Friday, December 6, 2013

He's running. (Updated)

A little bird just told me Senator Thad Cochran notified his staff he is indeed running for re-election.  A very reliable little bird.  Time for some Senate Thunderdome.

State Auditor Stacey Pickering just issued this statement:

 “Congratulations to Senator Thad Cochran in his decision to seek re-election.  I look forward to his continued service to the great state of Mississippi.  Senator Cochran has been the epitome of an honorable statesman and we are better off because of his service.”

Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann said:

"From the Natchez Trace to the agriculture research in the Mississippi Delta, from Katrina Recovery on the Coast to the University Medical Center, Mississippians do not need to go far to see the work Senator Cochran has accomplished for our State.  I look forward to supporting his reelection."

Opponent State Senator Chris McDaniel said:

 "Sen. Cochran has had a long and distinguished career representing the people of Mississippi. I look forward to a positive campaign based on the future of our state, our country and the Republican Party. As a strong conservative, I will fight to bring those values to Washington."

Then there is the Guvnah:

"Speaking with Senator Thad Cochran about his decision to seek re-election. Our state has benefited from his leadership for over three decades."


Anonymous said...

A little bird told you that he told his staff. A big newspaper (guess its big) told me that he was running - check out the Clarion Ledger this morning. What's up kfish? You have been upped by the CL?

Anonymous said...

Now let's see if the party establishment puts a sacrificial lamb into the primary to attack McDaniel and protect Thad's flank. No way the genteel senior Senator wants to get dirty in an actual campaign.

Anonymous said...

Kingfish - I tried to look up Ann Coulters great article in todays Clarion Ledger online to see the comments - it cannot be found - how about you putting it up for comments

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Breaking news this hour says he is going to run.A formal announcement within the hour.Stacey Pickering made him do it.

Avery Wiseman said...

While I'd rather Cochran step aside at this point, I refuse to be an "Anyone But Cochran" sheep. In the unlikely event that someone else enters the race, I'll give them a look. For now, all you Chris Daniel supporters are welcome to toss your contributions into my New Year's Eve bonfire. I promise it will be more entertaining and your money will be no less wasted than if you spend it trying to get him elected.

Kingfish said...

He called the CL, someone called me. I don't watch the CL website every minute of the day. Probably 20 or 30 minute went by since I checked it when I got the tip. Oh well, feel free to be a prick.

Anonymous said...

Sad. Was hoping Delbert would run and Thad would go home. At 76, it's time.

Charlie Ali said...

Thad has too many friends urging him to run. It comes with incumbency and "The Challenger" will point that out. The Governor turning down the Medicaid money (which is as substantial as the federal agriculture money) will necessitate the Senator protecting the state economy's flank.

However if the debt ceiling or government shutdown hits the national economy again...even the wise Senator cannot prevent the military base closings, loss of federal transfer payments, business/financial failures, and the general decline of global security.

Anonymous said...

Count me in the anyone but Cochran crowd. Thad needs to go home.

Anonymous said...

No 11:16, he needs to run so that right wingnut, whose attitudes are ruining our party, gets his ass handed to him, and all the other right wingnuts, will get put in their place.

Anonymous said...

Pickering is in hot water on the coast. The Sun Herald is doing a great job covering this, but JJ, the Clarion Lier and other news outlets are letting it slip by - Pickering, Huggins and others have lied and the Judge is putting them on the hot seat!

Anonymous said...

Only 17% of the government actually shut down and that which did cease operations was politically motivated closings by President Compulsive Liar chosen to punish the American people by showing them who is the Boss. Your doomsday Charlie is nothing more than FUD.

Anonymous said...

While I wish Thad Cochran well you just wonder how others ever get a chance to serve when some one locks down an elected position for so many years. This leaves Stacey Pickering right were he needs to be, in a courtroom on the witness stand trying to defend himself against allegations of contempt and fraud against the court. All he could say was my employees did it. He is not even a believable liar.

Charlie Ali said...

Sequester continuing is a 'doomsday' because of the general political failure it demonstrates to our partners & enemies. Why else would N. Korea, China and the Russia be carving out their regional & global power at this moment? A new balance of power is imminent unless Congress acts in a responsible & decisive way before the deadlines. The USA needs unity now. Sequester will not be kind Mississippi.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible Thad is running and will then resign so our Governor can appoint his replacement?

Kingfish said...

If that happens and we will in effect have lost our right to elect senators as a machine and thus are living under a form of benign tyranny in Mississippi, well, Jefferson had something to say about that.

Anonymous said...

We have no "right" to elect Senators.

In fact, we shouldn't be electing Senators, in the first place. If you are going to bring up Jefferson, how about bringing up the fact that Senators were never meant to be directly elected until progressivism changed that in the 1900s.

Anonymous said...

I will never vote for Thad again. Thanks and good bye.

@ December 6, 2013 at 12:39 PM
You just nailed it square on the head. Its the only way the RINOs can bank they will not be pushed out by conservatives.

"Count me in the anyone but Cochran crowd" Amen. Me too.

Anonymous said...

I can see the Governor getting a deal like a retiring Cochran and a free hand to make the appointment himself (just like Lott did for Barbour). Forget the Legislature appointing a Senator. The Governor's appointment is the truly anti-democratic way to do things. Bryant would send the little fascist from Hattiesburg.

The state electorate is OK with RINO or country club Reb-publicans as long as they are moving the state forward in terms of economic expansion. In the midst of a national economic downturn, its an opening for a tea party guy.

Anonymous said...

Your definition of RINO is laughable. When will you ultra conservative Republican Nazi's realize that you are selling something over half the country ain't buying?

Keep up the right wing circle jerk and we the DEMS keep on winning, even after an ass hat like BHO. Gotta love it. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Count me as another anybody but Thad - the King of Pork - voter.

State Sen. Chris McDaniel will be a fine US Seantor from MS.

This time the underdog, Washington outsider, non-establishment candidates have a real shot...

Anonymous said...

3:26 please see 2:23. Idiotic wingnuts

Anonymous said...

Y'all are embarrassing. Between the likely chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee and a first-term, self-aggrandizing narcissist member of the Senate Committee on Who the Hell Cares, you'd take the latter. As if there's a single thing that Chris Daniels could do to "reduce the spending" in Washington. Assuming Daniel could possibly win the primary (which he won't), he'd get his narcissistic ass handed to him by one Hood, James or Musgrove, Ronald. That means -- at best -- a 50-50 Senate which, of course, would be broken by Biden, but more likely 51-49 for the damn Democrats. Sadly, a bunch of you "Republicans" would rather have McDaniel for a candidate than a GOP-controlled Congress. Wake up, dumbasses!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the telling the 100%er's they are crazy!! Not that they're really crazy but that they think 100% gets it done. That's what makes you people idiots. While I hate it, compromise is part of it. Thanks to Geoff Pender, we know now McDaniel isn't 100% so how can a 92%'er tell a 80%'er he ain't right. Thad and Ted Cruz vote exactly the same on life and guns. Sorry, Chris, there isn't enough of y'all selfpromoters out there.

Anonymous said...

Why else would N. Korea, China and the Russia be carving out their regional & global power at this moment?

Person's last name. Five letters. Starts with an "O". Two hints: mulatto and Choom..

Anonymous said...

I hope Daniels is able to make it to the polls this time and vote.

Charlie Ali said...

When Mississippi legislature elected the Senators the railroads and money center banks decided. That is why they changed it. We are operating under the Bourbon document of 1890 for the most part with the exceptions noted.

I vote for Cochran. He might get us a Mississippi designed ag policy and a debt ceiling and budget deal. He might be one of the best Senators for the nation like Stennis.

Anonymous said...

@2:23 another "Thinks they are so smart" libtard. NAZI's were the National Socialist. That describes Libtards like you, ie. democrats. Ronald Reagan — 'It isn't so much that liberals are ignorant. It's just that they know so many things that aren't so.'

Anonymous said...

Charlie, what amendment changed it to direct election?

Why was the Republic originally designed with a bicameral legislature?

What, actually, were the reasons for ratification of that change?

If the structure of the Republic was designed so well, why change it? corruption? influence? like the influence that is in modern day elections that amount to a popularity contest? How often does the person not spending the most money campaigning win?

Anonymous said...

A little history on direct election of US Senators from the US Senate:

Anonymous said...

"Your definition of RINO is laughable. When will you ultra conservative Republican Nazi's realize that you are selling something over half the country ain't buying?"

I'll invoke Godwin's law here and declare this argument surrendered by 2:23, who obviously has no substantial points to male on policy.

If you read The Underground Grammarian by the late Richard Mitchell you will understand the essential role of "the grammar police". By mistaking the possessive term "Nazi's" for what you apparently intended, the plural form "Nazis", you display your poor education and ignorance of things most grade-schoolers used to master before going on to junior high. This isn't nitpicking - this is pointing out that persuasive, substantial policy arguments are rarely made by people with the literary skills of a poorly-educated 5th grader.

So go away and leave the discussion to the grownups.

Cochran's time may have passed (since earmarks were supposedly vanished an election cycle or two ago), but he would be ready to resume his role as Chairman of the Appropriations Committee if the Senate flips. That can't possibly be bad for Mississippi.

OTOH the hypocrisy of McDanial has been put on display nicely by Geoff Pinder. As noted above, anyone with a name with statewide recognition (e.g., Hood, Musgrove) would undoubtedoly trounce this guy who is pretty much unknown outside his district. Sending one of them to D.C. to replace Cochran would probably keep the Senate in Democrat control, which does not seem like it should be the goal of "real conservatives:.

Anonymous said...

It is funny hearing people complain about Cochran and "Pork". I guess Katrina aide is pork, and research centers to improve the economy in MS is pork, and military installations that improve our economy and opportunities to be successful in MS are pork. Keep your tea party to yourself. If I was a Democrat, I would pray Chris McDaniel wins, because after he served 6 years that would be the only thing that would give the Dems a chance down the road.

Anonymous said...

10:34, you and a couple of others before you have nailed it. The crazy faction of the Tea Party (85% of them) are trying to do here what they have done in other states - make sure the Senate stays in the hands of the Dems. Working to nominate an ultra-conservative that can't get elected statewide - even here in Mississippi - would make sure Harry Reid continues to control the US Senate. All the while, these folks call any conservative Republican that doesn't agree with them 100% of the time a RINO.

For those of you that fall for the notion that Cochran would get reelected and resign, handing a temporary appointment over to Bryant, you don't know Cochran. He would never resign unless his health required it. If he wanted to 'give' an appointment over to a Governor, he would have done it while Barbour was in office - not with Bryant.

Along this line - 2:02, your premise is ridiculous. Lott didn't run and resign so that Barbour could name his replacement, he resigned to AVOID PROSECUTION! Lott would love to still be there, but the deal offered him was more attractive - leave the Senate and avoid spending more time up close and personal with your crooked brother-in-law. Lott, being the pragmatist he has always been, took the offer. If he resigned in a deal with Barbour, Chipper would be in the Senate instead of Wicker.

Anonymous said...

I might support a Libertarian IF there were one on the political scene that was pragmatic and understood there is no such thing as an infallible philosophy that applies to every damn thing on earth!

Anonymous said...

Chris Daniels is a wannabe career politician.

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if the vote on South African Apartied were taken today, if the vote would be along party lines.

Too bad these politicians seem , unlike Mandela, to adopt an " us/them" mentality and don't understand we are all in this together. Leadership is bringing people together, not dividing them or trying to force change but to inspire change.

Anonymous said...

Every politician in the state and US legislature needs to be replaced. NONE need to be re-elected. The voters need to realize that. A couple of new guidelines should be put into place. For example; Lawyers should be prohibited from holding public office. Term limits for every public office. Cadidates should be given a certain amout of air time on local channels, town hall meetings/forums so that its not the candidate with the most financial support wins.

As it stands today the normal guy who runs a business and knows how to balance a budget, employ people and create somehting has little to know chance of being elected. What we have is a vicous cycle of the power elite handing over power so that the special interest groups/money men can continue to control politics.

Anonymous said...

Few thoughts: (1) I'm deeply amused by the laundry list of would-be candidates, who were polling and building campaign apparatus, tbat have now come out and sung Cochran's praise; (2) I was particularly amused by Bryant's self-serving statement, in which he thanked Cochran for helping him in his effort to create jobs; (3) I can't count the number of Cochran disciples who told me privately that he was mentally slipping and shouldn't run (all have now fallen in line); (4) In light of number 3, it's going to be interesting to see how much Cochran publicly campaigns; (5) This is what Chris McDaniel wanted. It is still an incredible uphill battle, but his only chance at retaining outside money and sniffing the seat was for it to be a two man race with Cochran; (6) I was the the 10:09 AM poster on December 7th until the last paragraph. Chip was the choice to replace Lott. He just a wee bit of a personal scandal on the way. In hindsight, I bet Barbour wishes he had appointed Tate, who was also in contention. Oh, and while I generally believe your speculation about Lott/Scruggs, I think the new lobbying rules that were about to take effect, also impacted Lott's decision.

Anonymous said...

Tate was never in contention for Barbour appointment.

Anonymous said...

Not voting for Cochran. No thank you.

Saw this comment somewhere else.
“Democrats now have a decision to make: Do they run and full bore back a candidate or do they swing behind Cochran to ensure McDaniel does not win?”

Hm. Now why would the dems get behind Cochran.....

I guess you back the person who is most similar.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else thinking that Trent Lott's remaining loyalists might be behind Chris McDaniels? For example, former state senator and gadfly Steve Seale, still a Lott toadie, openly supporting Chris.

I know Trent has dislike of Thad, and Trent doesnt let go of grudges. The last time Trent supported someone in the GOP primary, it was Greg Davis, the now-disgraced mayor of Southaven, over McCullough for the GOP nod for Congress in MS-01. Davis went on to lose to Travis Childers twice.

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