Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Airport commissioners deem they need per diem.

It looks like the Commissioners who sit on the Board for the Jackson Municipal Airport Authority want to get paid per diem while traveling on "airport business".  The board meets twice a month in a work session and a regular board meeting.  Board attorney John Walker asked the Attorney General to determine if JMAA could pay Commissioners a per diem expense for while attending trips on airport business.

Special Assistant Attorney General Elizabeth Bolin ruled that Section 61-3-13 of the Mississippi Code allows commissioners to indeed receive per diem compensation: 

2 (1) Each commissioner of a regional or municipal airport authority may receive from that airport authority per diem compensation in the amount provided by Section 25-3-69 for each day or fraction of a day engaged in attendance of meetings of the authority or engaged in other official duties of the authority, not to exceed one hundred twenty (120) days in any one (1) year, and may receive from the airport authority actual traveling expenses incurred in the discharge of his duties
Section 25-3-69 limits the compensation to $40 per day.  So it appears JMAA will soon start paying Commissioners per diem compensation when traveling and attending meetings.

Kingfish note: This is ridiculous.  Revenue is below projections. Traffic is down by around 10% this year (It fluctuates each month but 10% is a good round number.).  One airline closed one terminal thus costing the airport $150,000 in revenue.  These guys first gave themselves ipads and iphones, now its one more perk: per diem pay.  Now here is one final questison.  See that little blurb about "engageed in meetings of the authority". Does that mean they can be paid per diem compensation for attending regular board meetings?  What will Per Diem Don think about this challenge to his nickname?


Anonymous said...

The Attorney General opines, not rules.

Anonymous said...

Have no fear, it will continue to get worse in Jackson. If you are a Jackson resident, forget about getting any money for you house. Just get out at any price with your life.

Anonymous said...

They should be fined per day for the horrible neon green and purple tree in the Delta gate section. It is an embarrassment to any civilized society and Jackson would be better without any decoration at all rather than this atrocity.

Anonymous said...

"traffic is down by around 10% this year (It fluctuates each month but 10% is a good round number.)."

It that on an annualized basis? It seemed to me that Southwest took up half the gates, although I don't know if that meant half the passengers. It seems to me there should a lot more than a 10% decrease on a year-to-year comparison.

Anonymous said...

This is a scam in the making. The board will use this to get FREE flights and lodging any and every time they want to fly somewhere. They will just say that because they are in an "airport" they are on airport business. They will use the excuse that they are doing "research" on other airports or something vague like that. No different than attending an hour long seminar on your 7 day cruise and writing the expenses off as a BUSINESS TRIP! what a joke.

Anonymous said...

$40.00 would hardly buy a round at the local watering hole.

Anonymous said...

PRAYING and hoping Madison County gets an Airport as it will turn the Jackson Airport into the next Metro-center Mall.

Anonymous said...

Who is this guy always warning us to get out while we're still alive and sell our homes at any price? I bet he's hoping to pick up some cheap real estate.

Anonymous said...

Why would you possibly want that, 10:54? Do Jackson's problems give you a woodie??

Sick phuck.

Anonymous said...

I think it would be useful to further shed light on this nonsense by listing the commissioner'so names or attaching a web link to see who they are.

Anonymous said...

Not one member of the Airport Commission is a pilot. None seem to have any experience at running a or running an airport. Not hat they are not good people. How do they understand the relationship between airports and the community and the way pilots and airlines interact? Ms. Harris is a nurse working in the health care field,Mr. Harley served in the Air Force Reserve and has an environmental consulting service. Rev. Henley is a pastor and is an accountant. Ms. Reed worked at a Probation Office and is a disc jockey. Jackson has more than one airport and every avenue to build on them has been stopped. The restrictions set have been stupid and not one new private building has been built in years. There is now only one FBO at Evers and Hawkins for private pilots. Why? Blockage by ill advised rules and regulations. Yet this board and the ones before do not understand airports and how to make things grow. All have worked for someone else.

Burke said...

I'm a long-time Jackson resident, and have no plans to move unless it's to the mountains somewhere. After years of ignoring the rabid negativity toward Jackson on this blog, I've finally come around to the belief that most of such comments are posted by real estate salespeople, as 1:08 remarks. Otherwise, what possible benefit could accrue to such childish bullying? Well, I suppose one benefit might be the getting of attention by any means necessary. "Sick phuck" for sure.

Anonymous said...

10:54 is a dunce who doesn't understand the difference between a general aviation airport and a commercial service airport and the regulations that would prevent the Jackson and Madison airports from switching places. I'm praying and hoping you get some knowledge.

Anonymous said...

Let me try to answer you all:
I am Anonymous 10:54 and not the person (8:37) speaking of getting out with your life...but do agree with him/her.

1:21 - No Jackson problems do not give me a woodie...they are comical at best and I truly feel sorry for you that try to keep hope alive.

Burke - There are three types of Jacksonian's 1) scared to death and want to leave 2)Act like Jackson is the best place on earth but secretly want to leave but their home value is upside down 3) Believe crime is to expected and just love the Jackson. You would be childish to not recognize the problems you face as a city and there is nothing you can do about it. Go get a home appraisal and see where your value is Burke!!

2:28 - If Madison got an airport and had a connector to Dallas - Atlanta - Memphis would that not be the same route you would take from the Jackson Airport...which calls itself an international airport? Yeah..that's right travel to Hawaii and you would need to go to a bigger airport just like a commuter in Madison would provide....you do some home work Dunce and maybe get some Knowledge....just don't leave at night!

Anonymous said...

"Not that they are not good people."

Uh, isn't one of them a registered sex offender in Maryland?

Anonymous said...

And the district at eastover is a mirage, as is whole foods and red square, 15 new multi million dollar homes being built right now in 39211, the landmark center being refurbished by an Israeli citizen. yes all is surely lost.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the current Evers International Airport could be restructured under the direction of Hinds-Madison-Rankin Counties. And eliminate the need for Madison to build a new airport. And through expansion possible become profitable again.

Anonymous said...

5:22 - Where can I go to find building permit info, specifically about the 15 new multi million dollar homes being built in 39211? Your #s seem specific. Just want to educate myself.

Per Diem My Ass said...

Who among you is not aware that anybody getting appointed to a commission or a board has as a primary interest: What the fuck can I can milk this appointment for?

Anonymous said...

4:42, your pipe dreams prove my point that you have no clue what you're talking about. You might be simple, but the FAA regulations are not. Since it's so foolproof, how about you go present your genius idea to the Madison BOS and come back and let us know how it goes.

Anonymous said...

The Lexus payments keep on going even when they're out of town on airport business.

Anonymous said...

5:35 PM, Revenues are down but the airport is still profitable. Madison wanting to build a new airport has nothing to do with the Jackson airport.

Anonymous said...

5:22....Please let me know of these 15 multimillion dollar homes being built. That is laughable at best..please educate yourself!! I am a Real Estate Appraiser specializing in the multimillion dollar market and NO THERE ARE NOT 15 Homes being built in 39211. 1 in Woodland Hills...1 in Eastover...please take it from there and let me know the other 13 home locations!!

Kingfish said...

Didn't say airport was losing money. Said it was below projections. Still creates problems as your budgeted spending must be adjusted.

Burke said...

10:54, I'm not saying that Jackson is in good health. It's not. But it's where I want to live because it has meaning for me in a thousand ways. Most of my friends live elsewhere, which is their choice. I do not attack them or their choices. Life is too short to be wasting time barking at other people for the choices they've made. I will not do it, and at some point I have to ask others not to do it either.

Anonymous said...

11:12....4 at end of meadowbrook road ALL $2MM plus), 3 on eastover drive $1.5MM,3 around douglas drive $750K each, 2 in meadowbrook highlands $1MM plus...12.

you must suck at real estate....

drive by there and see for yourself.

deal with it

Pittpanther said...

Do people actually believe the new airport in Madison will compete with Jackson-Evers for commercial flights?

Please tell me what airlines will be establishing gates at the Madison airport? Because for sure Delta, American, eyc are not going to spend millions of dollars to move from Evers, since there will be no increase of revenue to do so.

Maybe you can convince Spirit to locate there? That's about it. Enjoy flying that crap airline.

Anonymous said...

1:11 you left out the $1.1MM new house on Honeysuckle, and 5 have or are just going up on Douglas, not 3.

That is the 15 that 5:22 must be talking about. (there are actually a lot more homes being built, or just finished in the $400 to 500K range.

In any event, way more than the "2" the Madison County redneck at 11:12 was referring to. What a dipshit.

Anonymous said...

December 10, 2014 at 1:11 PM = Ben Allen

Anonymous said...

You beat me to the punch. Good job spanking that "appraiser". I would only add that the almost finished new home on the corner of Eastover and Dogwood is on the market for 3.5 million. The new one two doors down might go for 2 million. Two of the homes at the end of Meadowbrook have got to be over 3 million each. They're huge and very high quality.

Anonymous said...

not a chance 4:19, but what if it was? what is your point?

Anonymous said...

The "appraiser" is a frustrated, jealous, big shot wanna be that still believes, in his infantile world, that the best way to better yourself is to belittle others.

Anonymous said...

4:19: waiting. Tick tock tick tock.

Questioning Burke said...

Burke: If you live in a place 'because it has meaning', at the risk of your personal safety, lack of amenities and dismal infrastructure, what sort of fool are you?

Anonymous said...

'You beat me to the punch. Good job spanking that "appraiser". I would only add that the almost finished new home on the corner of Eastover and Dogwood is on the market for 3.5 million. The new one two doors down might go for 2 million. Two of the homes at the end of Meadowbrook have got to be over 3 million each. They're huge and very high quality."
December 10, 2014 at 4:28 PM

Yeah, and there's plenty twists & turns to THAT story. At some point in the future, I'm predicting Kingfish will be providing in-depth coverage of that situation. But the story hasn't played-out, quite yet.

Anonymous said...

I assume "the story" has to do with the builder on Eastover and Dogwood. Granted, the house is way over priced but still well worth north of a million dollars which refutes what the "appraiser" on this thread claims.
The three on the end of Meadowbrook are owned by wealthy, accomplished owners who can spend whatever they want on a house. I for one am grateful for their contribution to the Jackson tax base.

Jacksonian by choice said...

6:49, I live in Jackson - not because "it means something to me" but I do like its convenience. I have never feared for my personal safety, either at my residence or at my downtown office. There are plenty more amenities here as well. I do enjoy some things in adjoining Madison and adjoining Rankin County. If I found myself living in either of them, I would still travel to Jackson for many places to eat and to go out for other "amenities".

Granted, there is lousy infrastructure. Jackson, being much older than Madison/Ridgeland/Flowood etc has infrastructure that needs repair. Much repair. And the Yazoo Clay here is worse than adjoining areas, thus worse roads.

But since I would have to be traveling those same roads to get to work, why should that determine where I live. Frankly, I would rather be here with some diversity in housing styles than in a graded off acreage with cookie cutter houses planted on it.

To each his own. You stay where you are and we can all be happy.

Anonymous said...

Well said 3:53. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Where is the uninformed douche at 11:12 AM now? Mighty quiet....crickets.

Anonymous said...

3:37 here is your uninformed douche.. Please find you a Realtor and ask about price reductions in 39211 over $1mil before you quote yourself as knowledgeable. The taking point I refuted was (15 new multi million dollar homes being built right now in 39211) thats a lie for sure. Somehow we then got from $400K to $750K...anyway 2:38 is correct on a soon to be story for the Eastover house but I will leave you saying that you are correct!!! Jackson is a great place to raise your kids and property values hold well...My apologizes for being so inaccurate...good luck with that

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