Sunday, October 23, 2011

Football thread.

Have to admit, watching Texas Tech upset Oklahoma was alot of fun and the Michigan State game was pretty thrilling as well. Nothing like seeing a Stoops team lay an egg as Tuberville showed once again he can coach for the big games. Then LSU beat the hell out of Auburn yesterday as they said, we don't have our best players?, no problem, we have another Hilliard ready to go off the assembly line. Now we have a showdown with Bama in two weeks.

Then there is Ole Miss. They tried yesterday, really did but once again, Nutt showed he doesn't know how to keep a lead or coach in the last two minutes. Running plays with no timeouts? I thought Gary Crowton was out there calling plays. Unfortunately, he was for Maryland as they lost yet again yesterday and looked pretty bad doing it.

Today is the pros. Have at it.


Anonymous said...

Mark down November 19th. The road to the national championship must first go through Oxford.

Save this post.

Anonymous said...

I love the "we have Ole Miss", what position do you play "we"? People that live in a dream kill me. "we" meaning
Al Gore and me invented the Internet, same as you and LSU football.

Rebel18 said...

LSU will not stand a chance against the flagship University of Mississippi.

Anonymous said...

Rebel18: FYI, LSU does not play USM this year...

Rebel18 said...

11:21. No we don't thank God. Who wants to play at that Mickey Mouse stadium and school. All 33,000 fans that have filled it 4 times since it's construction, and all against Mississippi schools.


Anonymous said...

12:27, Damn, there goes that Ole Miss arrogance again. You just can't escape it even when they are the worse team in the SEC. Wasn't that OM's 10th straight SEC loss yesterday on national TV, too? Last championship in football: 1963, Trips to Atlanta: 0

That "Mickey Mouse" stadium would do just fine for the number of fans Ole Miss has right now. Your fanbase has been declining for years since your AD Boone said OM didn't need the "cap and tee shirt crowd." Had BAMA and Ark fans not showed up the last two weekends, VH would have had maybe 20,000 in the stands if that. At least USM and MSU don't have to lie about how many they have attending their games like OM does every game when the other SEC schools don't bring their fans.

LSU-BAMA game on Nov 5 is going to be something. Read where CBS is trying to get the game moved to prime time (night) rather than at their 2:30pm usual time slot.

Rebel18 said...


Anonymous said...

1:17pm. There you go again with that OM arrogance.

Read and weep? 1963 was 47 years ago, and you are still bragging about it? OMG. How pathetic.

Rebel18 said...

7 Rhodes Scholars. Wealthiest Freshman class. Classiest people.

Of what are you proud, Buzzard?

Teacher's College by birth?

Anonymous said...

What part of the football program are you most proud of at UM? Have to agree USM would hand it to bears this year. Also, you can have a conservation with someone from USM or State without them being a dick. Cant say that about the asshats up north.

Anonymous said...

Actually I replied to both of Reb18posts, and I am not a graduate of any university in MS. Just telling it like it is after living in MS many years and observing the arrogance of so many OM fans like Rebel18 for a very long time.

"Wealthiest freshman class". OMG. Did I read that right?

OM is nothing more than a Tier III public university (about a 140-150ranking) with a real lousy athletic program. It is what it is. Facts don't lie.

Just saw this commercial about the upcoming LSU-BAMA football game. It is dedicated to Rebel18.

If you are a LSU or BAMA fan you are going to love this. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Done Deal. BAMA-LSU Prime Time! Just announced.

"CBS Sports' "SEC Game of the Week" on Saturday, Nov. 5 will be broadcast in prime time at 7:00 PM, CBS with *No. 1-ranked LSU taking on No. 2-ranked Alabama.

The CBS Television Network's lead college football announce team of Verne Lundquist and Gary Danielson will call the action live from Bryant-Denny Stadium in Tuscaloosa, Ala. Tracy Wolfson serves as lead reporter.

In addition, CBS Sports will stream LSU-Alabama live on"

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be very surprised if continued athletic ineptitude prompts Ole Miss and State to seriously contemplate a merger within the next 50 years.

It should have happened already for reasons that have nothing to do with sports, but fans of both schools are beginning to recognize that our situations are hopeless in the current SEC.

Rebel18 said...

Everyone hates us because they are jealous, like 2:17 and 3:21. People won't admit it, but deep down they would dream to be Ole Miss grads. WE ARE.....OLE MISS!!!!

Anonymous said...

4:19. Never going to happen. The money from the annual SEC TV revenue which is $18M+ is more than enough reason to stay and tolerate losing in football. Consolidation of colleges has been talked many times in MS. It just hasn't ever gotten very far and won't.

Overhype for game LSU-BAMA game? Good video from ESPN.

Anonymous said...

4:50: I wonder if the time will ever come when the rest of the SEC gets tired of welfare for the Mississippi schools.

On the one hand, it's nice to have conference games you can be relatively confident of winning.

On the other, I'm sure LSU, Florida, Alabama, et cetera, have been tempted to move toward more of a Texas-like arrangement for revenue distribution.

Kingfish said...

They don't want the conference to get so tough they all beat each other up either.

Rebel18 said...

"I wouldn't be very surprised if continued athletic ineptitude prompts Ole Miss and State to seriously contemplate a merger within the next 50 years."

HA HA. THE University of Mississippi would never even CONSIDER lowering our stellar status to that of the Cow College.

Merger indeed. What a dream for the necks.

Anonymous said...

Both OM and MSU are charter members of the SEC, and the SEC prides itself in equal distribution to all schools. OM and MSU will be in the SEC as long as they want. Also, let's not forget there are other sports that MSU and OM usually have fairly competitive teams. MSU's basketball team is usually pretty good, and MSU and OM have pretty good baseball teams with MSU going to the CWS a few times.

Kingfish is so right. The SEC already beats up on each other enough. They don't need more elite teams. Look at this year. If LSU or BAMA was in any other conference they would have near smooth sailing to the BCSNC. Instead they are going to have to face each other in regular season game, and one is not going to get to New Orleans.

I just read the average ticket to the game has gone up $100 in a week to an average of over $700. Wow. Went to a game at Bryant Denny just recently, and it is some fine stadium now seating something like 101,000+. It's going to be just about a perfect setting for a wonderful football game. ESPN College Game Day is going to be there. Either team would represent the SEC very well in the BCSNC and should win.

Rebel18 said...

Everyone hates us because they are jealous, like 2:17 and 3:21. People won't admit it, but deep down they would dream to be Ole Miss grads. WE ARE.....OLE MISS!!!!

Rebekah said...

Rebel18 you are either very very young, or very very stupid. Sadly, it is probably your upbringing that has turned you into a delusional douchebag, but you come across as an idiot in ALL of your posts. The freshman comment leads me to believe you are you should quit playing on the computer and get back to studying for school tomorrow. Your education is being wasted by your irrelevant and RIDICULOUS posts...So hotty toddy yourself back to the schoolbooks...and educate yourself on a getting a clue.

Rebel18 said...

6:21. You were probably on the homecoming court at Moo U and grazed at halftime.

Rebel18 said...

What happened 6:21? Did the feeding bell ring? GO JOHNNY REBS!

The COLONEL and DIXIE will be back. To hell with you old farts. I am GONE, but you all know the the Johnny Rebs are number ONE, and MSU and USM are JEALOUS.

Want some more? See my posts on the Clarion Ledger. I RULE.

Anonymous said...

rebel 18 is typical of the delusional rednecks that have become the laughing stock of the south. They think if they say something enough it becomes true. Sad. More to school than plastic tits, bleached blond hair and getting drunk with your parents in a clump of trees. Engineering school ranks dead last in the entire country. Law school a distant last of those in the conference having law schools. Go back to your mobile home and get to bed before your mom spanks you, little sad goober.

Anonymous said...

Mickey Mouse?
From an Ole Miss fan?
I can't stop laughing.
Ole Miss will never compete in their division of the SEC.
Seems to me that defines Mickey Mouse.

Anonymous said...

The the "national championships" the black bears claim came out of a Cracker Jack box.
They have ZERO AP or UPI national championships.

Anonymous said...

8:07 OMG. I can't stop laughing.

"More to school than plastic tits, bleached blond hair, and getting drunk with your parents in a clump of trees."

That's about the funniest thing I have ever read about OM, and so very, very true.

Rebekah said...

I think I just lost brain cells reading that idiot's posts...but you can't blame him...he is OBVIOUSLY very young...and OBVIOUSLY very stupid...but he will continue to make his parents verra proud by continuing his 'education' at Ole Miss...for the next 6 years...

Shadowfax said...

KF has really hit on something here. His departure from the mundane to what's really important in Mississippi just skyrocketed (is that a verb?) his stock with me for sure.

I too liked the 'plastic tits' remark. It obviously came from a man who has checked out more than a few but can get his hands on none. lol

Anonymous said...

Ole Miss has more than others because it has been given better funding, wealthy-alum-producing professional schools, and huge political influence. The question is what you do with it. Real flagships like UT, UNC, and UF use it to make the entire state better. Ole Miss boasts about having the "wealthiest freshman class" while the state remains fiftieth.

Anonymous said...

om has "more" what? Drunks, players that can't read and write(thank you, South Panola farm club).With a degree from both msu and om, my observation about freshman wealth is that it's a self serving myth put out by fools like the poster above. Hard(pun intended)to verify the tits issue, but it wouldn't surprise me. Marketing ploy?

Anonymous said...

8:52, I agree! 8:07's "more to school than plastic tits, bleached blond hair, and getting drunk with your parents in a clump of trees" is hilarious!

Does Rebel Black Bear yell "Hotty Teddy" or "Toddy Bear?"

Anonymous said...

i have read this site for quite some time and have held my tongue on many, many subjects that i knew inside information about, from the salacious to the political. however, i can't refrain from commenting on reb18 (18 most likely being the ACT score with which he qualified for college and made it out of the delta). i am a third generation ole miss graduate and am horribly embarrassed.

this twit is either a MSU/USM fan trying to make ole miss look bad, or he is one of those delusional ass clowns that i do come across while in oxford (they do unfortunately exist, think frazier). son, you may be big shit in ne jackson or greenwood or wherever, but on the grand scale you are a peon and a joke. please stop embarrassing yourself and ole miss.

i would take offense to the bleach blond, fake tit crack, but i married a natural blonde, big tittied beauty from there. you can say a lot of things about the delusions that some ole miss people live under, but fine ladies is not one of them. it is the only "myth" that is reality.

Anonymous said...

Point of information. "blond" refers to a male or mixed gender individual. "blonde" refers to a female. Let the games begin. Lots of possibilities on that campus.

Anonymous said...

10:04; Why did you hold your tongue so long and why didn't you hold it one more day? And, of your three generational claim, do any of them know how to properly capitalize or use 'an' instead of 'a' when followed by a word beginning with a vowel?

What brand of doofus clown would refer to his wife as 'a big tittied girl'. That sounds quite disrespectful, if not of yourself and your mother, then surely of your wife. Which frat taught you to think like that?

Anonymous said...

10:20am, that is why i said, "i married a natural BLONDE" and used "bleached BLOND" when referring to the fake tit crack....dumb ass. i often wonder about some of the douche-bag pussies i come across up there that look like they visit the salon, not the barber.

point of information for you, learn to fucking read.

Anonymous said...

Well my UM bride has huge knockers as well. Store bought, but WTF?

Anonymous said...

10:52...tsk, tsk, tsk...i love idiots who correct grammar while decimating it themselves.

starting a sentence with "and", using a period where a question mark was needed (1st sentence of your second paragraph), and lastly you fucking retard, it is not "an" AFTER a word beginning with a vowel. it is "an" BEFORE a word beginning with a vowel. a rule which i did not violate.

you also need a comma between your first, poorly constructed compound sentence. while every word of my post is clear and correctly structured, albeit not capitalized, your lack of knowledge of the english language appears to be broad indeed.

Anonymous said...

10:52am Didn't take long for you to revert to the predictable, vulgar om bear,defensive rant. I couldn't care less about your wife's claimed attributes or hair color(s), but do wonder about her choice of mate. I'm sure you make her proud, little fella.

Anonymous said...

10:52, i stand slightly corrected. you claimed i used "a" instead of "an", which i didn't do. however, you did have the order correct in your correction that wasn't really a correction of anything i actually typed. sorry. you are only 3/4 as stupid as i first assumed by reading your hacking of the english sentence structure.

Anonymous said...

11:16am, let's try this again. you reverted to trying to correct punctuation and a grammatical error that i didn't make. are you the same idiot that tried to call me out on "blond" and "blonde" as some quasi homosexual reference?

i simply made a post about reb18 being an embarrassment or a MSU/USM fan in sheep's clothing and was assailed for my use of "blond" and "blonde", which by the way i used correctly and with the intended message. then you came as the punctuation police and were again rebuffed for your mangling of grammar and punctuation.

i just don't like idiots who try to be clever when they are the dumbest stick in the room. i like to put them in the corner where they belong, whether it is some delusional fellow rebel or an idiot bent on correcting capitalization.

lastly, i think you are actually reb18. you are probably some cow turd sucker who thinks it is funny to try to make ole miss look bad by playing up the stereotype of ole miss fans, acting as reb18. otherwise, why would you care?

Anderson said...

starting a sentence with "and"

That is not, in fact, an error. Some high-school English teachers think otherwise, but that is because some high-school English teachers don't know much about writing.

(I was a TA back in the day at State, so I learned some scary things about the people who would be teaching English in Mississippi.)

Anonymous said...

"and" is not a correct way to begin a sentence in formal writing. granted, this is not formal, and i don't use caps. however, the english don't do it. it is just another distortion of proper sentence structure that we have come to accept. it is akin to ending sentences with prepositions. when someone calls me out for not using caps, i am sure going to point out every mistake they make when doing it.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Where is the goofy Rebel18? He was one funny mo fo.

Anonymous said...

8:19 The so called Ole Miss "wealthy-alum-producing professional schools" now consist of a very large number of students who have undergraduate degrees from other schools, and they have little loyalty (as in giving big money) to OM and especially to OM athletics. This is true both of the law school and all the professional schools at UMC, too. Your statement might have been true years ago, but it is not true today. These professional schools are taking the brightest students with the highest test scores, and they don't care where they got their undergraduate degrees from as long as it was from a good school.

I'm still laughing from reading about the plastic titts. Always heard there were lots of husband hunters in Oxford. Guess they are the ones with the plastic titts.

Anonymous said...

Can you believe that when Ole Miss recovered the onside kick, behind 5 points the CROWD had left? The stadium was half full. The fans need to grow up.

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