Monday, February 4, 2013

Kuykendall and Superintendents fight disabled children

Check out the latest email sent out by Kuykendall and his merry band of Superintendents. This time their target is NOT charter schools but disabled children.  Stuck in a school district that offers little in the way of providing support to special needs children and has Jim Keith for its lawyer? Have a kid that is autistic and there is a good program in an adjacent county that is better for the child?  Have a kid with a severe speech disorder and a weekly visit from the district speech therapist is not sufficient to treat the problem?  Kuykendall says tough luck, your kids are going to suffer so he and his friends can enrich themselves at your expense.  Here is his latest email:

Here is the mass email that Kuykendall sent out today. I am so angry over this! This proves why he is discriminating against children who need to be put on IEPs and 504s. He doesn't want to lose that money. Another attempt on his part to control and dictate to all DCS staff! When will it end? This also proves that our Representatives are not following or listening to their constituents. This proves they are following his lead. This has got to stop!!!!!

Read these bills and PRAY for public education!

Pat Nelson, Forrest Hamilton and Wanda Jennings all three served on this Education Committee, all three voted AGAINST these bills. They are true brave warriors and supporters of public education. We need to write them and show our support for their continued effort on our behalf.

Milton Kuykendall
Legislative Report
Friday, February 1, 2013

Public Education Suffers more setbacks in House Education Committee on Thursday!!!!


On Thursday the House Education Committee acted on the following measures:

H.B. 519 - Gives levying Authority Veto power over your budget requests.

H. B. 449 - Makes every Superintendent Appointed on January 1, 2016 and no provisions for a referendum of any kind.

H.B. 1004 - Gives any student with an IEP or 504 ruling, including speech therapy and dyslexia students, the right of choice of any school, Public or Private, that is accredited by any one of the following:

(a) the State Department of Education, the Mississippi Association of Independent Schools, the American Association of Christian Schools, the Association of Christian Schools International, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, or is affiliated with Accelerated Christian Education,

The students include but not limited to all the following: (a) An intellectual disability; (b) A speech impairment; (c) A language impairment; (d) A hearing impairment, including deafness; (e) A visual impairment, including blindness; (f) A dual sensory impairment; (g) An orthopedic impairment;(h)Another health impairment; (i) An emotional disturbance or behavioral disability; (j) A specific learning
disability, including, but not limited to: (i) Dyslexia; (ii) Dyscalculia; or (iii) Developmental aphasia; (k)A traumatic brain injury;(l) A developmental delay; or (m) Autism spectrum disorder. MAEP follows the child.

H.B. 896 - this bill is similar to HB 1004 but concerns only Speech Language.


You each should read each of these bills in their entirety and then call your Representative and make sure you get this out to your Grass Root Leaders. None of the Above bills are designed to help you do a better job or to improve your schools.

Mississippi Association of School Superintendents
555 Tombigbee Street, Suite 107
Jackson, MS 39201


Anonymous said...

As a parent, I'm struggling to see what is wrong with either bill.

Anonymous said...

So, I can live and pay taxes in a school district that does not fund such programs, yet send my child to a district that does fund these items? That's crazy. Move if you want those services...whether it's a school, fire protection , police, or any other service and the leadership of that area!

Anonymous said...

3:42 - What drugs are you on? Geez.

Col. Reb Sez said...

A lot of students have some type of learning disability that goes untreated. For example, a high-IQ student with a slow processing speed can and is likely to do very well in school, but technically if the processing speed score is 23 points below the IQ score the child has a specific learning disability, even if the child scores in the 99th percentile on achievement tests.

So if this passes, expect lots of parents to be very active in getting their child labeled as "disabled." Parents ought to be anyway, as everybody needs a little extra time on the ACT and SAT.

Shadowfax said...

If I'm not mistaken, all school districts in this state are required to make available the same services to children with disabilities. Districts cannot pick and choose whether or not to comply with the law. Notwithstanding Kingfish's attempt to mesh this subject with the subject of Charter Schools, this is wrenches and tangerines.

Anonymous said...

"Gives any student with an IEP or 504 ruling, including speech therapy and dyslexia students, the right of choice of any school, Public or Private, that is accredited...."

"MAEP follows the child."

so kill the bill ("None of the Above bills are designed to help you do a better job or to improve your schools")

I guess its not 'for the children' its 'fo the money'

Anonymous said...

SFax is correct. Similarly, any student in the area served by the district has the right to attend the vocational school programs offered by the public school. This includes students enrolled in parochial and private schools..........and home schooled students.

Anonymous said...

@ 4:59.

Everything is about money.

Anonymous said...

I live in DeSoto County and have 2 children who have ADHD, OCD and food and environmental allergies. MK REFUSED to put my child on a 504, IEP or Homebound Status when she was ill and having issues. 250 pages of doctor's medical reports(she has 4 Specialists), psychiatric testing, medical records, pharmacy records, pages of surveys that family members had to complete, letters of recommendation from her specialists, an outline of health issues and letter from me....he deemed there was not enough valid information. The state allocates a per pupil dollar amount in funding for the school district. This money does not automatically go to the school the child attends. The money is given to the district for the Superintendent to budget how HE wants to. IEPs and 504s mean the Superintendent HAS TO allocate that money to the child so that the school can use it to make any special concessions necessary to accomodate that child. He doesn't want to have to use that money for the child, and he does NOT want to lose that money if the child chooses another school in the district. IT IS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY!! One child in middle school had a chronic heart condition (she just had a pace maker put in), they did not put her on a plan or even tell them they had that option. The girl fell out unconscious at school, had to have lengthy CPR to revive her, ambulance carried her to the hospital and ONLY THEN did the school district put her on one of those plans. I don't expect everyone to understand these children or their needs, but it is irresponsible in claiming ALL kids have le.arning disabilities. MK cares only about the money..nothing more nothing less...ALL ABOUT THE MONEY!!!!

AB said...

I'm concerned with the way it applies to every kid with an IEP. I have a kindergartener with a speech impediment, and an ADHD preschooler. Both children require only very mild accommodations, but both have/will have an IEP in place nonetheless.

Honestly, I don't feel that either child's situation is severe enough that we're really justified in taking our kids' MAEP funding to enroll them in St. Andrews (nor does St. A specialize in speech delays). However, as I read the bill, we'd be entitled to do exactly that. I know some parents would, even those in good school districts with plenty of services.

As upper-middle-class highly-educated parents, we haven't had a difficult time so far getting our kids evaluated and diagnosed. It's much harder for people who don't have a lot of resources, which is kind of the point. I'm afraid that you'll see some parents use mild diagnoses to justify what is basically a voucher program, while more severely impaired and un-diagnosed kids go un-treated. I further worry that removing off the mildly impaired students will decrease access to services for those who remain in the public school and worsen their situation?

I'm sympathetic to the general intent of helping special-needs kids, and I have friends whose children have been helped tremendously by programs like Magnolia Speech School and The Little LIghthouse. But I think this bill is way too broad.

Shadowfax said...

The skeptic in me.........

Shadowfax said...

ADHD, OCD and 'environmental allergies' are all about as normal and representative of the population as sensitivity to extreme sunshine and flatulance after a black bean burrito.

Way too many children are diagnosed as having ADHD and at least half of us enjoy some form or another of OCD. Allergies? Who doesn't have one?

I suspect the staff were right in refusing to stamp 'approved' on the forehead of the child belonging to 10:21. However, I am in agreement that psychiatric testing is called for at this home.

Anonymous said... are proving how uneducated you are. The more you say, the dumber you look. But you are welcome to come babysit any day you want and see what you think since you are such the "expert". I suggest you get informed before making the most ridiculous comments I have ever heard. Your love affair for MK and insane ideals proves why you 2 are a PERFECT pair! May the 2 of you be very happy together!!

Shadowfax said...

I don't know the man, wouldn't be able to pick him out of a lineup and have never seen him. We'll compare educational levels any time you wish. I assume you're one of the above whiners. OCD, ADHD and allergies my ass! You signed up for children, raise them and quit your mealy-mouth bitching. The taxpayer is not obligated to perform your obligations nor do we owe you a 'crazy check' for your efforts to get your child classified as special needs. MK has a system in place to rate, rank and evaluate the needs of students. You failed it. Get over it and put your big girl panties on.

Anonymous said...

SF....single, without children, bad relationship with parents, possibly educated but is very uneducated about how to utilize actual knowledge or intelligence in society....comments only to create controversy with other readers on this blog.
Feels the need to verbally abuse others as to show his superior dominance. Insecure, afraid of transparency and committment so uses brutality to cover up his low self esteem. I am clear now from your comments to people on here what kind of person you are. While I am sure readers on here would like to give you a nice, swift kick in your ass, I will just pray to God to put warmth in your heart so you will quit kicking children, slapping around parents and verbally abusing concerned citizens. After listening to the Governor speak yesterday and a fabulous day at the Capitol, nothing you can say would make me feel bad at all, but why don't you ease up on the others....especially the children and parents, who for all you know, might just be smarter, wealthier, happier and more successful than you.

Shadowfax said...

Damn! In addition to hanging out at the capitol you find time to watch Dr. Phil. I suspect the Desoto staff properly analyzed your situation. That you didn't like the answer you got can hardly be blamed on me. Nor will your hissy fit at the capitol reverse it.

The ones needing a swift kick in the ass are parents like you who raise children to believe they need to be drugged and convince them they deserve special rules and don't need to run with the herd. Those children who truly are disabled or qualify for the programs you rail against will be deservedly recognized and placed. Just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Last time I checked, SF, my child's IQ was 142. This same child has always been a straight A student with nothing less than an E in conduct AND awards for Citizenship. And yes that same child was in public school but now thrives in Private School. Successful and highly respected Father, who has worked in Management at FedEx for over 20 years, and a successful and highly respected Mother, who owns her own business, PTO leader, charitable contributions to many local charities and foster parent for the Humane Society......oh and lastly...our children have NEVER been in daycare. We have juggled our schedules so we could always have one of us home with them.....FOR US TO RAISE! According to that same school you have such an "opinion" about....they have documented the success and contributions of our child and of us. Looks like you are wrong on all accounts but keep trying bc you are now proving how uneducated you are about medical conditions, child rearing and the educational system. I think it's time for you to find a new hobby!!! That's just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

10:23 Spare us your "our children have NEVER been in daycare. We have juggled our schedules so we could always have one of us home with them" bullshit.
Plenty of people love their children just as much as you do, and want the best for them, but have to send their kids to daycare in order to hold down their JOBS, so they can pay their mortgages and put food on the table. It doesn't mean they don't care about their children. There are great daycares, and there are less well-run daycares. The last thing mothers and fathers need is more guilt from people like you.

Anonymous said...

Did 10:23 just say 'our shit don't stink'?

Anonymous said...

Well 2:49...I never said parents that have to put their kids in daycare are bad or less of parents. I was responding to what he said about me being a bad parent. SF is a know it all and was trying to make a medical diagnosis with no PhD, an assumption with no facts and insight into the educational system that he is not even a part of. Next time, read all the comments. Anyone that tries to say anything negative about my kids or my parenting, I will most certainly respond to. Now whatever guilt you have has nothing to do with me or what I said. What I said was a direct response to him. But thanks for your input nonetheless.

Shadowfax said...

First, I never said you were a bad parent. I have my opinion and others can form theirs and you can hold your own.

Second, I have made no medical diagnosis. I have told you that the people in charge of making these decisions have made them and that's that. You're pissed because the people in charge don't agree with you.

Third, you are not aware of whether I have a PhD but it does not take one to clearly see that you're angry and out of control.

Fourth, you're the know it all for making all these assumptions and assuming what system I might be part of.

Fifth, your problem is with the Desoto County School District and needn't be aired in this blog vacuum. Nor will you gain satisfaction prissing around in the hallways at the state capitol. I don't know this, but I assume you like to write letters to editors, raise your hand every ten minutes at School Board and PTO meetings and demand to be seen immediately when you show up at someone's office. You probably demand that the school staff send a note home every time one of your children has a bowel movement, passes gas or has a momentary headache.

Sixth, hire a damned lawyer if you think your 142 IQ child and you have been wronged by the system.

Anonymous said...

SF... You are a complete idiot. Can you not read the words you wrote above...."I need psychiatric testing", "no one owes me a crazy check", "I need to raise my children", "I need to quit letting my children think they deserve special treatment and make them run with the herd", "I need a swift kick in the ass" and finally you said my child must be fine bc a Superintendent, a School Board Attorney and the Head of Buildings and Maintenance were the ones assessing whether or not she qualifies. Since those 3 people made the decision, it must be true. I am not angry. The post has to do with MK not wanting the already allotted per pupil money to attach to children with medical needs, so I think my thoughts are most relevant since I am probably the only one on here who has first hand information. My child has not received special treatment and thrives everywhere she goes, but God forbid she go into anaphylactic shock. Excuse me for wanting her covered on that since she was almost hospitalized this year. And while that does bother me, I am even more concerned about the middle school girl with a chronic heart condition. She collapsed at school and almost died. She since has had a pacemaker put in but I assume you think they were right in denying her too. The little boy who was hospitalized this year for chronic health issues but denied as well. I could go on, but I am sure you ultimately don't really care. Does it bother me children do not get treated right in this bet it does.
And one gets a check. The money goes to the school the child attends. The child and parent do not financially benefit in any way from it. You, in your wisdom, commented on this website that most parents or people that nit h about issues are usually the ones that sit on their asses, uninvolved, doing nothing. you went on to list ALL the things you thought they should do. well guess what, I dis all of those things and now you are saying I am concerned about flatulance. You continue to show mot only that you are wrong but that you are uneducated. Lastly, you never denied anything that I said about you which most normal people would have if in fact I was wrong. As I said before, get a new hobby or write about something you actually know about becuse clearly you are VERY uninformed on this one!

Anonymous said...

...but, she's not angry.

Anonymous said...

Join us as we work together to ensure all children receive a quality, safe, and equal education!

Anonymous said...

Kids say at end of school on Fridays ar Sesoto Middle an High , The Vice Lords an Deciples are setting out in parking lots waiting on kids . They try make them join ! police an Admin are aware but turn blind eye !!

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