Saturday, June 10, 2017

Headhunters in Jackson? (Updated: Body found)

JPD just tweeted the following messages:

Homicide #28, unidentified BM head located on front porch of 1536 Deer Park St. Cause of death at this time appears to be severance.

JPD on scene of "suspicious death" investigation, 1500 blk. Deer Park St. Decapitated unidentified male located. More info to come.

JPD also issued this press release: 

On Saturday, June 10, 2017 at approx. 9:19 AM, Jackson Police Officers responded to 1536 Deer Park St. regarding suspicious activity in this area. Upon officers’ arrival, they discovered what appeared to be the head only of an unidentified black male subject on the front steps of an occupied residence. The head was later confirmed to be a human head that had been severed from a body at the neck.

The Coroner was summoned to the scene and conducted an investigation. The remaining of the body was not located during the course of the investigation. Investigators are in the process of attempting to identify the deceased. The cause of death at this time appears to be severance. This is the 28th homicide investigation for 2017.

Anyone with any information regarding this investigation and/or the identity of the deceased is urged to contact the Jackson Police Department at 601-960-1234 or 601-355-TIPS (8477).
The home belongs to a Hazel B. Kinney.  Property tax records show she has paid the taxes ever since 2000.  However, Ms. Kinney died in 2009. 

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Update: And we have a body.  JPD just tweeted:

 Update: full body, headless. No apparent cause of death at this time. Awaiting Coroner and Medical Examiner's ruling.

 Burned human torso, headless, found on Green Ave. near Grand Ave. Working to confirm if linked to this morning's discovery of a human head.


Alpha Storm said...

Sounds like a case of the voodoo.

Anonymous said...

The Head has been found on a porch. Geez

Anonymous said...

suspicious death. Yeah. Kinda

noel said...

Perception of zombies

BC Powder said...

The thought of this gives me a headache

Anonymous said...

Is Kathy Griffin in town?

Anonymous said... it's seeming like a Mexican drug cartel murder scene...yesterday was just too soon.

Anonymous said...

This is just a stone's throw from JSU

Anonymous said...

Wondering if this sad and evil deed is connected to the barbershop murder?

Anonymous said...

This is truly disturbing.

Anonymous said...

These boys are stepping their game up for the ole 601.

I'm going to get so much flack for saying this. said...

GD's pledge that their King is David. It's kind of like some gangster hybrid spin-off of free-masonry (don't get offended, that's what it is though). I guess they view themselves as modern day Israelites and others as philistines, hence the reverence for the hexagram/ the Star of David.
After David killed Goliath (a phillistine) with a stone, he cut off his head with a sword.

Where as a respected fraternal organization does drama plays to bind behind closed doors, these guys actually recreate their doctrine in real life to the 'T'.

Anonymous said...

That's what I'm talking about, show the world how truly barbearric you can be. c

Anonymous said...

'Severance'? Is that sort like 'deliverence'?

These 17 year old sumbitches is gettin' serous. But, so is we.

Anonymous said...

"The Head has been found on a porch. Geez"

Where would you prefer it be found? Geez.

Anonymous said...

Pics, are it did not happen.

Anonymous said...

New major's crime junta wasting no time taking over. One hell of a severance package you know what I'm saying?

Anonymous said...

Maybe it would have been better if the head were attached to the body.geez.

Anonymous said...

Jackson falls further and further from civilization

Anonymous said...

"...The remaining of the body..." Is that really what the official police report states? Really?

Anonymous said...

Severance as the cause of death, really?? How about decapitation -- who teaches theses people how to write, and why were these details released so soon? JPD just blew any opportunity they had to gather and exploit intelligence --- I sure hope Baby Chock comes up with a more effective crime fighting strategy.

Anonymous said...

a Severance tax could cut down on this type of behavior.

Anonymous said...

So Ive just gotta say this; after having lived in the Jackson area for a few years I've never seen such inept and incompetent reporting from the media and the police department. Seriously, these folks need to take a writing class and the editorial staff needs to put a better eye on what's getting published. I have seen more typos, reporting that follows no logical progression, and just plain sloppy work. Really - it's laughable, but the only source of local news.

Anonymous said...

"Severance" in this context is still not as amusing/awkwardly written as "suspicious death." Hmmm....suspicious...ya think?!?

Anonymous said...

It seems our humble correspondent is making light of the kind of hyperviolence wrought by drug cartels. I know this is your blog KF, but to minimize the situation by evoking images of islanders in grass skirts on Gilligan's Island in my opinion only seeks to diminish the gravity of this situation; and the comments don't help either. The cartels have been operating in Mississippi for some time, albeit under the radar, but they (or their partners) have never made a statement quite like this. A larger concern should be who will be prosecuting this case, and what kind of new influence is present in the Jackson area.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh 5:42... JJ is the preferred source of local news.

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine in Richmond VA informed me that this is a classic MS 13 calling card.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like an ISIS cell in Jackson.
Were is Bennie Thompson when you need him.
Oh yeh He in Washington DC.

Anonymous said...

Some of my friends in HCSO have told me that several different cartels operate in Jackson on a limited basis, mostly in the transport and money-holding aspect (including the Sinaloa cartel). Jackson is a perfect place to operate because JPD is so slow and/or spread thin.

Go ahead and laugh, but I've been to Danny's and seen some of them throwing mountains of cash at the girls. Strange times when the cartel comes to town.

Anonymous said...

This made nation news. USA Today

Anonymous said...

8:34 - I wouldn't doubt it, Jackson is/has been an easy target for a long time, in addition, MS-13 is notorious for doing their business in urban areas and shagging off into the woods.

Every time the chief or sheriff gets in front of a camera they say that Jackson doesn't have a gang problem, let's see who Chockwe picks for police chief. If it's another "hug-a-thug" type person, we're all in trouble, and not the kind of trouble we think we're in now - REAL trouble, like "no-go zones" for cops and real body counts.

Anonymous said...

This is an obvious message being sent by an individual or an organization greater than our normal jacktown playahs. We're used to punks shooting sideways over a few rocks or some Facebook beef or a crap ass robbery. Not MS-13 or serial killer stuff.

Power play move!?

It is very interesting though the property taxes have been continually paid on a vacant house when the owner has been dead since 2009.

Anonymous said...

Ever since Katrina, outside forces have invaded Jackson who may have roots here, but did not grow up here. Think New Orleans, Chicago, and Detroit. They have no regard for the "old rules" or boundaries and have permeated a new gang culture that has been ingratiated into the minds of "native sons". i. e. Young black men.

Right now some sort of gang war is starting up and I'll put an imaginary 100 dollars on it not being MS-13.
This is a power play, no doubt--meant to send a message to someone and meant to be chilling to us all.

Anonymous said...

Property taxes paid yearly but the owner dead for 8 years.

Maybe it's not ISIS or M13. Maybe somebody crossed somebody in a 8 year benefits fraud.

Anonymous said...

@10:01, wondering why you put $100 Monopoly money on it not being MS-13?
Decapitation and the burning of bodies is a typical sign of Mexican gangs as well as for the public intimidation factor.
Only speculation but no gangs that have existed here for decades have decapitated and burned a body and left the remains openly to be found..

We'll never know as JPD and the powers that be in Jackson are best uneducated. They don't care except for a paycheck. They'd rather join em cause they continually prove they can't beat em.

Small note: A&E's First 48 hit show tried to come to Jackson to film (they film in Memphis and Birmingham) but Harvey Johnson declined. Word is (and obvious fact) Jackson can't solve shit due to many reasons and he thought it would bring "bad publicity" to the city so he wouldn't allow them to film..

Jacktown! Hell...maybe real crime syndicates and families will step in, scare the hell out of inbred "gangsta" wannabes and kill a lot off. Reduce the random dumb crimes because they know the real gangsters will make Mexican stew of them! Stew = burning if a body in a 55 gal drum with iron pieces added to create a heat intensity so hot you turn to mush or...stew!!

Anonymous said...

Remember good ole days of just talking about potholes and Oxford House? My how times have changed. Maybe Jackson could get a show going, CSI: New Republic of Afrika

Callaway '81 said...

By my recollection, this would be the first beheading in Jackson since about '76 when Felix Dent lost his head in an attic fan in the auditorium at Chastain. Odd how more than 40 years later that name is stil stuck in my memory. I guess you had to be there and thankful that you got the hell out of there.

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of the great headline in the NY Post............HEADLESS BODY FOUND IN TOPLESS BAR!!!! Maybe we could call this Headless Body found in Lost City. Sam Hall, are you listening?

Anonymous said...

That was the greatest New York Post headline ever. And that's a high bar.

Anonymous said...

If someone left a head on my doorstep, I wouldn't just be thinking "oh well, it's another funeral to attend... I wouldn't set foot in the house without a full JPD squad escort.

My question is who is this guy and why was he so casual about finding a head on his doorstep. I'd be axing lots of questions if I was him.

Anonymous said...

It has been said:" You get what you deserve" Could this appl. Does Jackson really deserve the incompetence ?

Anonymous said...

I like the update --

Update: full body, headless. No apparent cause of death at this time. Awaiting Coroner and Medical Examiner's ruling.

Burned human torso, headless, found on Green Ave. near Grand Ave. Working to confirm if linked to this morning's discovery of a human head.

How many heads and torsos do they find lying around Jackson and having to "work to confirm if linked to this morning's discovery of a human head" is priceless.

Guess they needed to do some intense investigation to make sure the two were "linked".

Anonymous said...

I think Leslie Nielsen could've wrapped this up by now, not to mention J.B. Fletcher and Columbo.

Anonymous said...

This is more alarming that you jokesters realize. Another homicide is one thing. A headless torso is another. A torso-less head is another. But, the most alarming thing is the Mexican gang activity that has arrived in the city. I do not think The Republik of New Afrika or its new police chief can compete with MS 13 once they get busy in town. And, thanks to the ACLU, Barack and Catholic Charities, they are obviously 'in town'.

Magcolia said...

Gruesome homicide case overall.

To address the multiple misinformation about the gangs in the local, Ms-13 isn't active in Jackson. Jackson is and will so far remain a Chicago affiliated city period. It's predominantly VLs & GDs with a modest to light presence of BPS, BD, BG, MC, & SCR. If you don't know who these are by the initials then go learn Chicago gang history THROUGHLY. Too much generalization when google is your friend per say.

FurtheFurthermore there's no 'satanic/cult/religious rituals' with the GDN. Smdh at the ignorance on here.

Hello Kingfish, I've been reading your blog on/off and it's not too shabby. You maintain a detail reports. I will offer some information on the mobs affiliates but it generally cliques nowadays with different relationships towards each other.

Anonymous said...

Magcolia, dang son. I can just count the teardrop tattoos on your face from reading your post. Who says that MS-13 isn't active in Jackson? Maybe they is now.

Anonymous said...

12:45, guess you haven't made it out around mill street, I guess people just tag up places with MS-13 symbols for fun.

With your plethora and "THROUGH" knowledge will you please become part of the force to help control the gangs. Not MS though, because they don't operate here.


2:50 is right, from all the teardrops Magcolia has, I guess he killed all the Mara Salavatrucha members here.

Anonymous said...

@3:13 no one wants to believe that the real MS-13 is here and active including myself. On top of all of the other problems this area of Mississippi has, that's the last thing we need.

Heaven forbid you become one of their victims--law enforcement here either doesn't care or is too scared to get to the bottom of that snake pit. MS-13 might as well be categorized as a terrorist org., not a street gang.

Magcolia said...

Hahaha.Joke aside. Which section of the city have the highest amount of latino residents? MS-13 would have difficulty in gaining strength against the local criminal element.

Which block on Mill st? Are you certain you're not mistaking a tag for something else? As i said before, it's difficult for MS-13 to set up shop in Jackson. I actually met a MS-13 in person from Houston, TX. Decent fellow. Ms-13 is a deadly threat in certain cities in our country. Overall their threat is apparently overblown nationally.

I would join the MGA but haven't got a response. People read up on Gulf Coast Drug Threat Assessment and you shall be enlighten.

With my teardrops lol.

Anonymous said...

Magcolia, 3:13 here. Let me first say, your attitude speaks volumes. You seem to be an intelligent and good person as
much as one can assume from behind a keyboard. For real, very nice, calm, collected response. The "devil horns" sign or the hand gesture depicting the devil horns are on a residential fence near the bar that has a pirate flag waaaay up in a tree. I would highly suggest not investigating can if you want! I shoot video for some local rappers and they acknowledge MS..reluctantly. Tags are right behind Luckytown brewery. From my extremely extremely thank goodness, limited experience with them, MS wants money. Not attention. They lay low. So I can see your side as to meeting one in Houston, being "good" I imagine he just is interested in the dollar, not Jackson said dumbass random crime and murder over a PS4.

You knowing of and commenting on MGA and the gulf coast issues makes me think you were or are closely associated with some type of LE. SCR down there ridiculous. The DM despises them yet they claim association. Like you said, that's Chicago junk.

Anyway, you earned your teardrops here in my opinion on keeping your cool and not blowing up like 80% of the readers/posters.


Magcolia said...

Could you google map the location? I don't see any tags around the Luckytown Brewery nor the fence. You said Devil's Horns, Was it on a Heart with Wings?

Also i met that MS-13 in Batesville not Houston TX ( he was from that area).

Kingfish said...

Mag, you can email me at or use the Wickr messenger app.

Anyone notice at the press conference that someone from Treasury was onstage? Hmm.... counterfeiting?

Anonymous said...

At KF- if not that, prob looking at shady tax dealings and work that angle.

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