggie... just comes with the job.

Anonymous said...

It’s just time to go, I also, miss Woody Assaf in the Golden Flake potato chip commercials in the 70’s. And Jobie Martin in the VanTrow Oldsmobile commercials, “straight ahead with Van Trow Oldsmobile”.

I’d like to see fresh faces on all local TV networks.

Anonymous said...

I'm not trying to be hurtful, but, I must agree with appearance on a show is A factor. Our eyes naturally are attracted to beautiful things. It a given good looking people get more breaks than the average person. I like that because it sets a precedent to have beautiful things in your life. KF you recently posted a story about this drone flying over the ugly places in Jackson. By posting it you made my point.
I didn't make this world, I just live in it until I reach the most beautiful place which is beside my creator.
I really like Maggie Wade, Howard Ballou & the late Burt Case. But, I'm attracted to Megan West.

Anonymous said...

I like Maggie & Howard. They give better local news. However, I really like Keagen Fox. I love her voice & her sweet smile. What freaked me out was seeing Megan West wearing glasses on the broadcast. I guess we all are getting old. No offense KF.

Anonymous said...

Drama queen. Do you know what the talking heads are called in the TV news industry?

"The talent."

It's all about acting and a pretty face.

Anonymous said...

This is part of a broader problem.

First, I congratulate Maggie for having the courage to bring this issue forward. So many hide behind a screen and say whatever they please and are just downright hateful. It’s the age of social media that has led to so much bad behavior. But on a another note, I wonder if any of the male newscasters have had any negative comments about their appearance? Please share if you had. I think it’s a relative discussion.

Black or White, tall or short, skinny or fat, beautiful or ugly, women are judged for how they look despite all of their efforts. They are oftentimes quite successful in the workplace, highly educated, and other times full time mothers despite their successful educated backgrounds and yet they are expected to always look perfect. It’s usually other women that can be the worst critics.

So here’s some advice ladies: STOP BEING SO CRITICAL AND MEAN TO OUR SISTERS! Teach your daughters to love themselves. If you do, they’ll most likely be kind others!

Anonymous said...

Maggie - You go girl!

As for that woman who wrote the e-mail, You can go to hell!

Anonymous said...

Defund the news.

Anonymous said...

Some of you say you want to see fresh faces. Well, just watch the early news at 4 PM or the noon news. There are so many "fresh" faces I think they turn over weekly. I think the 3 network stations in Jackson have a contract with some colleges to hire their journalism graduates. Some of them are really pitiful. We get too much news, anyway. Go back to just 4 broadcasts: early morning, noon, 6 and 10 pm. Where are the likes of Woody and Forest Cox???

Anonymous said...

Cheryl Lasseter is HOT!

Anonymous said...

I ran into Maggie in a woman's clothing store just before the virus hit.

She is stunningly beautiful in person ( the TV doesn't do her justice even though she still is very pretty on screen), fashionable and extraordinarily gracious and good natured.

The level of cattiness and pettiness these days is at a record high.

Shame on you who decided to do " nasty old biddies" whatever your gender.

Anonymous said...

When Maggie first came on the scene many years age she seemed cheerful and cute and a rare talent. Her calling card was her smile and winning personality. She looked good on T.V. People figured she would move on to a larger market. She didn't and that was Jackson's good fortune. Time brings about a change. Everybody ages. Maggie's calling card now is professionalism
and trust something everybody does not develop over the years. If you're looking for the cutie-pie twenty-something fashion model type, change the channel. But if you have grown comfortable with Maggie you could do worse.

Anonymous said...

You don't know if this is the first or the 100th email to her, criticizing her appearance. Maybe she is fed-up. But, she still responded with class, and with a lesson on kindness. Social media, just like this blog, allows people to anonymously troll on any subject, using slander, insults, ignorance, and "constructive criticism", where none is needed or invited. Exercise your free will to change the channel if you don't like what you see -- and, you don't even have to explain why -- because, nobody cares.

Anonymous said...

I like Maggie. She has class, and she answered the body shaming with grace.

Still waiting for Megan West to apologize for the fake news about the Annandale HOA story.

Anonymous said...

The person _emailed_ Wade so the only way others knew about it was Wade choosing to post the (private) email and (public) response to it. I guess appropriate conduct regarding such things is somewhat a matter of opinion, but it certainly wasn't the choice of the person who sent the email, it was Wade's and Wade's alone, both in posting the (private) email as well as her own response. I guess Wade is getting at least some of the attention she was seeking.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I think viewers forget how lucky we are in Jackson to have such great journalists in our TV newsrooms. Looks aside when other market stations watch what happens here they know we have talent. Miss Maggie, Howard Ballou, Byron Brown, Melanie Christopher, Megan West, Keegan Fox -- all talented and could move to bigger markets. But most of these anchors Mississippi is home and there is less pressure, so they keep doing great work and create stability for viewers. I suspect most viewers are more concerned with quality than looks.

Anonymous said...

I would assume that Ms. Wade is no fool. I also assume that like most people she has her share of personal pride. Being in the public eye means that it's always open season on your personal appearance. It's got to hurt when people act as if you are somehow capable of doing what no one else can do...turn back the clock. I'm sure Maggie picked this opportunity to simply say to the critics what she has been feeling. To her credit she said it with class and dignity. Many of us would not.

Anonymous said...

Maggie Wade shows great grace and kindness.

People who judge others so quickly and harshly are not my cup of tea. I'd rather spend time with a person who is kind on the inside than anyone else.

As time marches on, our bodies change. I have been young, I have been skinny, I have been middle age and lumpier, and now I am crossing into the older decades and my body has changed again. Am I the same person on the inside? Yes. Do people judge me for how I look now? Sure. Do I care? No. My body and self have looked vastly different in each decade. At some point,if we are lucky enough and healthy enough, we all look in the mirror and see our parents/grandparents faces.

We cannot stop aging or our bodies from changing (and yes, sometimes things like blood pressure pills, medications, you name it put some extra weight on when you eat 100 percent right) nor can we stop ourselves from marching down the road to meet our maker one day. Our "instagram" and "facebook" culture values youth and beauty where other countries value the older and wiser. If you are judging anyone for being older and changing and their looks, I have news for you---if you live long enough, you too shall change and morph into someone you do not recognize one day. We need to be kinder as a country. Kindness is becoming harder to find.

God bless Maggie, she is a gem and a lovely person. Nothing but respect for her and Howard here. Two of the nicest people you'd want to meet.

Anonymous said...

Nobody watches Wade or Ballou anymore. Leftist news channel-

Anonymous said...

The first statement has a serious typo or grammar mistake.

You need to check your work, or learn to write better. Get your self straight before you go and jump on Maggie Wade.

You need serious help to even attempt to tell someone else how to live/work/ play.

Please get help!

Anonymous said...

11:09AM- “She is stunningly beautiful in person”

Whaaaaaat?!? Baaahahahahhahaha.


No. She’s a lifer that has read the news in a tiny news market for decades. If she was a truly talented journalist, she’d be in a top 40 market.

Sorry. Beauty IS in the eye of the beholder. But MW is not “stunningly beautiful” or really talented.

Anonymous said...

I was interviewed by Maggie Wade, Barbie Basset, and Stephanie Bell on a program they did years ago. Let me tell you they were all very sharp and smooth operators. Very at ease with transitions and flow. I was impressed by their skill. Hats off!

Knob Beblett said...

All of these news and weather-readers reach a point where they actually believe they are celebrities. If you've ever run into Barbie at the grocery store, you know what I mean. They actually cringe at the thought of having to depart their little castles and venture into the world of commoners...but when they get there, they light up like Christmas trees at the thought of being recognized. Marsha Halford was the worst at hoping to be recognized while pretending to be incognito. Now she's on a sailboat in the south of France, or somewhere.

It is WE who invent and stroke these little imbeciles. Maggie got what she wanted - attention - from her 'bless your heart' response to a private email.

What's the latest on that weatherman who went to prison for grooming and feasting on the young girl?

Anonymous said...

I appreciate Maggie's well written response to the email she received.

But I don't understand why the original email, or the response, was made 'public'. Whether the original writer of the email made an appropriate or inappropriate "suggestion" can be discussed, questioned, and debated - arguments can be made either way. But why Maggie felt that it was something to publish is something I fail to understand - maybe because I'm not in the PR business or media relations. Maybe a slight degree of narcissism?

Anonymous said...

" What's the latest on that weatherman who went to prison for grooming and feasting on the young girl?"

That would be Eric "L.A" Law.

He's still in the pen.

Last time I checked the MDOC prisoner website, he looked happy.
So I guess prison agrees with him.

I think the dude may be released next year, but don't quote me on that . . .

Kingfish said...

He gets out in a year or so.

Anonymous said...

I will never understand why women feel the need to criticize other women in the name of so-called "constructive criticism". Everyone should mind their own damn business. I'm a woman. I dress the way I want. I've never tried to follow a fashion trend and never will. I am definitely not wearing any 3 or 4 inch heels. Men don't wear shoes that hurt their feet, so why should women. My parents taught me to love myself and to be kind to others. I have a loving husband, and we raised our children with the same qualities. People would be surprised how easy their lives would be if they just minded their own business.

Anonymous said...

Have we officially run out of things to complain about?

Geez, get a hobby or something....

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