Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dedousis family calls for prosecution of Stuart Irby in letter to Jim Hood

This letter was recently sent to Attorney General Jim Hood by the Dedousis family.

"To: Jim Hood
Attorney General State of Mississippi

Re: Deaths of Lisa Dedousis and Daniel Mark Pogue

The Dedousis family would like to take this time to thank all of the wonderful people of Mississippi who sent us their prayers and support during this difficult time. We cannot express enough how much it has meant to us to know so many of you were there in our time of grief.

However, we still feel restlessness in knowing that this case has not been completely resolved from a criminal standpoint. Although Karen Irby has been sentenced to prison time for her role, Stuart Irby has been held unaccountable criminally for his role in this horrific incident that occurred on that February 11, 2009. Despite sworn testimony by Karen, and strong evidence suggesting abuse and the interference with her driving resulting in this accident, Stuart is allowed to remain free from prosecutorial investigation.

The District Attorney’s office of Hinds County claims it’s lack of action was because of Karen’s delay in coming forward and changes in her story during the course of this time. Did they ever consider that this woman with a documented history of abuse may suffer from battered woman syndrome and was under house arrest with Stuart during this period of time and had fears with coming forward? Did they ever consider that she may have had posttraumatic stress syndrome and that the details of this horrific accident may have taken time to surface only though psychological counseling? Why is it conceivable to accept that Stuart can’t recall anything, even events which occurred prior to the accident that night, but not for Karen to have delayed recall?

There is a message being sent by the Hinds County District Attorney. If you have a spouse that you wish to divorce, go out with them; drink more then them, than give them the keys to drive. While they are driving, cause a disruption, if not physically beat them, and when the car crashes just say that you don’t recall anything. In the meantime, watch them go to jail, while the prosecutor holds you harmless for your actions. Just as there is a zero tolerance with drinking and driving there should be the same intolerance with someone who disrupts a driver that results in accident. As the attorney General we are asking you to give this case the thorough investigation it deserves.

We are also asking to consider prosecutorial misconduct regarding certain actions done by the Hind’s County district attorney’s office. On the day of Karen’s sentencing, as a cross claim was filed by her, the district attorney in front of the television cameras publically denounced her. This woman who is the only witness in the death of two people was publically discredited with regards to a criminal case. This action is basically future jury tampering. This was done despite being a case in which a Weathersby ruling may apply. She is the only witness in the death of two people whose story has some corroborating evidence and therefore her testimony should be held as valid.

We are now asking for further investigation to see if Justice did prevail and that the law did right by these two young people who dedicated their lives to serve others. From beginning to end this case has had controversy. From improper evidence gathering, lack of pursuance of evidence and testimony, lack of consideration from the only witness in the death of two people, and the lack of action in considering any other possibilities except the initial one, is a violation of Lisa’s and Daniel Mark’s civil rights as human beings who are deserving of the full arm of the law.

We hope this letter will prompt action by you to give us as a family assurances that the law has not averted the privileged, and has done it’s very best in making sure that justice is properly served to all that may be responsible. We also hope that you will give us the courtesy of response to our request in this matter.

Thank you for your consideration

The Dedousis Family"


Anonymous said...

If the AG does nothing, is there anything else that they can do?

Anonymous said...

I hope they do get a thoughtful response. My heart goes out to them especially here during the holidays.
I would hope that our Attorney General would consider that Stuart Irby is again in his jurisdiction and may well pose a risk to himself and others regardless of how one regards Karen's credibility.
If no law exists so as to suspend his license to operate a vehicle,one should be considered and proposed. If no law exists to require/aid family members in enlisting help from the medical and law enforcement community in declaring a relative incompetent while still safeguarding individual rights, perhaps it's time to thoughtfully consider such a law.
We shouldn't have to wait until someone has actually " harmed themselves or others" when so many are aware of the danger posed.

Anonymous said...

Great idea, make a law for one person. Sheesh...

Anonymous said...

Considering how Conway let Robbie Bell walk so easy it is hard to believe he'd pursue Stuart Irby.

Anonymous said...

Hey 10:52 - ever heard of Amber Alerts? DO you want to guess if there was a real "Amber" who was the original victim?

Anonymous said...

I read in the Clarion Ledger last week that the case between the two young doctors' families and Stuart Irby was settled out of court. What I would love to know is how much money did Stuart have to pay to keep this from gong to court. Does anyone know about this? It had to have been millions.

Anonymous said...

I found it in the paper. The families sued Stuart Irby for $60M.


Anonymous said...

The Dedousis Family apparently feels strongly about this matter, just as they felt strongly when they asked Judge Green to give Karen Irby the minimum sentence, to no avail.

I doubt Jim Hood will take any action since he might fear stepping on some political toe$.

In the meanwhile, Karen Irby has been in prison since May 11, 2010 and, tentatively, will not be released until November 11, 2026.

Stuart Irby? I believe everything the Dedousis letter suggests about Stuart, but I fear the only punishment he receives will be the result of "what goes around comes around."

Anonymous said...

Great idea 12:10PM the "Stuart Alert".

Anonymous said...

Yep, guess he was holding her foot down on the gas pedal.

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting the family waits until they are paid from settlement to request criminal prosecution

Anonymous said...

What EVIDENCE is there that any prosecutor, even Conway, could use to prosecute Stuart Irby? None. Not a bit. Only speculation by anonymous bloggers - and of course, Karen's last minute accusations after she cut a deal with the victim's families.

The AG is not designed to be a statewide prosecutor that jumps in on any "politically interesting" case (i.e. Killin, Highway Patrolman's family issues, etc.) The role of prosecution in this state lies in the local District Attorneys. If there was any evidence to prosecute Stuart, then the local DA should act. But - there is no evidence! Drop it. Go home. We are all sorry for the tremendous loss. Karen Irby is in jail for her misdeeds. If any when anybody can come up with any evidence that Stuart was helping drive that car, then take the case to the Hinds County DA. Until then - shut up!

Anonymous said...

3:13 wrote: "Yep, guess he was holding her foot down on the gas pedal."

That wouldn't be necessary.
Natural instinct is to stiffen against danger. IF someone is driving a car and their passenger grabs them tightly by the hair and starts punching them...well, the driver would stiffen their legs out of reflex.

Since no one was in the car except Karen and Stuart, ONLY the two of them know what really took place. One says they can't remember and the other recalls the incident.
Which one is telling the truth?
I have no idea. Does anyone?

Either way, one is in prison and the other, if guilty, is in his own prison if there is any conscience there.

Anonymous said...

3:44 wrote:"If any when anybody can come up with any evidence that Stuart was helping drive that car, then take the case to the Hinds County DA. Until then - shut up!"

It is very telling that you would come to someone else's blog and tell their commentors to shut up!
If you want that priviledge you need to start your own blog.
Very telling indeed...

Anonymous said...

And stop your ranting about anonymous bloggers when you yourself post anonymous, Mr. December 7, 2010 3:44 PM.

Anonymous said...

If he was so abusive to her then why is she seeing him while in prison. If my husband was pulling my hair and punching me in the face, I wouldn't have the husband/wife visits.

Her story was the last ditch effort to save herself. I'm sure if she can sue for custody while in prison, she could sue for divorce.

Anonymous said...


1) These families raised two doctors, so I'd wager they're not stupid. If they had to wait until AFTER a criminal trial they might never get a settlement.

2) At least one of the families is from New Jersey, and undoubtedly understands the ancient wisdom: "“La vendetta รจ un piatto che va mangiato freddo”."

(with apologies to our more sophisticated Virgil quoter here yesterday, who knows Latin rather than Italian) ;-)

Anonymous said...

Revenge is also a cancerous affliction , whether cold or hot.

I agree that the criminal system has run its course

Anonymous said...

Revenge, false accusations, jealousy, fear and retribution are not normal folks. If you feel some semblance of ever taking action on these emotions, May God help you.

Anonymous said...

Just curious about dear old Stu?....Is he out and about again driving, socializing, visiting friends, and just enjoying life? Trips? Colorado? Hawaii? It's about that time again.

Anonymous said...

People... we now have to wait until someone who is out of control hurts themselves or others and that is taking it's toll. Every single person who has dealt with someone who is dangerous mentally ill KNOWS that that person poses a danger.

We threw out the baby with the bath water and never looked at ways to institutionally protect individual rights AND still protect society against those who clearly pose a danger.

For one thing, we could stop releasing the mentally ill from institutions just because medication controls their behavior UNLESS there is someone who will agree to supervise their continuation on medication.

It's not " just one person"...how many times will we have to hear family members or friends say, " We tried to get them to get help or get help for them "or "he just wouldn't stay on his medication" or "he was not violent when he was sober"? or " We knew she had postpartum psychosis but our insurance ran out before she was better?"

Anonymous said...

9:26 the desires for truth, justice, and personal safety are normal . Retribution is a part of our jusctice system...it's not about rehabilitation so much as punishment...it's that " eye for an eye" thing.
I suspect you'd paint Tom Sawyer's fence.

Anonymous said...

3:44, sing that song to Heather Spencer's family. Conway was more than willing to intervene. Loved how all that turned out.

Anonymous said...

6:04, because he has custody over her children and the power to let her see them, or not.

Heybud said...

6:04, SI has been to see her ONCE.ONE time, so don't think it's a weekly visit. SI has not given her one penny for food, water, phone, stamps, etc. Yes, in prision you must pay your way. If you wonder what kind of person SI is, there you go!

Anonymous said...

8:31, Believe me when I say most people do know what kind of person HE is. It's not just the families of the deceased who are convinced HE had played a part in causing the deaths, everyone has thought it from the beginning. Karen didn't have to tell us they were physically fighting in the car. We figured it out ourselves. Now it does look like he will not serve a day in prison like he should, but we all have no doubt the devil himself has plans all laid out for him.

Heybud said...

8:31, Well, if you know Karen then you understand how things were and really are for her today regarding SI. People who don't know her will paint her only as a horrible person that got what she deserves. She is paying the price for a HORRIBLE choice she made and the death of two people. Trust me, she feels that pain daily and has deep, deep remorse for their deaths at her hand. But, as you said, anyone that knows, understands what SI is and was capable of doing.

Anonymous said...

10:57 Is On the Money- no pun intended!!!! What makes you think he will go after Stuart IRBY if he didn't go after Robbie Bell- it's Just Like Family to HIM!!

Anonymous said...

Those who know Karen are doing her no favors if they are encouraging her to see herself as a victim.
She had many opportunities to make better choices and needs to find out why she didn't.
She picked him, she didn't leave, she didn't effectively protect her child, she didn't tell the truth at the outset.
And, if she was fearful, she needs to learn to be courageous. If she put too much weight on the financial benefits, she needs to reexamine her values. If she thought she didn't deserve better, she needs to become a person she can like.
Too many excuses and whatever grief she feels now, she needs to understand it doesn't touch the grief of those who have no chance to enjoy a better future with their loved ones.
The pity party should end.

Anonymous said...

People keep going on this blog and saying what a horrible person SI is, then why did Karen stay with him thru all this?

Why didn't Karen GET OUT from under HIS roof after the wreck?

If he tried to beat her in the car on the way home that night, how does she explain driving so fast down Old Canton that night from the minute she left the JCC. The police have witnesses who saw her flying out of the parking lot and flying past them on Old Canton Road that night .

Why didn't Karen speak the truth from the beginning? She withheld this info from the courts and if she would have told the truth from the beginning, things WOULD HAVE turned out differently for her. AND, don't tell me she was scared of SI. He didn't have the energy to barely walk, much less beat her after the wreck.

She may have had to leave SI and all his $$$ behind her, but she could have represented herself better than trying to use who he wanted her to use in my opinion. She does have a BRAIN!

SI didn't want to be married to her. He had filed for a divorce in 2008. She should have taken those papers and hit the highway. He may have been abusive, but she could have also gotten out. I don't care what any of you say, she had and out and a place to go....she set herself up to look like a fool.

Karen has created this mess and now she is paying the price. No matter what SI did or didn't do, Karen should have been honest with herself and with the LAW from the beginning. She withheld information and it's too late to try and blame someone else. She was the one behind the wheel.

I AM AMAZED that she is still married to him. Why is she?

She allowed this outcome and did it to herself, to her mom and to her poor children. If SI beat her in the car, she allowed him to. She could have slowed down, pulled over and called the police. Very sad for all involved. She made some horrible choices and now everyone involved will live with the consequences for the rest of their lives.

Pray that her years in jail will allow her to obtain the therapy she clearly needs.

Anonymous said...

Heybud.....You need to check you information closer...he has gone to see her many times and she calls him almost everyday. The only way she can do that is him giving her money. She still wears her wedding ring. If someone was so horrible and abusive, why wouldn't you file for divorce? Maybe for monetary reasons? Slander is lying about a person so you better watch what you put in print.

Kingfish said...

10:27 AM is correct. In fact, he was out there last weekend and took the kids to see her. He's been out there more than once.

Anonymous said...

10:26. EXACTLY.

Anonymous said...

SI was recently seen at a local liquor store, sporting a caveman wig, with a bimbette at the wheel of his Porche. It was not Halloween.

Rebekah said...

Sorry...just doesn't cut it for me. I, 300%, think Karen is guilty of this. I don't think she is a bad person, but she made a bad decision and her bad decision caused the death of 2 innocent people. She drank and got behind the wheel. She was the one speeding. If someone is beating you, you DON'T speed up- you slam on brakes and either get the hell out of the car or slam on brakes so hard the SOB "beating" you slams into the dashboard.

Everyone who knows me knows I am a HUGE advocate with the fight against domestic violence. I grew up in an abusive household. I write about abuse. But, if you are being abused you don't go out and drink and remain in the household ESPECIALLY with children. YOu get out...no matter what...you get out...I know everything about the abused woman syndrome and I don't buy it ESPECIALLY if you have children. I am the child from an abusive household. I watched my mother be BRUTALLY beat everynight. I never knew if she would be killed or not. I still live with the nightmare and I am 33 (almost 34) years old. A child never forgets. My mother can make every excuse in the book (and she does) but the bottom line is she should have left him...no matter what. Karen should have done the same. She chose to stay. She chose to play the role of Mrs. Irby. She chose the lifestyle and had that terrible night not happened she would still be doing it.
No one will ever know what truly happened in that car everynight but it is time to move on. Karen needs to live out her sentence because she killed 2 people. She chose to drive that fast. Despite her character, she made a bad decision that night. This is why you don't drink and drive OR drive like a maniac. We need to have this set an example for everyone who decides to get a heavy foot on the gas pedal.
My heart goes out to all the families involved in this. But it is time to move forward and let the healing start.....

Anonymous said...

Maybe we are taxpayer's in Mississippi should also write Jim Hood and tell him not to waste money on a case that has no proof of the alleged abuse therefore would not be a viable case.

We are all sorry for what happened but we also know that KI was driving the car and DUI. Can't change that fact and maybe she should come forward with the real story so that the family can have closure.

Anonymous said...

Should if nothing else he be held responsible for carrying her drinks and then letting her drive. He has money and thinks he can get out of it..And the said thing is the State of Mississippi and anyone involved in it will take the money!

Anonymous said...

BOTH KAREN IRBY AND STUART IRBY were responsible for that accident.

One fact is clear: Stuart allowed Karen to drive his car that night, knowing full well that she had been drinking.

Of course, IF he attacked her in the car, then he also contributed to the accident in that way as well. But even if he didn't attack her in the car, he still allowed her to drive his car, knowing that she had been drinking. So, BOTH Karen AND Stuart should have been prosecuted criminally.

It's certainly interesting that Stuart consistently claimed he couldn't remember anything about what happened in the car that night UNTIL Karen began to say he had attacked her in the car. Then, suddenly, Stuart supposedly got just enough of his memory back to remember (supposedly) that he did not attack in the car that night. The timing for that one supposed point of his memory to come back is just too convenient to be believable.

Anonymous said...

So under that logic, hypothetically, if someone hands another person a knife and they decide to stab someone, then both are responsible?

Anonymous said...

Kingfish wrote: "10:27 AM is correct. In fact, he was out there last weekend and took the kids to see her. He's been out there more than once."

Isn't that just stupendous? Here we have a man who slept with another man's wife in the man's home while the other man was asleep. That tells me that Stuart is not an honorable person. He was later named in the couple's divorce proceedings.

This leads me to believe that he has little concern for others.
No telling how much trauma those children went through when he had his drunken rampages towards Karen at home.

Taking the children to visit their mother in prison only makes me believe he is doing it ALL for show. Like, "Hey, I'm a good guy! Would I be doing this if I were guilty of the things people are insinuating?"

If he is guilty, I don't think he feels guilty for one minute. It would take moral values to tweak his conscience.
The map of his life doesn't speak well of him.

The well-worn road of self-destruction has been traveled by many who believed they could get away with anything only to find the road ended at an abyss.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, some of you sound like my 14 year old son blaming everybody else for his actions! I call it the "Blame Game."

SI will never be blamed for Karen's actions. Karen was a 38 year old woman who should've known right from wrong. She could have told Stuart that she was too DRUNK to drive, but instead she drove and she drove FAST and killed 2 people! HELLO!!!!

Everyone needs to get over Stuart and realize that Karen could have made different choices that night but SHE failed to do so. It's not like Karen was a 19 year old at the time of the wreck. If that were the case, there may be a different outcome for SI. And, the fact that she came out with all of this after her sentence, is questionable to anyone.

Anonymous said...

If you are privy to some sort of insight other than observation from afar, please share. Otherwise, guilt/fault/etc. is not for you to judge and your comments fall short of wah-wah-wah.

I for one think it is great that maybe this tragedy may have a silver lining. A child's parents are still together, albeit one in jail, but that does not stop the spouse from standing firm with his family and visiting, participating and keeping the family together.

Noticed Gramma has been quiet lately.

Anonymous said...

Interesting photo of SI in today's Northside Sun at a fundraiser for a brain injury group. Interesting expression on his face.

Anonymous said...

He always sports that expression when he is that close in proximity to a large rack ... and that rack is ample city.

Anonymous said...

So I guess I am just curious, but for anyone who knows....

Has Stuart recovered from his brain injury? If I saw him out and talked to him, would I notice anything wrong with him? I asking this, because I wonder if he is well enough for the minor child to be back living with his Father in Jackson and near his sister and Grandmother?

Anonymous said...

Dec 7 @ 10:52:

from today's wire service story on the Virginia Tech shootings:

"The Clery Act requires colleges and universities to report information about campus crime. To receive federal student financial aid, the schools must report crimes and security policies and provide warning of campus threats. It is named after Jeanne Ann Clery, a 19-year-old university freshman who was raped and murdered in her Lehigh University dormitory in 1986. Her parents later learned that dozens of violent crimes had been committed on her campus in the three years before her death."

Anonymous said...

December 10, 2010 1:25 PM

So, are you saying that SI not committing any crime, should have an Act named after him and we should prosecute people for doing nothing?

Anonymous said...

1) The Acts are always named after the victims

2) No one has convicted him of a crime; that is what the victims' families have asked the AG to investigate. Distracting a driver who then plows into a truck in another lane sounds like it should be illegal, but I'll leave that to the legal experts who post here.

Anonymous said...

PS According to the only surviving witness who admits to having an intact memory he did just that. Too bad she didn't "remember" it earlier in her legal proceedings.

KaptKangaroo said...

Under the constant call for justice with Stuart, I am having a hard time with the logic of some.

Under your call for justice, should a crying baby or one breaking the law because they got out of their restraints be held liable for (d)istracting a driver who then plows into a truck in another lane . Should a dog barking be charged and euthanized for disrupting the attention of a driver? What about a radio personality yelling and startling a driver? Where do you want to go to assess blame for someone's inability to say, "Honey, I'm not driving. I'm going to take the free limo home."

Anonymous said...

If there is a history of the unrestrained crying baby or the barking dog causing mayhem involving the driver, then yes, that would definitely be a consideration in assessing the blame.

Anonymous said...

@ December 9, 2010 8:16 PM
GI is back in Jackson and is being well cared for and is taken (and his sister) to see his mother frequently. Someone (I'm not sure if it is SI or who is in control) is making very wise logical decision concerning GI and his well being at least for right now.

Anonymous said...

8:51-knowing the history of the crying baby or the barking dog, the driver shouldn't have been behind the wheel with that kind of crying or barking going on.


and don't forget, KI was drunk as well.

Anonymous said...

10:31, that was my point!

Consider SI causing mayhem in the car instead of the dog or baby. Putting him out or shutting him up would not be an easy task IF you are held in a death grip and being punched. SI should be held accountable considering his history of unpredictable violence towards K.

Yes, Karen had been drinking as well. DUH backatcha.

Anonymous said...

10:35PM Your news about GI is indeed good news. This young child needs all the love and devotion he can get from his Dad and the other members of his family. I am glad he is seeing his Mother and sister, and I feel like he is also seeing his Grandmother, too. His Grandmother can fill at least some of void of his Mother not being around day to day. I am glad he is back at his real home.

Anonymous said...

Consider SI causing mayhem in the car instead of the dog or baby. Putting him out or shutting him up would not be an easy task IF you are held in a death grip and being punched. SI should be held accountable considering his history of unpredictable violence towards K.

Love the way you added to the story "HELD IN A DEATH GRIP AND BEING PUNCHED."

Maybe he was trying to get her to slow down because she was driving like a maniac and she was so out of control that he was trying to get her to stop. Sounds more logical than your statement.

She needs to tell the truth, which most believe she hasn't. It would allow the families and the community put this story to rest.

Anonymous said...

12:17 - I agree - she should get the opportunity to tell the truth, under oath, at his trial.

Anonymous said...

Well said, 9:21, but don't hold your breath.
There are too many factor$ playing in his favor. I believe the truth is being held captive in a web of lies and cover-up.

I'm still surprised that Dickie Scruggs FINALLY got his due, so I suppose anything is possible.
We'll wait and see...

Anonymous said...

12:17, you obviously don't know SI and his need for speed.

Anonymous said...

I need insight. If JPD saw the Irby vehicle running at high speed, did they follow her, did they initiate any warning to slow down ????? Typically a speeding car is pulled over by police...what's the real deal here? If JPD didn't respond because they knew it was an Irby vehicle, wouldn't you think they should be accountable ???

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