Thursday, October 27, 2011

Blast from the past about Marshand Crisler

Wrote this about the Mayor's race several years ago but it still applies. Pay attention to the part where he favors a commuter tax.

What qualifies Marshand Crisler to be Mayor of Jackson?

Mr. Crisler's resume consists of the following items: Marine Corps and Air Force officer, Jackson City Council, Master of Public Adminstration from JSU, police chief of Utica and a deputy in the Hinds County Sheriff's office. Compare his background to the duties of the Mayor who administers a budget of several hundred million dollars, is responsible for economic development, appointing school board members, complying with federal regulations and programs, and operating the executive branch of city government with its various departments, programs and employees. The ideal candidate should have both government and business experience as the Mayor must wear many hats in performing his duties.

However, what exactly is on Mr. Crisler's resume suggesting he should be mayor? One rarely gets in trouble when following the principle "hire the resume". If Jackson was a private corporation, the Board of Directors would be fired for incompetence if it hired a person with so weak a resume to be CEO. Mr. Crisler's professional experience has been that of a local cop. He was a chief in a very small town, not even the equivalent of an assistant chief or commander in JPD. He is a deputy working for someone who potentially will depend on him for his job (can we say conflict of interest? It is my understanding he is still an employee of the Sheriff as reported last week in the Clarion-Ledger and this fall by The Northside Sun).

He has been a Councilman for some time now but the city council in Jackson is weak under its charter and councilman is a part-time position (can anyone name a major reform or piece of legislation he led?) They don't hire, fire, or make executive decisions, yet somehow this individual is considered to be a leading candidate for Mayor even though he's yet to show he can actually do something. One doesn't promote a corporal overnight to a general in charge of several divisions.

Jackson has suffered from four years of Melton. Crime is out of control, the budget is a mess, mismanagement has been the rule, not the exception in city government, yet the answer is to hire someone to clean it up who has NO experience in such affairs? In all of Jackson is this the best Jackson can do? On the recent list of supporters for a Crisler fund-raiser at Bravo!, there were several names much more qualified to be Mayor.

A Crisler candidacy points out one of Jackson's main problems: Its best and brightest never desire to lead the city, while we wonder why Jackson declines. Beverly Hogan. LeRoy Walker. Jeff Goode. David Watkins. Robert Gibbs. All MUCH more qualified than Mr. Chrisler yet sitting on the sidelines even though they are the talent Jackson needs in City Hall. If Jacksonians were serious about their city, someone whose claim to fame was being a councilman and a "crime prevention specialist" in the Sheriff's office would not be taken seriously as a candidate for Mayor.

What is also interesting is how the business community has apparently flocked to Mr. Crisler, ignoring his past comments on implementing some form of commuter tax or toll tax from a past interview with The Jackson Free Press:
"(Q) You see the commute lines every morning and evening. What ever happened to the toll-booth idea?
Canned. Flushed. Trashed. It required legislative action, and it got no traction. Every year we bring it up, and it doesn’t even get past a committee, but that’s not the only option. You could do a user fee. A road tax. An occupational tax—meaning if you work in Jackson, you should pay an amount of money there. It comes straight out of your paycheck.
(Q) The first thing business owners will say is you’re hurting business with a new tax.
So? Where are they going to go? Madison? Pearl maybe?My point is, how many jobs are in Pearl? Better yet, how many industries are in Madison? You can’t pick up and move the capitol city. It’s not going anywhere. We’re not talking about Greenville. States don’t change capitols. The industry here is government. As long as that’s the case it will contain the type of jobs that can support those $2 million homes in Madison. "

Does this sound like someone who is pro-business or understands economic development? Yet for some reason the NE Jackson business community has decided to throw in its lot with the South Jackson Councilman. Perhaps someone should ask Mr. Crisler to clarify his remarks on commuter taxes, occupational taxes, and whether government should be the leading industry in Jackson as they are great prescriptions for destroying a city's economy.

Jackson is in crisis right now. Jacksonians have an opportunity this spring to make a change from the last four years of Melton hell. However, this is not the time to give the keys to someone who has to find the clutch and then learn how to drive the car.


Shadowfax said...

Marshand's latest commercial portrays him as a marine troop commander. I doubt he had that role.

If a campus cop can lead the state's largest police force in the South's most criminally-active city, then surely a lollipop salesman or jailer can be mayor. Well, maybe not.

Jeff Goode? Well, at least he'd not stammer and stutter when ordering pizza for the staff meeting. He'd be decisive.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Crisler in the MPs?

Anonymous said...

Jeff Good is a joke, as is Marshand Crisler. he really doesnt even have much enthusiastic support in the black community, much less in the white. In the last mayor's race in Jackson, Crisler stepped on the toes of both Bennie Thompson and Harvey Johnson, while earning the tag as the "white man's candidate" for mayor. The transportation district is about 50-50 racially, but it will take a beter candidate than Crisler to beat Dick Hall this year.

Anonymous said...

Commuter tax??? Thank you for reminding of us of that forgotten
interview by Crisler. He has no clue- most people who work in Jackson do NOT live in Jackson. that is a very scary thought. Just think what he would suggest at MDOT.
Crisler needs to stay right where he is- not in an elected position.
I was already going to vote for Dick Hall, but now I will be contacting my family, friends, enemies, and every one I see to vote for Him too!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"It's all about beating Dick"...I'd like to see some scoop on where the Elvis supporters stand with regard to Crisler.

Anonymous said...

Here is what little you need to know about Crisler.

For the primary he raised over $80,000 while Dorothy 'Egg Sucking Dog' Benford raised only $5,100. That's no typo ... $5,100. PLUS, $4k of what Benford reported was a loan she made to her own campaign.

On election day Benford polled 51,402 votes or 46% of the total vote.

Put a fork in Crisler. He's done.

Anonymous said...

Thank God. What a LIGHTWEIGHT.

Anonymous said...

Just saw the commercial again..."When I was leading troops on the field of battle..."

"One lane at a time"......

Shadowfax said...

Kingfish: Based on the several comments here about Goode, can you explain why you hold him in high esteem (other than as a pizza cook)?

Anonymous said...

Utica has a PD ?

I suppose they also have a very tight relationship
with the Bolton Bureau of Investigation ?

Oh well, ... I guess if Tyrone Jr. gives em' a discount on the JPD Training Academy Basketball Court as a venue for their Christmas Party , that's all that really matters.

Anonymous said...


I just saw Marshands's latest TV ad .

The dude is now insinuating that he was a commander of an USMC Tank Battalion.


I would love to hear comments from real USMC guys, about such a REMF shuffling paper at the Saudi Embassy during any Persian Gulf deployment.

Anonymous said...

Bolton Bureau of Investigation.


Anonymous said...

On a related note, I watched Bennie on C-Span yesterday for about thirty minutes. He tries really, really hard to speak grammatically correctly. But, alas, it's a lost cause. He's got too much of 'da hood' in him.

Anonymous said...

Bennie has got a bag full o' marbles in his mouth but it ain't nowhere near as bad as Babs Blackmon.

Anonymous said...

I have to laugh over the comment about "beating Dick." One would assume that any male would find that pleasurable.

Being a member of the MS Transportation Commission (MTC) could be a very posh job for someone who doesn't want to really work. All you have to do is vote on things MDOT employees recommend. You don't even have to defend your position. Any idiot could do that...

That being said, for the Commissioners that do have the sense and work ethic, they do not show up to give a yes or no answer without considerable thought of the impact of their decisions.

The Butch Brown/Hall controversy was much like reality TV. (Do not confuse Butch Brown, former MDOT exec dir with the honorable Wayne Brown, commissioner.)My personal opinion is that Butch Brown pushed the limit with his lack of professionalism.

B Brown said whatever crossed his mind at any given moment. He married into a considerably wealthy family, and he probably thought he was untouchable in his mind. The poor security guard at the casino that dealt with B Brown probably got fired over doing the job he was hired to do.

At a one of the top national convention for transportation peeps, in which B Brown/MDOT was hosting, he was the head speaker and publicly insulted the Sec of the USDOT and the FHWA Administrator--in front of high ranking Federal and State officials from ALL 50 states and territories. That and the mug shot of Brown were extremely embarrassing for the State of Mississippi.

My point is that Hall has endured the vicious and childish behavior of B Brown. Hall wanted B Brown OUT, and rightfully so. If Hall has been thought of as ineffective for the last term, a lot of it was not under his control. I won't say Hall is perfect, but he was dealing with an Exec Dir that treated every meeting like a college frat party.

Anonymous said...

I've dozed off on slots too at 5:45 AM.

The Biloxi PD did'nt buy my excuse.

Anonymous said...

I am 8:06, and I apologize for the rant and getting off the subject of Crisler.

I don't see an evidence that Crisler has any knowledge of what it takes to be part of MTC. He promises the black folks more minority contracts. He has NO idea what it takes for Disadvantage Business Enterprises (DBEs) to be certified to work on State and Federal projects. He is speaking out of authority that has not been granted by State nor Federal statutes. The City of Jackson requires a certain amount of DBEs on their contracts, but the States and Feds do not acknowledge/report on those contracts because City of Jackson's standards for DBEs do not meet State and Federal regs.

He can promise all he wants to all people, but what it all boils down to is this--Does he have a co-supporter with the MTC? If not, he will be voted out 2 to 1 every time. And, ignorance is not tolerated in the big boy's game of politics--except in the City of Jackson and Hinds County.

Anonymous said...

I have not voted in many elections because of legit reasons like going into labor or being extremely ill. I admit that I have not voted at times because I had other things on my schedule as a single mom. (I mean what difference could vote make... I busy with my own life, damnit.) This is one of those times that I will gladly go to the polls, even if I have pneumonia, the flu, and/or on the way to the hospital to have an appendage amputated.

I don't think I am a racist. Yet, if dumb-ass, lazy people of all colors, are considered a race, then I guess I am.

Anonymous said...

I don't see an evidence that Crisler has any knowledge of what it takes to be part of MTC.

You don't see it because it doesn't exist. Crisler is unqualified. Period.

Anonymous said...

8:18 LOL. Can you post your mug shot? : )

One thing I find ironic about the story is that the most times security personnel at casinos don't want any trouble. They don't have a God complex like the police peeps do. They just want to smooth things out, keep everyone calm, avoid altercations, and let the customers have a good time. B Brown must have been extremely belligerent to have the casino call the local police.

I don't know for sure, but I assume the guard got fired because B Brown was the one that choose the Beau for MANY conferences hosted by MDOT--and the BIG national conference was scheduled for a few months after his mug shot/arrest.

He abused his power to defend his own personal drunken behavior. He probably got some poor guy fired--some guy that was doing his job and trying to raise a family and make it in today's economy--all to protect the pride of one person.

I pray the guy didn't get fired. If anyone knows the rest of the story of what happened to the security guard, please post.

Anonymous said...

I sincerely hope the single mom at 8:06 doesn't go into labor or contract West Nile next week. I want her to be able to make it to the polls this time. I wonder if she knows which district she lives in.

Anonymous said...

Jeff Goode? Wth? Not a good candidate? A good candidate for Ben allens co captain for Jackson cheer squad only!

Anonymous said...

It's single mom at 8:06. I'm in the Central Hwy Commission District, Hinds County, City of Jackson. I'm voting for Dick Hall.

There are 20+ counties in the Central Hwy Commission District--MDOT District 3 and 5. Here is a link to a map showing which counties are in which District.

Anonymous said...

My vote is for Dick Hall. Please just get out and vote. Transportation issues are the major source of economy--"If you build it, they will come."

If we elect an idiot, by not voting, we will get what we deserve.

Anonymous said...

Single mom voted for Dick Hall at approximately 8AM this morning. All is well!

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