Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Ole Miss would love to provide names of boosters but......

The Kingfish filed a public records complaint against Ole Miss two weeks ago with the Mississippi Ethics Commission.  The university refused to provide a copy of the NCAA complaint against the football program and the school's response that contained the unredacted names of boosters cites in the documents.  Ole Miss said it would really really like to provide the records with those unredacted names but it awaits guidance from the Commission.

JJ submitted this request on June 3 to Ole Miss:

1. Copy of NCAA Amended Notice of Allegations (or any other similarly named documents) against the University of Mississippi issued in either 2016 or 2017. 

If outside counsel has possession of documents, please obtain a copy from said counsel for this request.  There is a lawyer-client relationship between the University and said counsel. Thus Ole Miss indeed has possession, real or constructive, of the amended notice. 
Ole Miss responded on June 6:

Please consider this email the University of Mississippi’s (“UM”) response to your public records request.  When UM released its response to the 2016 Notice of Allegations (“NOA”), UM created a website for the public to access a wealth of information regarding the NCAA investigation.  The website can be found at:  From the website, you can access the 2016 NOA, UM’s Response to the 2016 NOA, the 2017 Amended NOA, and UM’s Response to the 2017 Amended NOA.

The above-referenced documents contain limited redactions in order to comply with applicable privacy laws.  For instance, records that are confidential or privileged under federal law are exempt from disclosure. see Miss. Code Ann. § 25-61-11.  The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (“FERPA”) governs the release of student records by educational institutions.  FERPA prohibits the release of a student’s education records to third parties.  Educational records are documents that “contain information directly related to a student” and are “maintained by an educational agency or institution” or a person acting for the institution. 20 U.S.C. 1232g(a)(4)(A)(i) and (ii).  Accordingly, the names and personally identifiable information of student-athletes have been redacted from the above-referenced documents.

Today, UM intended to release the above-referenced documents with only FERPA protected information redacted.  However, due to a case pending before the Mississippi Ethics Commission (“MEC”), the names of third parties have also been redacted.  UM will revisit the disclosure of involved third parties after UM receives more direction from the MEC.

Yours truly replied to that missive later that day:

 Actually I asked for the 2017 notice and that assumed the names of the boosters were not redacted. I do not consider the notice posted on the website nor this response to be in compliance with the public records laws. As you are aware, the Ethics Commission sent a preliminary response that stated the names should not be redacted. I request that you follow the recommendations even if not yet adopted.
 The complaint was submitted two days later.  The complaint is very similar to the one filed against Ole Miss by Steve Robertson.  He is a reporter for who covers Mississippi State University but took a strong interest in this case.  He attempted to obtain the same records from Ole Miss that were sought by this website and received the same response.  However, the Mississippi Ethics Commission sent a preliminary draft to Ole Miss that will decide in favor of Mr. Robertson if it is adopted.  JJ reported on June 5:

The Mississippi Ethics Commission told Ole Miss that it must provide the names of boosters who were named in an NCAA Amended Notice of Allegations.  The Commission sent a preliminary report and recommendation to Ole Miss last Friday.  Steve Robertson of had filed a complaint with the Commission after the university refused to provide him with a copy of the amended notice. The Commission will adopt the recommendations if neither party objects or after a hearing is  held.....

 Mr. Robertson submitted a public records request to Ole Miss on February 23, 2017 for the amended notice.  Ole Miss staff attorney Steve Jolly responded in a March 6 email that Ole Miss did not have a copy of the records.  Ole Miss actually claimed that it did not possess the records because its outside counsel had them.  Mr. Robertson filed a complaint with the Ethics Commission on March 10.  Ole Miss responded to the complaint and said that releasing the amended notice with the unredacted names of the boosters would violate their privacy.....
The preliminary draft shows where the Commission is leaning:
 3.2 The Ethics Commission should find that under the specific record in this case The University of Mississippi violated Section 25-61-5 by redacting the names of boosters from the 2016 notice of allegations before producing a copy of the notice.

3.3 The Ethics Commission  should order The University  of Mississippi  to produce a copy of the 2016 notice of allegations and the amended notice of allegations redacted as necessary to fully comply with federal education privacy laws or any other statutes or case law, but that any athletic booster names shall not be redacted solely due to the right of privacy. The university's production shall occur within seven working days from the university's receipt of a final order in this case.
 However, here is the key part and it is cited by Ole Miss as one reason for any delays:

The preliminary recommendation also allows a John Doe booster to provide a written response.  John Doe filed a motion in Hinds County Chancery Court on May 23.  He asked the Chancellor to stop Ole Miss from releasing the names of boosters cited in the notices.  The petition also sought to have the entire case sealed.  The Commission's preliminary finding states that the Chancellor denied the petition although there is non record of a decision in the public court file.  Mr. Doe withdrew his petition on May 26.  See earlier post.

A hearing is tentatively scheduled for  June 27, 2017 at 10:00 AM if either Mr. Robertson or Ole Miss objects to the preliminary recommendations.

Readers can now digest Ole Miss's response to my complaint since they are now brought up to speed on this little skirmish.  The response stated:

 UM believes that the public interest is best served by releasing the names of boosters listed in the 2016 Notice of Allegations ("2016 NOA") and the 2017 Amended Notice of Allegations ("2017 NOA"). As such, UM's position is that it wants to release versions of the above referenced documents, along with UM's responses, with only the names and personally identifiable information related to student athletes redacted. However, issues related to the privacy interests of boosters whose names appear in those documents have yet to be fully litigated. Currently, issues related to the privacy interests of boosters in the context of the Mississippi Public Records Act are pending before the MEC.

On June 2, 2017, the MEC issued a Preliminary Report and Recommendation ("PRR") in the pending matter. The PRR recommended that the 2016 NOA and the 2017 NOA "involve matters of legitimate public concern which outweigh any right to  privacy, if any, which extends to the boosters who are alleged to have been involved  in NCAA rules infractions."  Although UM does not contest the result recommended in the PRR, the PRR allowed another party to intervene to provide a written response to the PRR for the MEC to consider. Accordingly, the MEC has not yet had an opportunity to address the concerns raised by the intervener or issue a Final Order accepting, rejecting or modifying the PRR. Thus, considering the "legitimate"16 and "tangible concerns" related to UM's
potential tort liability, it would be premature for UM to release the documents  requested....  will revisit the disclosure of involved third parties after receiving more direction from the MEC.  According to the MEC' s website, the commission's next meeting is set for July 14, 2017.18
So Ole Miss says it would like to provide the records but the Commission just happened to allow another party to present an argument over redacting the names and the university really doesn't want to get in the way of the Commission.

Stay tuned. Don't touch that mouse.  


Anonymous said...

The irony of you redacting your name in a request to unredact the names of others...

Anonymous said...

Lots of rumors going around about the unnamed student athletes at another university recanting their stories. Seems their stories are falling apart and they have some very unhappy parents who felt like their children were pressured to fabricate stories. The parents are on record as saying the stories are not true. Also, a store has strong evidence that refutes their stories and it has been sent to the NCAA. The NCAA case, at least the more serious allegations, is falling apart. This is going to get fun. Put on some popcorn.

Action speaks louder than happy awards said...

Tell me Sweetheart, which media outlet is working their tail off to insure that government institutions in Mississippi are operating openly and transparently?

Sure as hell ain't your weekly entertainment and race baiting siren.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, they really, really want to release those names, but you know how those pesky lawyers (that they churn out) get in the way of good public policy. They 'wanted' to release the NOA, but they didn't have it, those pesky lawyers had it. Bullshit, bullshit.

If memory serves me correctly, the other institutions of higher learning in the state that have dealt with this exact same issue released the names of their boosters on the front end. But I guess that's what the poor, unlawyered folks do. No need to have a 13 story building filled with lawyers to protect you, or a public title attached to your name, to make you feel important.

Anonymous said...

But they are ok leaking players names? Gotta protect those cogs in the machine though.

Anonymous said...

But they are ok leaking players names? Gotta protect those cogs in the machine though.

Anonymous said...

3:34, that's a nice dream. Hear it regularly at lunchtime, and over drinks, with my OM friends - who of course have no idea what is really going on but want to live in lalala land just a little longer.

And your Raggy Rebel's lawsuit ain't going nowhere; but its another interesting twist by the alums that are trying sooooo hard to keep their alter-lives going.

Better get plenty of popcorn - it ain't gonna be over that quickly.

Anonymous said...

The irony that @3:30 would complain as they did anonymously.

Anonymous said...

Do not worry. All this is headed to the courts and there will be many many names that are made public. Also there will be statements made under oath that tell who told the players to lie.Those names will be public and we will find out who is really dirty. People and organizations that thought they were above the law will not be happy. Who knows some of this could turn into massive money being paid out in damages.Some could never play football again .Some will lose their jobs and never work again and some could see some jail time if they are the last one still telling a lie.

Anonymous said...

4:50, and Peter Pan will fly in the courtroom and sprinkle pixie dust all around the room, making the OM football staff.

You make some great statements -- who told who to lie; massive damages, etc.

As Wendy used to say - 'where's the beef'?

Anonymous said...


IF OM and it supporters by some long shot should prevail with any of these actions, how do you suppose NCAA will view OM for the next decade? Will recruits come running to Oxford, after being reminded by other schools that they maybe a defendant at some time in the future (hell, if OM wins this they can file for breach of contract for not signing with OM).

From an outsider,this doesn't look like a road I would like to be traveling.

Anonymous said...

So would you want your son going to play for a school that tells you to lie and put your career in jeopardy, just to bring down big brother?

Anonymous said...

617, you keep on talking about somebody that 'lied' as if you have first hand knowledge. Must ne L Tunsil you are referring to when we all heard him tell his so-called lies about his texts and mama needing some utility money

Anonymous said...

End up in jail? Jesus you people are morons.

Anonymous said...

Zero basis to hide these names.

Anonymous said...


An MSU booster was found to have had “impermissible contact” with a recruit and may have engaged in other NCAA rules violation, according to documents provided to The Clarion-Ledger on Aug. 28. The booster refused “multiple” requests by MSU’s compliance department to be interviewed by an NCAA representative, according to a letter dated July 13 and written by MSU’s outside counsel. The name of the booster was redacted in three documents, including two emails.

Anonymous said...

I really could give a shit less about anything that goes on in college athletics. How about sticking with real news that matters.

Redact The Bong said...

9:00 - It makes perfect sense to not release (redact) the name of someone when they have just been determined a person of interest in a new investigation, don'tchu think.

The complaint here is in OM's refusal to release the names of those faithful followers mentioned in findings that are a year old by now and after the investigation of those persons has long since ended. There is no value to the investigation or findings in still continuing to redact those names. But, the OM administration continues to protect those persons just as they have circled the wagons around the good and honest revrunt.

Did OM learn this strategy by watching ND push Paterno up under its skirts?

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is almost as entertaining as the good ole days when you had ZenaReb, J Gibert, housing up the NCAA investigator-allegedly! And then Jackie Wayne Sherrill bringing out his own Pi with pics of him over there-allegedly! And basically destroying the NCAA and their case or witch hunt if you will. That was must watch tv.

Bring back the good times Kingfish. Even if your damn shortstop looks like his mama now, you know who his mama is don't you?

Anonymous said...


The MSU booster's name was redacted by MSU. The summer coach outed him. Cash, cars, booster involved, coach involved/fired, under Dan Mullen. MSU blowing the hypocrisy meter up on this one.

Also, Patreno coached for Penn State not ND.

Anon-E-Mouse said...

Who cares about The Cheaters Up North!

Anonymous said...

But Freeze ain't that smart. He's proved every day for the past four years how stupid he is.

The guy who is most embarrassed over all this circus is the one sitting down there at ACME eatin' an oyster po-boy wishing he was back in Drew.

St. Petersburg Bowl CHAMPS! said...

Hear it regularly at lunchtime, and over drinks, with my OM friends - who of course have no idea what is really going on but want to live in lalala land just a little longer.

You certainly do have a nasty disposition toward your supposed "friends". You do realize that Facebook friends aren't necessarily real friends, just like the Hair Club for Men isn't a real club, yes?

Who cares about The Cheaters Up North!

Holy shit, are you serious? Start with every PFG-Bonehead-wearing Hail Tater in a 200 mile radius of Farmville and end with the most obsessed one of all - the guy running this blog.

Anonymous said...

6:34 got his tits in a flutter 'cause ain't no SEC investigators at motels in Oktibbeha. It'll be ok man, just poke some cream up in it and walk briskly. Your tee-time and bar stool at Shuckers are completely safe.

Anonymous said...

6:34, your powder blue ascot appears to have been tied a little too tightly today. Bless your heart.

Anonymous said...

Penn State - Notre Dame....same difference. Point is the administration embraced the fool and hid him out knowing full well he was guilty as sin. Where is his statue today? Hugh Freeze Prayer Rugs won't be worth a dime!

Anonymous said...

-NCAA has accepted the self-imposed penalties, 11 scholarships over 3 years
-The ridiculous NCAA just keeps investigating until they find something
-Steve Robertson has received a subpoena in a defamation suit
-OléMiss has told the NCAA that they wouldn't cooperate any more
-OléMiss is actually suing the NCAA for... excessive enforcement.
-There is NO 2nd NOA or addendum
-Barney Farrar didn't do anything wrong
-MSU (and Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, etc) was told not to play this game because OléMiss has MOUNTAINS of evidence against them
-OléMiss has evidence of Jeffrey Simmons getting paid
-Barney has been cleared and will be reinstated
-MSU is now being investigated
-OléMiss has VIDEO recording of Leo Lewis asking them to match MSU's offer of $80k
-Chuck Rounsaville has AUDIO recording of Leo Lewis asking them to match MSU's offer of $80k
-Leo Lewis is suspended for the Egg Bowl because of violations (6 tackles, 1 sack)
-MSU will receive a NOA
-OléMiss fired all of these coaches for going 5-7; not because of the NCAA investigation
-John Farley is Rosebowl's "source" (he'll rue the day)
-Cam Akers will sign with OléMiss
-NCAA has accepted the self-imposed penalties
-NCAA won't hit OléMiss hard because of Baylor
-NO chance of a bowl ban. None.
-There has NOT been a second letter delivered, we know a guy.
-The NCAA can't find where we bought any players, so they're using minor stuff to punish us.
-There is ABSOLUTELY NO instance of paying recruits.
-Committee On Infractions can see how much OléMiss has suffered already, so they'll go easy and "be fair".
-Some of these charges the NCAA can't prove, they just included them hoping that a few will stick.
-This is all Leo Lewis' fault. (He'll rue the day)
-OléMiss media is about to release the Leo video... any minute now.
-NCAA is reviewing the Leo Lewis tape.
-Leo Lewis family has had to hire an attorney!
-This whole thing is a conspiracy by the NCAA, Greg Sankey, Larry Templeton, Greg Byrne, Scott Stricklin, Nick Saban, Dan Mullen, John Cohen, Rosebowl, etc. BUT we have the goods and will take them all down
-Freeze is absolutely NOT resigning, getting suspension, or show cause!
-After this is over, we have plans in place that will expose the NCAA corruption
-Leo Lewis was suspended from the Spring Game (because that happens in real life)
-Leo Lewis is in so much trouble it's not even funny (rue)
-Leo Lewis was inaccurate about something, so nothing he says can be used against Ole Miss
-NCAA is gonna nail MSU who will be a repeat offender because Will Redmond (rue)
-Greg Sankey and Larry Templeton are the most powerful figures in sports; they run the SEC AND the NCAA
-Rosebowl is a liar; a Black Bear coach did NOT meet a recruit along with a booster after the 2nd NOA.
-Rosebowl's complaint to the ethics commission has no merit and will be tossed out.
-In light of Rosebowl's favorable ruling by the ethics commission, we won.
-Dan Mullen schemed a plan having Leo Lewis and Kobe Jones contact the NCAA, take immunity, and lie to the NCAA
-Kobe Jones has confessed to the NCAA that his testimony under immunity was false
-Even though we have disassociated over a dozen boosters, we admit that our assistant coaches committed level 1 violations, we admit that multiple coaches set up meetings with multiple boosters, we admit we fixed ACT scores, our head coach is named in half a dozen or more violations, and the majority of this stuff happened while we knew we were under NCAA investigation.... I'm sorry what were we talking about?
-An MSU booster really gave Leo Lewis that money, Dan Mullen made him lie and say it was from the Landsharks (rue)
-Leo Lewis will be ineligible for 2017, and have to finish at Jackson State

Anonymous said...

In a few months, we will know the full story. Will Ole Miss be able to play hardball with the NCAA like Miami did? Time will tell.

Anonymous said...

8:29 said:
"Even though we have disassociated over a dozen boosters, we admit that our assistant coaches committed level 1 violations, we admit that multiple coaches set up meetings with multiple boosters, we admit we fixed ACT scores, our head coach is named in half a dozen or more violations, and the majority of this stuff happened while we knew we were under NCAA investigation.... I'm sorry what were we talking about?"

There's the meat and potatoes. OM fans believed this same bunch when they denied being under investigation. Countless lies later, proven to be lies by their own admission and self-imposed penalties, a large majority of Rebs still choke down then regurgitate even more far-fetched tales of skating free and clear or even better, flipping penalties on MSU and suing the retreating NCAA. It's been humorous to watch such intelligent, discerning people fall flat on their faces over and over again.

Hashtag in the endzone...We was the FIRST! said...

1980 - "OLE PISS! (tee hee!!)"

1995 - "MISSISSIPPI! (tee hee!!)"

2008 - "BLACK BEARS! (tee hee!!)"

2013 - "TSUN! (tee hee!!)"


Anonymous said...


This pretty much is the mic drop here.

I kinda wish the NCAA would retract the Rebel Rags stuff. There's still 14 level 1 violations in there across multiple coaches and staffs that signal a culture of non-compliance and LOIC. Ole Miss admits to most of it. The Leo Lewis/Rebel Rags stuff is just a distraction and will end up doing more harm than good for Ole Miss.

Anonymous said...


To answer you question if Ole Miss will stare down the NCAA like Miami. I would have to ask, does Vitter have as big a set of balls as Donna Shalala?

Anonymous said...

Yo hashtag!

You're way behind the times...TCUN is where you're at now. See if you can figure that one out (tee tee).

The definition of obsessed would be hiring PI's to follow opponent coaches and recruits around, but you guys wouldn't know anything about that would you?

As to Freeze:
"the Lord chooses the good ones and the bad ones use the Lord"

Anonymous said...

All you tassel-loafer, sleeveless red sweater wearing guys remind me of "Thug Mommas" who automatically and forever will say, "My boy might rob yo ass but he ain't gone shoot nobody".

So, to recap: At first it was, "Hugh a good boy and ain't done shit." Now it's "Hugh done a little shit, but not much and not nearly what they say he done. Plus he went to his room and put himself in time out for two days."

Anonymous said...

All you tassel-loafer, sleeveless red sweater wearing guys

Well, when you buy your footwear at Academy Sports and your dress-up clothes at the Under Armour outlet (when you ain't buying online from UNTUCKit), I suppose you would see someone who wears shineable shoes as "snooty".

Anonymous said...

I can see old dog Brewer wearing those sleeveless red sweaters now. Nothing changes whether clothes or ethics.

Anonymous said...

Many allegations in the first and second letter. But what is not in the letter but accepted as being factual are all of the Laremy Tunsil cash transactions, moving his mother to Oxford and providing his then step-father with a three year Oxford life-style. The NCAA views this as foundation for recognizing Ole Miss as a corrupt institution.

Anonymous said...

Do Rebbul Wrag sell them red tassel loafies? At least Academy won't be party to a lawsuit. And they sell better grills than any of you snots haul into the Groave on your little plastic wagons.

Anonymous said...

8:29 has way too much free time on his hands while living in his parents' basement.

Anonymous said...

The leg humpers had a much different view when ol' Cam ditched them for Awebern. "Damn Awebern must've offered more."

The Internal Struggle of Hugh Freeze and Cognitive Dissonance.. said...

OK boys and girls. Since so many of you are meandering mindlessly around in conflict over the Oxford Conundrum that is Hugh Freeze, let's head into the psychology classroom for just a minute:

Freeze came to town professing to be the most powerful Christian minds to have graced the halls of this Confederate bastion during our lifetime. He was quickly accepted by the proletariat, roundly heralded as the third (if not the second) coming. Horn-Tooters, Rag-Shoppers, Hotty Toddiers and Grove-Swillers quickly announced to the world that from that day forward the streets of Oxford would be paved in gold leaf and all the trendy eateries would stream red and blue crepe paper blessed by both the Pope and Billy Graham (as well as by Paul Finebaum). "Happy Days Are Here Again!"

Now, however, to Hugh Freeze and Psych 302:

(from the research) - pay attention and don't immediately jump off into screams of leg-humpers and tractors - just shut up and pay attention)

"The degree of dissonance people experience can depend on a few different factors, including how highly we value a particular belief and the degree to which our beliefs are inconsistent.

The overall strength of the dissonance can also be influenced by several factors.

Cognitions that are more personal, such as beliefs about the self, tend to result in greater dissonance. The importance of the cognitions also plays a role. Things that involve beliefs that are highly valued typically result in stronger dissonance.

The ratio between dissonant thoughts and consonant thoughts can also play a role in how strong the feelings of dissonance are. The greater the strength of the dissonance, the more pressure there is to relieve the feelings of discomfort. (this is where the internal battle takes place)

Cognitive dissonance can often have a powerful influence on our behaviors and actions."

I hope you're still awake and read that twice. It describes in a very classical sense, Reverend Hugh Freeze. While Freeze actually believes his motives, thoughts and behaviors are all Christ-based, he had a powerful internal struggle going on. His desire to 'win at any cost' is in total conflict with his announced Christian-personna, thereby the resulting cognitive dissonance. He struggled. Just as characters in the Bible struggled. And he lost. Just as Jimmy Swaggart and Jim and Tammye Faye lost.

His desire to win at all costs overtook his internal Christian struggles and by the third lap of the mile run, the devil won. And while he (and the faithful) still know him to be a fine Christian man, it will be awhile before he (and you) understand his struggle and how he came to lose the battle. And while he (and you in agreement) will shout, "THIS WAS NOT THE REAL ME!", the NCAA ain't buyin' it.

It's just that simple boys and girls. Own it!

Now, back to farmers, leghumpers, tractors and little brothers in 3...2...1...

Gil Buckman said...

A minute ago I was really confused about life and then penny-ante Sigmund Freud came in with his wonderful and effective dime-store psychological analysis and now everything's great again!

Anonymous said...

5:05AM, your up early.. might you be on the way to your tongue speaking snake handling worship service? Nice copy and paste job from your google search.

Anonymous said...

9:32, here's the difference. Auburn alums made a nice offer to (and actually paid) Cam's dad. Cam's dad approached MSU alums to match or better Auburn's offer, and MSU's alums declined and even reported the overture. Auburn didn't outbid MSU; Auburn made the only bid. I'm sure you'll disagree, but I'm also sure you'll cite no proof whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

I realize Laremy Tunsil is not part of the NOA, but I still find it interesting that his mother moved to Oxford when he committed to go there. My family is not rich but is fairly well off and has the ability to move. But when I went to college, my parents didn't quit their jobs and move to anew town with me. And when I went to grad school in another town after graduating from undergrad, my parents didn't move again and follow me there either. But yet Mrs Tunsil who, respectfully, doesn't have much money at all (i.e, she needed help with her electric bills), somehow could afford to quit her job, move from one state to another, and live in a town with one of the highest costs of living in Mississippi.

Anonymous said...

All SEC programs are very dirty and Ole Miss is one of the cleanest. What they are being charges with is very minor when each and every Bama players get a new car when they sign.

Anonymous said...

5:05, I ,ight agree if there were lots of buying players. However, that did not happen. Look at the actual allegations. They are most little stuff that happen every day at all big programs. They are mistakes. Now the LL stuff is more serious, however, too much evidence says that did not happen. The ACT score stuff was done under Nutt's watch and that was way back in 2009. All these little allegations took place over 5 years. Freeze actually looks pretty clean. The investigators just tacked on the LOIC and lack of supervision just for good measure.

Anonymous said...

The MSU obsession continues

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Trollfest '07

Jackson Jambalaya is the home of Trollfest '07. Catch this great event which promises to leave NE Jackson & Fondren in flames. Sonjay Poontang and his band headline the night with a special steel cage, no time limit "loser must leave town" bout between Alan Lange and "Big Cat"Donna Ladd following afterwards. Kamikaze will perform his new song F*** Bush, he's still a _____. Did I mention there was no referee? Dr. Heddy Matthias and Lori Gregory will face off in the undercard dueling with dangling participles and other um, devices. Robbie Bell will perform Her two latest songs: My Best Friends are in the Media and Mama's, Don't Let Your Babies Grow up to be George Bell. Sid Salter of The Clarion-Ledger will host "Pin the Tail on the Trial Lawyer", sponsored by State Farm.

There will be a hugging booth where in exchange for your young son, Frank Melton will give you a loooong hug. Trollfest will have a dunking booth where Muhammed the terrorist will curse you to Allah as you try to hit a target that will drop him into a vat of pig grease. However, in the true spirit of Separate But Equal, Don Imus and someone from NE Jackson will also sit in the dunking booth for an equal amount of time. Tom Head will give a reading for two hours on why he can't figure out who the hell he is. Cliff Cargill will give lessons with his .80 caliber desert eagle, using Frank Melton photos as targets. Tackleberry will be on hand for an autograph session. KIM Waaaaaade will be passing out free titles and deeds to crackhouses formerly owned by The Wood Street Players.

If you get tired come relax at the Fox News Tent. To gain admittance to the VIP section, bring either your Republican Party ID card or a Rebel Flag. Bringing both will entitle you to free drinks.Get your tickets now. Since this is an event for trolls, no ID is required, just bring the hate. Bring the family, Trollfest '07 is for EVERYONE!!!

This is definitely a Beaver production.

Note: Security provided by INS