Thursday, June 8, 2017

Ole Miss stonewalls again

Update: JJ submitted a public records complaint to the Ethics Commission yesterday.  

Ole Miss refused to provide this website with a copy of the 2017 NCAA Amended Notice of Allegations that did not redact the name of boosters cited.  JJ submitted this request last weekend to the Office of General Counsel for Ole Miss:

I am submitting a public records request under Section 25-61-5 of the Mississippi Code for the following records:

1. Copy of NCAA Amended Notice of Allegations (or any other similarly named documents) against the University of Mississippi issued in either 2016 or 2017. 

If outside counsel has possession of documents, please obtain a copy from said counsel for this request.  There is a lawyer-client relationship between the University and said counsel. Thus Ole Miss indeed has possession, real or constructive, of the amended notice. 

Please redact only the names of minors or students.
 Ole Miss responded yesterday:

Please consider this email the University of Mississippi’s (“UM”) response to your public records request.  When UM released its response to the 2016 Notice of Allegations (“NOA”), UM created a website for the public to access a wealth of information regarding the NCAA investigation.  The website can be found at:  From the website, you can access the 2016 NOA, UM’s Response to the 2016 NOA, the 2017 Amended NOA, and UM’s Response to the 2017 Amended NOA.

The above-referenced documents contain limited redactions in order to comply with applicable privacy laws.  For instance, records that are confidential or privileged under federal law are exempt from disclosure. see Miss. Code Ann. § 25-61-11.  The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (“FERPA”) governs the release of student records by educational institutions.  FERPA prohibits the release of a student’s education records to third parties.  Educational records are documents that “contain information directly related to a student” and are “maintained by an educational agency or institution” or a person acting for the institution. 20 U.S.C. 1232g(a)(4)(A)(i) and (ii).  Accordingly, the names and personally identifiable information of student-athletes have been redacted from the above-referenced documents.

Today, UM intended to release the above-referenced documents with only FERPA protected information redacted.  However, due to a case pending before the Mississippi Ethics Commission (“MEC”), the names of third parties have also been redacted.  UM will revisit the disclosure of involved third parties after UM receives more direction from the MEC.

Please let me know if you have any questions.  Take care. 

JJ responded:

 Actually I asked for the 2017 notice and that assumed the names of the boosters were not redacted. I do not consider the notice posted on the website nor this response to be in compliance with the public records laws. As you are aware, the Ethics Commission sent a preliminary response that stated the names should not be redacted. I request that you follow the recommendations even if not yet adopted.
To which Ole Miss said:

 As previously mentioned, the University of Mississippi intended to release the documents with only FERPA protected information redacted.  We will revisit the disclosure of involved third parties after receiving more direction from the Mississippi Ethics Commission. 
 The Ethics Commission sent a preliminary recommendation to Ole Miss that said Ole Miss should release the names of all boosters cited in the NCAA notice.  Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Don't you love how the black bear "leadership" is all about protecting student privacy .... unless that student is Leo Lewis. The University of Mississippi: Producing Pretentious Pieces of $h!+ since 1844.

Anonymous said...

The Ethics decision is the final decision unless Ole Miss chooses to contest it. They're just playing games at this point.

Anonymous said...

To 11:06 - Since 1848, actually.

Anonymous said...

Keep hounding them, Kingfish.

Anonymous said...

They are playing games and buying a little bit of time. By mid-July these boosters will have their judgment day.

Anonymous said...

They're hoping you go away. They obviously aren't regular readers.

They know they can get Kellenberger to hit the road with a bag of a dozen double stacks.

Anonymous said...

Is there an argument that the Ethics Commission's opinion isn't final until their next meeting (which, I believe, is on July 14)? I'm not familiar with the process for their opinions to reach final status.

No matter the answer to the question above, UMiss's response is lacking in that they have already received all of the "direction from the Mississippi Ethics Commmission" that they need in order to comply.


Anonymous said...

KF, the Preliminary Report and Recommendation says, in the second paragraph on page 1, that “Within 5 business days of receiving a copy of the PR and R, any party may file specific written objections to the PR and R. Failure by the respondent to file an objection waives the respondent’s right to a hearing concerning any disputed issue of fact.” Then on the bottom of page 8 and top of page 9 in the Notice of Proposed Hearing Date section, it repeats that any party may file a written objection within 5 days of the PR and R and that, if such an objection is filed, the hearing is tentatively set for June 27. The PR and R was issued on June 2, and assuming the University got a copy that day via email, 5 business days later would be June 9, tomorrow (or maybe a few days later if they got their copy via mail). If no objection is filed by June 9, then no hearing is needed or allowed, and the PR and R is presumably final.

Has Ole Miss, or anyone, filed a written objection to the PR and R ? If not, then after June 9 (or shortly thereafter), Ole Miss has no excuse or legal basis whatsoever to continue to redact and refuse to disclose the names of these supposed boosters.

First School to Put a Hashtag in the End Zone! said...

If Dan Mullins (as the faithful continue to call him) were my coach, I suppose I'd dwell on Ole Miss, too.

Anonymous said...

I am an Ole Miss graduate and alumnus and would like to know the names of the other alleged alumni/alumnae who have potentially gotten us into this trouble. For two years, my alma mater has been asking me to believe them and trust them that nothing was done wrong and saying they couldn't wait to state their side of the story, but yet they've done everything possible to stonewall and not be upfront, open, and honest with us. Refusing to disclose the NOA on the grounds that they didn't have it and only their attorney did....while understanding that means they still had constructive possession of it and could have easily gotten it and produced it, but they simply didn't want to. Then redacting the names of the supposed boosters involved despite knowing they had no legal right of privacy here, a fact they now 2 years later acknowledge. Saying nothing wrong was done but then voluntarily agreeing to a bowl ban and loss of 11 scholarships. Why would we do that if we're innocent ? Chancellor, if you want to me to support you and believe you, then be open and honest. But if you continue to hide and redact information, then that raises a red flag and only causes me, and others, to not believe you and not want to support you. Sorry, but it's true.

Anonymous said...

12:37 Where did you really go to college?

Anonymous said...

Comey put the firstime nail in Trump's coffin today, Farrar is going to do the same to Freeze.... the first statement from the Whitehouse.."the president is not a lair", isn't that what Ole Miss is saying. Reminds me of Nixon saying " I am not a crook"

Hypocrisy Much??? said...

Assume that somehow St. Freeze was totally ignorant about every single violation his "rouge" assistants were involved in. It's still the kind of thing that gets a lesser (read: women's basketball) coach fired at U Miss:

"Although there is no current evidence that Coach [Adrian] Wiggins was complicit in or had direct knowledge of this misconduct, as head coach, he is accountable for the actions of those who report to him."

- Ross Bjork, October 20, 2012

Or maybe it could be that you get a different set of rules if you know where the undiscovered bodies are buried and who was holding the shovels. There aren't a lot of other reasons to protect a coach who's 19-21 in the SEC (and who needed Chad Kelly to reach that pedestrian record)....

Anonymous said...


You really need to get over your hostility. Maybe you don't like the school's football team, but that should end at good natured rivalry. That bitterness toward people who simply pull for a different college team will eat you alive.

#HailMullins said...

the president is not a lair

his "rouge" assistants

Can someone please send a 3rd grade speller to Mr. Bulldog Blitz up there?

Anonymous said...

The msu "little brother/little sister syndrome" just eats the alums alive from the inside to the outside.

One day, I had a friend that proudly proclaimed that his daughter had graduated highschool and had decided to attend her next 4 years college at msu. He waited to see my reaction and all that I could think to say to him was, "Well, bless her heart...she's going to spend the rest of her life defending that decision and feeling less about herself than she should".

Pretty much sums up our little brothers and sisters to the southeast of Oxford!

Wow said...

Thanks for getting a direct response from them on the Ethics Commission piece.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have the facts on Leo Lewis including where he got etc.

Anonymous said...

KF. Can you explain to us readers what happens next or any following steps that can be taken to get this information you requested? What happens if they don't comply in the end? Thanks

Anonymous said...

12:51, 12:37 here. I "really" went to Ole Miss. Thanks. Unlike you apparently, I'm also really tired of being mislead.

Anonymous said...

I call "Bull Shit" on all this---ALL the universities and colleges break the rules---some get caught and others don't.

How do most of the football and basketball players drive such great vehicles and dress better than the other students and don't attend classes---I'M ASKING, HOW ???????????????????

Anonymous said...

Good catches on those typos, @1:58. (The second one was mine.) Your attention to detail and flagging those errors for us makes the NCAA's charges... still true.

Anonymous said...

TO: 1;59

It's a lot like the South Jackson Folks always felt a little less worthy than the Northeast Jackson Folks.

State Folks always have and always will feel less superior than Ole Miss Folks---that's just the way it is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

reading all these big brother/little brother comments is like watching to flies argue whose pile of $h!T smells worse.

Anonymous said...

They're just yanking Steve Robertson's chain because he is well, Steve Robertson. You are just caught in the redaction crossfire, JJ.

Anonymous said...

Those actually calling the shots at ole miss are on a par with the democrat/Clinton machines. They are corrupt to the core. Keep blaming others and never take responsibility for your malfeasance. If you read many of the comments from oxford, you can easily see the culture of corruption that exists.

Anonymous said...

Clinton may have been corrupt, but impeachment was far from successful. The GOP is trying to support him today to save face but he like Freeze will soon be dropped like a hot potato.

Colonel Akbar tard said...

@ 2:46, your totally right. I'll only mention one name but there are multiple instances of this I've been personally observant to and heard stories of from their mouths. Greg Hardy: super nice vehicle, matching everything everyday in dress (diamond earrings, watches, sunglasses, socks, shoes, shirts, hats) everyday. He was in 3 of my classes, two of which were on separate days so I saw him everyday of the week. I won't reveal what he told me about where these material things came from. I won't reveal the female golfer from Ole Miss also in many of my classes, she was ranked 2nd in the nation at one point, openly told me one day when I joked about her daily different brand new pair of Nike shoes that she received them from the school. She said anything she asked for was given and mostly she never asked for anything it just "showed up". I obviously went to ole miss and I will always love my school but I despise many of their "politically correct" decisions. I am just agreeing that every school cheats and supplies players with illegal benefits. Some get caught, some don't. When your school resides in the same state as the headquarters of the NCAA and has deathly faithful bandwagon fans and Uber rich southern fans and alumni alike, your in the buddy buddy system and won't be penalized. Grrr uhhhmm the crimson tide?

Anonymous said...

Your =\ you're. That Ole Miss education is really shining through.

Anonymous said...

Ole Miss fans are like Trump voters, as long as Freeze is their boy nothing he does matters, he still walks on water....they are going down with both ships.

Anonymous said...

Freeze, Bjork, and Trump all lied. Out the door all must go!

Mullins is stayin'! said...

You're rouge coaches are a bunch of lairs!

Black bears TSUN Ole Piss Dak Dak Dak Dak!

#trollLOVE said...

@ 7:57, always love the trollers who never add anything to the discussions except picking out iPhone typos.
Care to share your education? =\ oh and 7:57 I'm sorry my phone capitalized 'uber' when I wasn't referring to the company but the terminology.

Anonymous said...

@7:57, check out your buddy @10:08...guess yall's edumacation ain't so hot either.

Dang you're lairs! Lol

Anonymous said...

Video and audio of lsu and msu paying ll coming. Wait for it. Be careful what you wish for.

Anonymous said...

Reliable Sources said...

Key to redacted names revealed. Booster (B) and numeral of Booster (B) with regard to identity:

B1----Barney. He's a plush purple dinosaur.
B2----Yogi. He's the Head Bear.
B3----Boo Boo. He's Yogi's right hand man. With a sack lunch. Or is it a bag of money?
B4----Smokey. Yet another Bear, claims where there is smoke there is fire, but not in this case.
B5----Yosemite Sam. Handles the hunting trips and bearer of rebel flags.
B6----Foghorn Leghorn. Formidable recruiter. Refers to players as "boys" i.e. "that boy is so dumb, he can't spell "A-C-T""

Anonymous said...

Where did these Ole Myth lawyers really go to college?

Anonymous said...

Did JJ demand name of booster in 2012 when it was blacked out on documents? Maybe it was another blog and i just missed it. And did not see one comment about naming booster or MS ST stonewalling on this one...

Anonymous said...

What is your point 8:05 beyond complaining again?

Anonymous said...

3:03, it's not that South Jackson residents feel inferior to Northeast Jackson residents. It's that South Jackson residents feel equal to Northeast Jackson residents and are tired of and resent being treated like they're inferior to Northeast Jackson.

Similarly, MSU fans aren't inferior to UM fans. We're all equals. MSU fans are just tired of arrogant UM fans acting as if they're superior or better somehow. (Let me clarify that not all UM fans are arrogant or act arrogantly, just people like you who naively think that you're better than others.)

It's not that one "feels" inferior, it's that the other arrogantly acts "superior".

Anonymous said...

Compare tennis skirts and shades to boots and jeans.

Compare lunch at Primos to lunch at McAlisters.

Compare a Jeep and an F-250 in this driveway to a Volvo and Range Rover in that one.

Compare satisfaction with the nose God gave you to spending $6000 for Dr. Blackledge to make it look different.

Compare taking your kids to Strawberry Park to leaving your kids with a sitter and heading to the Yacht Club.

Compare The Northside Sun and Cosmo in the mailbox with People Magazine and Good Housekeeping in the other mailbox.

Compare regular ole snot with haughty snoot.

Now you see the difference. But it really wouldn't make shit for difference if the OM faithful didn't brag so loudly about it.

Anonymous said...

There is no social redeeming value from scUM. Where drunk and doped up frat boys shoot campus security.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that when virtually anyone gets arrested, it is published and public, but when certain people (lawyers?) get caught doing illegal acts, everyone seems to be scared to publish their identities? That appears to be the crux of this redacted document.

Anonymous said...

OK, we get it buddy - you love to read your own posts. We also understand:

- You hate Trump
- You hate the Ole Miss football team
- Because of your hatred, you hate anyone who likes said team
- You, somehow in your febrile mind, conflate Trump and Ole Miss
- You harbor a frightening amount of hostility toward people who cheer for a different school on a dozen Saturdays in the fall

You can stop posting now. We've seen all you have to say. Repeatedly.

Anonymous said...

I've read 10:12's "compare this to that" post about four times and I still have no idea what the hell he is on about.

For the life of me I can't figure out how either Primos or McAlister's is snooty. I'm not sure which side prefers the Northside Sun and which prefers People Magazine, or how those two are remotely analogous. And how does that BMW with the MSU sticker that cut me off three days ago fit into your weird taxonomic schema?

I think you're trying to show how arrogant and corrupt your version of Ole Miss people are compared to down to earth MSU types, but I'm still not sure about that.

Try again, Sparky.

Anonymous said...

May I ask the Mississippi State Fans here a serious question?

Where can I get a Salt Life decal to splay across the window of my vehicle? Or maybe a Bone Collector "skull from a buck's rack" sticker? Or perhaps a fleur-de-lis made from a deer, a duck, and a fish. I really want to decorate the rear window of my car, but I'm not sure how. I figured I'd come to the experts.

I know it may seem easy to those of you who are experts at plastering brainless logos upon the rear view of a Silverado, but I realize it's a skill. One much like pulling off the look of Oakleys over the brim of your Ranger Boats ballcap while rocking a Columbia PFG Bonehead hefty shirt with your socks and sandals, all while swigging from that Silver Bullet.

This is what I want, so I am coming to the experts. I want the jeans and boots. I want the Good Housekeeping subscription. I want the hashtag in the endzone. I WANT THE JEEP AND THE F-250 IN THE DRIVEWAY, DAMMIT!

Thanks and Hail State. See you are Primos...or is it McAlister's?

Anonymous said...

Make it McAlisters. The MSU moms will be there with their children, while at Primos, you'll find the OM moms meeting someone's husband other than their own. And they'll be laughing innocently while twisting their feet around each other. Sparky.

Anonymous said...

If only we could all walk on to the fan base of a by-the-book program like LSU.

CPA said...

"Preacher" Hugh Freeze must go. Hire Chad Morris as HC and Jon Turner as AD.

Anonymous said...


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