Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Will Sherman March Through Baria, Can Hughes Outwit Guest?

The voting is over and the counting begins.  Who will win? Will there be an upset? See the results posted below.
Final Results with 99% counted in each race.

3rd Congressional District
Guest, Michael R 28,543 44.93 %
Hughes, Whit R 14,118 22.22 %
Parker, Perry 10,276 16.18 %
Doty, Sally 6,485 10.21 %
Dunn, Morgan 3,715 5.85 %
Tate, Katherine 387 0.61 %

Democratic Senate Primary
Sherman, Howard R 27,087 31.97 %
Baria, David R 26,341 31.09 %
Scott, Omeria 20,273 23.92 %
Maurice, Victor 4,184 4.94 %
Garland, Jerone 4,107 4.85 %
Bohren, Jensen 2,746 3.24 %

88% of the vote is counted and yet Baria will lose to Sherman. Does this mean the Democrats problems from 2015 remain? It also appears that as expected, Hughes and Guest will make the runoff to replace Harper.

9:58 PM

3rd Congressional District (80%)
Guest, Michael 21,050 43.27 %
Hughes, Whit 10,426 21.43 %
Parker, Perry 8,116 16.68 %
Doty, Sally 5,616 11.54 %
Dunn, Morgan 3,124 6.42 %
Tate, Katherine 315 0.65 %

Democratic Senate Primary (88%)
Sherman, Howard R 24,296 31.73 %
Baria, David R 23,998 31.34 %
Scott, Omeria 18,325 23.93 %
Maurice, Victor 3,762 4.91 %
Garland, Jerone 3,710 4.85 %
Bohren, Jensen 2,476 3.23 %

Wonderful.  The Madison County website no longer posts election returns as the votes are counted on election night.  Good job. 

9:45 PM

3rd Congressional District (72%)
Guest, Michael 20,211 44.92 %
Hughes, Whit 9,840 21.87 %
Parker, Perry 7,561 16.80 %
Doty, Sally 4,115 9.15 %
Dunn, Morgan 2,970 6.60 %
Tate, Katherine 298 0.66 %

Democratic Senate Primary (81%)
Sherman, Howard R 22,869 31.72 %
Baria, David R 22,330 30.97 %
Scott, Omeria 17,503 24.28 %
Maurice, Victor 3,540 4.91 %
Garland, Jerone 3,534 4.90 %
Bohren, Jensen 2,315 3.21 %

9:26 PM

3rd Congressional District (69%)
Guest, Michael 19,390 45.71 %
Hughes, Whit 9,080 21.40 %
Parker, Perry 7,122 16.79 %
Doty, Sally 3,906 9.21 %
Dunn, Morgan 2,653 6.25 %
Tate, Katherine 273 0.64 %

Democratic Senate Primary
Sherman, Howard 20,639 31.67 %
Baria, David 20,417 31.33 %
Scott, Omeria 15,639 24 %
Maurice, Victor 3,223 4.95 %
Garland, Jerone 3,181 4.88 %
Bohren, Jensen 2,070 3.18 %

80% of the precincts are counted in Rankin County but only 36% in Madison County.  Will Guest avoid a runoff?

9:13 PM

3rd Congressional District (63%)
Guest, Michael 18,461 47.46 %
Hughes, Whit 8,126 20.89 %
Parker, Perry 6,412 16.48 %
Doty, Sally 3,496 8.99 %
Dunn, Morgan 2,159 5.55 %
Tate, Katherine 247 0.63 %

Democratic Senate Primary (67%)
Baria, David 19,292 31.98 %
Sherman, Howard 18,686 30.98 %
Scott, Omeria 14,506 24.05 %
Garland, Jerone 2,981 4.94 %
Maurice, Victor 2,962 4.91 %
Bohren, Jensen 1,895 3.14 %

9:10 PM

3rd Congressional District
Guest, Michael 17,030 48.21 %
Hughes, Whit 7,116 20.15 %
Parker, Perry 5,826 16.49 %
Doty, Sally 3,183 9.01 %
Dunn, Morgan 1,942 5.50 %
Tate, Katherine 224 0.63 %

Democratic Senate Primary (62%)
David Baria (D) 17,362 32%
Howard Sherman (D) 17,041 31%
Omeria Scott (D) 13,405 24%
Jerone Garland (D) 2,748 5%
Victor Maurice (D) 2,705 5%
Jensen Bohren (D) 1,711 3%

9:02 PM

3rd Congressional District (49%)
Michael Guest (R) 11,244 42%
Whit Hughes (R) 5,557 21%
Perry Parker (R) 5,086 19%
Sally Doty (R) 2,744 10%
Morgan Dunn (R) 1,730 7%
Katherine Tate (R) 221 1%

Democratic Senate Primary (56%)
David Baria (D) 16,325 32%
Howard Sherman (D) 15,730 31%
Omeria Scott (D) 12,003 24%
Jerone Garland (D) 2,546 5%
Victor Maurice (D) 2,500 5%
Jensen Bohren (D) 1,578 3%

Guest is not too far from winning outright.  Parker and Hughes are neck and neck.   Baria and Sherman are literally neck and neck while Scott plays a great spoiler.

8:58 PM

3rd Congressional District (47%)
Michael Guest GOP 10,864 43%
Whit Hughes GOP 5,174 21%
Perry Parker GOP 4,859 19%
Sally Doty GOP 2,621 10%
Morgan Dunn GOP 1,444 6%
Katherine Tate GOP 202 1%

Democratic Senate Primary (53%)
David Baria D 14,631 32%
Howard Sherman D 14,360 31%
Omeria Scott D 11,226 24%
Jerone Garland D 2,368 5%
Victor Maurice D 2,273 5%
Jensen Bohren D 1,445 3%

8:53 PM

3rd Congressional District (42%)

Michael Guest (R) 9,763 45%
Whit Hughes (R) 4,390 20%
Perry Parker (R) 3,747 17%
Sally Doty (R) 2,384 11%
Morgan Dunn (R) 1,209 6%
Katherine Tate (R) 176 1%

Democratic Senate Primary (46%)
David Baria (D) 12,235 31%
Howard Sherman (D) 12,127 31%
Omeria Scott (D) 10,091 25%
Jerone Garland (D) 1,994 5%
Victor Maurice (D) 1,959 5%
Jensen Bohren (D) 1,270 3%

8:50 PM

3rd Congressional District

Michael Guest (R) 9,017 45%
Whit Hughes (R) 3,724 19%
Perry Parker (R) 3,467 17%
Sally Doty (R) 2,298 12%
Morgan Dunn (R) 1,161 6%
Katherine Tate (R) 170 1%

Senate Democratic Primary

David Baria (D) 11,246 33%
Howard Sherman (D) 10,897 32%
Omeria Scott (D) 7,419 22%
Jerone Garland (D) 1,779 5%
Victor Maurice (D) 1,767 5%
Jensen Bohren (D) 1,118 3%


Anonymous said...

1st prediction--Guest and Hughes in a run-off

Anonymous said...

"The Worm", Dennis Rodman, Nobel Peace Prize!

Stog said...

What, 7:55 and no returns from any precinct with electronic balloting?

Anonymous said...

Baria and Sherm runoff
Guest and Whitt runoff
Evans, Wicker, Palazzo win

Anonymous said...

7:21 , you really went out on a limb there. :)

Anonymous said...

Morgan Dunn campaign signs were the best ones of the primary. Never got bored driving by those big signs.

Anonymous said...

55+% of the 3rd does not want Guest!

Anonymous said...

Saw alot of Guest signs in northeast Jackson... yet whit won it by a large number... both had big fundraisers there however I've learned you just can't speculate anymore with political races. I voted for Dunn.

Anonymous said...

78% does not want Hughes! What is your point.

Anonymous said...

Guest’s margin too big for Hughes to make up. Guest will be your nominee.

Anonymous said...

So who is going to be our new D.A.?

Anonymous said...

I don't want Guest after his "collection agency" sent me a notice that I needed to pay a traffic fine I had received 15 or so years earlier. I had and have no recollection of the ticket, but I can assure you, if I got it, I paid it. I called the Yazoo City or county department that was mentioned in this notice, and they told me " Oh they sent these to everybody. We don't know who paid them or not." I passed this on to HIGHER AUTHORITIES, but they chose to neglect it. P.S. I am still pissed off about it.

Anonymous said...

Dear arrogant Perry Parker and Hayes Dent, here’s your sign. Bug BYE!

Anonymous said...

@11:13 you should give Perry Parker some kudos. He came into this race with zero name recognition and held his own. Seems like he might have a political future if he wants it.

Anonymous said...

Like Harper, Guest will be another zero in Congress.

Anonymous said...

I am for Guest, but I have to say I am impressed with Perry Parker. No name recognition and he was a few thousand away from Lyin' Whit Hughes. Parker my have political future if he can get his name out there more.

Anonymous said...

That's a big margin. Looks like someone needs to buy ads on WJMI and Kixie saying that Michael Guest will reinstitute Jim Crow if elected. Time to get Democrats out for your boy, right Guv?

Anonymous said...

11:10 p.m. - Guest has nothing to do with Yazoo City or Yazoo County tickets

Anonymous said...

Michael Guest owns a collection agency? I thought he was the District Attorney? Surely he doesn’t allow these two entities, one private and one public, to overlap. That would be quite inappropriate. If he wins the Congressional seat, will the Michael Guest collection agency have a DC office? I ask these questions as a taxpayer!

Anonymous said...

Kingfish - no surprise that Madison County doesn't post results. Ever since the residents were foolish enough to elect a clerk from Hinds County Circuit Clerks office to run the Madison County, that office has spiraled downhill out of control. She ran off the competent employees and hired her friends/family. The local attorneys have no use for her, the judges have no use for her, and local law enforcement agencies have no use for her. But she will probably get re-elected because people don't pay attention if it doesn't affect them personally. But that office is now the new Hinds County Circuit Court office!

Pete Perry said...

Stog, maybe you need to get better carrier pigeon service. Over 70% of Hinds county results were in by 8 last night - don't know how (well, considering your propensity to fail to recognize reality, I guess I do know how) you can make such a comment.

I don't know about other counties as I was in the courthouse working, but I'm sure many of them were counted as well. You should probably realize that 'results' and 'media reporting' are not the same thing. As someone who claims to be part of the media elite, you should recognize the difference.

Anonymous said...

It was a tough night for women, college basketball players, and POLITICAL OUTSIDERS.

Given the choices we have left, it was also a tough night for the people of Mississippi.

Louis LeFleur said...

Prognostication? Pretty meaningless right now. I do believe, however, that KF should at least get some kudos for a clever title/headline!

Anonymous said...

County by county numbers from AP........


Anonymous said...

858, nice shot, but you do realize don't you that the Circuit Clerk is not responsible for, or performs, the duties that you claim were not done in Madison County. Party primaries are the party committees, and the reporting is done by the Election Commission, not the Circuit Clerk.

But, thanks for your diatribe against someone who it sounds like fired your butt.

Kingfish said...

Actually the Circuit Clerk has always posted and updated the election results as votes were counted through the night.

Anonymous said...

10:01 - never have worked for circuit clerk. never been fired. I just make it a point to know what is going on in my county!

Anonymous said...

10:01 sounds like you are one of the useless family members she hired!

Anonymous said...

Actually, maybe the old clerk did it. But it is not the responsibility of the Circuit Clerk. It is the responsibility of the election commission. Just like JJ may post the results, it is because you choose to do it. But it is not your responsibilities.

And technically, it is the responsibility of the parties to post the results. But because they use the county ELECTION COMMISSION'S system, they publically post them via the Commission.

Anonymous said...

Lyin' Whit Hughes will not get my vote this next time.

Anonymous said...

@11:19, what did Whit Hughes lie about? Did I miss something?

All I heard him say was that he played basketball for MSU in the 90s. Kind of dopey as a reason to support him, but it's true.

Congressional Collection Agency said...

So it's pretty much set that Michael Guest will be the next Congressman from central MS.

The question now is will he issue a federal subpoena upon a woman in a Hinds County trailer park to make her pay that $23 she owes on a Boost Mobile bill from 2016?

Anonymous said...

The Guest haters are out in full force today. Sore losers is what it seems like. People are jealous he is making money out of an idea he founded out of seeing a need being in public office. You cant tell me that you wouldn't do the same if you thought of it. Must work so good because other local courts use them for collections as well. Some people remind me of the people on neighborhood and community Facebook groups. They bitch and moan and complain and make up stuff to discredit anyone who they don't 100% agree with. #petty

Anonymous said...

at 8:58 AM - You the ex-clerk, one of the fired employees or one of the aforementioned children??

I've nothing for the current circuit clerk either. She's helpless as well as her sister-in-law that she brought with her when she was elected. If it weren't for the staff that the prior clerk had in place and that Mrs. Wray hasn't terminated, that office would crumble.

She wont get re-elected if she runs again.

Anonymous said...

Hello 10:58. 8:58 here. I never said it was Circuit Clerks RESPONSIBILITY to post results. But Circuit Clerk has always posted election results on the County's website. My point - after Kingfish pointed out the Madison County website was no longer posting results on election night - was that the Circuit Clerk (you?) has been a huge failure to the taxpayers of Madison County. The office, once one of the best run in the county, is now a joke! A Hinds county employee was elected to the office and has hired all her (your?) family and doesn't have a clue about what needs to be done. Everything is behind schedule, errors are made on a regular basis, and we the tax paying citizens will pay the price the longer she stays in office!
But to your point - no, she is not "obligated" to post results. that is just something that the citizens were once fortunate enough to have access to when we had a Circuit Clerk that cared about all of us!

Anonymous said...

At 2:23 - no, I'm just a citizen that keeps up with our elected offices. And I hope you are correct in that she won't get re-elected!!!

Anonymous said...

Guest political machine is vast. Even if he had not garnered a single vote from Rankin County, he still would be in the lead. Hughes biggest problem from the beginning was that he was never going to win his home county of Madison. Even though it wouldn’t have made that much of a difference, there was no reason to attempt a run without being able to do so. Hughes never was active in his community, especially the political one. Guest was elected in both Rankin and Madison and his name ID swamped his opponents.

Anonymous said...

That Lee Westbrook was a class act...can we bait her out of retirement? She went above and beyond in her role as Madison CC. The Election Commissioners are great too and help the parties and local municipalities out a lot when they don't run elections as often as the ECs.

Anonymous said...

Guest team is STRONG in Rankin and Madison. Lots of hurt feelings in here.

Anonymous said...

4:00 - you are spot on!

Anonymous said...

Poor David Baria has gotten beat by a guy he refers to as Hollywood Sherman that has only lived in Mississippi about a week. Seems like for Sherman a guy that just ran for office for the first time, he Led the ticket, Beat the democratic leader of the House of Representatives, he won 41 counties. Pretty good start for a first time candidate. He does all of this before ever talking about Baria’s horrible voting record & getting paid for being in the Capitol while being other places & getting paid from the taxpayers. Even the democrats know that Baria sucks & cant win in November against Wicker. Poor David someone by that baby a pacifier.

Anonymous said...

It is NOT "pretty much set" that Mr. Guest will be the next Congressman from central Mississippi. Hinds, Copiah, Warren, Claiborne Counties have Congressman Thompson representing them.

There is also Rep. Evans in the race in November that this Mr. Guest must defeat.

It is just as amazing that Mr. Sherman defeated Rep. Scott as it is that he defeated Rep. Baria.

Anonymous said...

If you don’t have the facts then you shouldn’t run your mouth! The circuit clerk did not runoff the original employees. Lee Westbrook’s staff is still employed!

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