Friday, January 24, 2020

Water Conservation Notice Issued for Jackson

The city of Jackson issued the following statement. 

The City of Jackson Water/Sewer Utilities Division has issued a water conservation advisory until further notice for all customers being served by the City of Jackson Water System.  The City’s primary water treatment plant, the O.B. Curtis Water Treatment Plant, is experiencing low flow to the plant which has impeded its ability to produce sufficient reserve water for the system.  The system should recover as the reserve is replenished.  O.B. Curtis and J.H. Fewell Water Treatment Plants are currently working on all possible strategies to restore pressure as soon as possible.

All customers are advised to conserve water at all levels of use until adequate pressure is restored to the water system.  We are asking residents to practice indoor and outdoor water conservation.

Please observe the following practices until this advisory is lifted:

·         Only wash full loads of clothes
·         Take showers instead of baths
·         Take shorter showers than usual
·         Use a broom or rake to clean off sidewalks and driveways instead of water
·         Check the faucets and pipes for leaks and repair if leaking
·         Do not wash cars
It is important for customers in the affected area to continue to conserve water until further notice. 
Residents will be notified immediately when the advisory is lifted. For more information, customers may call 601-960-2723 during business hours or 601-960-1778 (or 601-960-1875) after 4:00 p.m. and on weekends.


Anonymous said...

This will bankrupt the 5000 spray-n-washes. You know the good citizens of Jackson will heed this advisory.

Anonymous said...

Now- if they can just convince their customers to pay for it.

fed up in Jackson said...

water, crime, infrastructure........development ordinances that protect property owners / business.....that is all you need to concentrate on mayor / council people.......none of your other stuff matters but the aforementioned. Thank you, signed, every citizen (income level and race) of the city of Jackson

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, the Mayor is worried about the prison issues and the effing zoo while Rome burns. Welcome to Chokwe's utopia

Anonymous said...

Seriously, has Chokwe accomplished anything worth a damn since becoming Mayor other than hiring Robert Miller? A damn corpse could have done what he's done so far for our City.

Anonymous said...

@2:46, shouldn't we all, as Jacksonians, be concerned about the prison issue and the zoo? I know I am. I'm worried about everything, but that doesn't mean I want prisoners to be beat up, my f*cking zoo closed, AND my water sh*ttier than usual.

Imagine a state that actually rehabilitated prisoners instead of making them more crazy/dangerous then dropping them off back in Jackson where they'll go back to hood-ratting and trashing our city.

Anonymous said...

Boil Water Notice issued for entire city as of 3:10

Anonymous said...

Everyone flush at 5pm today.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Lumumba Derangement Syndrome is severely contagious in these parts. The number of reported cases is going up by the minute. Get some help fast people before it overtakes the last few brain cells left.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't the City of Jackson get its water from the Pearl River? How TF does it have low flow when the river has been at flood stage for weeks?

Anonymous said...

@3:13, How dare we expect a Mayor to work to improve our City instead of using every "crisis" to get his mug on TV? No clean water? No problem. Zig and zag on our streets to avoid the craters? No problem. Record murder rate per capita? No problem. City schools crumbling? No problem. But by golly we got us a damn Zoo we sink $2 million a year into. Wake up and use some damn common sense for once! That is if there's any left in that brainwashed, liberal brain of yours.

Jackson Derangement Syndrome Charter Member said...

That water is needed for the new and exciting Metro Mall v2.0 and the zoo, and of course Baby Chock's street and office.

The rest of y'all can bath in the river and drink 40s.

Be warned: when the water flow stops, the riots and looting begin.


Fish or cut, errr, buy ammo.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I think Chokwe Lumumba (Lord, who made up that name? i think his father’s real birth name was something like Leroy Jones? ) is a hapless idiot, for sure, but Jackson’s horrible problems are not necessarily his fault. Most of the people who live here (who share his skin color) are poor, and can’t pay the taxes needed to support a mid-sized city. The rest of us, while not necessarily overjoyed to pick up the tab, remain for a variety of reasons, and are becoming more and more dispirited about our dying neighborhoods. So many lovely old houses, whose owners have either died or moved to soulless places like Bridgewater or Reunion.

Anonymous said...

Last week the issue was too much water. This week the issue is to conserve water.

Anonymous said...

You can always move, regardless of whatever bullshit rationalizations/excuses you rely upon to stay in Jackson. You can always move. The grass is in fact greener on the other side. Life is too short to stick around and hang your hopes on Jackson rebounding - especially since it's not going to happen. You'll have a better quality of life. And it's much more fun being on the outside looking in.

Anonymous said...

Damm the Pearl at the swinging bridge,at least we would have a place to fish.

Anonymous said...

Divers are at the plant working to find the source of the problem, city officials said.

Glad I was a terrible swimmer

Anonymous said...

Yeah I’m sure the residents are conserving. Maybe the mayor should stop worrying about prisons not in his city or county and focus on water issues?

Anonymous said...

5:22 - that's called "ONE LAKE". And it would do more than provide a place to fish, it would help with alleviate the flood that is coming one of these days. Not the flash floods we get regularly due to the construction in flood zones, but the BIG ONE as Redd Foxx would call it, that's coming soon to a levee near you.

Anonymous said...

Just in time for the annual shakedown of the State Legislature.

Anonymous said...

Jackson has used the special sales tax collection too often to bailout the city budget. No way they are getting anything more out of the Legislature.

Anonymous said...


Please explain how One Lake would alleviate flooding.

Anonymous said...

Deferred maintenance of the facilities and failure to clear the back up of trash, debris and trees of all the tributaries upstream from the plants will likely be the culprit. You can just look at all the debris at bridges and know that a heavy rain or flash flood will drive this mess down and into the river. Do you really think the plant pumps, intakes and pipes are properly maintained on a regular basis? One lake is a must.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else find it ironic that this happened so soon after Kenneth Stokes was publicly bitching about the racist reservoir, which is Jackson's source of water?

Anonymous said...

@5:48 - ding ding, we have a winner. It’s illogical for a Mayor to worry about national or state issues when the place he controls is s**tshow. But, you see that’s what liberal ideologists like Chokwe do- they divide and distract to get your focus off of true problems. Besides, it’s much easier to bloviate about prisons or POTUS than it is to roll up his damn sleeves and go to work to fix this City. Unfortunately, the majority in this City and white liberal apologists who will eat up Chokwe’s attention of these issues not related to improving this City.

The truth is the guy doesn’t have the work ethic or smarts to fix the City, and, to keep getting re-elected, he will motivate his ignorant base.

Anonymous said...

4:59, I assume your comment was directed at me. I’m not sure what a “”bullshit rationalization” is, exactly, but mine is that I live in a very lovely old house that I inherited from my parents. It is filled not only with their beautiful things, but with memories of a time when Jackson was a desirable place to be. I get that times change, demographics shift, and so forth, but to leave this house and seek “a better quality of life” in some tarted-up Suburbutopia would feel like moving to Mars. And I only post this because I think there are other Jacksonians who feel exactly this way. We choose to stay, yes, not because we are blind, but because...well, because we love Jackson, and fixing up our big old houses to sell would cost too dang much. So here we all sit, having a cocktail and dancing on the deck of the Titanic, I reckon.

Anonymous said...

Bravo, Niner-Five-Six. Well said.

Anonymous said...

If you’ve ever read Atlas Shrugged, you are witnessing it play out in real liked. We are in the latter part of the book now.

Anonymous said...

Why are they sending divers into a dangerous condition to inspect the flow of water issue when we are in an age where technology has enabled us to use unmanned remote submersibles to do that type of work? Oh, and by the way, I’m changing my name from jimmy smith to Horatio Bartholomew Windsor McGuire to reflect my past ancestors who were living under horrendous conditions during the dark ages. It helps me connect to my inner self and maybe I can elude to the fact that I need repayment from England because some of my ancestors died during the forced potato famine. The reason I posted this was because a person made a comment about the three name mayor. Hey, they do it why can’t I?

Just Sayin' said...

Jackson, the Tijuana of the South. Don't drink the water!

Anonymous said...

@3:48, if your reactionary approach was followed we wouldn't have a single asset in this city.

Oh, the water's shitty? QUICK, KILL THE ZOO ANIMALS!

Oh, there are a few potholes? QUICK, BURN DOWN THE CONVENTION CENTER!

Oh, your having a grumpy day? QUICK, QUICK, QUICK, PADLOCK THE PARK GATES!

Look at states that have turned their act around. Those cities didn't pull themselves up by the bootstraps, they were turned around because the broader statewide community *invested* in their cities. Don't piss on Jackson because our state government is run by country bumpkins who're so afraid of black people that they're willing to let the only major city in the state burn and rot.

Anonymous said...

6:21 am I read Atlas Shrugged the first time when I was in the 5th grade. That's when it was published.
The first sentence is a grabber, isn't it?
You don't seem to remember it very well as the political or economic or governmental climate she describes do not even remotely exist now.
Our businesses and corporations are not suffering, regulations have been weakened and our President is hardly a weak figurehead, but is rather expanding the powers of the Presidency, dictating to one branch of Congress, influencing the other branch of government for decades to come and doing a great job of disinformation.
Surely you don't see our current President as John Galt, who encourages people to think for themselves rather than be influenced by others. Who do you see as THAT influencer these days?( I love the think for yourselves but, not really, follow Galt hypocrisy of the novel that gets overlooked.).
By the way, in my second reading, while it was still entertaining, I saw even more flaws in the logic and by then knew Ayn Rand was educated in the Soviet Union in "social pedagogy". So, it has always escaped me how anyone other than the men in the movie industry and economics department and their students that she slept with, revered her. Them, I understand. Some men like a dominatrix.
And, I shall never forget the genuinely shocked look on a Rand's devotee's face in 2008 when he said, " I never thought ( leaders on Wall St, corporate leadiers and bankers) could be so unethical". That was Alan Greenspan.

Anonymous said...

I drive thru Jackson everyday and I shake my head. what Happened. 30 Years of stupid leadership is what happened. Cant pave a mile of road without greasing several hands. Jackson is so centrally located had so many wonderful assets and museums to draw from and build around instead they do stupid after stupid. This is not racial its unqualified. We needed people who knew what they heck they were doing the last 30 years. Make me feel better list some of the accomplishments of this and the prior administrations. You must be able to provide basic Services. Our roads suck, crime, Boil Water capital of America,
Education. I have empathy for Homeless (always wonder how their penmanship is so good on their signs) but the first thing you see when you get to Jackson is homeless roaming the streets and you hope and pray one doesn't walk out in front of your car. Just frustrated today.

Anonymous said...

@9:50 am, Yep, when all else fails, blame whitey!!! The only folks holding this city back are the dumba$$ voters who keep voting for a bunch blowhards who sound and look good on TV. This City needs a ground up reconstruction but let’s blame whitey because the work to fix the City is too hard and so blaming whitey makes us feel good about ourselves. Wake the hell up! Pie in the sky policies don’t fix this crap.

The City has so much freaking potential- two major interstates, directly in the middle of the largest population base in the State. All investors want to see is a little effort and safety. Yet, our Mayor has no intentions of fixing JPD because he believe the police, although majority black, are somehow racist.

Marilyn Brookes said...

9:56, good comment. I love my house. I have good neighbors. I don't want to live in a neighborhood where all of the houses look alike. I had rather have a cocktail and dance on the deck than sit around complaining and criticizing.

Cynical Sam said...

@12:03 PM - I respect your position, but be sure to be armed when you do it.

Anonymous said...

The problems Jackson has now are the result of decades of poor leadership. Decisions made not to modernize infrastructure when there was a tax base to support the updates are now resulting in an infrastructure that is collapsing. However, it is the current administration’s responsibility to allocate the available resources in a way that basic services can be provided. Stop wasting those limited resources trying to keep a zoo open that nobody goes to. Stop wasting money on a convention center nobody but locals use. Get back to the basics, what government is supposed to be doing. Provide a safe and reliable water supply, keep the trash picked up, maintain the roads, law enforcement and fire protection. Without the basics no city can expect to see growth. Stop looking for someone to blame. The current group of city officials ran for office saying they had the ideas to fix the problems. It is time to make tough decisions and lead.

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