Monday, January 17, 2011

The obsession rears its head again

Ladd's Palin obsession continues:

"You sure wouldn't think so, golden. But she is the one who insulted every Jew, as well as others who know the meaning of "blood libel" a few days later because she couldn't resist making it about her. Can you imagine how she would deal with all the criticism she'd get as president. Would we get a youtube of the day?
She missed such an opportunity to if not look presidential at least look like a confident, compassionate human being by leaving off the bottom of that statement and, instead, calling for everyone to be kinder and gentler toward each other. Like Obama did. Of course, she wouldn't be where she is based on kinder political discourse, so I guess it doesn't serve her needs. So very sad. posted by DonnaLadd on 01/14/11 at 09:22 AM"

Oh really? Gee Ladd, she might have posted a response after people like your idol Paul Krugman and others linked her to the Arizona massacre for several days in very prominent fashion. Then there is the matter of the obsession with Palin. After Palin received the Republican nomination for Vice-President, Madame Deladd wrote 18 out of 25 straight blog posts about her. She then tried to link her to slavery, the Confederacy, neo-seccesionists, and David Duke, then posted a headline calling her "white trash". How's that for toned-down rhetoric?

While we are talking about Palin, lets talk about what has happened to her over the last two years:

Her church was burned down yet was not considered a hate crime. Yeah, burn down that anti-Semite and Jew-hater Reverand Wright, and make no mistake, he IS an anti-Semite and see what would happen.

Comedians on national tv talk about raping her 14 year old daughter.

Prominent liberal websites such as Andrew Sullivan and Daily Kos repeatedly claim her child is not her own. That is pretty sick when you think about it and far worse than the wild charges hurled by birthers or truthers. Claiming a mother is not the mother of her child and trying to use it in politics. Disgusting. Ladd tried to blame this on conservatives.

Comedians saying she should be gang-raped by a bunch of black men. No call to tone down the rhetoric there by Ladd. or better yet: Sleazebags making porn movies about her (It was done to Hillary too, I know.).

Folks, we can disagree all day long about everything under the sun. Colorful language is fine. Its used in abundance on this site and others. Indeed, Voltaire and Twain are two of my favorite authors. You can think Palin is an idiot. You can call her a dingbat. A quitter. Opportunist. even a right-wing scumbag. If there is one thing some of my liberal and conservative friends agree on, it is they both think Palin is stupid. However, name-calling is not what is taking place here.

Burning down her church, talking about raping her daughter, making porn movies about her, claiming her child is not her child- that is pretty sick stuff and no politician, I mean no politician, should have to endure such garbage. This is not a matter of being a liberal or conservative, Republican or Democrat, or Black or White. Ladd can sit there and bash Palin all she wants but the truth is, Ladd and Sullivan have something in common: a sick obsession with the former Alaska Governor that ignores all slights or crimes against her and criticizes her whenever she defends herself. The truth is, Ladd is threatened by strong, conservative women and becomes unhinged whenever they appear on the horizon. Pointing out Ladd's hypocrisy is not a matter of binary thinking but rather a matter of putting her comments into context. Some of the ugliest and meanest things said in the local media under the guise of journalism takes place on that website and have done so for years. Melton, McGowan, Barbour, Palin, Clarion-Ledger, it doesn't matter. All that matters is the enemies list and the CAUSE, everything else be damned.

old smear by Ladd against Palin, and another one


Anonymous said...


Kingfish said...

That would be a good poll question: How many of you dislike both Ladd and Palin?

Unknown said...

Most liberal commentators did not "blame" Palin for the killings. They said that the violent political rhetoric used by Palin and many others increases the likelihood of actual violent behavior. Whether you like it or not, that is the truth. Although this rhetoric is used predominantly by the right, it has also been used by the left.

I do not think Palin is stupid - I wish she was. I agree she has been subjected to a lot of uncalled for abuse (although not nearly as much as Pelosi has).

However, her targeting districts with gun sights and other gun related rhetoric was over the top. It deserved to be condemned at the time, and it was. Rep Giffords herself spoke out against it. It also was appropriate to bring it up again after the shootings - not to blame Palin and not because it specifically caused the shootings - but because it was a prominent example of dangerous violent rhetoric.

Now, I imagine I will be subjected to abuse by your readers, but I intend to ignore it.

Kingfish said...

Abuse? We loooooooooooooooove you here Casey.

Anonymous said...

That last Ladd comment rang my memory bell. Obama didn't call for a "kinder and gentler nation". Bush I did, back in the late 80's, early 90's.

Anonymous said...

We sure do like having you here Casey. Pelosi is an idiot.

Mark Geoffriau said...

"They said that the violent political rhetoric used by Palin and many others increases the likelihood of actual violent behavior. Whether you like it or not, that is the truth."

Is there any substantiation for this claim, Casey Ann, or is everyone just expected to assent immediately?

What's interesting is that the Secret Service's study tells the exact opposite story:

Political movements and ideologies are rarely if ever the motivation for these kind of public assassinations. Frequently, the killer (or attempted killer) will latch on to a particular group or ideology as an ex post facto justification for his or her violent actions, but that's not really the same thing. If it were, then we could lay some responsibility at Jodie Foster's feet for "increasing the likelihood" that John Hinckley, Jr. would attempt to assassinate President Reagan, and as we all know, that's just not fair.

Would it be nice if everyone could talk about political ideas without resorting to any violent metaphors? Sure. But the clamor over Palin's "crosshairs" sure rings insincere when the Dems were doing the exact same thing in years prior.

Anonymous said...

BTW, nicely written piece. Well researched.

Unfortunately, as in all cases with the bugle, no retort will come; we will only hear of the one-dimensional rhetoric.

Ironghost said...

The larger point is that the liberal media tried their hardest for a couple of days to pin these murders on the right. Palin bashing is part of that game. Kingfish's point, that it's the left that's oozing with primeval hate, still holds true.

Donna has blinders on, and is a worse "journalist" for it.

Kingfish said...

Casey, I see where you are coming from and agree with much of what you say. I happen to disagree with the premise that the rhetoric causes the acts at issue but that is a discussion for another post.

I'm merely pointing out in this post her obsession with Palin. The 15 in a row blog posts were hard to beat.

Anonymous said...

Donna Ladd is no more a friend of Jews calling out those who offend them than is Louis Farrakhan. Donna's whoring of words or sentiments as support for the rationality and legitimacy of her political opinions is only that, whoring.

Mark Geoffriau said...

KF -- did I or did I not predict that Donna would respond to the Rabbi's editorial with an "Uncle Tom" reference?

Of course, even I didn't expect her to come right out and say it.

Kingfish said...

Too funny. Now she trots out Uncle Toms when referring to the rabbi:

"Just because a Jew defends it doesn't mean that a statement "doesn't insult every Jew." Precision in logic and language matters: There were Uncle Toms and even some African Americans who managed to benefit from the American slave trade, but that doesn't mean it wasn't a travesty against all blacks.

Now, if you're interested in discussion rather than scoring partisan points, why don't you pick out something he said there and pursue an intelligent discussion of it. All the partisan venom and gamemanship and trolling to one-up are tired at this point. We can all do better than that, and if we care about our nation, we must.

Let's play smarter, all.

posted by DonnaLadd on 01/17/11 at 03:43 PM "

Yeah, I know, she'll claim thats not what she meant. Uh-huh.

So a Rabbi how is consistently listed as one of Newsweeks's top ten Rabbis every year and is an orthodox Jew is less of an expert on anti-Jewish comments than her. Got it. I understand the point about being specific but Uncle Toms and sellouts? Come on.

Paul Mitchell said...

You know what makes me cringe about this post? Someone made a p0rn0 about Hillary Clinton.

That image will never go away for me, thanks Kingfish.

Anonymous said...

Dude, she is nothing. NOTHING. Who do any of you know in your circle of friends that read and believe her one sided crap. WHO DO YOU KNOW?

Anonymous said...


Excellent piece and VERY well written!

Ladd's "Palin obsession" is real simple. Palin represents alot of things female liberals with failed agendas wish they had.


Kingfish said...

Of course, she had no problem taking up for Reverend Wright and Obama. Check out this newsletter from Wright's church: Newsletter where Israel is accused of making "ethnic" bombs to kill "black people".

Unknown said...

Speaking of obsessions, aren't you a little obsessed with Donna Ladd?

KaptKangaroo said...

Casey, thats like saying, "Aren't you a bit obsessed with KF?"

KaptKangaroo said...

Having grown up in many Jewish communities throughout my life, I find it disturbing that an apologist is using the very community that was instrumental and sacrificial for this very country when it came to race relations. Especially when the apology comes from Neshoba, MS.

Anonymous said...

Are we being gentle enough Casey? You assumed otherwise - fondren bugle would love you.

Auburn Rat said...

The libs grossly over played their hand on this whole issue. Tragic as this whole thing is......the bottom line is, libs lost and conservatives won and the dems will take every issue from now till election to try and turn it around for themselves. So fine tone down the rhetoric! Keep with the facts and the tragic outcome of 2008. That will be enough to carry 2012. Me lugs some jambalaya.......

Anonymous said...

Let's look at the vapid, hateful things said by Dems during
Supreme Court confirmation hearings. Particularly Bork and Thomas So civil.

Karen Shackelford said...

So violent video games lead to violent crime and violent rhetoric has no effect. Hmmm.

Karen Shackelford said...

Ladd's Palin obsession isn't the problem - Palin's spotlight obsession is a problem.

Paul Mitchell said...

Ladd's Palin obsession has to do with one thing, envy.

Anonymous said...

... Palin's spotlight obsession is a problem.

What is the source of your fear of Palin? If you don't fear her, why do you even care what she says?

Karen Shackelford said...

Seriously? And you base this statement on? Assumptions about women?

Anonymous said...

Karen, Palin ran as VP and since then the libs have been obsessed with her. From Katie couric, to SNL, to smear campaign "biographers" moving in next door. If the media would stop giving her air time, her presence would be severely diminished. Because as much as this may disappoint you, most conservatives don't see her as a presidential contender.

Chris Myers said...

Pot calling the kettle black...

How is Donna's obsession with Palin any different than this site's obsession with Donna?

Paul Mitchell said...

Is Ladd's intellectual dishonesty, in attacking those that do not fall into lockstep with her idiocy, very important to political discourse? Hardly. When an entire community is subjected to her attacks over and over and over again, like with Frank, it is good to have a less biased source that points our DonnerK's blatant hypocrisy.

It is called DEBATE. What the JFP does is called 'hate speech,' because it is apparent DonnerK hates Palin, just like most "Progressives."

KF, you whopped the skeeter nest.

Kingfish said...

Karen, Casey,and Chris are using the trick of shoot the messenger. They don't debate what I point out, they instead just say he's obsessed and try to turn it back on me.

However, Google is their friend and if they google every media outlet in town and JJ, they will see the Clarion-Ledger beats the JFP by far. I've been pretty harsh on the CL and in fact more so, as you are about to see in my next post. Ms. Ladd is not criticized here because of some sick obsession with her, which such an obsession would be, but because no other publication, news station, or talk show host in this town trashes people the way she does or gets out of control. There have been some good reporters over the years. Brian was very good and although we disagree alot, I respect him and his ability. Ward Schaefer? Good reporter who will wind up in better places one day. Maggie Burkes? Despite some rookie mistakes, good writer. Karen, Casey, and Chris do not disagree with the actual criticism, no, they ignore that and instead, say its an obsession. I would say obsessed is 15 straight posts about one thing or as in Two Lakes, repeated long epistles in the same thread no one is responding to.

Now back to Karen's original post. Karen, you don't refute one thing I wrote. As a woman, you don't protest one thing done to Palin, I realize in your myopic world she brought that on herself for being a conservative but other people might think the stuff I've mentioned is pretty disgusting. Did you say anything about Olberman linking her to the massacre? Krugman? O'Donnell? Other media commentators and political hacks? Yet when she finally defends herself you blame her. Nice trick.

Anonymous said...

Me thinks when it comes to Loughner and the manufactured controversy regarding rhetoric that Ladd experienced a bout of premature ejournalation. She saw where the leftstream media was going and couldn't resist getting in on the feeding frenzy.

Anonymous said...

Karen won't answer any questions about her fixation with Palin because to do so would expose her motives as irrational.

Anonymous said...

Chochese …… Ladd is obsessed with Palin and you are obsessed with Ladd… And we all fall down!

Anonymous said...

If anyone has a "spotlight obsession" it would be DonnerKay. Just sayin'. ;-)

Anonymous said...

"premature ejournalation" ROFLMAO

This neologism is worthy of the Great Refudiator herself ;-)

Anonymous said...

Many of the comments above are confirmation that some JFP supporters will gladly post comments without using their real names when afforded the opportunity to do so.

Mark Geoffriau said...

9:48 -- But...but...but...THAT'S COWARDLY!

Anonymous said...

In the world of revisionist ejournalation, erasers rule.

Darryl Hamilton said...

Just got through perusing the JFP bloggings on this issue. What I continue to be amazed at is that she wishes for an honest and straight-forward discussion on the topic at hand but whenever she gets attacked, she goes into flailing, fur-pulling name-calling mode. I sincerely hope that they, along with the C-L, dry up and go away...

Anonymous said...

she wishes for an honest and straight-forward discussion on the topic at hand

Not happening. Sadly, she'll never be in the Homecoming Court.

Anonymous said...

Ladd & Stauffer pick some peculiar "impresarios". That's their true judgement. Money. They're not holier than thou, they are thou. They just hide behind their shroud-It's all the same; Clarion-Ledger (Liar), Jackson Advocate (Advo-Not). Their bubble doesn't protect them when you know the truth about their numbers. Not unlike anyone else, anywhere else. All this other bullshit keeps you talking. And reading. And, if you think about it...picking up their rag. It's all eyes on print, web, etc. Stir the shit. Period. Don't you get it?!? You think they give a f*ck? It's all money.

Anonymous said...

Excellent observation, again the "robber barons" of the modern age - media - are still working for money with sensational poisonous messaging. Seen the bugle's recent long-winded approach to dissecting the TP? I couldn't read it, the war and peace structure was over the top, I'm talking moby dick length of boring writing; not any literary or intellectual contribution to the current political discourse. It's kinda sad. But, it is media.

Anonymous said...

From Twitter:

DonnerKay Donna Ladd

The president's ratings are surging in polls. (Guess whose are in the toilet? Yes, hers.)
2 hours ago Favorite Retweet Reply

The obsession with Sarah Palin continues.

Anonymous said...

Wow, as a consumer of media in this town, it is scary to realize that you are right.

DonnerKay Donna Ladd
Colbert is spot-on re Palin:
2 hours ago Favorite Retweet Reply

Anonymous said...

The Secret Service research is limited to interviews with those who have assassinated an elected official or attempted to assassinate an elected official and who survive in prison.

If their research was expanded to included those who have killed doctors who perform abortions or bomb clinics or those involved in mass cult killings, the results would be quite different.

What do you think suicide terrorists are but those who are mentally unstable and who have bought into the fiery rhetoric of those in positions of leadership with a political agenda?

Many mental illnesses present with religious and political ideations. Those ideations can be self generated but they can also be fed ( enabled) by the irresponsible rhetoric of others.

Paul Mitchell said...

Anon 10:33, you forgot about those that bombed drug testing facilities and power plants. What religion were those folks?

And your argument about Islam having a very, very high percentage of crazy people seems somewhat "racist?" for lack of a better word.

Anonymous said...

Oh, are we talking about Obama's supporters Bill Ayers and Bernadine Devlin again?

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